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Video Why Lonzo Ball will be the WORST ROOKIE in the NBA!! Steph Curry DESTROYS LONZO!
17:08   |   01/19/2019 at 18:32


  • if I had a dollar for every dumb
  • statement Lavar wall has made it I might
  • be able to afford it son testicles
  • interestingly enough the same could be
  • said for the Lakers franchise if I had a
  • dollar for every dumb move they've made
  • ever since Kobe's Achilles went to shit
  • I might be able to afford their best
  • players none yeah let me be honest I'm
  • not huge Alonso but he's basically the
  • immediate best player on the roster
  • not much of a compliment though
  • considering the current suicide squad
  • they like to call a basketball team
  • seriously two of my favorite things the
  • state of basketball and rap music is
  • just awful right now on one side you got
  • 21 savage on the other side you got 2.2
  • savage this is what the game has come to
  • the big ball away ball control how good
  • is one and look I'll admit it I was
  • wrong about Lonzo ball not wrong about
  • the fact that he is still a largely
  • overrated athlete but wrong about the
  • fact that he wouldn't be a Laker also
  • Lavar seems to be representing the
  • Lakers pretty well might as well go all
  • the way and invest in some Lakers
  • colored grills all he needs is the
  • purple he's already got the yellow down
  • but draft night wasn't a shocking moment
  • at all if you have any basketball
  • knowledge you realize as soon as the
  • Lakers traded away D'Angelo they put all
  • their money on loans Oh seriously it's
  • like that one girl you're dating but see
  • it's 10 times hotter one and JumpShip
  • only problem is I'm not sure how much
  • hotter
  • Lonzo is compared to D'Angelo and make
  • sure to stay till the end because we
  • also have to talk about the draft
  • overall and the insane trades being made
  • so go down drop a comment and drop a
  • like if you're new make sure to
  • subscribe and hit the notifications bell
  • let's do this you want to be Alonso ball
  • fan that's cool but now that he's a
  • Laker there's going to be a lot of hate
  • thrown his way so you're going to have
  • to pay the price no literally you're
  • going to have to pay the price honestly
  • though if you are a Lanza both in please
  • watch this and let me know if you
  • reconsider about that time
  • not playing those they closed up on last
  • night all the hard work paying off on my
  • fans family
  • appreciate y'all thank y'all for taking
  • this journey with me and you know
  • hopefully she's welcome here and if we
  • have this on Thank You staff courage
  • didn't damn best to put life skins on
  • top and here comes lonzo's had carried
  • all the parts also this spin move was
  • more lethal than anything he actually
  • had in his entire offensive arsenal
  • anyways when I talk about lolly don't
  • having the worst rookie season I mean
  • relative to experience of one have a
  • worst rookie season and someone like I
  • don't know Eddy Curry six points and
  • four rebounds but I'm talking in
  • comparison to Martel's Jackson and
  • Darren far but not only them you see
  • this big baller has set himself up to be
  • in some other amazing company right
  • there with the likes of Jordan and
  • LeBron because answer this has there
  • ever been any athlete more hyped coming
  • out of college than Long's of all and
  • I'm talking in any sport at any point in
  • time there's one answer and one answer
  • only look no further than this $1000
  • pair of shit-kickers so as I make the
  • Michael Jordan and LeBron James parallel
  • by pulling up the stats shortly don't
  • think for a second that it's an unfair
  • comparison it's not you want to sell
  • sandals that look like these you're
  • going to get the consequences that
  • follow in other words if Lanza comes out
  • and decides to play it cool and average
  • I don't know anything less than 20
  • points and ten assists the game he's
  • going to get roasted no doubt you see
  • being a top five pick comes with
  • pressure starting up your own supposedly
  • billion-dollar brand before being a top
  • five picks
  • comes with even more pressure being said
  • to the Lakers have tops it all off yeah
  • I'd like to think there's more pressure
  • in Los Angeles than in Utah
  • basically the Lakers have a pretty rich
  • history when it comes to guard play
  • they've been pretty good some might even
  • say Hall of Famers maybe well except for
  • that one guard so LeBron getting a
  • chosen one tattoo at the age of 17 is
  • the most comparable instance I can think
  • of to lawns or Bowl one calls himself
  • the chosen one the other builds an
  • entire foundation on B
  • big ballin let's pull up was down rookie
  • year LeBron put up an easy 25 and 5 and
  • literally immediately I'm talking first
  • game displays that he's going to be at
  • least a top 20 guy ever
  • if he continues like this I don't think
  • any asking has shown that ever except
  • for Michael and now ask yourself can you
  • realistically expect anything close to
  • that excellence from Alonzo ball I sure
  • as hell don't for reference LeBron would
  • go on to average at 27 7 and 7 on 47
  • percent shooting in in second season and
  • never look back
  • but now where it just gets ridiculous
  • let's pull up Jordan to the stat line 28
  • points 6 rebounds 6 assists 51% shooting
  • if Roger can average anything remotely
  • close to that masterpiece
  • I will physically shred off my testicles
  • and replace them what would be $500 ones
  • again you may think it's not a fair
  • comparison but it more than is all the
  • situations are pretty much the exact
  • thing logs are being drafted to a crappy
  • team where you can put up great sounding
  • stats and he's been given the key also
  • have I mentioned the fact that he's
  • selling $1000 I truly believe that all
  • this pressure is gonna cave Lonzo
  • everyone is basically expecting him to
  • have an amazing rookie season because
  • he's such a damn big-name if lovara done
  • anything right it's the exposure of his
  • children but Lonzo really is about to be
  • exposed in a different way oh and the
  • last Laker guard who supposedly had the
  • best passing ability since magic and the
  • best passer in the draft and blah blah
  • blah got sent to the worst franchise in
  • the NBA yeah all of the circles back to
  • the DeAngelo Russell trade make no
  • mistake the Lakers got caught up in
  • their BBB hype and had decided they were
  • taking Alonso like a week ago it was at
  • that moment I knew I screwed up but damn
  • they were right snitches get stitches
  • and send to Brooklyn apparently for real
  • at that point just stitch me up like
  • I'll take it back to the chest a couple
  • times just let me stay in Los Angeles
  • the ends will Russell was a spiritual
  • sacrifice for Long's overall and the
  • pressure is on because if I know
  • anything it's that most Lakers fans were
  • huge on Russell he was easily the fan
  • favorite and seriously the best player
  • on the roster and to think Nick Young
  • outlasted him
  • is fucking insane which makes me pose a
  • question can what Lanza will immediately
  • offer be better than what D'Angelo
  • offers or how about in the future Lanza
  • was 19 D'Angelo is 21 and their games
  • are mostly similar I'm straight-up
  • confused I probably don't know as much
  • about basketball as I'd like to think so
  • make sure to comment down below
  • would you have D'Angelo or Leung so at
  • this point in time I just don't get it
  • D'Angelo is and will remain a better
  • sugar their passing ability is about the
  • same defense is highly questionable for
  • both of them and they both know a thing
  • or two about both look I'm not a fan of
  • either player but all jokes aside it
  • DeAngelo is probably the better player
  • in the long run but I must admit one
  • thing you cannot deny when it comes to
  • the ball family is a Laker spirit and
  • straight-up shameless self-promotion for
  • real in the past I've roasted lumps on
  • shoes and probably exaggerated but these
  • right here are fucking gross you guys
  • remember Barney no no not that Barney
  • yeah that guy it looks like he barked
  • all over lungs oh sweet the thing is
  • when it comes to shoes sometimes you
  • sacrifice comfort for looks sometimes
  • you sacrifice looks for comfort Longo is
  • straight-up sacrificing everything he
  • owns it to wear these he's walking like
  • he just shat in his pants and how could
  • we forget this guy the big ball away
  • ball control
  • so before roasting I like to give credit
  • to the person whom all about the roast
  • so let's give them our credit watch this
  • clip you'll see a big ball of RAM you
  • know big ball of rain without the fan is
  • your lectures enough editor I told you
  • from the words of
  • this sparkling come try his damn best to
  • get a headline out of levar tried his
  • best to make levar say some dumb shit
  • and levar played it perfectly
  • absolute perfection very well done also
  • this is a live or poll we're talking
  • about as a reporter if you can't get
  • lebar to say some dumb shit well you
  • should just get fired I'll never
  • disrespect women but I tell you what
  • it's an act
  • you act like that guess what something's
  • coming to it open it's okay do you do
  • you thing are you wait are you
  • threatening me
  • yeah subscribe turn the work I will
  • never threaten you did something's
  • coming to me I don't know what it is I'm
  • not a psychic oh this next clip though
  • is where we get some classic a big
  • baller type shit feeling but I already
  • knew what was coming to him I got to
  • mobilize I got to come through the same
  • thing two more years you're going to get
  • them to the Lakers to how the big bowl
  • away I know that ready ball control
  • Lilly is starving oh man hold it you see
  • this is why we can't have nice things
  • simply levar you Joker consider purple
  • lipstick I've also said in the past for
  • him to invest in toothpaste
  • he's going to need a lot more than that
  • [Music]
  • how good is lanzhou ball gonna be for
  • the LA Lakers I'm gonna tell you what
  • nozzle ball is don't take Eliza to the
  • playoff you saucy
  • come see me when he does so what are we
  • looking at 16 and 17 maybe 18 wins the
  • next season oh and look at lonzo's face
  • there's like some father-son telepathy
  • going on between them long to content
  • whenever his dad says some dumb shit so
  • it makes sense as to why he's an
  • emotionally dick Figures 90% of the time
  • and all of this leads me to my next
  • point
  • not really who cares do you think people
  • in Lance's draft classes like Lonzo ball
  • not only do the other players think
  • they're on the same level as long though
  • they think they're better to me about
  • two to three of them or better what I'm
  • saying is the amount of coverage given
  • to him and his entire family is
  • literally more nauseating than Steph
  • Curry levels I've made videos in the
  • past detailing the love affair the NBA
  • has with Curry's mom and wife I mean I
  • wouldn't mind is such a love affair oh
  • this yeah well if this shit continues
  • that we're all going to be sick two
  • weeks into the season every time love or
  • ball is given a national TV platform the
  • world collectively decreases in IQ
  • average whether you watch or not so if
  • you've been feeling a bit dumb as of
  • late don't be too hard on yourself
  • well horrible is a cunt you have a
  • woman's company but anyways oh we can't
  • stop marketing we're talking about a big
  • bowl of ramen as for the Lakers with
  • Lonzo they're going to get like 25
  • national TV games next season right up
  • there with Golden State and if you don't
  • think levar is going to show up
  • courtside to every single one wearing an
  • assortment of disgusting merchandise
  • you're an idiot but back to the players
  • we're all familiar with TJ leaf right
  • well you just got drafted biggest day of
  • his life dream come true and boom the
  • first question asked is about Lonzo ball
  • lonzo's dad literally received a more
  • inner time than the dudes who are
  • actually going to be in the league in
  • four months and as mentioned this
  • situation is virtually identical to
  • Wardell literally every facet
  • he's the golden child
  • his family is treated like royalty but
  • more importantly people in the NBA
  • especially star players do not like
  • Steph Curry's life can dude amazing
  • upbringing rich from birth Curie
  • resonates with Lanza wall and my only
  • question is how much worse will it get
  • because I'll admit it when curry was
  • drafted no one gave a shite plain and
  • simple dude is overshadowed by Monta
  • Ellis Lanza ball is a household name for
  • the right or wrong reasons and forget
  • the NBA he hasn't even played a summer
  • league game yet then comes the city of
  • Los Angeles let's face it every rookie
  • in the draft every year wants to play
  • for the Lakers she'll think about it
  • literally everything has gone long goes
  • away he got all the heights
  • got to play exactly where he wanted got
  • his own brand
  • so not only are well-established NBA
  • players ready to tear him apart every
  • game is going to be must watch because
  • even the rookies are coming for it I
  • mean it did we forget marquel was the
  • first pick of course we did it it wasn't
  • the draft night it was a long so night
  • and I hate to say it too a legend but
  • magic needs to stop straight-up stop
  • because if you aren't aware some of the
  • quotes coming out of his mouth are
  • ridiculous new faces the Lakers don't
  • break my records jersey retired again am
  • I the only one who was aware he hasn't
  • played a single NBA game yet like am I
  • missing something was I out of the loop
  • generally you should keep your distance
  • when any stuff comes out of Magic's
  • mouth but really he's treating Lanza
  • like a son
  • careful there Alonso the don't let magic
  • treat you like too much of a son
  • no I'm trolling we love magic son he's
  • basically fat Russell Westbrook but the
  • amount of pressure he's putting Alonzo
  • sack is unnerving
  • to welcome the new face of the Lakers
  • the guy who I think will lead us back to
  • where we want to get to we want to start
  • building a successful team and you have
  • to have a great leader and somebody that
  • can make their teammates better somebody
  • who has incredible basketball IQ IQ is
  • off the charts and somebody who can get
  • their teammates to follow them then I'm
  • gonna put a little pressure on you right
  • now
  • you look to your right there's some
  • jerseys hanging on that wall we expect a
  • ball jersey hanging up here one day all
  • right good so remember these three
  • things expectation hype and pressure I
  • haven't even gotten into the
  • fundamentals of his game yet but those
  • three are the big factors that lead to
  • players busting uncontrollably let me
  • slap a no homo on that one real quick
  • now if we were to get into lungs of
  • actual games well like I said his
  • offensive arsenal is limited
  • he's got the spin move down also I don't
  • need to talk about his form anymore I
  • already have in the past and let's save
  • the nightmares for later okay the thing
  • is the Lakers are just a horrific
  • organization especially when it comes to
  • developing younger talent and again look
  • no further than the DeAngelo trade a
  • super promising rookie drafted to the
  • Lakers that finds himself on the net in
  • two years time if you know the NBA that
  • doesn't just happen there was a screw
  • job behind the scenes somewhere that we
  • aren't being told about but we'll save
  • conspiracy time for the summer Jordan
  • Clarkson is still top to bottom trash
  • julia's friend who couldn't score on a
  • chair not sure why I just started
  • roasting the Lakers roster but it's just
  • not a good environment for lawns Oh
  • balls first off I'm just thankful for
  • everybody helping you
  • here and I'm truly blessed be able to
  • play you know from my hometown and I
  • can't with you I'm good yeah the funds
  • are positioned very strong and I miss
  • even stronger an MBA but on I know other
  • guys I got here work very hard and all
  • their accounts in enhancing with them I
  • know there has become weak and which is
  • always you know side of ourselves great
  • you know my dad is right there my
  • brothers under mom's watch now another
  • restaurant family all supported my
  • update on the chili recipe in this
  • position I think there's one thing they
  • want is everything in teachers he's
  • going to teach me and Olivia no useful
  • output point whenever play some looking
  • going there I'm from they won most in
  • what parts your teamwork is definitely
  • making ability you know he's one of the
  • best ever do it you know I can't just
  • ever gonna be another Magic Johnson so
  • I'm trying to be myself but um I come
  • halfway toward which we try to lower the
  • price three more recently Christ in
  • three that's the big wall of races
  • oh I'm not sure that's how we got to
  • talk about further down the line but on
  • that and now it's going to be a premium
  • you know brand so we're trying to be at
  • the top oh how you doing big guy you pay
  • then hey now plan it out yourself up
  • next expert sighs I'll come bless hey I
  • got it I got a hat this is the bar and
  • alarms are outages
  • this is Callie and of the mouthpiece
  • does it all stem from you yesterday
  • [Music]

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Lonzo Ball drafted to Lakers. 2nd pick. Lonzo Ball and Lavar Ball, LaMelo Ball, LiAngelo Ball were in NBA. NBA DRAFT. Los Angeles Lakers. Lonzo Ball. Magic Johnson.
Lonzo Ball will NOT be Laker. NBA draft lottery gave the Lakers a top 3 pick. Lonzo and Lavar are going to be pissed. The nba draft will take lonzo pick. Ball brothers watch. Lakers will pass.
Lonzo Balls new shoes are Lavar Ball work. Big Baller Brand made new shoes called Ball Brothers. LiAngelo Ball on Chino Hills isn't as good as LaMelo Ball or Lonzo Ball on UCLA. LiAngelo NBA. LaMelo Ball is not ready yet. If LaMelo continues to play this way his NBA career won't be like Lonzo Ball.
Lonzo Balls career is going to be ruined if Lavar Ball keeps talking about Steph Curry Lavar Ball is doing too much.
Lonzo balls steph curry. Lonzo ball, UCLA player. As we all remember, sportscenter shoved as much of steph curry down out throats as possible last season. Pre-game, during-game, post-game. Its was all steph curry, so as soon as he fucked up, or had one single bad game, we all got on him. we roasted him. the hype got to such annoying levels, that we hoped on steph curry to fail, just so we don’t have to deal with the non-stop steph curry fest. Liked it before I even watched. I agree with all of this. Lavar has been talking too much..
If you guys don’t think these laker players are already annoyed the fuck out of his dad, youre as crazy as he is. Andd the quotes kinda get worse.

lavar ball pointed to wat his son has done at ucla

Lonzo balls news shoes. Lonzo Shoes. Lonzo. Big baller brand. lavar ball.

“everyone says ucla is a good team. “maaan” they had the same team last year”

still don’t think lonzos teammates might take this the wrong way? I mean I personally interpret this as, your team wasn’t shit until my son graced you unworthy peasants with his unmatched basketball savagery. Okay, now im exaggerating, but the point remains, even if what lavar is saying is the absolute truth, no one wants to hear it. Do you know how many times Jordan could have come out and said “hey the bulls aren’t jackshit without me, im the only fucking man here” you know how many times he could have said that? Not very many because he had some great fucking teams around, stop with the myths people but if he did say something like in the 80s, even though its true, its just cancerous to the team.
Lonzo Ball, Lamelo Ball, Lavar Ball
If lavar ball has given any indication to what he is like as a parent, its that he is onvercontrolling, and potentially over possessive. What this means is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to be involved in every single thing lonzo does in the nba. And im talking money, people. Lavar would want to control what he does on the court, control what sponsors he signs with and how much they pay him, what brand deals he gets, and ofcourse his contract. In other words, I fully expect lavar ball to come out and tell lonzo “don’t even look for an agent. Now that youre in the nba, im your agent, ill make the money shots”
Lavar ball Is a looney biscuit. Hes the last person id want handling lonzos money. I mean, can you imagine lavar ball as an agent? Holy crap
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