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Video Anonymous - We must stop what is coming... (Message to All Nations 2017-2018)
06:08   |   185K+ views   |   08/19/2018 at 17:37


  • [Music]
  • greetings to all of the citizens of the
  • world it's time to decide which side of
  • history you're going to be on it's time
  • to hold yourself accountable in action
  • or an action the just following orders
  • defense doesn't have the best track
  • record
  • this isn't about Trump this is about the
  • 1% that really call the shots
  • Trump is expendable at some point he's
  • going down the real establishment will
  • install another puppet and they'll still
  • get their war the great destruction the
  • reset unless of course you do something
  • big strike deep strike in a way that
  • slows down the agenda discredits their
  • warmongering lights knocks them
  • off-balance and buys humanity some time
  • now I'm going to speak to the civilian
  • population of all nations with the
  • exception of those among us who are
  • clever with the locks and keys that keep
  • this kind of information out of sight
  • Digital outlaws and hacktivists most of
  • you don't have access to the innards of
  • the machine and never will you do
  • however have access to people and in the
  • end that's what this will come down to
  • to maximize impact study the principles
  • of group psychology Gustav Lebon Edward
  • Bernays the psychology of power this
  • weapon has been used against us for
  • centuries time to pick it up and return
  • fire pressure must come from all sides
  • to stop this war you will need to study
  • the worldview of both the left and the
  • right you must to internalize their
  • narratives learn to navigate the wedges
  • use identities images tied to words
  • towards an urgent awareness of common
  • threat thermonuclear war this is not
  • easy we have to learn to distance
  • ourselves emotionally from s use the
  • distract discipline ourselves to avoid
  • the trap of pointless arguments that
  • will never be resolved
  • we must choose battles that can be won
  • and win them by sending more and bigger
  • bullets downrange while adjusting fire
  • not by obsessing over how each volley
  • lands some of you are going to want
  • specific instructions steps one two
  • three and four some of you are waiting
  • for someone else to lead what we need
  • right now and we'll need even more in
  • times ahead are decentralized nodes of
  • leadership operating independently
  • creatively with the skills and resources
  • they have coordinating amplifying with
  • other groups seek those willing to
  • commit to a simple self-evident moral
  • stance no wars of aggression covet
  • conventional economic or nuclear
  • regardless of who is in office no
  • supporting such wars inward silence
  • action or an action this is a line worth
  • dividing on and an anchor worth unifying
  • on identifying with don't know how to
  • find such people start by speaking out
  • all it takes is one voice to break the
  • conformity principle to expose the fact
  • that the Emperor wears no clothes
  • someone else might find their courage
  • because of you once you start taking
  • action you'll start meeting others who
  • are already in the trenches people with
  • experience and skills you lack
  • perspectives that clarify things further
  • now you can coordinate synchronize and
  • amplify you'll also make new friends and
  • the group might become more than a means
  • to an end
  • beyond fear finally we must address the
  • elephant in the room here fear the
  • danger of a global escalation is real
  • sugarcoating it won't help narratives
  • which put heads in the Sun definitely
  • have a market the question isn't so much
  • whether your hands will shake the
  • question is whether you will find the
  • courage to do what needs to be done
  • anyway again it helps to reflect on the
  • inevitability of death none of us will
  • be here in two hundred years
  • look at the big picture the world we're
  • leaving for the next generation it can
  • also help to plug into something bigger
  • than ourselves ray meditate connect to
  • whatever you want to call it however you
  • believe that you should struggling to
  • decide what to do unsure of the right
  • path go to the source and ask like you
  • mean it put all that emotion you have
  • pent up in your chest into it this
  • doesn't have to be quiet sitting down
  • formal or planned it can be through
  • dance music or even just tears when your
  • brain is operating at this frequency
  • ideas often arrive out of the blue good
  • ideas and now your emotions are calm
  • everything comes into focus you see a
  • step you could take now a simple goal
  • that you know you can accomplish and
  • you're not afraid to start in fact
  • you're excited this isn't just something
  • worth dying for this is something worth
  • living for
  • follow that feeling take action before
  • it slips away
  • [Music]

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Anonymous - We must stop what is coming... (Message to All Nations 2017-2018)
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Anonymous Message to All Nations Donald Trump World News Current Events 2017 2018

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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