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Video Family Guy in the 1950's
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  • Raleigh Kids cigarettes is happy to bring you Family Guy. The story of an American family named the Griffins.
  • This is Peter, breadwinner and head of household. Lois is the name of his wife
  • These are their children. This is Chris the firstborn son. This is little Stewie. Oh boy,
  • he's a handful. Meg. And
  • introducing doodles Weaver as Brian the dog
  • We don't trust just any cigarette for our children. Raleigh kids is the only cigarette made for tiny hands
  • It's why it's the playground favorite, right kids?
  • And now Raleigh kids also the makers of Kinder-Coffee invite you to watch Family Guy.
  • Dad I overheard those fellas talking can I ask you a question about girls? Of course son, you're a young man now; it's natural
  • to be curious. Thanks Pop. What's knuckle dunk?
  • Oh. Atomic test put on your glasses
  • Never mind what your friends said. If you wanna have fun with your girl, try dancing. It's fun and good for your health. Oh
  • Swell, that's helpful, so what's going on if a guy says a girl has a Red Scare in her Harry Truman? Fence!
  • Oh
  • Oh look, here comes the milkman
  • So convenient
  • Good evening everyone. I'm Tom Tucker
  • And this is the Radio 5 news. Our top story this evening
  • Songsmith Elvis Presley will be appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show this Sunday night on that "never-gonna-last" fad called
  • television and now a word from our sponsor: Fred Trump Apartments. "If you don't want to live with blacks, Fred Trump"
  • Wow Elvis Presley, can we get a television set? Sorry Chris, we don't got the money
  • I spent our entire savings building that stupid fallout shelter we never get to use
  • Why don't you just buy a TV for the weekend, watch Elvis, and then return it on Monday and say it doesn't work?
  • Boy, even in the 50s, you're a scumbag. That's a great idea boy. Hang on
  • Why don't I just get a job to help pay for it? What? No wife of mine is working!
  • There's Underpants in this house that needs starching
  • I don't want to go to work and soft Underpants like some nancy boy. I want to go to work like this
  • Stiff as a plate. That's Underpants
  • We got some time before Elvis, can we see what else is on? Sure thing.
  • we now return to
  • 1950s sci-fi which is always a man in a silver suit battling a monster leave us humans alone. It's
  • 1994 and the moon belongs to Earth
  • It's safe now, how's the soil professor knockers? It's good good
  • Good
  • Good evening. I'm Tom Tucker previously of radio 5 news tonight. I bring you a special report
  • women in the workplace hilarious or disturbing
  • I
  • Am a 1950s man?
  • speaking in a stilted manner
  • Seemingly with no self-awareness whatsoever. I am shouting for some
  • reason and will now
  • Suddenly be replaced by crude graphics
  • This Factory has been beset by women is your factory next
  • That's you you took a job sorry Peter I wanted to tell you but you were so dead set against it damn right
  • I'm against it if God wanted women in the workplace. He too made him alcoholics. You're quitting that job tomorrow
  • No, I'm not quiet Elvis is on ladies and gentlemen, Elvis Presley
  • Elvis Presley is white Cleveland. Did you know about this? Come on, Darla?
  • Let's pick up some gizzards and fried skins and head on down to the juke joint tonight. It's gonna be jumpin
  • And it was jumpin it really was but I was banished to the sidewalk because I called one of the band guys a bad name

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