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05:03   |   views   |   10/07/2018


  • let's try using the chopsticks to pick
  • this up
  • once is embarrassing so check it out
  • boys the girls we are here at PF Changs
  • I boarded something called
  • the dying light crispy honey chicken and
  • white rice it's absolutely amazing here
  • I do recommend all of you to check it
  • out so yeah I'm just waiting for you to
  • arrive and then I'll show you guys once
  • it's here few inches later lab sedation
  • the dynamite shrimps have arrived and
  • this is why looks like smell gorgeous
  • [Laughter]
  • look at what else has just arrived honey
  • crispy golden chicken with steamed white
  • rice
  • wow what a combination okay so here's
  • the thing so here's the thing I have
  • chopsticks okay but I have no idea how
  • to use chopsticks
  • let's try it so I put the rice with a
  • fork partly is very practical but yeah
  • let's try in the chopsticks to pick this
  • up
  • [Music]
  • what's embarrassing hey I got it I got
  • it
  • yes a 100 most of the position Marcel I
  • think like this
  • you know what disturbed me and take a
  • look now it's not coming out guys be
  • right back
  • be right back so right now I'm done
  • eating very much so I'm gonna get all
  • this packed up and I'm gonna give the
  • food to someone outside who's working
  • for something like that so yeah let's
  • get it packed up so the food is all
  • packed up nicely inside there's some
  • people outside that working they are
  • cleaning so obviously go hand it over to
  • them and hopefully they can enjoy a full
  • meal because I only had a little bit
  • [Music]
  • check it out check it out thank you so
  • much
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • so enough the nation right now we are on
  • top of the world I'm gonna be up here
  • chillin for a bit look it's a soon fool
  • out here it's absolutely sick here I'm
  • gonna order dessert Springs
  • chillax for a bit but look at the view
  • check that out you can see all of Dubai
  • from here and the ocean and whatnot the
  • views out here are absolutely incredible
  • I can see the bird the music is also
  • good living life out here I think I
  • should start getting up early more often
  • I get a lot of content when I'm up early
  • so yeah early bird catches the worm guys
  • my drink has arrived the pina colada
  • with pineapple and coconut milk look at
  • this
  • [Music]
  • you

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