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  • oh no oh boy what is this isn't me
  • I mean what is that I'm not a little
  • dork and angsty I'm Elastigirl I'm you
  • know flexible the fresh air is
  • especially good tonight wait a minute
  • you're saying what I'm messy
  • I don't know that way why wouldn't they
  • change math math is math math is math
  • don't lifeguard on duty swim at your own
  • risk
  • I'll be mad because I know when to leave
  • a party I'm just as illegal as you guys
  • besides I knew the cops would let you go
  • oh he's freaking again he is freaking it
  • just what there are in public again this
  • is our chance follow them follow Frozone
  • so if we want to change people's
  • perceptions about superheroes we need
  • you to share your perceptions with the
  • world
  • I love superheroes the powers the
  • costumes the mythic struggles well it's
  • like a superheroes playground I'm so
  • sorry I'm late
  • with all due respect if you had handled
  • the Underminer things would have been
  • different
  • Wow I felt like an outcast before but
  • now with you being you I feel like
  • getting me oh wow Wow Elastigirl dick
  • there you are I didn't know you yep Wow
  • come on get yourself together Karen Wow
  • oh yeah okay see you later tucked good
  • tuck is in your blood oh it's so nice to
  • see you two are getting along oh that's
  • delightful not creepy at all you're
  • gonna stop now there right nobody nobody
  • curses my daughter you got that because
  • if you mess with Margo you mess with me
  • I promise you do not wanna mess with me
  • do you understand me it's okay to tell
  • them no sometimes too you know moms need
  • to be tough
  • no I meant to be tougher on them not me
  • [Music]
  • please direct your attention to the
  • front of the cabin for your safety
  • please unbuckle your seat belt surprise
  • oh my gosh this is gonna be so much fun
  • I'm taking care of everything so you
  • don't need to worry you've been so
  • stressed out lately
  • good evening travelers I am professor
  • Abraham Van Helsing yes one of the van
  • Helsing that's right what exactly don't
  • you understand man this is amazing
  • there's so much to do what about here
  • maybe
  • [Music]
  • but first you gotta come inside get
  • ready for
  • let me guess fear not for I am a
  • professional and I know how to flush out
  • these beasts and bring them into the
  • light I gotta warn you I played second
  • team co-ed intramural volleyball at
  • Santa Cruz
  • can I show that's all you said your dad
  • is going to love this
  • that summer vacation ever Oh give me a
  • seaweed rewrap oh that was incredible
  • hey Murray here may be from Egypt but
  • you're the one in denial ha ha ha do you
  • guys get that ow
  • finally first I kill Dracula and then
  • the rest of the monsters welcome to the
  • Bermuda Triangle where you'll embark on
  • a monster cruise of a lifetime
  • DJ Jazzy jogging in the house is a place
  • you've gotta be
  • beneath this sea so you must be the one
  • and only Dracula okay Drac hit it this
  • is like the nicest hotel I've ever been
  • to yeah everybody just please watch the
  • hair watch the hair
  • whoa who is that and yes I'm human but
  • don't hold that against me no you don't
  • last time you gambled you lost an arm
  • and a leg literally brain would you rub
  • some screen on my back before I get
  • burned this is Bob say hi Bob oh wow
  • watch where you're pointing mister I'm
  • right here there you are tinkles don't
  • worry
  • we're almost there oh my goodness BMO
  • are you okay we have a al-douri yes
  • great idea you take me to find him why
  • didn't I think of that it was simply the
  • tag tag oh there's a lag on my fin hope
  • how could you forget you have a tag on
  • your family you don't remember what we
  • were talking about then why are we going
  • so slow
  • nice shark let's go we are certainly
  • going to do some thinking about what we
  • did we're Smurfs we do the right thing
  • Wow Wow I am Smurf willow leader of the
  • Smurfs this is called an introduction
  • girls protection mode that's clear not
  • so fast Papa thing whatever you say Papa
  • thing thank you don't be weird just
  • that's it not not the interrupting cow
  • well you didn't be interrupting okay you
  • did it again oh but that is the joke
  • boom a boat the gods have given me Maui
  • shapeshifter there we go to the
  • Windansea i hero of men it's actually
  • Maui shapeshifter demigod of the wind
  • and sea hero of
  • I interrupted from the top hero of men
  • I've never been better
  • this is so nice oh I wish it could be
  • like this all the time
  • me too well but it can't didn't can't
  • but it can't why not if they're here oh
  • are you sure cuz I don't think I'm
  • supposed to oh okay
  • Jaime oh thank you I mean you look
  • beautifuller or more beautiful what is
  • that amazing smell is it sure what's
  • your deal anyway
  • lost village you're the ones who weren't
  • lost not us don't try any funny stuff
  • bud
  • you're coming with me good move now do
  • it again I like the way you think we're
  • not gonna let you ruin our town you
  • think there's nothing in the world you
  • can't own you mean a discus some people
  • don't know anything about sports yeah
  • I'm in shy overtime honestly there's a
  • million reasons why you're not
  • attractive to me but give me another
  • just the sassiest I love you dad but we
  • don't even know if the kids gonna be a
  • vampire I'd be thrilled if the baby's
  • human-y just like johnny did is that his
  • first word holy rabies this looks like a
  • blast hi guys
  • this is so exciting ah look at all of
  • this so cool wow I can't believe I'm
  • actually here Johnny
  • dennis is not a monster bully take him
  • down Gil play what's happening here face
  • to face with greatness and it's strange
  • the hair the bottle I it's called
  • photosynthesis oh I could kiss you right
  • now is to see a real living tree
  • seriously
  • how cool is your grandma great real
  • trees they produce oxygen for free we're
  • from Barbados we don't have snow oh my
  • beautiful girl um excuse me
  • what is that thank you
  • audit operation just keep her distracted
  • and happy but not too happy capisce
  • starts now cool check it out oh yeah
  • this is how I rolled every summer whoa
  • whoa shorts where the way we're going
  • come on everybody likes that song oh hey
  • selfie action Wow this behavior getting
  • you sick too listen I'm not gonna set
  • monsters back again just to make your
  • grandkid like vampires
  • we have pop-tarts Wow yo Frank
  • Wayne Griffin just try not to faint
  • please we have a present I hope it's
  • acceptable baby-proofing a guillotine so
  • you cut your finger off it's part of the
  • phone my birthday Kate's gonna have the
  • coolest card
  • I don't know in this mommy and daddy can
  • we call him every night
  • yeah she's invisible that's why you
  • can't see babe don't cry hahaha how cute
  • I may have taken a wrong turn a few
  • miles back do not get mad at me drag
  • let's see how should we classify this
  • boom nailed it don't be weird
  • it's like a workout for my eyeballs
  • we're gonna help you we're team Smurf
  • and we're in this together
  • why are my muscles so big I don't do
  • well in the darkness I have enough
  • trouble in the daylight
  • I'm not a dragonfly safety third ooh
  • stylish and practical oh my geez -
  • Pete's I'm smart blossom nice to meet
  • you we do have Smurfette oh Smurf clever
  • Smurf Meadows morph Daisy some are poly
  • smart basil no everyone can just
  • introduce themselves later
  • so is your favorite song hey hey hey hey
  • hey look at me I'm a boy
  • smooth I'm Smurfs Lily we have to take
  • you to smurfy grow Mian your Abuelita
  • had the most wonderful idea we've all
  • decided it's time you joined us in the
  • workshop no more shining shoes you will
  • be making every day after school ah me
  • gay you have your family here to guide
  • you you are a Rivera Anna Rivera is
  • break out the good stuff I wanna make a
  • toast our family thinks music is a curse
  • none of them understand but I know you
  • would have you would have told me to
  • follow my heart to seize my moment so if
  • it's alright with you I'm gonna playing
  • the blesser
  • just like you did no more hiding Dante
  • I gotta seize my minions I'm gonna plain
  • money actually presa if it kills me
  • I don't know I've never performed before
  • what you said you were a musician I am I
  • mean I will be once I went and the once
  • the mall is mine the world will give me
  • whatever I want to get it back and I
  • will be the greatest villain of all time
  • that's what I'm talking about
  • [Music]
  • curse you tiny toilet
  • Group one of the greats it's all over
  • the new some fella just stole a pyramid
  • they saying he makes all other villains
  • look lame and here of course is the
  • weapon that you ordered
  • yes just wondering how this would be
  • useful so then okay hands up check out
  • my new weapon piranha gun oh yeah
  • fires live piranhas never seen one
  • before no you haven't I invented it do
  • you want a demonstration yellow oh I got
  • the shrink ray alright he's not getting
  • the moon and by the time I'm through in
  • him he's give that guy that guy is gonna
  • be like all right look everyone comes to
  • Zootopia thinking thinkin they could be
  • anything they want wing they want well
  • you can't you can only be what you are
  • Sly Fox dump bunny right and that's not
  • wet cement I I may have sold him a very
  • expensive wool rug that was made from
  • the fur of a skunk
  • but scared too really it's a proud
  • scared combo I mean it's Autopia it so
  • far away in such a big city guys I've
  • been working for this my whole life
  • sir you said there are 14 missing mammal
  • cases so you probably forgot but I was
  • top of my class at the academy boom
  • 200 tickets before noon a new little guy
  • you want to be an elephant when you grow
  • up you be an elephant because this is
  • Zootopia anyone can be anything start
  • talking I don't know where he is
  • I only saw where he went great let's go
  • it's not exactly a place for a cute
  • little bunny don't call me cute get in
  • the car
  • I'll make 200 bucks a day fluff 365 days
  • a year since I was 12
  • actually your work against your and if
  • you want this pen you're going to help
  • me find this poor missing otter or the
  • only place you'll be selling popsicles
  • is the prison cafeteria it's called a
  • hustle sweetheart she hustled you she
  • hustled you good you're a cop now Nick
  • you're gonna need one of these have fun
  • working with the fuzz
  • I missed up
  • [Music]
  • I have to go here if I don't go to this
  • nerd school I'm gonna lose my mind huh
  • how do I get in the microbots are
  • controlled with with this
  • neurotransmitter I think of what I want
  • them to do they do it this bump no no
  • this this isn't a fighting thing so
  • people do sometimes when they're excited
  • or pumped up I'd like to introduce
  • baymax 2.0 no don't push us away Hiro
  • we're here for you let's go jump to
  • conclusions guys we don't know he's
  • trying to kill us he's trying to kill us
  • let's do this Freddie wait this this
  • half a snack is a dinosaur whisper just
  • to be clear that's a pumpkin right in
  • your face space rock it's a very scary
  • story you think you can handle it oh and
  • the zombies don't forget about the
  • zombies I'm gonna watch some butterflies
  • come out of their cocoons well Ellie
  • giggled and then she wiggled boom okay
  • party's over everybody have a good night
  • and leave right now
  • look at me I'm Julian oh oh I know we
  • destroy the relationship right that way
  • we never have to let her go and she'll
  • just stay a little girl forever actual
  • visitors somebody pinch me or should I
  • pinch you
  • wait I'll pinch both of us that's fun
  • well hello handsome such exquisite bone
  • structure such a strong jaw I'm getting
  • butterflies here he is the master of
  • meditation the supreme serene the
  • four-time heavy thoughts champion of the
  • world he fakes knowing how to play oh
  • right the thing got a dupe of thing how
  • can we think about a future we may not
  • even have one honey I scored did you see
  • me I have a good feeling about this
  • maybe he'll be able to help us don't you
  • hurry me I've been struck
  • lightning more topless is it my time
  • angel I'm coming to the light I can't
  • wait to see all those dead relatives I
  • hate mess what granny you get nothing
  • your fanny is that a llama
  • I hate llamas they spit and smell wow
  • you guys got all whatever we had it's
  • over you be a hero that's what you're
  • all about
  • right my people didn't send me the ocean
  • did the ocean make sense
  • you're what eat can't sale obvious
  • choice it chose me for a reason
  • you
  • you
  • you
  • you
  • [Music]
  • but you know what hey we'd never make it
  • past a car not without my hook and we'll
  • get it alright
  • first we get my hook and save the world
  • do you deal
  • boom a boat the gods have given me ah
  • Maui shapeshifter then we go to the wind
  • and see I am Moana of of men it's actual
  • Maui shapeshifter demigod of the windin
  • hero of men I interrupt it from the top
  • hero of men go so daughter of the chief
  • I thought you stayed in the village you
  • know kissing babies and things hey hey
  • hey I'm just trying to understand why
  • your people decided to send how do i
  • phrase this what's that you okay let
  • listen let me tell you something if the
  • ocean is so smart why didn't it just
  • take the heart back to to Fiji itself
  • why didn't it just bring me my hook
  • because the oceans straight up kooky
  • dukes but I'm sure it's not wrong about
  • you oh you're the chosen one that's
  • right because it only appears after a
  • human sacrifice kidding is so serious
  • I'm not I'm not I'm not aware he okay
  • don't worry it's a lot farther down than
  • it looks sometimes who we wish we were
  • what we wish we could do it's just not
  • meant to be he was a demigod of the wind
  • and sea a trickster a shape-shifter who
  • wielded a magical fishhook and his name
  • was Maui dragons and Vikings enemies
  • again uh-huh you know that doesn't wash
  • out their babies they don't listen to
  • anyone this is amazing oh is that why
  • you're pouting
  • big baby boo unbelievable you've been
  • rescuing them what a team now what do
  • you want to do and hiccup is nowhere to
  • be found
  • could I go bludvist is a madman without
  • conscience or mercy a chief protects his
  • own what's down there I mean chief what
  • an honor what you're searching for isn't
  • out there hiccup it's in here are you
  • kidding me careful what you wish for
  • never take a toy from a dragon don't you
  • know anything
  • incredible he might very well be the
  • last of his kind
  • oh he's your age no wonder you get
  • along so well what did your father to
  • think of the Night Fury friend one night
  • a dragon broke into our house finding
  • you in the cradle I rushed to protect
  • you but what I saw was proof of
  • everything I believed this wasn't a
  • vicious beast but an intelligent gentle
  • creature who saw reflected my own every
  • nest has its queen but this is the king
  • of all dragons he protects us we all
  • live under his care and his command all
  • but the babies of course you listen to
  • no one I've lived among them for 20
  • years hiccup discovering their secrets
  • every dragon has his secrets it's and
  • I'll show them all to you we'll unlock
  • every mystery find every last species
  • together as mother and son this gift we
  • share hiccup it bonds us this is who you
  • are son who we are and we will change
  • the world for all dragons and we will
  • make it a better safer place who came
  • early into this world he was such a wee
  • thing so frail so fragile I feared you
  • wouldn't make it but your father he
  • never doubted he always said she'd
  • become the strongest of them all and he
  • was right you have the heart
  • of a chi and the soul of a dragon only
  • you can bring our worlds together that
  • is who you are son
  • I am Merida firstborn descendant of Clan
  • dunbroch and I'll be for my own
  • hand alright you cannot my desserts for
  • three weeks
  • maksoon go on and help yourself to
  • anything you want as a reward
  • they're gonna murder each other you got
  • to stop them before it's too late
  • kingdom is young our stories are not yet
  • legends but and of our bones was struck
  • our one sanity's but when invaders
  • threatened us from the sea you join
  • together to defend our lands I do speak
  • to her she just doesn't listen II none
  • c8 you must be understood from any
  • corner in the room or it's all for
  • naught
  • boys don't just play with your haggis
  • stop pushing it about on the plate it's
  • not a toy
  • you

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