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Video Ninja Las Vegas Heat 1 Game 1 - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay
29:40   |   today at 08:35


  • [Music]
  • ladies and gentlemen I believe we are
  • getting ready to start game number one
  • simple for me
  • my prediction ninjas not winning this
  • first game it you saw he was nervous he
  • was nervous leading into this I think
  • the nerves we to get to on the surface
  • he looks calm and ready to be quite
  • honest with you so I think gosh here we
  • go but uh but no III don't think I don't
  • think they did I think he heard me I
  • don't think they just waited game number
  • one I want to see if prove me wrong I
  • want to seem prove me wrong before we
  • cover the first game ninja what do you
  • think how you doing down there bud
  • already really doing a spongebob you
  • know I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready
  • this is gonna be super fun can we at
  • least get an oh look at me I'm ninja and
  • I'm gonna win this game
  • oh look at me my name is ninja and I'm
  • gonna win the first game perfect I think
  • this is it oh man here we go baby
  • this is this is gonna be fantastic I see
  • the players now in the free game lobby
  • we'll ninja get taken down in our first
  • match of heat one Reppert will see these
  • same players in this lobby for the first
  • three games and swap on out 10 seconds
  • left on the countdown ladies and
  • gentlemen make some noise let's go to
  • Vegas 18 begins right now
  • [Applause]
  • it's also starting out here this first
  • one okay we kind of touch base on this
  • earlier he's going for a very
  • non-traditional drop when he's streaming
  • he likes to he likes to go in retail and
  • tilted and recently in duo's we've been
  • hitting like lucky landing in the hotel
  • in the northwest corner but here he
  • marked day a small set of buildings
  • south of retail that honestly I don't
  • think very many people go to start a
  • game and again just a stress for
  • everybody at home these players in the
  • venue have blinders up they cannot see
  • where a ninja's going they have streams
  • on Ninja is just gonna fly on and do
  • what he does best you could see him
  • scouting right now as he hops on in
  • towards game number one already I
  • believe that's an important piece of his
  • set to the eyes but really it's a it's a
  • buff to confidence as you can see is his
  • confidence stamina all that sits
  • elevated the googly eyes I'm getting a
  • launch pad to start but no gun he's
  • going strictly materials kind of not a
  • typical typical start to a game I can
  • promise you I've watched a lot of ninja
  • streams I Peppers I don't think I think
  • for materials out of the gate so
  • hopefully no one landed at the house
  • over there he's building up he's going
  • straight up his he look is he launching
  • he's launching to start where are you
  • going brother hey you know I'm with it
  • again changing up the strategy so we
  • talked so much about you know these
  • players they can't see who's being
  • killed off right now for all they know
  • ninjas already been killed
  • they have no idea but as we could see on
  • our screen if it killed theme players
  • dropping already down to 77 left in the
  • lobby now for folks viewing at home
  • there might be people watching fortnight
  • for the first time in a scenario like
  • this what what at what are some of the
  • basic level details that they might even
  • though
  • so one of the first things that I will
  • always try and do and any player
  • honestly should try and do and if
  • there's we got 400,000 people watching
  • on twitch so take notes very I wouldn't
  • take the start that he started here he's
  • finally got a weapon getting a weapon
  • out of the gate is is crucial maybe more
  • so I guess especially you can see now if
  • he's dropping in a high population zone
  • but he did he hit a spot grabbed a
  • launch pad and then just change
  • direction entirely and again these are
  • gonna be much slower games than your
  • average oh yeah you might be looking at
  • it going well there's only 75 people in
  • the lobby you know there's even less
  • players yeah it should go pretty quick
  • no these guys they're playing their life
  • they're playing passively when these
  • guys get the power position they're
  • gonna they're gonna post up build
  • themselves a nice little one-by-one base
  • set up to be able to have the
  • advantageous position in any future
  • engagement right now ninja at fifty
  • shield with his 180 feet here's the
  • issue I know from speaking to him Lupo
  • he doesn't feel confident until he has
  • well in this scenario until he has at
  • least 600 materials yep and a shotgun
  • and he's got me right now yeah the the
  • shotgun especially in four-night right
  • now my friend shotguns really really
  • strong up close especially early game a
  • solid one hitter and building especially
  • against some of these really competitive
  • players is required you're not gonna
  • catch very many of these the top tier
  • players with their proverbial pants down
  • so to say out in the open here because
  • they're doing the same thing that he
  • wants to do get all the materials give
  • yourself the ability to build a defense
  • on the fly in quick reaction you know
  • build a little one-by-one towers and
  • we've seen some players become almost
  • famous for and right now he's pushing in
  • fatal fields it's a minute 25 before the
  • zone starts to close and he's he's well
  • outside the zone he's gonna have to make
  • some moves and remember from the 75 we
  • started with now down to just 52 already
  • the numbers beginning to kind of drop on
  • down that slurp juice there we'll give
  • him the 200 shields and for some people
  • they might think well I mean if he was
  • lower on health he could gain not only
  • 25 shield but the 25 HP but for many
  • people and I think scenarios like this
  • you want to play the next flight having
  • as much HBS
  • right the thought process is so you want
  • to be over 105 to withstand a body shot
  • from a bolt-action sniper you don't want
  • to get back exactly but after that it's
  • not the icing on the cake so pushing a
  • 100 100 like that he's gonna have more
  • HP to withstand if he does happen to get
  • hit by anything powerful in Daddy's
  • scope again take it
  • they are tapped fire at a distance
  • trying to get some hits there and missed
  • them all and again I'm not surprised to
  • see you pass it because I have that
  • shotgun and again that's the number one
  • weapon in his arsenal to be able to ramp
  • rush these opponents again many of you
  • have watched inja online already we have
  • almost 500 thousand Pierre ago viewing
  • there's the pump shotgun but how often
  • do you see ninja with way to fight
  • exactly but now he's got the shotgun now
  • he's getting closer that's 600 material
  • he's getting in his own now he's gonna
  • feel ready to fight anyone that comes
  • out near me at this point things will
  • start escalating most likely Cesar
  • materials are starting to pick up pretty
  • heavily guys please bring the
  • temperature up and down enough and down
  • thank you very much ok so he's made it
  • towards the safe zone now as you can see
  • begun to prioritize that he's basically
  • just to forget the guy behind him all
  • right honestly yeah and like you said
  • you'd have a shouty but he's sitting on
  • a green AR with 53 rounds
  • low ammo yeah decent amount of resources
  • now 400 plus wood which is gonna be good
  • for just building up a quick defense if
  • he needs to and only 47 left the first
  • circle hasn't even closed yet and how
  • much he's trying when we did rehearsals
  • the whole plan was for him to still talk
  • over here's a game I know be his normal
  • self
  • I still high stress due to the director
  • everybody home I said guys when ninja
  • gets into this when he's got everyone
  • watching all the ninjas online hundreds
  • and hundreds of thousands almost a half
  • a million plus viewers he's not gonna
  • want to be worried about entertaining
  • the stream he's gonna be want to be
  • worried about winning the game and
  • that's what we're seeing right now build
  • them up a little a little
  • service they're not sure what he's
  • trying to protect against potentially
  • behind him you always looking at the
  • ramp underneath and thinking there is
  • mines target and that's a shot there's
  • has gone under so there's the first
  • Guilford ninja confirmation and doesn't
  • take any damage which is this big thing
  • I think I look at what he's got his
  • arsenal to bet the bookie bomb a staple
  • yeah
  • not only just an in just gameplay but
  • the bookie bomb is like part of ditches
  • brand we get some disco disco good good
  • and cancel it's uh we'll see words where
  • things go now he's only got to see four
  • left that was an interesting play they
  • laid the ramp up underneath kind of gave
  • things away and made it relatively DC
  • kind of detected his plan the blue pomp
  • coming out a staple of one hitting and
  • remember that the rarity changes that
  • came in a most recent patch that's now
  • the highest tier pump that you can have
  • the blue the the strongest and
  • strengthen that what double serve juice
  • as well as the so many Slurpees yeah so
  • many slurp if it was a fourth one this
  • game the great thing about the slurp
  • juice is you know that two-second pop
  • now slowly takes you with that help and
  • shield over time and now you'll go ahead
  • and grab the hunting rifle you hear he's
  • contemplating those minis does he drop
  • the boogie bomb does he want it for an
  • engagement leave it behind
  • we'll see what's in the rest is crazy oh
  • the head shake he doesn't want me to
  • know he needs it yes boogie woogie bomb
  • I miss you now let me ask you this he's
  • at home having his normal Oh Duty what
  • he's not dropping
  • no you would he would have put the he
  • would put the slurp juices down kept the
  • boogie bomb found an unsuspecting victim
  • probably a mobile player hiding in a
  • bush bogeyed oh man and I had some fun
  • with it well
  • as you can see now at 37 players I've
  • ever actually hit our halfway mark half
  • of the lobby is dead at ninja one kill
  • has yet to take a point of damage and
  • again that just shows that right now
  • we've got the proper setting in a wall
  • goes bad yeah you up on that no Rockets
  • this is a solid setup though got a
  • hunting rifle assault rifle shotgun my
  • game keeps skipping dude like bad if
  • that happens in a fight I might lose my
  • mind
  • it's still slowly rotating on here I
  • know he's kind of speaking thinking out
  • loud right now so it's fun to hear his
  • side of things you want to make sure he
  • has his opportunity to front of him here
  • increase but it really some fighting
  • went down a couple one buys built up
  • there with the ramps for little Pete
  • shooting he's trying to find maybe the
  • remnants of whatever went down here I
  • think one big thing we haven't had a
  • chance to really touch on yet is with
  • the damage drop-off now from rain from
  • assault rifles he's gonna need them
  • every single one he can get his hands on
  • so now goals for baby players at home
  • high top 20 men not bad see he's brought
  • himself for that top 30 but goals when
  • rotating now towards this second circle
  • and he sees building now out as well
  • Northwest it's kind of just gonna be a
  • positioning game at this point
  • especially in like the really high skill
  • matches you'll see a lot of players kind
  • of post up and wait for the circle
  • closes got 20 seconds till the next
  • round of that happens and oh look oh oh
  • little dance man I thought he was going
  • for gonna drop some dance moves for us
  • no good night still a dream I are in
  • eighty five rounds man keep in mind did
  • find another jump pad he used the first
  • wannabe opening what's 20 seconds of the
  • game did find a second which not only
  • can that tool be used as an escape route
  • but that's my decent player that's up at
  • the top of that don't know if I want to
  • push it or not might just hang out
  • scroll down to the side
  • I think that's exactly what I want to do
  • but I don't want to stay on the edge I
  • know that if I hug the edge and only
  • focus on the edge that's definitely
  • where a lot of players are going to be
  • lingering around dude my game is
  • skipping so much
  • a little back and forth range exchange
  • that I get here the crossbow shot a
  • second ago and an injured looking to
  • push up and trifle have a shot coming
  • down donphan easily just feeding the
  • feet and sniper rounds up top so you can
  • get the fuck out there goes good shot
  • [Applause]
  • what the players left
  • this is absolutely possible he sees a
  • player building to his left this could
  • be a huge engagement now midget racing
  • for the high ground that is a number one
  • goal these fortnight battles and a snipe
  • just narrowly misses him he needed that
  • we talked so much about half the lack of
  • a our mo now look over 100 more gain you
  • got a second jump ad that's a big big
  • kills this game moves on but where was
  • the sniper shooting on focus you can see
  • the crowd watching intently and the
  • bottom left your screen we are in these
  • sold-out new sports arena Las Vegas here
  • for Ninja Vegas 18 just Game one of nine
  • today he's top 16 could he do the
  • unthinkable and win the first game
  • played honestly I think that with how
  • he's playing right now he's playing
  • smart you know a little safer than
  • normal but if he's trying to win this
  • thing you can hear to warming the hands
  • up
  • and the dance moves here we go I guess
  • he's still confident I guess it's okay
  • that's who I'm using half a million bees
  • so this is a strategy we see from pro
  • players role you basically go ahead and
  • edit the wall and you select each panel
  • make sure can I get some water only
  • parch does he pushes down into plus Park
  • there was a pretty crazy they'll look at
  • that the one by one tower coming off
  • that corner building the launch pad at
  • the top somebody went to went on a quick
  • journey that's behind up the hill gonna
  • try and build defend looking up to try
  • and take it like a shot get an easy one
  • of misses this definitely looks like
  • this could be a toughy he's gonna hit a
  • slurp fuse trying to top off the shield
  • back to 100 a shotgun for behind to
  • launch pad to get away and flies right
  • over the top is opponent you see here
  • the elevation is super important trying
  • to hit one of those another just quick
  • hunting rifle shot sadly still in the
  • green there he goes left
  • hey Barry and now he's gotta push the
  • advantage right he's got us later
  • absolute basically one shot with almost
  • anything will kill oh but he's got the
  • flavors amount between multiple people
  • attack
  • season through the wall put buildup on
  • Tomlin shoddy trying to stay above
  • trying to watch there it is dr. Smith
  • going down the pump-action shotgun good
  • play there's good elevation and there's
  • the big shield soup he can use this to
  • get as close to 200 as possible put a
  • method on 195 only ten enemies left he's
  • in the safe zone
  • he's got the weaponry he needs still
  • with the jug jug this is absolutely
  • possible translation explosion see the
  • other players like to ten down below
  • there he is taking the shots the AR one
  • headshot still has shield
  • which means AR spam is still pretty
  • important before maybe he pushes for
  • that shot Enoch Council gggg you can
  • fight oh so we - there's the kill yeah
  • yeah he come through me oh yeah that's a
  • good fight man it was really a long
  • fight but dude you boned me double shot
  • he just came to chuck junk you better
  • win this game he's already up for kills
  • so you got that hair shine them to the
  • AR I don't clean yeah exactly you had an
  • opportunity that's too bad talk at the
  • first game first game you played
  • confidently true or them oh yeah dude
  • shoe story though I think there's
  • something I think there's a girl in my
  • head side to you I think it's like the
  • sound is reverted like like it sound
  • like he was above me when he was
  • underneath me weird regardless I knew
  • where he was I got so you know the top
  • ten situations dude have you guys having
  • a you see any good fights is they pretty
  • much just you're watching exchange with
  • the crossbow guy the top crap you really
  • love to see and he hit the body and I
  • when I saw the crossbow the only thing I
  • was going through my mind was oh god man
  • like this is doctor in the game they
  • gave him a controller didn't tell you
  • I'm over here man
  • so I wouldn't put it past he did sneak
  • in there try to kill him first game with
  • a crossbow all right so so if you're
  • blind at this point if you have this
  • player what's your next move
  • so he's got 37 seconds he he literally
  • should have all of the materials in the
  • world I was doing pretty good on on
  • brick and wood there he's full shield if
  • he's got a gibe of them launch pad I
  • mean I'm out there's a guy about me I'm
  • dipping out and that's what it looks
  • like so he's just trying to reposition
  • which is exactly what he needs to do see
  • I'm kind of whipping around trying to
  • keep myself covered yeah looks like he's
  • getting shot from somebody maybe in the
  • soccer field
  • saw that the yeah there we go that's the
  • smart play right now it's a you see that
  • new brick village so he knows exactly
  • where that guy is he's rotating right
  • now
  • I mean he's gonna be safe so that's all
  • that matters and since he's this is kind
  • of end game right well that's a quick
  • edit dude then you guys switch smart
  • he's switching to bricks which is
  • something that's
  • more versatile right or durable kind of
  • give him more HP there we go I wouldn't
  • stand like that he's standing completely
  • still shooting and there's a lot of
  • people that are safe on top of that
  • mountain there you go yeah you saw the
  • tower the brick tower of they're just
  • sitting on the ramp like that it's too
  • good of an opportunity to get picked
  • only eight players left right applies
  • got to watch out for it I think have
  • these quick quick edits of an
  • experienced player right that's right of
  • course
  • yeah no the my opinion the hardest thing
  • to do one of the hardest edits is to bit
  • to switch like where the ramp is going
  • because you kind of have to click on the
  • side box and rotate at the direction you
  • want I've never done it not dude hey now
  • you lose keep playing with people who
  • know how to do it and you'll be alright
  • man thank you you're not you're no here
  • you fit very snug in the backpack again
  • blind in a top eight scenario he's just
  • he will I believe he will have to move
  • in of young feet he's getting ready you
  • can see you can't see it I think through
  • the spectator mode but since I'm dead
  • kappa one two threes in the chat but he
  • was he was stuck with editing there and
  • he was just looking through right all we
  • saw were the blue boxes what he was
  • seeing was you know he had pretty much
  • perfect vision of everybody outside the
  • map is a little tips and tricks for
  • those of you guys who don't know but if
  • I find blind right now eight players
  • left he sees that top you know that tech
  • guy is sitting super pretty up there on
  • the mountain if I was doing might be
  • really happy all he has to do is just
  • sit there and he's gonna do very well
  • but blind is in a rough spot he's got a
  • lot of people all looking on him which
  • is not OK but there are a lot of people
  • also engaging in multiple fights so if
  • I'm him since I'm not saved I mean he's
  • playing for the win I would try to use
  • this the distraction right now all these
  • players are engaging one another they're
  • fighting I would be pushing towards
  • towards the same side if you're blind
  • are you letting that's the thing he
  • Tyler he doesn't know that she killed
  • you so he has no idea that's the that's
  • the part of this so he you know it might
  • be in his best interest to try and like
  • you sneak up on a couple of these kills
  • and right maybe secure it but at the
  • same time if you playing for the win yes
  • sitting here man is like it's risky just
  • let everybody else you know you guys all
  • handle your business and I'll wait until
  • the end it's so it's right now it's a
  • double-edged so what could happen right
  • this is a very safe safe play the zone
  • isn't moving for another 20 seconds now
  • he's trying to get somewhat obviously
  • and he just wants to make sure that you
  • know four more people that slay each
  • other out he's that's one less player
  • that's gonna shoot in him while he's
  • moving up and rotating and that's
  • exactly what happened so it definitely
  • worked out for him but he's still not in
  • the zone and we don't know you know if
  • there's players that are gonna be
  • waiting for him looking down on him
  • again this could work out in his favor
  • and all these players gonna fight one
  • another and since he was one of the last
  • to rotate or he could have gone too late
  • and now he has to fight for high ground
  • with three or four players potentially
  • shooting at him I think I just heard a
  • light machine gun cocking or algae get
  • ready so he's got a guy above him box
  • himself in this is not the place that I
  • want to be there yes yes yes and he's
  • not really protecting himself too much
  • he's starting good shot from other
  • players around he just needs the Fox
  • himself in he's doing a great job right
  • now this other player he's also if I
  • hung her record the guy he's not really
  • connected to anything if someone comes
  • up underneath them in shoots them out
  • I'm pretty sure he actually I mean I
  • might fall down off the side of the
  • mountain right edits right now this guy
  • is definitely super confident is there
  • any worry at this point being this high
  • that somebody knocks D yeah I would not
  • be this high I don't like I would not
  • feel safe at all he's he's not super
  • high though and I think besides that
  • metal platform underneath thing he also
  • has something to fall down on what I'm
  • wondering is where does everyone go
  • whatever else go oh my god this guy's
  • doing a little peach chocolate
  • yeah that little mint action right there
  • and we've actually got vision right now
  • at home for everyone watching
  • it won't players this engagement bow
  • strike who's in a fight with has eight
  • kills right now he's playing moving so
  • this is quite the 1v1 up to the scenario
  • you can see there yeah you should be
  • able to see it up above you all for
  • those POV so you got kind of like the
  • back-and-forth of there's only five man
  • he's
  • and even stuff yeah this is Thomas that
  • pulls us out he's making the right play
  • what I don't understand is why is blind
  • on students exactly
  • oh so the court starts out with no HP so
  • he literally already broke down that
  • wall with one smack and now it's kind of
  • his build off get that high ground this
  • guy that's exactly what he's doing
  • come on don't be lazy man that ball up
  • there you go this is the tenth you see
  • blind right now doing this much exactly
  • what he's trying to do this is smart
  • he's just taking out taking out this
  • structure from underneath I think you
  • get a double kill here I think he's
  • still almost done one more ramp I think
  • it's not really that great of an angle
  • well I just having a field day right now
  • he's looking at potential two free kills
  • yeah and now the gas is beginning to
  • move on in as well and the storm is
  • pushing forward oh yeah this is not good
  • for blind at all but you see that he's
  • he's also for him if you if he wants to
  • keep the high ground as well and stay
  • safe yeah he's gonna be completing both
  • I'm saying goes down by all straight
  • goes down we got three left
  • three left so here look you see how he's
  • gonna have to move forward now if you
  • shoot him out he doesn't have he's gonna
  • probably take some fall damage wow
  • that's a great circle dude he still
  • doesn't have too much of a circle three
  • do you guys a couple I need to get the
  • guy in the box where the last time I
  • know I did he might be right below
  • underneath mine right there yeah he's
  • right underneath I mean blind he's got
  • all the advantage of the world right now
  • in this position this is his game to
  • lose it's funny to say that a player
  • with such vision right now as it goes by
  • the name blind right right right we see
  • today we needed the normal loop as he
  • see nibs on the right side of your
  • screen that's the body unwind and
  • de-stress there's half a million people
  • watching right now they saw blind take
  • down ninja earlier he's already earned
  • 2502 win it you love for him doing it
  • and the first one everyone yeah what
  • every player to kill me but I want them
  • to win it as well because that would
  • just be super epic for them and that's
  • risky dude oh I see the he's using metal
  • which is what I got goodness that was
  • like a jump scare from scary
  • it really was good so this guy just
  • built up right on top of my blind is
  • fine it's super confident this guy's
  • playing with all the confidence of all
  • the abscissa tropical player just below
  • sound of nods yeah blind fine man he it
  • be very surprising to me if he doesn't
  • close this out the two players
  • underneath them they're both about to
  • engage on one another promptly soon and
  • now he just has to keep the high ground
  • if he keeps the high ground the player
  • who's building up right now will
  • inevitably have to fight the other guy
  • underneath blind first and then all that
  • have to do is just shoot them because
  • the player now we've just updated it
  • this other remaining player we haven't
  • watched yet less than 10 HP for hitman
  • 10 HP 5 in a box here comes I think this
  • is it
  • oh no anyway so where is he hiding no
  • he's still editing the walls up okay is
  • this gonna play out to a situation with
  • a zone closes all the way that's how it
  • ends pushing up he knew the fight was
  • happening lines weak all your food you
  • want your punk shotgun off and you've
  • got this nothing else behind us to
  • connect there it is nice shot 36 health
  • left blind fire else not have any heals
  • either though he doesn't know he doesn't
  • cuz if he did on another step 14 there's
  • no way he's golfing is he still shooting
  • this baby dude they're both under 20 HP
  • company what is he doing
  • tell me if you're feeling I can't see
  • you down because the guy who who who
  • almost killed him had 7 HP he clearly
  • would have used some of those as it's
  • true find as literally just going for it
  • he's going for always building oh wait
  • no he's on top of him dies first so if
  • this plays out so it's more than 7 HP
  • right right then yes so this storm does
  • 10 plus right now
  • hey oh if it took temp one thing that
  • did this needs is dead yeah at the trap
  • placement blind protecting himself from
  • just like a stray push it up if he loses
  • track hold this
  • yeah but all-in-all client has to do is
  • just keep that high ground but this does
  • not know how we trying to sneak down and
  • get an angle on him drop down a little
  • bro at it the veggies don't fart dude
  • the king of edits just look lines done a
  • little game unbelievable right now I
  • believe he's holding the whoo yeah they
  • cleared us we could seep through it now
  • he's gonna go for it
  • [Applause]
  • flying take home $5,000 from universe
  • games he doesn't even know yet doesn't
  • even know it dude I just went in to grab
  • the legs of bed that was insane
  • what's up ladies and gentlemen in the
  • venue make some noise for your winner
  • Brian this is laughing this is right
  • right what a victory mayor Lupo he did
  • everything right did everything right a
  • sign of an experienced player the
  • positioning at the end was extremely key
  • he stayed up above let the opponent's
  • buy each other the thing where he messed
  • up and I'm really surprised that this
  • didn't fall apart is the third player
  • the third player snuck up behind him
  • that was his one opportunity where he
  • might have lost that game but it didn't
  • happen he clutched shut up we've
  • actually got him down on the floor with
  • Jess alongside blind thank you guys so
  • much I am here with blind he didn't only
  • win $2,500 for the bounty on my husband
  • in his head he won $5,000 total because
  • he killed ninja and he won the entire
  • game blind how do you feel right now
  • believers
  • we've got a loud crowd I think people
  • love ninja but they also also love
  • seeing the upside here it's absolutely
  • crazy did you come in with a strategy to
  • this first game in this tournament I
  • just practiced a lot of drops I tried to
  • go moisty but somebody actually took my
  • job so I had to like diverge out of my
  • job it was pretty bad I said it was like
  • nothing but then I killed somebody who
  • got a llama and I had a lot of messes of
  • that I didn't even pour out to that best
  • loot after you find somebody who had a
  • llama or a llama yourself I had to laugh
  • at the irony because I said blind killed
  • my husband clearly you're now where did
  • your name originated from
  • my name was like vulgar before I had to
  • change it so I just sounds a little bit
  • like my husband's original names so
  • we're gonna get it back up to Jack and
  • Ben in the booth but thank you so much
  • and congratulations again on winning
  • $5,000 when this first game you guys
  • give it up for blind
  • [Applause]

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