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Video Key & Peele - "Game of Thrones" Recap - Uncensored
02:50   |   5M+ views   |   07/21/2018 at 17:23


  • yo was a game on Toronto do it yo you
  • all caught up
  • we ought totally binge-watched that
  • whole thing last night so it's
  • cold-blooded up in Westeros God
  • it's darks oh you ain't seen our coming
  • did you like a hell no uh-uh I mean my
  • man was just there right anytime you got
  • down there in the big house like I
  • worried they're gonna kill my boy head
  • start slip and then plop I was like yo
  • told you they cold-blooded up in there
  • and then I was like but that's okay
  • because I still got my nigga College go
  • big slave Navarro TT big savings of our
  • mommies
  • dad I do picked up some molten gold put
  • it on niggas heads I want to sleep oh
  • and he killed him right I mean he being
  • like Hercules I'm like you can't kill
  • Drago's with a paper cut and in
  • fact is scratching on his quest he got
  • straight killed which is y'all but you
  • know with my favorite character is a
  • good Khaleesi sleaze
  • no I'll be like uh some khaleesies door
  • but what about khaleesies straight-up
  • whipped and Dragons
  • Felicis with insects and police is all
  • like this
  • and then we talk about mmm just great
  • roasting goats oh my god nothing that's
  • when they start killing characters left
  • and right dog after right yo boss talk
  • what here's what they got he's no guilt
  • kills kills
  • tell if that was a four-for-one dog one
  • up to go straight for for one don't want
  • to put about when they got wildlings
  • girl talking about hmm
  • you know nothing Jon Snow's hmm cute for
  • the hound dog yo tomorrowland up helping
  • yummy you gotta kill me no guilt
  • slowly by omission thank yo whoo what
  • about my man Taiwan Lannisters Taiwan
  • Lannister's Lannister stuff y'all my man
  • talking about I'm taking his she
  • said he said no kills by his own son
  • what to do so
  • da dinkles wrinkles out the Dinka Dinka
  • dinkles is my jam
  • we nobody kill to deck the seagulls is
  • my jam my jelly my peanut butter and my
  • peanuts sting to those ghosts tinkles oh
  • my

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The valets compare notes on their favorite scenes from "Game of Thrones."


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