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  • Just finished one time for the next one. That's what you always say when you're done editing
  • You're like "Well time to get to the next one."
  • David: Yeah, it's like it makes you feel insane, but keep you sane
  • It makes you feel insane to keep you sane?
  • David: Yeah, cuz if you feel crazy enough
  • David: You'll like work harder if you feel like you're like actually fucking losing your you know your (unintelliglble)
  • I feel like I'm losing my mind right now it I had to upload my video six times in order for it to fucking work.
  • I had an open an incognito window to upload my video.
  • I finished uploading my video, and what do I have to do?
  • I have to go over to Elton's house to help him film a video right now.
  • Zane: Yeah, me too that's why I couldn't post today..
  • Zane : Like just wasn't like posting you know.
  • Yeah, Elton knew that you know you had to edit and post today.
  • And I saw you sitting here with Todd on the couch most of the day.
  • Zane: Oh, you're trying to make me look bad now?
  • I'm not trying to make you look bad
  • Zane: Everybody who watched me really knows why I couldn't post today so
  • why couldn't you post today?
  • Zane: It got too dark outside for coffee talk.
  • *laughs*
  • David: its not my fault every time I wake up its dark outside
  • *laughs*
  • Zane: Yeah! so instead imma give y'all some music,
  • Todd: Zane.
  • *plays guitar*
  • David: Zane, just upload a cover on your channel.
  • Love that hoodie swipe up go to the link below to download it.
  • Zane: would I get demonetized if I did a cover?
  • Depends on what kind of cover it is see you guys. Love you.
  • so what's going on guys?
  • *laughs*
  • Heath: Nothing, you ready to drink some juice.
  • Yeah, we're doing the juice for Elton's video
  • Heath: I just had two Thai dishes and I'm super stuffed
  • and I don't think I could fit any liquids in my body.
  • but you have to; because if you throw up
  • *whispers* it will make it better, better!
  • I'm a little loopy right now. I'm fucking feeling crazy it took me like so long to upload my video.
  • I had upload problems. I don't know YouTube just kept saying the server's rejecting your file
  • And then I finally figured out that I have to go through an incognito window like one of those like private browser things so that
  • It had no cookies attached. I don't know if there was some reason. it just wouldn't upload, probably cause you had bad cookies attached.
  • I'm out of breath I'm sick still so I can't breathe it's like some respiratory disease, but inside
  • I jog it's raining outside, and I'm in flip-flops swimming trunks and a t-shirt
  • I am prepared and got my swim trunks. oh no what is this this is from your new gate. I'm suing (who?) you
  • why won't it focus? I miss you, one more time. *whispers* I miss you, thank you. I miss you too.
  • Just really quickly while Elton is setting up a tripod. I just want to show what we have here
  • We have all these cups full of juice which looks really cool some of them are spicy red hot tomato garbage
  • no no no what I was gonna say is some of them are,
  • um yellow
  • Some of them are red. Yes some of them are green some of them are light yellow Wow well. oh oh oh!
  • Some of them are orange. That's a cool color. I like orange. You know that orange is actually the color of oranges
  • No, shit. yeah! a lot of oranges are orange. Yeah
  • Yeah, huh pretty interesting huh, and then we have these same colors on this other side
  • We got to fill the Dare cups. They got to fill in our cups and now we're playing pong uh
  • oh Shit Jay just Jimmy rigged the tripod thingy up there. I don't know
  • Jerry-rigged, that's what it is damn. I'm an idiot get your sayings right dog.
  • Yellow yeah your hair is turning yellow, too. Gross. I don't think it's gross. It's just look a little icky.
  • It's not gross is just disgusting
  • We didn't completely finish the game, but we finished the game and guess who ended up drinking all the shit me
  • It's all over me. It's all over. My body. circa no circa no!
  • Trying to get up the leftovers yeah, anyways check out Eltons channel the video should be fun. I think it was fun
  • I don't puke that much just a little anyways ok bye Elton. I gotta go shower finish throwing up. Bye. Bye, Maria
  • You played every character you're very talented. Thank you. I played myself. I'm out here hello everyone
  • We break away from the standard
  • You break away from the standard vlog because today Kristen and I are going to be reacting to a video
  • I'll try not to Oh Scotty and Kristen cutest and funniest moments
  • Just hop right into it
  • Uses from the channel really ready
  • Two of them are rose gold
  • And one is silver and you can either put them all on the same finger, or you can put them on
  • You're saying on the train at the holiday music
  • Happy birthday to you happy birthday dear
  • Happy birthdays
  • The
  • Clips are from that period of my life where I was just
  • Constantly sick for every summer than your blog in bed sick what you're doing metal a little bit I feel
  • Healthy is there your boyfriend chains
  • Hey Yuri
  • Smells like a hamster. Why are you guys driving?
  • The baby is all ready for my kiss then you can wear my pleasure
  • I remember being really because like when we did this I wasn't comfortable in front of cameras yes
  • Yes I'm
  • Really open to doing this like you really are something with the strobe little thing like this lecture and I was like okay and inside
  • I would like talking myself down you could do this
  • It's great like
  • smile like I was it's so funny to think about like how how you like we're so timid in front of the camera before and
  • I guess still everyone something I have to be like
  • Like say speak up a little bit like you out me like here on the camera, but like II used to be really like
  • You are invented my campus
  • Don't take one from the plane
  • Right now
  • Good boy
  • Babe Liza, what?
  • Do you what?
  • Feel like 40 minutes
  • Absolutely definitely the feeling where do you miss a ton because I cut a lot of that out?
  • Some reference to like feels like a lifetime with you
  • Well that was cute it reminded me of all the times that we were together on video in the past
  • That was us reacting to these all moments that you guys want to check out the original video links in my description below
  • it was really well done and
  • Is this all that we've become it's literally just you interrupting me all the time when I'm talking it's you burping. Where's the cue tonight?
  • Thanks for watching. Let's carry on with the vlog.
  • Do you hear that almost into the XX right now, they make me cry I'm listening to my dog barking up there
  • Do you think she sees something is there a ghost Todd? Link what is it? You're barking at god damn nothing?
  • You know that's the spookiest shit when dogs bark at nothing you want to come inside bark the other direction
  • We're inside bark towards the door you want to be let it come on common sense
  • And that's all for today's video folks, thank you guys so much for watching
  • please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed and subscribe to my channel if you like to see more from me in the
  • future
  • Guys you did you both did amazing you both did amazing?
  • Give a shout out to someone with my notifications on it today that person is Laura guys
  • I'm here with Jay and Joe Joe and Jay Jay and Joe
  • Excuse me. Sorry. This is this is the?
  • People like confuse us all the time, but he pointed the camera at you and called you Jay and then for the
  • I'm here in their Airbnb in Las Vegas
  • They have been looking for a new house for a while, but that's besides the point because that's coming in Friday's video today today
  • I'm gonna let these guys do an acapella rap song song rap whatever the fuck they want to do for Laura
  • Laura's the person who gets my shout out today, and now it's time for you guys to make her a song
  • You guys have seen some of my videos right yeah like one when I was in one time
  • Then you know how to roll out to the credits. Oh, yeah
  • You were to have a u-bolt and have you bought to the center, okay?
  • Guys you did you both did amazing you both did amazing?

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Kristen and I react to some of our "aw" moments. ISS SO CUTE!!

Elton's Video: /watch?v=nbO0wQz3DYY
The full "Try not to Aw" Video: /watch?v=3iuYzLq3z9g


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If you're still reading this, that's so great. Good for you, reading is really good for you. But, I think you should probably stop reading this and find something a little more intellectual. You know, a book or a magazine... something that will really get you thinking. Maybe Seventeen's issue with Cameron Dallas on the cover? Whatever you decide to do, have fun! See you next time :) - Download Hi-Res Songs

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