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Video Bringing Baby Posie Home From The Hospital!!!
14:07   |   views   |   01/07/2019


  • right next to your sister's room you're
  • right here okay she's upset I guess
  • you're kidding me subside she she
  • closing her eyes are these eight key
  • grass bus
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • we thought that Posey is a really cute
  • name
  • POS ie not POS UI we're about to go home
  • with this baby for the first time
  • alright are you guys ready to head home
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • Wow
  • we did it we did we took out the
  • reindeer antlers in the car we did it I
  • mean I keep saying we and people got mad
  • at me like Savannah do I know Savannah
  • so before we get home we gotta get some
  • McDonald's um I'm gonna get a 20 piece
  • chicken nugget two Oreo McFlurry x' a
  • cheeseburger with only meat cheese and
  • ketchup yep and do you guys have any
  • baby meals
  • any baby meals okay that'll be all thank
  • you
  • this is your house Posey you like it
  • yeah wake up you have a puppy he's
  • really excited to see you did you really
  • have a baby sister you have a baby
  • sister Kimmy Kimmy Kimmy okay look that
  • is gonna be the new little tiny human in
  • the house what do you think how much I
  • said Posey what do you think but your
  • dog you excited to show her her room
  • where she's gonna be sleep in yeah where
  • which she grows up she'll poop instead
  • of her pants because she came from you
  • Oh something up with that we work on a
  • lot with everybody's like making sure
  • that she's like always grateful and
  • thankful and please and thank you it's
  • like that but we got a lot of work to do
  • ah Posey she didn't say thank you for
  • anything so much no we brought in the
  • house showed her their Christmas eyes I
  • mean we'd take the house South with
  • Christmas lights I got all these
  • ornaments and decorations it doesn't so
  • if she's not thinking for her room that
  • we put so much work into just for her if
  • she doesn't say if she didn't say thank
  • you for all the rooms that all the work
  • that we did in her room if I'm not
  • saying all I want her to say is thank
  • you for the room he can't say mom
  • everybody I don't want her to say mom I
  • want her to say thank you what I'm
  • saying what I'm saying is I want my kids
  • to be thankful okay I dogs dinner going
  • our dog
  • can you stop yep yappin we got
  • everybody's dream I was a dog outside
  • cuz he's kind of crazy don't fall baby
  • slow steps
  • you got this
  • you gotta be good yeah you got it yeah
  • keep her away from there we're really
  • mad
  • she's ready he's a good job mommy okay
  • we gotta show her her room so Posey look
  • this is the guest bedroom in here this
  • is where my family's currently staying
  • so it might be messy nope thank goodness
  • it is really warm in here
  • that's a guest bedroom where my family
  • your family will say this is our
  • bathroom - yeah there's two sinks this
  • is Emily's that's your stink Posie no
  • this is your sister's room it's pretty
  • adorable Beverly what did you say
  • whenever we showed you your room you
  • don't remember what you said you said
  • thank you
  • right next to your sister's room you're
  • right here okay I'm gonna be so excited
  • I got sure she's upset she closed her
  • eyes are your eyes closed I don't
  • usually laughs this strange okay but
  • yeah you're still there different eyes
  • on counter don't like ready okay she's
  • gonna freak freak out it really okay
  • ready okay ready baby pose you ready to
  • suppose you ready tanana's soda leaders
  • right now she never thinks I'm this
  • money okay you ready you ready guys
  • she's a doughnut good luck with this
  • okay three baby come here baby we're
  • going that's wrong room okay okay three
  • two one Oh
  • [Laughter]
  • KABOOOM and and all of us Granger and
  • glory keep these windows closed so no
  • weirdos try looking at you I don't trust
  • weirdos there we go I'm gonna keep our
  • little girl safe and then Posey
  • first rule of your room I swear on
  • everything if you take your shoes off
  • and if you poop on this rug I swear on
  • everything I wanna be so mad this ride
  • was I mean you're on that road with a
  • McFlurry right now okay oh my gosh your
  • closet posy you gonna die you're wrong
  • you're the cutest word oh yeah oh babe
  • yeah we can show them the UH we got we
  • got this awesome new prop for the room
  • that way we haven't put in the room
  • because I had her name on it let me pull
  • this thing out hey you hang it up I'll
  • try to hang it up towards end this vlog
  • but it says Posey rain we've been hiding
  • in here for a while but it'll light up
  • like pink and purple and stuff tamanna
  • has actually asked some freaking
  • adorable clothes we need to we need to
  • do a Posie fashion clothing haul yeah
  • yeah whatever so cute everybody's just
  • excited up so many these vlogs not gonna
  • be a match no you have you have this two
  • piece of this make your pajamas adain
  • your money clean don't you go see see if
  • you can find the llamas I think I just
  • wear them yes oh yes this - okie doke a
  • little thing some ants ro got the cute
  • little tiny wardrobe with all these oh
  • thank you uh things oh my god what did
  • you get - Blair shoes I'm not gonna sing
  • I bet her foot wedding with it that
  • definitely not right now she has some
  • tiny face to go hi cutest Peters ever oh
  • thank you you're excited walk I love you
  • this thing so suppose you watch this hey
  • are you gonna do it or not
  • there you go also awesome okay I'm over
  • oh my goodness they're matching babe
  • babe we got you maybe we got your thumb
  • no we got your thumbnail imagine
  • oh we're over here by the butt
  • come on come on did don't be so cute
  • yeah it's pretty cute what do you think
  • yeah you're actually home with your baby
  • sister
  • hey what do you think it now this is
  • like what you've always wanted two
  • little girls that I hate I st. Jude Oh
  • everybody oh I really I really
  • everything is she
  • [Music]
  • so it's several days after we brought
  • Posey home and I just want to give you a
  • little update to close this vlog off
  • that she sleeps throughout the entire
  • night she's such a good baby like he got
  • Telmex so well rested
  • the first night or two was kind of rough
  • after we brought her home because she
  • was like trying to figure out her
  • sleeping schedule but ever since then we
  • all go to bed at like 11:00 11:00 she
  • wakes up at like 4:00 and then she
  • didn't begin until like 7:00 and she
  • sleeps in until 10 o'clock she did we
  • just see just cease not to wake up her
  • mother you know what every Lea was such
  • a good baby - I just got really lucky
  • with like two really good sleeping
  • babies you are ever do remember that
  • yeah
  • everybody remember being dismal look she
  • always has any cash
  • [Music]
  • she always had him in the womb and we
  • were wondering if she would have when
  • she came out
  • you can tell they kind of bugger uh she
  • don't like
  • huh it's pretty cute though
  • [Music]
  • but we're all chowing down eat some
  • breakfast and gonna have an awesome day
  • so if you guys enjoy this video give it
  • a thumbs up subscribe to our channel
  • we're gonna get more into like the
  • routine of vlogging and obviously so
  • much will be baby stuff with just normal
  • life stuff so much that you subscribe
  • turn the post notifications all that's
  • yeah I think that's a funny face right
  • there I can't follow us on Instagram be
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  • cuz we tried new shadows in every single
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  • like our pictures or every pose so and
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  • them right here as well
  • yeah we're adding their their shadow at
  • number one goes to shrink mask one two
  • three
  • just cuz it's a little strange shadow
  • number to go to Caitlin Graham and the
  • final shadow goes to a Moana gotcha
  • here's Rock thank you so much for
  • following us on Instagram it's gonna be
  • next bit of shout out just fall so right
  • down here we'll try to find you suppose
  • you do pizza do you ready oak see you're
  • gonna see there something
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]

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