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Video Dapperton Ruins Adam Ruins Everything - Glasses Episode
12:00   |   02/22/2019 at 18:43


  • [Applause]
  • Eponine fear it's been too long
  • is that a new pocket square new to you
  • how's Madeline she agreed to a second
  • date I told her she was sweet on you and
  • how are your loved ones my Turtles
  • they're quite well what do you got for
  • me well we have a number of new styles
  • to show you so many styles how do I
  • choose flirty
  • classic fashionable daring dude actually
  • all these frames are exactly the same
  • actually we just seen all the glasses
  • and each pair was completely different
  • from the last some of these brands might
  • be owned by the same company but it
  • doesn't make them the same damn glasses
  • for example McDonald's owns Chipotle now
  • would you argue that they're the same
  • fucking restaurant because they both
  • serve food and they're owned by the same
  • company no they're different they offer
  • different products at different price
  • points at different quality levels the
  • fact that they're owned by the same
  • company doesn't suddenly make them the
  • same I'm sorry
  • she's a contacts person she doesn't
  • understand us these are clearly
  • different brands think about this for a
  • second even the most basic pair of
  • glasses can cost around $400 so I'm
  • going to assume she means $400 for a
  • prescription frame with prescription
  • lenses installed you could get it as low
  • as $60 for that at Walmart so you're a
  • liar and if she just means it's $400 for
  • a prescription frame without the
  • prescription lenses you could get a
  • prescription frame for as low as $10 at
  • Walmart $10
  • there is no monopoly forcing you to pay
  • higher prices that is a bunch of bull
  • that's not just my phone
  • haven't you ever wondered why a simple
  • piece of plastic is the same price as
  • this miracle of Technology why are some
  • glasses so expensive
  • again you could get cheap $10 glasses if
  • you want there's no nobody perfect
  • you from doing that there's no monopoly
  • that's forcing you to buy $400 glasses
  • now that's out of the way the reason why
  • $400 pair of glasses exists is because
  • designers make them fashion designers
  • who get paid a lot of money to make the
  • people that wear their glasses look as
  • good as friggin possible and people will
  • pay good money to look good what she's
  • basically arguing is well fashion
  • designers aren't needed for the final
  • product the glasses don't need to look
  • that stylish
  • yeah they don't but people are willing
  • to pay money to get that extra style
  • it's worked at the some people it may
  • not be worth it to you Hitler but it's
  • worth it to some people so they should
  • have every right to buy those expensive
  • glasses if they so choose it's the same
  • thing for watches - yeah you could pay
  • $10 but you could also pay 12,000 some
  • people are willing to spend more to show
  • off and that's perfectly fine who the
  • fuck are you to tell people they can't
  • do that no and you can't make me I love
  • glasses too much whoa she would dumb as
  • fuck just now 80% of glasses and
  • sunglasses brands are controlled by a
  • single company looks attica
  • see what this video is doing right now
  • is showing that powerful monopolies and
  • saying oh look look with deregulation
  • and the lack of government in the free
  • market did look what true capitalism did
  • see we need more government when
  • government is what caused this monopoly
  • to form basically that company lobbied
  • the government and the government
  • divvied out favors to that company
  • making it pretty much illegal to get
  • your glasses elsewhere eventually the
  • government fucked off and allowed
  • competition to come in through the
  • internet sales and other places and
  • eventually the monopolies started to
  • disappear and now you could get glasses
  • for much cheaper government was the
  • problem in deregulation and capitalism
  • was the solution but that will give them
  • a virtual monopoly over the entire
  • industry
  • they say that luxottica owns 80% of the
  • eyeglass industry now according the
  • Snopes some of the things said in this
  • episode is true but one of the things
  • mentioned in this episode that's
  • undetermined is this luxottica controls
  • 80% of the entire eyeglass and sunglass
  • market there's absolutely no evidence
  • supporting this so we can obviously you
  • know deduct that it's false now to prove
  • that this company owns 80% of the market
  • Adam ruins everything uses Forbes as a
  • fucking citation now the Forbes article
  • does make that claim but they make the
  • claim out of the clear blue sky
  • they have no citations themselves they
  • just make the claim and Adam ruins
  • everything just assumed it was true with
  • zero evidence yes this show actually
  • used that as their citation someone's
  • fucking opinion wow that blows my mind
  • this show does that a lot they lied to
  • their freaking viewers in order to push
  • a leftist agenda to push a fake
  • narrative Adam versus everything in
  • general has been one of the most
  • propagandist freakin shows I have ever
  • seen in my life most of what they state
  • isn't true if you do the research bingo
  • and because they control both the luxury
  • brands and the cheap brands they can
  • charge whatever they want for either
  • when this company had more of a monopoly
  • I guess you could argue that sort of
  • true but even then
  • and now you can get glasses as cheap as
  • ten dollars so know that monopoly that
  • you're complaining about does it make
  • you pay more for glasses
  • it just doesn't you could go somewhere
  • else to get cheaper glasses if you could
  • go somewhere else to get cheaper glasses
  • that's not a fucking monopoly no I'm not
  • seeing this I'm sorry you have to look
  • sonica uses that power to drive up the
  • price of glasses for everybody
  • sometimes charging as much as twenty
  • times what they cost to produce okay did
  • you see that so the price went from
  • twenty dollars to four hundred dollars
  • you could still get $20 prescriptive
  • frames on the market they still exist
  • but these people are just acting like
  • luxottica is the only company that
  • exists and you're forced to pay $400
  • that's not true
  • you can pay as low as 10 dollars for
  • frames $10 70% of wisata cos brands come
  • from the exact same factory this one's
  • Prada
  • this one's nada
  • wait a second are you telling me these
  • bastards are freakin selling glasses by
  • fashion designers that are expensive but
  • they also sell affordable glasses too
  • giving you options oh my god the
  • patriarchy those racist sexist ablest
  • bastards we should sue them and all
  • their glasses are made from the same
  • Factory that's literally Hitler no no
  • honestly I don't see a problem with
  • anything that they're doing there this
  • is just like what you do with clothing
  • outlet oh this is karma I hate this
  • glasses are really important to me
  • they're like 40% of my personality Oh
  • second average you know we don't have to
  • teleport everywhere we can walk around
  • the store why well I'm a smart boy and I
  • know what to do I'll just go to a
  • different store what is happening it's
  • simple
  • luxottica also owns almost all the major
  • glasses stars to almost all well that's
  • a load of shit they own a few stores but
  • not almost all like you claimed
  • including LensCrafters pearl vision
  • Sears Optical Target optical and
  • sunglass
  • stop using Forbes as a source you
  • already fucked that one up and those
  • stores you list is a handful it's not
  • almost all you liar
  • which means that the few brands that
  • they don't own are forced to obey their
  • demands
  • when Oakley charged a dispute luxottica
  • pricing luxottica retaliated by dropping
  • them from all their stores Oakley stock
  • price collapse and luxottica swooped in
  • and brought them out
  • looks Attica has so much power that when
  • a company didn't play by their rules
  • they brought them to the brink of
  • destruction then took over that company
  • I've done a lot of research and I can't
  • find any evidence that they were arguing
  • over prices what I keep hearing over and
  • over is that they just wanted to focus
  • on their own brands whilst why sell
  • someone else's brand when you could sell
  • your own this wasn't some conspiracy to
  • make Oakley lose money so they can later
  • buy them off that's a damn lie well
  • you're probably saying oh well they did
  • buy it for cheap later though they made
  • them worth nothing that bottom Alfred
  • cheap luxottica bought them for 2.2
  • billion dollars 16 percent more than
  • they were freakin worth poor Oakley
  • making all that money that they're not
  • even worth man that luxottica sure is a
  • greedy greedy monopoly isn't it even
  • though it's not even a monopoly because
  • it has tons of competitors on the market
  • don't get me wrong the government
  • definitely needs to stop regulating the
  • market because all they do is Divya
  • favors for the rich corporations but
  • let's not pretend the situation right
  • now is worse than it is never felt bad
  • for someone wearing
  • Oakley's before oh I still get plenty
  • action
  • Wow I know you're not the bad guy but
  • you are real and likeable yeah whatever
  • tits what I have to wear glasses I don't
  • have a choice
  • good point for 75% of Americans glasses
  • are a medical necessity to bad luxottica
  • also owns the second largest eye
  • insurance company in America that means
  • it's possible for your optometrist your
  • insurance company the factory that makes
  • your frames and the store that sells
  • them to you to all be owned by the same
  • company so they can just rip us off oh
  • no an eye care company that
  • specializes in everything I care they're
  • literally Hitler and stop saying that
  • the company's ripping us off because you
  • haven't proven that yet you just keep
  • saying it everything is worth what
  • people are ready to bear ok that's
  • awfully cynical yeah it's absolutely
  • true people want to buy them if it
  • wasn't worth it to them some people are
  • willing to pay thousands of dollars
  • sometimes twelve thousand dollars on a
  • nice watch some people are willing to
  • pay four hundred dollars for a nice pair
  • of glasses that look nice that are
  • designed by a fashion designer no one's
  • making you buy that yup prick go ahead
  • and get the ten dollar pair where it's
  • not designed by a fashion designer
  • you're just mad that some people pay
  • extra for style what's wrong with that I
  • thought this was a free fucking country
  • and it's also a real thing that their
  • CEO said to 60 minutes the fact is most
  • of these glasses could just be labeled
  • luxottica but they're not because what
  • luxottica is really selling you is the
  • illusion of choice um the company
  • frito-lay
  • owns a ton of chips okay and they're all
  • different are you saying all those tips
  • are the same chip because they're owned
  • by the same company and they're just
  • selling the illusion of choice no you
  • damn idiot they're all different the the
  • the choice is real it's a real choice
  • the chips are all different just like
  • the glasses are all different at 2:00
  • p.m. I'm sorry Adam I'm not who you
  • think I am
  • No so what'd you think of my lesson
  • pretty cool huh that show is garbage
  • watch my show instead and support me on
  • patreon catch you on the next episode
  • penis

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