Video VR Chat #8 - I'm the REAL Pewdiepie!!

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VR Chat #8 - I'm the REAL Pewdiepie!!
VR Chat #8 - I'm the REAL Pewdiepie!! thumb VR Chat #8 - I'm the REAL Pewdiepie!! thumb VR Chat #8 - I'm the REAL Pewdiepie!! thumb


  • Okay, before this video begins it's time for me to flex on you. I have the stream deck mini everyone
  • very nice for those you don't know this is basically like a
  • Shortcut hotkey function it's super convenient. If you're a youtuber or a streamer Elgato always making my life easier
  • So right now for example, I have this button that lets me record with OBS
  • I literally just press this and I'm no one recording very nice. You can also turn it into a sound board
  • I only have one bed
  • Brad Brad Brad
  • You can basically do anything it's very nice also
  • Obviously control music there's so many different things you can do with this. Send tweets out right away
  • I have all my most commonly used apps as hot keys and
  • Websites as well. I should not go into main there right now
  • They are super easy to set up so many different functions. This thing is great
  • I highly recommend checking it out, and that's it. Check out the video now. Bye
  • Okay
  • Don't they look slick so cool Elgato just keeps on popping out like the best products
  • I would 100% buying these even if I weren't sponsored with them
  • They're really good obviously and they come with a clamp in the stand
  • So you can adjust them change the height change the direction flop them on your desk and bam
  • You got good lighting in your videos. That's right. Pretty good
  • Plus you'll save a lot of money if you go with another brand that I used to have for this
  • You're just gonna pay way more for no reason. Thank you Adam for sponsoring this video
  • Am I interrupting something here look under my skirt. I can't just lift it up boy here
  • You know some stuff you just shouldn't
  • revisit
  • For obvious reasons. Nothing has improved Hey put it on put it on me. Bongo. Cat. Come on
  • Come on give it to me put it on put it on
  • Oh
  • Okay, the reason I'm playing this
  • Shut up, please. Hey, what up pokemon? How you doing?
  • Anyone who places that isn't brain dead?
  • No, are you
  • No
  • No, no no, no
  • Okay good to meet you
  • Yes, ah
  • Oh
  • Oh
  • Hey, hey, we got younger sis. There it is jungle jungle. So let me become
  • I'm Chung goes. Oh my god, this changes everything
  • Oh, well, you sound like a 12 year old
  • Jungle get it right, please
  • never
  • I'm solid ass, please guys, he's got unsubscribe
  • No, I did I'm banning your band, I'm sorry
  • No, there's no apology am I interrupting something here my skirt I can't just lift it up boy here
  • Is a penis run banished run?
  • Wait wait, you wanna see my penis? Oh hell yeah
  • Yes, yes sure, of course
  • Don't report me why?
  • Writer write
  • Jesus Christ a good eventually pizza just abusers its
  • pizza kind
  • What's going on spider main?
  • Not much, not much
  • Not much. That's cool. Are you doing no, I'm sorry. I don't don't mean to interrupt keep keep doing what you're doing
  • You got a great ass spider-man
  • You okay there buddy you all right there, buddy
  • A big chunk is Jesus Christ. You never heard of me my
  • It's the real one you're going then big chuckles
  • You're probably my name I gotta stay hidden two-time ninja I can't just not ninja
  • No, no, I get that a lot it's a common misconception. Okay, people just say
  • I don't know the ins and outs
  • Autism has become an epidemic
  • Who said that? Okay, it's time. Don't worry plastic surgery can do wonders
  • You'll I'm sure that you're right. I'm about to do it. You're about to do plastic surgery
  • Yes. Oh
  • My god, I'm here blue now. Oh, okay. Great. You're an anime thought like everyone else. Great. Hey, look, there's another one. I
  • Never played I Hey whoa, whoa
  • Ha-ah hey. Hey, Ukraine, I do
  • Got it Oh what how
  • This bullet I hit it right in the ass Oh
  • Get
  • Hello guys, what up, bro? Oh
  • Sorry, hey. Hey, what are you looking at you go in the corner? You're fine
  • Sit down sit down. All right. Are you the murderer? No, say that again. Are you the murderer?
  • No, cuz I would have killed you already. Oh, yeah, you would have how
  • Because because there's a knife right here
  • I can't don't shoot the gun. Shoot. I'm not shooting anybody. Ah
  • Caterham ace I guess they never miss, huh?
  • Alright, let's freakin do this guy's everyone have fun and good luck. Okay Oh,
  • Oh
  • It's CaptainSparklez my favorite minecrafter
  • Hey, man, what's up? What's up?
  • What's up, Oh, it's PewDiePie
  • Hell, yeah. Bye everyone
  • Yeah, oh oh yeah, that's epic I am love PewDiePie. Hey, where's Peter fine, where did Peter by go? Oh
  • Oh, oh no
  • Not 35
  • Feet if I put on the gun PewDiePie put down the gun PewDiePie, don't do it
  • I gotta getta brofist from my time. Come on my hands
  • Come on sing sing bases on your please, okay
  • Now they
  • Don't like it if I now you are you sound like
  • The bridge and then you whinnies
  • Don't bully paid a pyre to do it
  • PewDiePie, hey brah, but
  • We're gonna dive to stay here watch out for the barrels brah. Hey no a
  • Petabyte. Hit me up with a broad face, bro
  • Yeah, yeah
  • Be careful in there you
  • Kidding me are you kidding me? You kidding me. It sounds like
  • How dare you oh my god, no one touches you
  • You are the real
  • That's the real Phoenix
  • Is a real pretty spine. There's the real pretty pike place your hand if you bring it back
  • Who's the real 35? I took my guy?
  • You
  • Tell me
  • What happened
  • We're gonna break the sub-game Jesus Christ. Yeah, we broke it great. You know, we broke the Sarah
  • All right, bro, it's been a pleasure
  • But I'm out hope you guys enjoyed that video smash like if you did
  • I also want to let you guys know we are accepting pre-orders
  • For Itsuki the last collection for the final time. Okay, it will be one more pre-order and then it's gone forever
  • I think at least so only today last chance check out Sookie link in description. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye

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