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Video /int/ vs /co/ 2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Group Stage
44:14   |   views   |   11/12/2015


  • all right here we go it versus Co please
  • no more quotes that I never actually
  • said other people dream of quotes while
  • you just choke it yep
  • well we may be saying that to see
  • tomorrow I guess yeah it's C playing VP
  • Oh God
  • or it's gonna be okay for ya all right
  • well I'm gonna go watch the anthems and
  • I'll rejoin you when it's time to start
  • Oh Kayla to Ken arrived
  • United States Canada Mexico Panama Haiti
  • Jamaica Peru Republic Dominican Cuba
  • Carribean Greenland El Salvador to
  • Puerto Rico Colombia Venezuela Honduras
  • Guyana and still Guatemala Bolivia then
  • Argentina and Ecuador Chile Brazil Costa
  • Rica Belize Nicaragua Bermuda Bahamas
  • Tobago San Juan Paraguay Uruguay Surinam
  • Memphis Kiana Barbados and Guam Norway
  • and Sweden and Iceland and Finland and
  • Germany na ho and peace Switzerland
  • Austria Czechoslovakia Italy Turkey and
  • Greece Poland Romania Scotland Albania
  • Ireland Russia Oman Bulgaria sodium
  • and here we go it went from left to
  • right go flame from right to left just
  • remember and you could have had that
  • joint anthem so let's see
  • I mean it's foolish to assume that Coe
  • can win a match but at the same time
  • this is int we're talking about and
  • furthermore in int capable of promoting
  • if they win so that's a good long one is
  • fertile Myrtle business
  • how can this be but yeah serious serious
  • skill move by spurdo around guests on
  • their this is what happens when you
  • mentioned Finland in your anthem yeah
  • well this is like this reminds me of
  • that I'll it game from summer where the
  • iPlayer just like never even lets the
  • ball touch the ground and just loses the
  • keeper on a LAN pulling in a long ball
  • entirely looking like a good start for
  • int a lot a lot of dive grass yet to go
  • here so in order professor zoom there's
  • cold ice cold wet looking for doom it's
  • saved by the Falklands good idea good
  • play but it's just hard to get enough
  • power on a header like that you can't be
  • brave this bird and rely on the other
  • goalkeeper to up that often
  • well bravest bird had to fly over a wall
  • how hard is that for a bird well I was
  • gonna say using a wall to block a bird
  • Argentina why decieved using a wall to
  • block a bird was poles first mistake but
  • you know actually no being pole was
  • poles first mistake but spoke Corgi oh
  • it's a professor zoom you know what they
  • have numerous mistakes the hope Corgi
  • you can't get it corgis play has never
  • really impressed me for KO he's been
  • there but he typically only does well
  • when the team is winning anyway putin
  • putin no he's he's not gonna slam
  • through the coat defense like that yeah
  • the long ball was actually the best move
  • so far not that ko has really shown
  • anything in response on offense Putin
  • gets around one he's got it again he's
  • going on the run he's looking for
  • sprinkle saved by Gaston yes Gaston
  • Gaston Gaston cooker okay and here's the
  • header to cope Corgi
  • Rick Rick Sanchez cold wet takes a wide
  • shot well the thought was good
  • put that on target and I'm not sure I
  • like put it just inside that in your
  • post and I'm not sure the keeper gets to
  • it 20 minutes have gone by and it's just
  • looking Brenda strange yeah you know
  • everything's coming up Bennis so swab
  • squad
  • Gaston Villa yes I'm glad the chats
  • playing along with this game he's got a
  • it's got to enjoy those little things
  • summertime what up to Putin Berto Berto
  • its alcohol
  • come on spirit oh wow footwork what yeah
  • this is the same spurt oh who like
  • kept it on his foot to the
  • outside around the keeper and now now he
  • thinks it's cool to shoot 30 yards wide
  • right you know 30 yards is a little much
  • but you know what I'm saying
  • oh this photo posted in chat right now
  • is wonderful
  • you've been waiting like three games for
  • four games as their fourth now right
  • like four games for spurdo to score goal
  • and I mean I want I want this Berto
  • hat-trick I don't think you're ever
  • gonna see that I could dream kids I you
  • you can dream but in scoring three goals
  • seems well yeah dream dream is about
  • right then again it only takes one for
  • them to win all they got to do is hold
  • this result pretty much and keep control
  • of it it's over to doom doom comes back
  • to Ronnie I'm pretty sure that ain't
  • winning by any margin kills JP right I I
  • believe it does I'm not too sorry yeah
  • cuz it because they're at air on six so
  • int hell I think in drawing kills JP
  • they like me though they said because it
  • would be seven points at that point yeah
  • they all right need code two
  • so not looking good for for JP at the
  • moment everything's coming up int for
  • right now as the spurdo rainbow
  • intensifies in the chat and yeah go just
  • kind of passing back to themselves
  • they're not particularly it like fade
  • they're dead they just want to avoid
  • wooden spoon at this point and this is
  • not even doing that really they need to
  • at least pull a draw here well even then
  • they've had you know tight boy here's do
  • know again again looking for that long
  • ball header down by doom instead of just
  • keeping it on on the pitch you know
  • keeping it on the turf yeah it's what
  • it's been nothing but spur toe in
  • different colors for life god I'm gonna
  • say going on about ten minutes of game
  • time here so probably about like three
  • or four of real time it's just been
  • nothing but rainbows Berto
  • rule adds yeah this is truly the
  • greatest accomplishment of the 40 CC I
  • like I hope somebody is recording just
  • the picture of the rainbow spurt Oh chat
  • just coming up on the right like you you
  • could maybe get even a little bit of the
  • match in there to show that it's during
  • a live thing but it's just nothing but
  • people posting different colored spur
  • toes
  • there's put'em you can't get the ball
  • through to spurt oh oh Corgi over to
  • zoom well this has been a sleepy half
  • since the opening goal isn't it yeah
  • what I'm glad that we have rainbow spur
  • toes because those otherwise we just
  • have resident sleepers yeah pretty much
  • like the cat's more interesting than
  • what's good like the stands doing the
  • wave over here's more interesting than
  • the than the actual action on the field
  • and it looks like we're about to hit the
  • end of the first half with
  • nothing unless our in Jesus this feels
  • like giving us a cheeky extra time here
  • that one pork guy who's trying to get a
  • residentsleeper in around all the spur
  • toes yeah alright it's nothing
  • but a whistle
  • he's having a hell of a time yeah so
  • that's that's exactly one interesting
  • goal by han't and 45 43 minutes of
  • nothing afterward you know this Google
  • Wave going
  • all right we have technical changes biko
  • at the house two shots one on top oh
  • I just saw some pioneer who posted
  • both the spurdo ascii and a
  • residentsleeper in the same cat oh hey
  • that's one way to get it in like I hope
  • I hike residence Berto I sincerely hope
  • that somebody is is webbing the the chat
  • at this point also I have to ban the
  • person who doesn't seem to realize his
  • team is not playing in this tournament
  • there we go alright you owe me for that
  • sooo I owe a lot of people for a lot of
  • things all right what do you got there
  • ko subs at 70 called play and go to our
  • defensive preset and move hope Corgi
  • doom and hope quickly up to second
  • strikers you've got it you know I really
  • don't think they have anything to lose
  • by doing this so it's a bold move cotton
  • yeah forget about form like nothing else
  • they've done this cup is paid off for
  • them so why the not just go throw
  • some people up there see what happens
  • your play set to sliders are a
  • counter-attack short pass center
  • maintain formation support range for
  • medium numbers and attack and your
  • defensive sliders are frontline pressure
  • middle aggressive defensive line three
  • over eight and numbers and defense many
  • somebody is trying to write in spurt oh
  • we trust in the spurdo but it's just
  • the picture up or no wait it's
  • in business we trust
  • I also like the ones where they're
  • replacing his eyes with resident
  • sleepers oh this is wonderful
  • don't worry I'll keep you informed just
  • keep the match rolling change to long
  • passing
  • support ranged five many in the attack a
  • lot defense and numbers to defense the
  • medium is that all that is all he says
  • when we go to the second deck and sums
  • at 64 KO fair enough
  • ko kicking off now yeah and basically
  • they just got to get their offense in
  • here their defense has been playing
  • respectively enough I mean you go well
  • they're down a goal wide but now I mean
  • it was really hard to deal with super
  • but no but what at the edge of the box
  • losses is awful
  • no gets it back trying again it's around
  • euro for takes the shot it's a holy
  • frame rate drop that man what is going
  • on here yeah did you like unfocus the
  • window or something I have no idea
  • and here we go and counter-attack with
  • it still go well the things I started
  • saved kind of amazing that they had to
  • save that even like that was that was I
  • think professor zoom is a silver on top
  • of him and he's back there playing
  • midfield coverage really teeth in there
  • unbox practically but
  • I don't know I don't know what you do if
  • you if you're seeing this it's kind of
  • just like you got a hope that that your
  • team gets its together and that
  • 3-second strikers will pass between each
  • other a little bit where is where is
  • literally anybody out here for cup what
  • don't heal everyone yeah oh all right
  • there you go he's got Colette and doom
  • forward this is August this is zoom
  • looking for doom no Belarus gets it
  • yeah Doom was a little too covered I
  • think maybe just going straight up the
  • pit to go that would have been better
  • for them but you know you can't tell the
  • players to do individual decisions you
  • just gotta kind of rely on them to not
  • be retards and pick bad passes and you
  • know how it is yeah
  • rifle clay the Slav spots Argentina
  • white goes back to proofs and that's a
  • long boat of God you're one away from
  • the hat tricks ooh oh boy
  • that kind of is almost looking in the
  • bag for for int there maybe I don't act
  • the cool changes for Co yeah I think
  • it's worth trying attack to cool change
  • one more time before you just write this
  • off as as PES gonna do what it wants
  • go on defensive preset increase support
  • range up to seven you got it D line up
  • to six and subs at 65 not sixty you got
  • it
  • well if you're a co fan at the moment
  • you're just saying Oh food well if
  • you're a co fan at the moment you're
  • like well who didn't see this coming
  • raise your hand and then it's just a
  • room of people who will just have their
  • hands down everybody saw this coming I
  • thought there was potentially a chance
  • that that int would choke under the
  • pressure and like reset their Co and had
  • this all fall apart on them but they
  • yeah they actually seem to have found
  • some some some Bennis some solidarity
  • some you know whatever it takes for for
  • int to pick up wins and uh up the Slav
  • SWAT slob squat Slav squad he's got
  • Putin and spread on the middle those the
  • Putin it's blocked its fertile trying to
  • come up for it no love it's over but its
  • back into its possession metric I said
  • that what were happened and guess what
  • PES did
  • it's savety I am a great magician your
  • striker is good numbers in defense to
  • few on on the defensive preset and
  • apparently people say have the wrong
  • horn it's not listed on the wiki I don't
  • see a spur to horn on the wiki so yellow
  • team's editor not me sometimes they
  • write it like on the page instead of on
  • the sidebar but you shouldn't because we
  • actually have a sidebar that can support
  • more than three songs now well you blew
  • it then ant good job
  • fix your wiki page okay and you so uh Co
  • you're gonna go out of this tournament
  • with with zero points fix your
  • before spring that is all I don't know I
  • don't know if it's gonna take like
  • bringing back the flash or what but
  • maybe maybe next time we'll learn not to
  • sack hyper crisis
  • well that's okay you're right up there
  • with with the guy who's actually running
  • things then yes alright and Col like to
  • do their subs now sure why not
  • you know what throw in a couple more
  • second strikers what can I hurt at this
  • point okay I wonder if there's a limit
  • to how many second strikers a team can
  • have while I ran to two three five once
  • upon a time so I think you can have at
  • least more than 5,000 re two to six you
  • yeah I was gonna say you need you need a
  • goalkeeper you need the two center backs
  • probably need at least one midfielder
  • and then just make everyone else second
  • strikers sounds good
  • the the 7 trihard dot or there's no
  • doubt whatever it's just you type
  • trihard 7 try hards 14 if the other team
  • does it - here comes Archer
  • well we enter the all wait we're already
  • in the danger zone food yeah pretty much
  • squirrel girl coming unbearable squirrel
  • girl for Ronnie bye Ronnie goodbye
  • Ronnie you tried and bad news for 40
  • cakes
  • that is all he says I like the the
  • people are doing spurdo with the eyes
  • replaced with hat-trick now heard the
  • robot seven rip Co yeah pretty much
  • it's they have no chance of winning this
  • being three in the hole at like 70
  • minutes I don't even think they could it
  • would be a miracle if they even
  • drew at this point yeah no definitely be
  • a miracle on the grass so it's it's ogre
  • arts are up the hope Corgi both Corgi or
  • crooked takes a shot wide you know I at
  • least get a goal Coe like it the
  • difference between you and 3 is that at
  • least you've scored goals this
  • tournament so don't don't don't change
  • that today I don't think it'll be hope
  • Corgi like I said hope Corgi only ever
  • seems to play well when all of ko is
  • already doing well maybe it's because he
  • brings hope to the team and that's you
  • know we're seeing the secondary impact
  • but your striker is goat
  • come on rebels over here we're not done
  • with you yet Oh Rambo Serbia
  • you can hear all of codes just sign it
  • whole in unison big oh let's do subs for
  • int they already lined them all up for
  • me I don't I don't think it's so much Co
  • sync
  • bug anymore at this point is this kind
  • of like getting out of the seat heading
  • for the egg said going home wondering
  • what the hell went so wrong in autumn
  • irrationally hoping that next spring
  • will be like the last spring and Co will
  • actually get good you know that that's
  • the kind of thing the co fans are doing
  • right now and that'll be all for in subs
  • and funnily enough Co called the timeout
  • at 90 wait all four in so are they
  • really gonna slam seven niggas forward
  • at 90 just for kicks
  • I don't know but that's what the manager
  • said timeout at 90 okay so we're gonna
  • see we're gonna see exactly like two
  • minutes of stoppage time what would
  • happen if I managed to go hint it's
  • gonna still be a disaster I'm so sorry
  • over to do to Colette tries to go back
  • to doom actually know at this point if I
  • ran Co I just run the I just run the LOL
  • the sword formation and see how far I
  • could get what about the mr. meeseeks
  • tactic spurt Oh hold it that only works
  • against the final boss we've got about
  • to pay deadens like the sloth spot
  • intercepted by hope Corgi Jerry and ten
  • meeseeks is is the final boss ante
  • tactic not the not not something you
  • want to play as a general rule Argentina
  • white is he gonna get there he gets
  • there he has possession his flights
  • Putin it's clear the way bad news only
  • spurdo can score oh I wouldn't say
  • that's bad news really food ah you don't
  • let that that bear have the ball any
  • Marcus stop just get her get it away
  • from him nobody else is killing your
  • entire
  • team like spurdo is dead doom being
  • bullied by it right now Putin hi dr.
  • spurt oh god no I would believe five
  • right there's like oh well that's an
  • open spurt of another goal incoming one
  • day good did boob booth in looking for
  • spurt Oh again with the header save I
  • get a song most on five now he's gotta
  • be pretty far up there I wonder if
  • anybody's generated statistics for the
  • previous days let me have a look
  • dude yeah here we go doom doom passing
  • the hope Corgi looking for coal that's
  • horrible has been looking goalkeeper
  • can't jump and get it okay here you go
  • here's some here's some statistics for
  • you as of yesterday the golden boots
  • were Ivan kaznyk oov and Richard Feinman
  • fineman's obviously out at this point
  • it's good oh where was he he was at one
  • goal the other day yes so spurdo is now
  • tied with Ivan chest akov and Fineman
  • for Golden Boot who's been is yeah and
  • let's see coming on that final timeout
  • for Co Doom pushing no paid ends pay
  • debts there disk' have another game left
  • to play in the group stages or they
  • don't know I gotta check that there's I
  • will look that well we have four minutes
  • of stoppage we will do okay
  • last changes I can't wait to see what
  • this generates okay okay there we go
  • yo k is done for the group stages now
  • actually they here they're not even safe
  • if the wrong wrong things happen they
  • could still be forced to stay in the
  • batteries
  • let's see V plays D these already dead
  • that's our last game today these already
  • dead D winning makes things very 4k o
  • the co-management
  • what all I want to do is a timeout is
  • taking a look at a custom preset because
  • it's a noose at first and perfectly sums
  • up goes on a run yes the time Mouse
  • god damn it just go then thank you for
  • that
  • well we got four minutes to stop its
  • ferno's got remove kebab and putin on
  • the run go get that take the shot Hey
  • the goal right
  • two minutes yeah he'd do it double head
  • he's got the ball ready letting him go
  • here save it's only funny if spurdo
  • scores again at this point otherwise
  • it's just sad
  • I think we're looking at the end of it
  • here though yeah it's all up to do do no
  • they don't even let it get too cool wet
  • even the ref doesn't want her go to
  • finish his double hat-trick
  • Oh so a hat-trick and a brace for spurdo
  • in in one game I knew I felt that spurdo
  • hat-trick add me bones
  • the minute that moved in the gold 15
  • shots 12 on target for int the golden
  • booth yes it's without a single shred of
  • doubt who the man of the match here is
  • there's no way it can't be oh holy
  • we live to see the day zu oh my god oh
  • oh man the shivers down my spine that
  • put in through with the exclamation
  • point
  • help them like this is this isn't saying
  • with style that we can actually know
  • what we're doing and win games and go on
  • and yeah we'll see how far they get in
  • the round of 16 and what they want to
  • play it like in winter all right know it
  • manager I know you linked me your
  • victory at them but apparently Co wants
  • to play something I gotta see how long
  • it is
  • it's 15 seconds yeah just play it
  • it then then play whatever aunt had my
  • aunt blind up oh he wants me to play the
  • video of it's on the down low it's a 15
  • second clip it shouldn't take too long
  • to download
  • yes
  • the spurs on my said up
  • all right I'm gonna resize this a little
  • bit
  • he wanted me to play the whole video
  • clips oh-oh-oh
  • this screen region here working with
  • three screens as as much as a hindrance
  • as it is a blessing
  • okay
  • yeah that's as good as against there
  • fellas so let's let's go ahead and view
  • this quick little fifty second snippet
  • at least you'll get to try again in
  • spring a lot of people are asking you to
  • check spur those individual player stats
  • alright what we'll do that y'all
  • probably want PES back on the screen all
  • right there we go we haven't even looked
  • at the match details yet so let's go
  • ahead and do that
  • alright spurdo at five minutes from the
  • sheik of spurdo from putin's spurred him
  • from slow squat external for boot that
  • again and in spurdo unassisted in
  • 90-plus yep people are wanting to see
  • his individual stats so when you get
  • there make sure you click him all right
  • I can do that this isn't this a tying
  • performance from yer be yeah then score
  • five in a row ten shots nine on target
  • five goals scored 13 passes 11 of which
  • were successful 28 touches played the
  • full 90 minutes won two out of three
  • tackles and sort of covered the whole
  • half of the pitch there I does
  • see
  • all right well you don't matter none of
  • this matters except that the knack next
  • match does matter because it is a win
  • and you're in yes w do versus WS g
  • versus in and the draw favors WorkSafe
  • gift for some reason so yeah that's what
  • you've got to to run next also JP is
  • kill rip it yeah press f to pay respects
  • to JP and co ends with a negative zero
  • points negative 9 GD and 16 goals
  • against over the course of the
  • tournament I really think they're
  • looking good for wooden spoon here I'll
  • be honest
  • Wow alright the only ones who could
  • possibly be worse or biz who would have
  • to give up like 10 goals and three who
  • yeah same so yeah 9 so hang on so four
  • goals so biz biz or or or 3 would have
  • to lose by four goals 2 wooden spoon I
  • think COEs got that on lock oh man
  • so enjoy that
  • also enjoy the actual you know
  • competitive win in your in-game we have
  • next and actually D can win its Deakin
  • secure I believe it Wow they'll be on 7
  • points with K if they'd be here V are
  • already out so that all they're doing is
  • trying to play spoiler for D yep so a
  • win a one goal win is not necessarily
  • enough for D they need yeah they'd be
  • overrun goals for at that point so they
  • need a 2 goal when to be safe
  • all right so you got a couple of real
  • games coming up or uh and we have the we
  • have we have the national anthem now do
  • you have commentator for the next one am
  • I good to go yeah you're free to go well
  • there's not much you can say
  • my
  • that was a wonderful anthem I love it
  • absolute goodness the spurdo 9.0 the
  • rarest spurdo and there are they will go
  • to their graves happy in the fact that
  • they saw spurdo bug

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