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Video Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop
10:18   |   views   |   01/10/2019


  • this video from CES is brought to you by
  • D brand their prism screen protectors
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  • pretty much all there is to it check
  • them out at the link in the video
  • description so let me put it this way
  • this is the Alienware
  • area 51 m and in the words of our
  • Alienware rep which if he wasn't such a
  • nice guy who's very credible i would
  • find very hard to believe
  • yes linus it has a full in core i 999
  • hundred k processor in and I went really
  • because everything that I know about
  • size and heat and how much you need to
  • get rid of how much of it a ninety nine
  • hundred K would produce would indicate
  • that that sort of thing would be
  • basically impossible and that's even
  • ignoring the rest of the completely
  • over-the-top specs of this thing so it's
  • can be equipped with up to a an RT X xx
  • atti graphics card with six gigs of Gd
  • dr six memory that's GD r six right yes
  • it's got what I'm assuming dual nvme
  • boot drives in raid 0 do you have a two
  • and a half inch expansion driving here
  • surely not that's two and a half inch
  • drive in here okay it's it's cut at
  • 1080p 144 Hertz panel which might not be
  • that impressive today but it's thin
  • bezel and there's a plan for later this
  • year to upgrade it to 240 Hertz and
  • they've done all of this within like I
  • would say a fairly slim desktop
  • replacement form factor but it gets even
  • crazier because while desktop
  • replacements are kind of a replacement
  • for the performance of a desktop they
  • have never been a replacement for the
  • upgrade ability of a desktop and that is
  • where they really surprised me they're
  • actually gonna allow me to open this so
  • I need my toolkit where to go got it
  • and they're gonna let us crack it open
  • to see how they have achieved
  • upgradeable graphics on this machine
  • actually we're gonna move over here
  • so a couple things jump out at us right
  • away that's a 90 watt hour battery so in
  • spite of the size we are still getting
  • right up against the limit to what you
  • are allowed to put in a laptop in order
  • for it to be able to be carried on an
  • airplane there's that two and a half
  • inch drive bay that we talked about
  • before they somehow managed to put four
  • dimm slots on the bloody thing even
  • though with 32 gig dims up coming that's
  • not even entirely necessary we've got em
  • got 2 expansion slot right here number
  • one and then I don't see number two
  • here's an MDOT 2.5 something label I
  • don't know what that's to do with but I
  • guess we'll find the other one a little
  • bit later and we've got cooling fans I
  • think we're gonna have to go deeper so
  • Dell says I actually won't need help
  • with that because they've provided a
  • handy-dandy little key here for all the
  • screws that I need in order to remove
  • this what what is this called again
  • ok the ribcage ok cool so we need 14 L
  • eights here we go one do okay so now
  • we're pulling off this back shroud here
  • that covers up the rear i/o as well as
  • these incredibly beefy looking heat
  • sinks so you can see they've got support
  • for their external graphics not that
  • there's anything much more powerful than
  • what's already in here external display
  • Ethernet dual power inputs because hey
  • that's the thing let's go ahead and
  • remove some more screws get that rib
  • cage off so we're just connecting the
  • battery now this is an important first
  • step so we just pulled this appears to
  • be what the display output for the
  • built-in display I don't know I'm kind
  • of guessing at this point but we're
  • actually getting very close to being
  • able to get a better look at where we're
  • going with this here
  • okay so these Wi-Fi antennas do I need
  • to pop these off it looks like I might
  • be able to hold on a second hmm this one
  • no this one's got to go shoot harddrive
  • okay this one we're good that's when I'm
  • getting caught but it's on with this I
  • think we're good on that this guy's
  • gotta go webcam oh we're getting close I
  • can feel it
  • oh this hard drive cable management
  • actually has to come out there we go
  • whoa these Wi-Fi antennas we may end up
  • needing to remove those but not a
  • hundred percent sure yet I think that's
  • all that's holding us in right now yep
  • okay well there goes the cable
  • management for that sorry guys if it
  • helps at all I feel really really bad no
  • I don't that was a lie there's lies
  • damned lies and then there's what I just
  • said then there it is so this right here
  • thank you so this right here is the
  • secret sauce so here is and this is not
  • a standard desktop socket did you guys
  • create this socket standard this is a
  • standard socket under here it looks so
  • low-profile you're sure right no yeah
  • the the LGA standard yes but this
  • retention mechanism this is not standard
  • it's a veritable bounty of exciting tech
  • things so first of all I don't know what
  • I was expecting
  • well I do know what I was expecting
  • because we've seen desktop processors in
  • laptops before and typically they have
  • just used the same mounting mechanism as
  • desktop motherboards because it's a lot
  • of work to engineer your own and Dell
  • actually the folks that I'm talking to
  • here don't actually know if they made
  • their own mounting mechanism but I can
  • tell you right now that that is not a
  • standard one and
  • so that would lead me to believe that it
  • is entirely possible that they have
  • actually created their their own hold
  • down for it here now the LGA itself so
  • that's the little socket that the CPU
  • sits into that is standard so
  • theoretically there is nothing that
  • would prevent someone from buying a
  • lower-end processor out of the gate and
  • then actually upgrading it down the road
  • a service that Dell plans to provide
  • either themselves like you'll have to
  • pay extra obviously but where they come
  • to your house and install it for you or
  • as a kit that you can actually do by
  • yourself this is a really different way
  • of thinking about laptops you're coming
  • out baby yeah you are you want to yeah I
  • got it all right here we go
  • I was totally wrong so it's just this
  • arm that's been changed I guess they
  • just wanted to save a little bit space
  • here so how does a standard desktop
  • socket and check this out so all these
  • thermal pads around here those are for
  • the vrm because as you can imagine
  • cramming the right kind of power
  • delivery for this is a like intel has 95
  • watt processors and then they have 95
  • watt processors cramming the kind of
  • power delivery you need for a proper
  • desktop cpu into something like this is
  • not trivial and of course you're gonna
  • need all of that cooled by the same heat
  • pipes beefy fans and beefy heat sinks
  • that you have for the CPU itself but
  • this this right here is the proverbial
  • money shot because I think that most
  • people over the next few years are not
  • really gonna need to upgrade a core I
  • nine ninety nine hundred K for gaming
  • but the graphics cards those keep moving
  • and that's where you're gonna see you
  • know a 30% or 40% uplift and performance
  • generation over generation that is as
  • long as Nvidia has their way and this is
  • the piece that Dell says they would like
  • obviously bad stuff can happen the spec
  • could change to such a degree that it's
  • impossible but that they would like to
  • be user upgradeable in the future now if
  • you're familiar with milk book graphics
  • you will already know that this is not
  • and mxm module so that was the previous
  • standard for upgradeable or modular
  • graphics and laptops but Nvidia in their
  • infinite wisdom is trying to kill it or
  • not trying to kill it they have killed
  • it so Dell actually leaned on the
  • engineering prowess of their precision
  • team to just go well if you're not going
  • to support the standard then damn it I
  • guess we'll do it ourselves so the idea
  • here is that you could remove this with
  • a couple of screws and not only you
  • remove this right here and not only
  • would you be able to change the
  • performance you could even change the
  • outputs on this thing so you could
  • support future display standards like
  • HDMI 2.1 for example pretty flippin cool
  • now all that's left is to leave you guys
  • to put this back together because I've
  • got another appointment thank you guys
  • and also to tell you guys about our
  • sponsor D brands B brand is sponsoring
  • our trip here to CES 2019 their grip
  • cases as you can imagine it very grippy
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  • realistically they wouldn't let me
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  • trademark customizability so you got
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  • you got a perfect fit every time and the
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  • frankly it's you have to see it to
  • believe it you put this thing on you
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  • the face of your phone you take off the
  • prism you've got a dented ass prism but
  • you've got a pristine screen it's pretty
  • much unreal you can check them both out
  • at the link in the video description so
  • thanks for watching guys we are on our
  • way to the next suite here at CES 2019
  • don't miss any of it by being subscribed
  • to Linus tech tips

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