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Video Dr Phil DESTROYS Selfish 47 Year Old Mom
11:10   |   today at 09:25


  • 10 worst parents on dr. Phil there's a
  • reason why dr. Phil has often been
  • likened to a human Zoo the people that
  • appear on the show have some serious
  • problems but they're nothing compared to
  • this motley crew a child should always
  • be able to rely on their parents but
  • what happens when they can't let's take
  • a look at the ten worst parents on dr.
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  • number 10 plastic fantastic we've seen a
  • lot of weird and disturbing stuff on the
  • show but Marianne and her daughter
  • Miranda were a new level of bizarre
  • Miranda contacted the doc for help as
  • her mother's obsession with her looks
  • was too much all of the trouble started
  • 15 years prior when Marianne found out
  • her husband went to a strip bar rather
  • than shrugging it off and getting on
  • with her life she became obsessed with
  • making herself look like a stripper not
  • only that but she raised her daughter to
  • believe that all men want is big boobs
  • and sex encouraging her to get breast
  • implants she even installed a stripper
  • pole in the house according to Maryann
  • it doesn't matter what else a woman has
  • going for her it's all down to the looks
  • understandably dr. Phil was concerned
  • and the audience was shocked how could
  • you do that to your own daughter number
  • 9
  • sugar mama sugar daughter if encouraging
  • your kid to look like a stripper wasn't
  • bad enough what about teaching them to
  • go after rich men 26 year old Riley
  • appeared on the show as a proud sugar
  • baby an escort who accompanies rich men
  • aka sugar daddies on dates most of the
  • men are older and looking for a pretty
  • young woman to take to events while some
  • are even married Riley took to the stage
  • alongside her mom who taught her the
  • craft at peak times the blonde bombshell
  • charged up to $2,000 a day just to go on
  • a date on one date they even took a guy
  • out together and whipped him in their
  • underwear
  • how weird is that these two are worse
  • than any mother-daughter combo we've
  • ever seen we're not actually sure who's
  • worse here the mom or the child just as
  • awful as each other number six
  • dirty dad when money gets a little tight
  • picking up some extra work isn't unheard
  • of but this dad went above and beyond
  • the call of duty Chuck had been married
  • to his wife Amanda for six years a
  • couple of two children together but it
  • was far from a happy marriage the pair
  • sought the help of everyone's favorite
  • TV doctor as they were both tired of
  • constantly fighting according to Amanda
  • her husband also frequently lied while
  • she didn't know was that Chuck had made
  • a confession to the show's producers he
  • once worked in the adult film industry
  • when he lived in California back in the
  • early 2000s amanda was horrified but the
  • worst was yet to come
  • Chuck admitted that when they were in
  • Cali filming for the show he had called
  • his contacts in the industry and asked
  • if there were any suitable roles for him
  • to star in poor Amanda couldn't pick her
  • jaw up off the floor
  • number seven monstrous mama June if you
  • have ever watched honey boo boo then
  • you'll probably have an idea of the kind
  • of messed-up family dynamic we're
  • talking about at the head of it all
  • you've got mama June June is not known
  • for her great taste in men in fact she
  • often picks criminals in 2014 it became
  • public knowledge that Marc McDaniels her
  • former husband had been imprisoned for
  • the sexual assault of her eldest
  • daughter Ana chickadee when she was just
  • eight years old when Anna told her
  • mother what had happened at the time
  • June didn't believe her it was a teacher
  • at school who called the police
  • what is more when McDaniel was released
  • from jail mama June's started dating him
  • again even letting him sleep in the same
  • bed as nine year old Alana honey boo boo
  • when dr. Phil tried to get to the bottom
  • of everything in a one-on-one interview
  • mama June denied any wrongdoing not only
  • did she claimed that she never knew
  • about Ana's abuse until two years ago
  • but she also said reports that she was
  • dating McDaniel again were false despite
  • there being quite convinced
  • ding photo evidence it's a miracle she
  • still has kids in her care isn't it oh
  • man number 6
  • cancer faking mom on the list of
  • terrible things you can do
  • faking cancer has to be right up there
  • with kicking puppies and neglecting your
  • kids Jessica's mother Patricia lied to
  • her family and friends telling them that
  • she was ill with Stage three brain
  • cancer when Jessica had enough of her
  • mom's lies she took her to see dr. Phil
  • as it turns out Patricia is a real fruit
  • loop stating that she had 17 strokes
  • lost 100 pounds in a single week and
  • apparently held a world record for
  • weight lifting clearly something isn't
  • right here while mental illness is
  • nothing to be joked about Patricia lost
  • a lot of sympathy from viewers when it
  • was revealed that she purposely took
  • money from fundraising events for her
  • made-up illness and also neglected her
  • animals her dog lived in filth and
  • risked losing his I do to an untreated
  • eye infection that had never been taken
  • care of clearly the woman needed some
  • help with her pathological lying Phil
  • presented Patricia with her own medical
  • records and took her down a peg or two
  • number five cracked out Carey substance
  • abuse issues are a common theme on dr.
  • Phil we've seen scores of addicts come
  • through those stage doors including big
  • names Carey used to be the model mom
  • even holding a place on the PTA
  • unfortunately her life took a wrong turn
  • after some medical issues and she became
  • hooked on prescription drugs her
  • dependence on substances ruined her life
  • and made her homeless Carey wanted to
  • get clean but couldn't see a way out of
  • it her downward spiral cost her her
  • marriage to her husband Christopher who
  • also filed a restraining order to keep
  • her away from their teenage daughter he
  • was right to do so as Carey openly
  • admitted on the show that she used to
  • drive to her school while under the
  • influence and even used drugs in the
  • school bathroom at sporting events while
  • Carey tried to blame her dependence on
  • pills on the failure of doctors Phil
  • wasn't having any of it and accused her
  • of playing the victim number four wicked
  • mother-in-law
  • mother-in-law's seem to get the rough
  • end of the stick a lot of the time we've
  • all heard the jokes most of the time
  • they don't really deserve the bad rep
  • but this one certainly does one
  • frustrated son took his wife and mom
  • along to dr. Phil to try to get to the
  • root of all their family issues namely
  • that his mom hated his wife why no one
  • really knows donna posted unflattering
  • pictures of her daughter-in-law on
  • social media and called her nasty names
  • but when dr. Phil asked her about it
  • she says she couldn't remember doing it
  • the doc presented an email that Donna
  • had sent in when she used the word hate
  • 14 times despite trying to get to the
  • root of her attitude towards her
  • daughter-in-law Phil was baffled and so
  • were the audience her son told of the
  • instances where Donna would leave
  • threatening text voicemails and emails
  • to the point where he had to tell her to
  • stop contacting them throughout all of
  • it Donna felt that she was justified
  • calling her son's wife spoiled if all of
  • this wasn't enough this loving mom even
  • tried to sabotage her son's business by
  • saying he did shoddy work on his own
  • business page what a mess
  • number three worst mom in history what
  • happens when a mom acts more like a
  • child than a parent disaster that's why
  • no child should have the responsibility
  • of having to worry about their own
  • mother but that's exactly what happened
  • to Elora mom Vicky had both Elora and
  • her son Valen committed several times
  • when they were children and placed her
  • daughter into foster care when she was
  • 15 years old she claimed it was for
  • their own good but they felt that she
  • just didn't love them when Vicky started
  • to treat both her eight-year-old brother
  • and niece in a similar fashion Elora
  • called the show to try and put a stop to
  • her mom's behavior according to her she
  • called the kids names like jackass and
  • stupid and was running a completely
  • chaotic household when dr. Phil stormed
  • in Vicky tried to defend her actions by
  • saying that her psychological training
  • meant that she didn't just do things
  • willy-nilly Phil responded by asking how
  • she could work in the mental health
  • sector and not know
  • that the foster system was very badly
  • broken good one Phil number two slumming
  • it being a parent comes with a lot of
  • responsibilities like making sure your
  • kids are fed and watered it is also
  • imperative to keep the house clean so
  • your kids don't live in filth no one
  • said it was easy but basic hygiene is
  • pretty much an expected standard Maddie
  • took her mom to the show after her and
  • her brother ran out of options
  • jenny has five children and Maddie and
  • Ryan claimed it was left to them to look
  • after their siblings and try and get
  • them to clean their mom counted with her
  • own accusations saying that they are
  • both physically and verbally abusive but
  • the doc wouldn't let her untidy habits
  • slip by unnoticed he pulled up pictures
  • of the house on screen showing Maddie's
  • beautiful room compared to her mom's pit
  • of squalor Phil demanded a reason for
  • her mess but Jenny could only say I'm a
  • pig Jenny then explained her battle with
  • depression calling herself a trashy
  • mother and a trashy person number one
  • PTSD parenting some parents should have
  • to take a test before they have children
  • and this couple would be the first in
  • line dr. Phil went in on these two after
  • it became apparent that their parenting
  • style had really damaged their now
  • twenty six-year-old daughter instead of
  • doing all the right things like
  • encouraging her to get a great education
  • discouraging drugs and alcohol and
  • giving her some rules they did the exact
  • opposite even choosing to party with her
  • on some occasions that's one point her
  • father even gave his daughter ecstasy to
  • sell can you imagine your mom or dad
  • doing that good old pops even moved his
  • mistress in and carried on multiple
  • Affairs under the same roof mom Lauren
  • wasn't taking any of her daughter's
  • accusations though countering that she
  • did everything she could to get her to
  • finish school including getting her an
  • apartment across the street in the hope
  • it might help her attendance thank you
  • very much for watching today's video
  • make sure to subscribe to our channel
  • for more amazing content and don't
  • forget to check out one of the other two
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Dr Phil DESTROYS Selfish 47 Year Old Mom

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There’s a reason why Dr. Phil has often been likened to a human zoo. The people that appear on the show have some serious problems, but they’re nothing compared to this motley crew. A child should always be able to rely on their parents, but what happens when they can’t? Let’s take a look at the 10 Worst Parents on Dr. Phil.

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