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r/MiniLadd BEST Of ALL TIME Reddit Posts #3
r/MiniLadd BEST Of ALL TIME Reddit Posts #3 thumb r/MiniLadd BEST Of ALL TIME Reddit Posts #3 thumb r/MiniLadd BEST Of ALL TIME Reddit Posts #3 thumb


  • great Thompson Drive fantastic name
  • absolutely fantastic name where are you
  • in the world Georgia
  • hell yeah yo shut up - Georgia
  • oh wow this place is that much in the
  • middle of nowhere that I can't even put
  • a Google map car down there oh my good
  • scientist invents bracelet that gives an
  • electric shock to the wear when they say
  • a curse word plus me as a
  • family-friendly male ain't doing any of
  • that shit we're working on it ooh ooh
  • camera I got a new camera by the way and
  • it's not focusing the way I want it to
  • as a christian minecraft server male
  • okay I will stay true to my word and I
  • will try and make some money so I don't
  • have to go back to I didn't make me
  • laugh Ricardo no no yes cuz when you've
  • had the same mean post and I've already
  • tired of it at least the warriors of the
  • circle to the gnome is just annoying
  • gonna happen there Lucia is gonna happen
  • for my parents home him just just
  • complete this very nice name I'm like an
  • early 2000s Eminem rap there's some
  • things I say like Jimmy funny and then I
  • have to live with those decisions for
  • the rest of time behind the scenes and
  • bloopers 1 am i a joke to you Smitty
  • made behind the scenes oh can you
  • believe it our own Smitty made behind
  • the scenes no movies or TV shows have
  • ever done that before
  • never ever our own Smitty created it Wow
  • absolutely phenomenal stuff it's like
  • cootie peickert of YouTube videos y'all
  • some motherfucker swear I really make
  • art for fun and don't make a penny off
  • it oh my god that is stunning
  • like you've absolutely nailed that
  • you've absolutely nailed that and just
  • like fro Jarrod you get a broken
  • marriage out of 10 I'm not gonna get
  • into drama but me maybe I'll just ease
  • it a little bit what a mess what a mess
  • this last week has been Oh Jared James
  • Charles - literally
  • everything Oh me by remembering people
  • were decent human beings now yeah well I
  • sort of look that way world is crumbling
  • around us think of anybody uses the term
  • but don't worry I'm a celebrity on
  • ironically get out get out nasty Justin
  • I must say I'm the funniest person ever
  • but this cost ten discussed and
  • discussed that's the stuff I used to do
  • it means were as prevalent as they were
  • nowadays access stuff I'd be doing in
  • class
  • yes oh I can hear this picture yes
  • never mind James Charles never mind Pro
  • Jared this is the most important news of
  • the week ladies and gentlemen uno
  • tweeted if someone puts down a +4 card
  • you must draw four and your turn is
  • skipped can't put down a plus two to
  • maybe the next person draw six we know
  • you've tried that's fine we all knew
  • that was a rule this is the most
  • important part what about a plus four on
  • A+ for uno you know here turn up be as
  • controversial as JK Rowling with the
  • whole by the way there all day know
  • every character you know the last 15
  • years you know you know the game playing
  • for 10 20 30 years I don't know how old
  • a window is game playing for decades
  • yeah hold my beer not every you know
  • video ever gonna upload is going to
  • filled with bogus I really like blurt
  • that it'll be over don't bad bogus thank
  • you
  • I said kid-friendly word right is booger
  • allowed YouTube huh booger might be
  • pushing it I'll be honest or envious of
  • these youtubers are gonna swear like
  • crazy my friend made a Hank Hill bowling
  • pin in school how I look sting
  • oh that sounds even okay I'll be honest
  • my son has a messed-up face that's a
  • messed up face okay but that you want to
  • see yourself in 40 it's perfect in
  • context know that face oh my god it
  • looks like the butler at a Tomb Raider 1
  • wait yeah oh my days you've actually
  • drawn the butler oh my heart my soul I'm
  • on the demonetised tour we need to all
  • bring bowling pin look-alikes ourselves
  • change my mind
  • gonna be a tiered system okay just give
  • me like a basic ticket price it's gonna
  • be one where you getting a signed poster
  • and early access so you know before the
  • show this give me a Tier three wear it
  • before the show itself I wanted to do an
  • hour Q&A with you guys if you bring
  • along bowling pins look-alike of
  • yourselves I would be so happy with you
  • I will sign it I might keep it and we'll
  • go home with him oh my god SATA look
  • what he's done in VR chat he's imported
  • my character because of this I need to
  • make a video that's up i old emu or you
  • DME and tell me how to make myself in VR
  • jack oh I'm gonna run rabbit don't get D
  • mom sighs in that video for sure but you
  • know and service like meme stream it'll
  • get Dumont sides every single time what
  • you guys enjoy it so sing to me Craig
  • you have a cassette player called Craig
  • and what have you done what have you
  • done
  • I mean went through the effort
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • he went to the effort of putting me on
  • the cassette player called Craig Ivan a5
  • thank you very much
  • mini playing uno versus many when
  • talking to fans true video games just
  • brings out this side of me I talk to
  • fans are trying to be respectful I try
  • you know subside I'm all there for it
  • when I play video games
  • I rise you can't say that word I'll try
  • it again
  • these viewers of 2018 minis videos in
  • 2020 oh you ain't ready for 2021 ah one
  • pixel slope y'all like moving color
  • slideshows that's where each is going in
  • the next you starting at the monetize
  • for you used the wrong kind of purple oh
  • god I'm scared I'm honestly kind of
  • scared of where the world's gonna go to
  • in the next few years it's already so
  • easy and so delicate
  • it's a massive minefield everything
  • constantly holding just fill any second
  • give it a few years those classes gonna
  • stack up more mine's in the current or
  • and avoid ocean media is going to be a
  • hellfire city line has spoken
  • guys I'm not actually that I'm maybe one
  • day at the Internet will listen or maybe
  • it'll just be like what do you call
  • Beyonce whatever she uploaded they're
  • both like I don't want on the internet
  • please and you know take it down wild
  • only 104 years old already in the ground
  • for many years at this point and
  • someone's gonna come along a piece never
  • gonna end any effective girl in
  • existence looks in my general direction
  • to me that ain't relatable as well but
  • it's always like oh and then for some
  • reason your body just decides to not
  • function anyone else in the world do you
  • know oh
  • conversation everything's fine awesome
  • any attractive girl comes up to you they
  • say hi to you and all your life I just
  • want many a lot of best by randomly yes
  • yes you posted on here my boy it was so
  • nice to meet you I love the fact that
  • you're like why the hell are you in
  • Portland flying expression like why are
  • you here oh yeah so sick back at it
  • again the last video guy yeah asked for
  • two million and y'all understand that
  • half a million is doable
  • two hundred thousand next one get half a
  • million that's a challenge for you half
  • a million likes
  • it could happen boys God look at her
  • it's used birthday this is 25 days ago I
  • must have missed this one oh my goodness
  • look at that little wing yo he wasn't
  • just small she was oh oh god she's so
  • cute the basses are boys
  • the goodest of girls thank you the
  • goodest of girls petition for a ryan to
  • host all videos from now on I'm down for
  • it look at that good boy you tell us
  • that youtuber is super household when I
  • teach my dog gotta be like how can you
  • not love such an elegant chest like that
  • Oh an update on the Don Cheadle
  • situation um everyone should be good to
  • go I've changed the mods I've actually
  • got rid of a few months and we are back
  • in glorious furnace if you guys you want
  • to join there's like 45,000 members on
  • there if y'all have some new friends I
  • got you for this shit the Minnifield
  • vegas plus board
  • [Music]
  • that is where I'm gonna leave for this
  • episode thank y'all so much for watching
  • you are new here don't forget to hit
  • that glorious stop mudlick your boy is
  • right doing over there like the video as
  • well Twitter isn't over there thank you
  • also want you to appreciate you another
  • video let's subscribe all stuff fuck see
  • all they're here already
  • no one over here bunch of glory spot
  • over here over here

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