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Video ALL HE DOES IS FREESTYLE!!! Reacting To SoundCloud Rappers | Sharpe
10:35   |   34K+ views   |   today at 02:16


  • what is up everybody welcome back it is
  • your boy sharp and if you are new and
  • you were not already subscribed just
  • stop what you're doing right now come
  • apart of the family hit subscribe I am
  • so excited for this video guys you have
  • no clue you guys have been on my channel
  • long enough I know that I have done
  • these things in the past where I would
  • just randomly like they weren't even
  • like subscribers that sent in their
  • SoundCloud it was strictly just like me
  • searching up freestyles and just like
  • random people and seeing what I could
  • find and I really miss doing that it
  • would find some really good people and
  • then eventually I got the idea to just
  • do like reacting to my own subscribers
  • SoundCloud and then I haven't done a
  • random reaction since but today is a
  • random reaction of SoundCloud so with
  • that being said I was going through my
  • soundcloud I was I was just like you
  • know what let me I used to make these
  • videos you know let me go back and see
  • like what I could find and guys I've
  • only heard one thing but you have to
  • check this dude out his name is Jake
  • Walker all I do is freestyle
  • I was gonna be reacting to his songs
  • because all he does all this dude does
  • is free stops that's I mean that's what
  • his title says that's what a stop says
  • I've only heard one thing from him and
  • it wasn't even that long but it sounded
  • like he was freestyling but he claims to
  • be only freestyling and I'm skeptical so
  • I don't know if you guys can see right
  • here no pen no pad my man's just makes
  • my man's just make a beat and I put my
  • mind to it god blessed me with an
  • unusual talent and imma use it he said
  • god bless him with an unusual talent so
  • bro you have to you can't let us down
  • now cuz if this we're gonna start off
  • with the first track Jake Walker way to
  • real freestyle so as you can see yeah
  • this is a freestyle this is a freestyle
  • this is all these bros like everything
  • are you guys ready before we start this
  • I want to get 5,000 likes just five
  • thousand likes
  • I've known that's ten I mean if we could
  • should be to try to get 10 left
  • alright yeah let's just get 10 likes if
  • we get 10 likes I would appreciate you
  • guys but anyways let's go take a look at
  • this guy and see what he's working with
  • alright Jake Walker way too real
  • freestyle
  • six hours ago six hours this man is on
  • his garage
  • [Music]
  • everybody always wondering what James
  • well can blow yet have you lit your way
  • to Lil Bit join me to pitch away ok ok
  • to return to alright so far he's not
  • I don't know himself but when he gets to
  • the we're gonna bang gonna get a bitch
  • oh say you mean him buzz no medium buzz
  • licensed poke around with me you get
  • your buddy but no water like a nut
  • alright guys I need you guys to comment
  • right now do you think this is a
  • freestyle or not I don't want to hit on
  • them to say it's not but we're just
  • gonna keep going I mean there's not any
  • crazy bars that are making me say no no
  • way
  • so unless he spits a straight-up bar I'm
  • gonna be skeptical but for now I guess
  • he's pretty selling it so props to him I
  • am knowing bust us I keep it so real
  • real niggas feel what especially if they
  • don't feel what I stood on the news
  • ain't real I'm trying to tell you what
  • the shady back in my city nigga I'm a
  • big deal before your brain that fascia
  • to the rear
  • okay I'm gonna skip this one all right
  • so that's a freestyle I guess what do
  • you guys think is that a freestyle Oh No
  • probably down below if you think that
  • was a freestyle but we're gonna go to
  • haters everywhere freestyle okay hold up
  • can I talk about something real quick I
  • hope this guy actually blows up because
  • do you guys see how kids since did this
  • do it is six hours ago he posted this a
  • day ago he posted this three days ago
  • three days ago four days ago for Daisy
  • this man's posting two tracks at day
  • Russ was only droppin a track a week so
  • this dude is like hey yo I just respect
  • his hustle this man is actually grinding
  • like do you know how many beats you have
  • to get first of all to make two tracks a
  • day you need to be today but yeah this
  • dude all right
  • he looks loke light like a Marshawn
  • Lynch
  • but like sippy trey songz honor all
  • right haters everywhere freestyle I'll
  • see you later brother my music page hey
  • this man just plug this outside at the
  • very beginning how else would we be
  • listening to your track bro or obviously
  • on your cell phone I see you later
  • brother my sound away
  • okay this is I don't know about this one
  • I ain't worried does that stay with a
  • path if you move a certain way I don't
  • like okay this man posts like every
  • single day so I don't know
  • i'ma follow them I want to keep up with
  • him I want to see him improve over time
  • so I'm gonna be his 76 a follower I
  • suggest you guys to go down below and
  • you know support him if you want you
  • don't have to but but let's see don't
  • get me started freestyle oh he looks
  • angry
  • this man is angry right now he's about
  • it okay you see this man's face this is
  • this is a face of aimbot atera betta
  • okay
  • this dude you know I could kinda relate
  • to him because like after he makes what
  • he creates he has to take a thumbnail so
  • like this dude is taking SoundCloud
  • thumbnails this dude's a genius all
  • right let's go
  • [Music]
  • you don't give me study started they
  • don't give me study started they don't
  • give me study started they don't give me
  • study
  • you don't give me study started never
  • don't get me started you don't get me
  • started I'm the coldest go to Hajj you
  • don't get me started started they don't
  • get me started
  • they don't get me started don't get me
  • started I'm the codis in the hood you
  • don't get me started I would go but I
  • don't know can you freeze off for that I
  • mean I know you can freeze stop it that
  • long look come on bro three minutes and
  • you don't recycle any lines bro be real
  • with me bro come on bro cuz you know
  • like YouTube they have these pranks that
  • they say are real but they're not real
  • so is this like one of those things
  • where you say sir freestyle cuz like I
  • know a lot of rappers do that they're
  • like oh with some freestyle but they
  • wrote it on the way to the studio and
  • it's like I don't know that's not that's
  • not a freestyle so I don't know what's
  • going on this three minutes to do one
  • tip actually you know what it might not
  • be one take I think what he's doing is
  • whatever he messes up he stops starts
  • where he stopped or messed up because I
  • don't think I think there's parts where
  • his voice overlaps with another voice
  • and then he takes it on from there so
  • you'll see what I'm talking about right
  • and I know my strides and your
  • nervousness no my daughter when a duel
  • of your nigga Kedah Street say you know
  • when each other tells me a motorcade get
  • it a way that'll raise a real nigga do
  • raise way I've been speaking the truth
  • you better give me a taboo in my comfort
  • I'm talking about your face don't even
  • fuckin speaking what's all right the
  • only thing I would say is that I would
  • just try to get better peace because
  • this sounds like it was I mean I'm not
  • even trying to talk but like this sound
  • this does sound like everybody would've
  • been baby that's snared that snares for
  • 2006 so oh no he has to have SoundCloud
  • go or premium or pro my bet I could tell
  • this dude probably ran out of the
  • SoundCloud minutes so fast all right
  • I'll try to get one more what's his most
  • popular one though is there a way to
  • find out three one one none three one
  • one none one two two four
  • you ain't got nothing more than five six
  • likes this man's thumbnail game is on
  • point Brad okay caught up no we're
  • looking at this one right here
  • caught up this one right here is the one
  • this time down
  • [Music]
  • hey is that like you mean it has been
  • he went from from hardcore to drink
  • quick has been like
  • [Music]
  • he does have a little bit odd a--to but
  • this one is definitely my favorite out
  • of all of them but this one's a month
  • old whoa this is only a month oh look
  • how far I scrolled bro come on dog
  • maybe maybe don't post as much because
  • he's titling all of these freestyle so
  • is he riding these or is he just saying
  • free snot these might be for his
  • daughter everybody wanna see is fun oh
  • yeah I wanna see us make it up
  • the first one was cool but I'm gonna
  • just get off this dudes page now because
  • he's just shirtless enemy work but yeah
  • everyone go check this dude out down
  • below links in the description hope you
  • guys enjoyed it if you have still not
  • subscribed what are you doing bro
  • subscribe man should I keep doing these
  • these random like SoundCloud scouting
  • type videos right just don't find
  • someone let me know about to keep doing
  • it I'll talk to you guys later thank you
  • guys for the support
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]

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Let's Get 5000 Likes Bruh...

Okay yall i haven't done a random sound cloud reaction in a long time so i finally got one for yall! i found this dude on soundcloud and all he does is freestyle. like no joke he doesn't write his lyrics apparently ! his name is jake walker and he was new! go check him out

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About Sharpe:
Justin Sharpe is a music producer and Youtube personality most known for beat making videos, reactions videos, and pranks.

ALL HE DOES IS FREESTYLE!!! Reacting To SoundCloud Rappers | Sharpe



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