Video 5HP Outboard on a Kayak!

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5HP Outboard on a Kayak!
5HP Outboard on a Kayak! thumb 5HP Outboard on a Kayak! thumb 5HP Outboard on a Kayak! thumb


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  • you
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  • hey Marty what are you doing
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  • my dad
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  • you know I'm afraid if this thing works
  • I'm gonna need like an O handle that
  • should probably go right about here yeah
  • it's what I'm talking about
  • there you go
  • there's another Pelican kayak I am proud
  • to put my name on I'm also going to put
  • a big motor on this thing so I probably
  • ought to rest up and take it easy for
  • today tomorrow morning though game on
  • [Music]
  • alright guys it is a new day and I think
  • I'm finally ready to take out my new
  • creation and see whether or not all
  • these efforts have been for naught
  • in the middle of the night before I went
  • to bed last night I rigged it all up
  • what do you think
  • I think I'm ready for a test run
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • I love that it fits in the kayak launch
  • that's convenient last night some of the
  • other modifications I've done to this
  • kayak was to extend the Killswitch
  • lanyard so that I can drive from way up
  • front and if I were to fall out this
  • will kill the motor and then you can see
  • here attached to the extended tiller
  • handle is a Velcro equipped shift handle
  • extension that goes all the way back
  • here and I can now shift from the seat
  • which is pretty important because you
  • don't want all your weight in the back
  • of this catch 120 which is handling the
  • weight of this 5-horse motor
  • surprisingly well but the real question
  • is going to be what does it do
  • once runned away I think when I twist
  • the throttle it's gonna start to jump up
  • a little bit and that's why the seat has
  • the ability to slide forward so that
  • when I'm under way I can ballast the
  • boat all these are theories so far
  • there's nothing left though but to put
  • these theories to a test
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • oh my gosh well guys I gotta tell you I
  • think this is a successful build this
  • thing gets up and goes really fast I tie
  • myself on my GPS on my phone and it had
  • me doing anywhere between 14 and 16
  • miles an hour
  • which is for a kayak any kayak oh this
  • catch 120 and that's an amazing feat I'm
  • really really pleased with this build
  • I'm just I've been getting for the past
  • couple days building it I'm really happy
  • that you guys have come along and joined
  • me on another crazy adventure I
  • appreciate you for watching and for
  • people like Tim who donated the camera
  • that recorded this video with and for my
  • friends at Pelican kayaks for hooking me
  • up over the years I'm such a proud owner
  • of a bunch of pelican kayaks Coleman for
  • giving me the motor it really is a
  • blessed life and I'm happy beyond words
  • to really share this type of stuff with
  • you guys thank you for coming along with
  • me I mean keep an eye out too and if
  • you're new to this channel hit the
  • subscribe button or check out some of my
  • older videos because it's a real
  • pleasure to play around the way that I
  • do and I plan on doing it again and
  • again and again as long as I can
  • possibly do it fun and foolish things so
  • thank you guys let me get this rig back
  • and well maybe get some fishing poles
  • and go out and catch a couple of
  • something or something
  • see you later
  • [Music]
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