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Video Drop Shipping on Amazon - 2nd Sale with only 2 Listings with my Amazon Drop Shipping Business
02:44   |   2K+ views   |   today at 03:00


  • what's up guys isn't mark from destiny
  • and second sailor Amazon
  • only two lessons I haven't added any
  • more lessons so let me show you so last
  • night right before I went to sleep I got
  • this email their sales at DHEA um
  • congratulations in a stolen item on
  • Amazon blah blah you see the date the
  • fruits they said you have to ship the
  • item so basically have to upload the
  • tracking number no later than tomorrow
  • today's you thirty so it's so lovely
  • second I have to change that but so you
  • see that I so like blah blah let me go
  • into eBay
  • like eBay I'm a idiot Amazon you
  • see last seven days on shipped let's see
  • on shipped
  • I saw the item still on ship so I have
  • to upload a tracking number
  • alright and then let me just want to
  • show you guys the inventory so you don't
  • think I'm lyin still only two
  • items guys and I didn't add I only have
  • one quantity right so I've sold two
  • items on Amazon with two listings so the
  • work purpose of me doing this first
  • remember this is a free account I didn't
  • pay it for any young I didn't pay effect
  • for the peer account yet I didn't look
  • tracking on anything or the only reason
  • I did this is the make sure that this
  • works to show you guys work the
  • guys it works to should there's a test I
  • listen to lessons I saw two
  • items in about a week or week and a half
  • right I mean like I don't know like 20
  • bucks not a whole lot of money but it's
  • simply a test to prove to myself and for
  • you guys that this worked now I'm
  • ready to spend money put out at 40 bucks
  • gathered per account get the truck and
  • I'll show you guys all of that I'll do
  • that in the video so you guys could see
  • me do it all of that but yeah so
  • hopefully get you guys
  • stripe follow the journey I have a
  • section on the main page every child
  • with my amazon drop shipping journey you
  • guys should follow it wanna learn to
  • drop shipping amazon already drop
  • shipping i want to give me advice like
  • i'll take advice lunch is logical so
  • guys comment if you have any advice any
  • questions on amazon leave a comment
  • subscribe the channel love you guys like
  • the video make that money love be love
  • traveling world later it's just a quick
  • update all right peace

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I started Drop Shipping on Amazon with a free seller account. I started with a free seller account just to test in front of you guys to show that drop shipping on Amazon works. Now that I know it works it is time to pay for the pro seller account on amazon.

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