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Video Kicked by a Taekwondo Expert
11:23   |   views   |   03/14/2019


  • Dan: We're here to film
  • the Kukkiwon Taekwondo Demonstration Team.
  • The amount of height they can get, it is nuts.
  • It's like he's going up two flights of stairs in two steps.
  • Dan: You see the powder from the wood.
  • It's a double spin. Oh!
  • Gav: Just walking through the air.
  • - That is madness. - Dan: What?
  • Oh, man.
  • Well, I feel incredibly inadequate.
  • - I know, right? - I can't do any of that.
  • Just huge impressive jumps everywhere.
  • Some of those jumps, sort of springing off each other,
  • I think went higher than I've ever been on a ladder.
  • Bloody impressive. Even some of the intros
  • and sort of interstitial moments were really impressive to watch.
  • Yeah, their, like, show introduction piece.
  • ( shouting )
  • I thought it was so good watching it
  • that we actually filmed it in slo-mo as well.
  • They're so incredibly in sync the entire time.
  • Yeah, to find out more about taekwondo
  • and the history of the Kukkiwon team,
  • we had a few questions for their head coach.
  • We're here with Master Park,
  • who is the head coach of the Kukkiwon team.
  • - Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you.
  • Thanks very much. So, um, do people ever
  • get hit in the face accidentally
  • when they're holding the boards?
  • ( speaking Korean )
  • A lot.
  • ( speaking Korean )
  • Kim: As you saw, kicks are really strong.
  • So sometimes if a kicker hits a holder's hand,
  • sometimes the holder's hand is broken.
  • Or because when the board is broken,
  • there's all this debris, like, everywhere--
  • so sometimes it can cause deep cuts on your skin.
  • I'm glad I wasn't holding one of those,
  • because I was thinking I could probably try that.
  • But then I saw the first demonstration.
  • - I was like, "Nope!" - ( shouting )
  • - Whoa. - ( shouting )
  • Approximately how long does it take
  • to get good enough to be on this team?
  • ( speaking Korean )
  • Kim: Most of the members start their training
  • when they are in elementary school.
  • It requires about seven to eight years
  • of training to join the team.
  • And we select who will be the demonstrators
  • - through an annual audition. - Seven to eight years just to--
  • And that's just to be good enough to get on the team.
  • And then you have to audition
  • - to be able to perform on the team. - Blimey.
  • So how long does it take to become a black belt?
  • ( speaking Korean )
  • Kim: So to get a black belt initially,
  • it requires about one to two years of training.
  • But to join the team, you need to train
  • for at least 15 years, because after 15 years
  • you can get the fifth-rank black belt.
  • So you need the fifth-rank black belt to even be on the team?
  • - Yes. - 15 years.
  • Seriously? So, you can get a black belt,
  • which I always thought was like, "Oh, he's a black belt,"
  • in, like, two years, like it's nothing.
  • Then 15 years later, you might get a shot at being on the team.
  • "I just got my black belt." Child's play.
  • Yeah, good luck, pal.
  • Wow. Does it hurt to kick the boards?
  • - ( speaking Korean ) - Yes.
  • During your training, you get to have a thicker skin,
  • so it gets less painful over time.
  • It's still painful, but again, through your training,
  • you know how to absorb the heat and endure the pain.
  • So how many hours per week do you train?
  • ( speaking Korean )
  • Kim: So, our Kukkiwon team
  • usually trains about 10 hours a day--
  • six hours of physical training
  • and four hours of creating new moves.
  • You mentioned before about how people start in elementary school.
  • Could I have started in elementary school and be this good?
  • Or does it require certain physical aspects and mental strengths?
  • ( speaking Korean )
  • Kim: Starting early is not enough.
  • At some point you have to get professional training.
  • But at the same time, you need mental skills
  • such as endurance, patience, and challenging yourself.
  • So if you are patient enough,
  • I guess you could be as good as our demonstrators.
  • - No discipline. - No chance.
  • So, what makes the Kukkiwon team so special?
  • ( speaking Korean )
  • Kim: What makes it special is two reasons.
  • First is we are the first demonstration team that was established,
  • and we've set up this system.
  • There are many demonstration teams in Korea,
  • but the way that the team is recognized
  • or what kind of moves should be included in our performance,
  • all this are things that we first started.
  • Then the other reason that we're so special
  • is that we are a government-funded agency.
  • We travel to 20 countries across the world every year
  • to perform and to promote taekwondo and Korea.
  • Dan: Wow. That's a full-on professional OG team.
  • Yeah, and for the good of the industry as well.
  • - Yeah, exactly. - Love it.
  • Thanks very much, Master Park,
  • for shattering my dreams of becoming a taekwondo performer.
  • It's just not going to happen for you.
  • Not going to happen, is it?
  • Well, that was good. Back to you, Gav and Dan.
  • Thanks, us. That was very interesting.
  • It's very interesting doing an interview with a translator,
  • - and how quickly she could relay information. - It's very impressive.
  • I was very impressed by that alone.
  • He said how hard it was and how much time it takes.
  • - Yeah. - I wanted to give it a go.
  • But, really, I just wanted to do a training montage.
  • I could tell. You didn't actually want
  • to accomplish anything long term.
  • Don't want to learn any skills.
  • - Just wanted the montage. - Just wanted the montage.
  • Dan, do you want to show me your montage?
  • - Yes, I do. - Okay, go on then.
  • ( synth music playing )
  • ( panting )
  • ( shouts )
  • ( muttering )
  • ( shouts )
  • Oh, wait. I told them not to put that in!
  • ( shouts )
  • ( ding )
  • Don't cringe.
  • ( cheers and applause )
  • Wow. Good montage, Dan.
  • - Learned some skills. - Very inspiring.
  • Why don't we put those skills to use?
  • I've got some boards that we can break.
  • - Okay. - Yeah.
  • Already done this, so, no worries.
  • You're a professional at this, so I'll give it a go.
  • Why don't you hold out this board,
  • and I'll punch through it.
  • - Okay. - Yeah.
  • You sure? You got to give it a bit of power.
  • Yeah, just a little bit of power?
  • - Yeah, yeah. - Just like--
  • - Yeah, that's good. - Yeah.
  • Obviously, it's quite easy to...
  • Simple. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
  • break.
  • I'll just take that off of you.
  • - All right, your turn. - Okay.
  • All right.
  • - Yep. - You ready?
  • - Whenever you're ready. - Okay.
  • - Aah! - Ooh.
  • Didn't quite get through there.
  • Give me that board. That's never going to break.
  • Well, what happened was I bought a plank, but there was only one.
  • So I had to get a different kind of plank for yours.
  • - And-- a little bit harder. - This one's solid.
  • ( music playing )
  • Ooh, nasty punch, that one, wasn't it?
  • Idiot. Thanks for that, yeah.
  • So, I thought it would be good next
  • to test to see if you could take a kick.
  • So I challenged you to find a taekwondo expert who could kick you.
  • I did find an expert. A local expert.
  • - Yeah. - Um, Danica?
  • Lovely to meet you. This is our taekwondo expert.
  • Yeah, nice to meet you, Danica.
  • How long have you been doing taekwondo?
  • - Um, three years. - Three years. Ah, cool.
  • - How old are you? - Seven.
  • Seven. That's almost half your life.
  • How hard do you think you can kick Dan?
  • - Um, pretty hard. - Pretty hard.
  • Pretty hard? Look, you're not supposed to kick me hard.
  • I haven't seen her in action yet, but I've heard--
  • I've heard she can kick hard.
  • ( laughing ) Wha-- oh, man.
  • So, why don't we put on some padding?
  • I've got this PSI-measuring pad
  • to be able to test how hard you can kick me.
  • - Put you on. - I notice you've got a red belt on.
  • What does that mean?
  • It means I've been in nine belts,
  • and I'm two belts away from being a black belt.
  • - Gav: At age seven. - That's ridiculous.
  • I bet now you're pretty scared.
  • - Can you tie me up? - Yes.
  • If I come down here, you can help me.
  • You're two belts away from being a black belt
  • and you're only seven years old.
  • That's quite intimidating.
  • - I bet now you're scared. - I am now.
  • I bet now you regret your decision.
  • A little bit. Must be pretty good.
  • How does this belt and shoe system work?
  • The magnets connect to the screen
  • where the kicks count them.
  • So we can see how hard you kick him.
  • - All right. - Okay.
  • Where do you need Dan to stand for this?
  • If I stand here, you stand just there.
  • Do you reckon you can hit me here?
  • - Yeah. - So confident.
  • I'm going to hop on the Phantom.
  • Danica looks pretty excited to kick you.
  • Are you looking forward to booting me in the side?
  • Yeah. Most people would be, I think.
  • Gav: All right, I'm on the trigger.
  • I'm going to stand here, and whenever you're ready,
  • - give me a good whack. - Okay.
  • Okay.
  • ( shouts )
  • I forgot to breathe out. Almost winded me.
  • Jeez. That's 22 PSI.
  • Gav: That's quite a boot. Did you feel it?
  • Yeah, I did, actually.
  • Remind me to never get in a fight
  • with a seven-year-old.
  • This is what you look like in slow motion.
  • Dan: You're eyeing up your target,
  • which is the side of my chest.
  • Look at that form there, swinging the arm around.
  • Gav: I like the concentration on the face.
  • Dan: It's a good concentration face you got there.
  • You hit me pretty hard there. That wasn't messing around.
  • - That was good. Look. - Gav: It's a good action shot.
  • - Dan: It is a good action shot. - Danica: Yeah.
  • Gav: What were you thinking there, Dan?
  • I was like, "Oh!"
  • ( imitates explosion )
  • See, I could just do this over and over again.
  • You only had to kick him once,
  • but I can have you kick him all day.
  • Well, I think throughout this series,
  • that was some of the most impressive human feats
  • that I've ever filmed in slow motion.
  • - You're talking about my montage. - No.
  • I'm talking about the Kukkiwon team. You know, the people--
  • The blokes jumping sort of 20-foot in the air...
  • - Exactly right. - ...kicking boards with their feet and hands,
  • and-- yeah. Okay. Yeah.
  • Your montage was pretty good, to be honest.
  • - Thank you. - I was impressed.
  • Although you did kind of pad it out a lot
  • with random scenic shots of Seoul.
  • Let's not. All right, I was tired.
  • I was actually quite impressed by your... ( imitates swooshing )
  • I didn't expect to be able to do that.
  • You actually looked quite surprised.
  • Yeah, I was like, "Oh!"
  • Hopefully, you enjoyed that video.
  • Feel free to subscribe to the Slo Mo Guys
  • and check out other episodes of "Planet Slo Mo."
  • How's the hand?

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Gav and Dan learn what is required of someone on the Kukkiwon Taekwondo.


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