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Video Parents Reaction to Son Restoring Their 45 Year Old Ford XA Superbird
09:48   |   today at 15:11


  • In 1973, Tommy's Dad
  • - who was just a young man at the time -
  • travelled with his father to the city of Melbourne
  • on a mission to buy him his first car
  • The car that peeked out was a brand new, lime green
  • Ford Falcon XA Superbird Hardtop
  • The Superbird became the family car. They daily drove it.
  • As kids, Tommy's mom
  • used to take them everywhere in it, such as shopping, school
  • sports, relative's houses - everywhere.
  • Until one night, when Paul lost control of the car,
  • rolling it into a ditch, not far from where they lived.
  • Paul did not have any car insurance to cover the accident damage.
  • And with the car being in such a bad, beaten-up state
  • of disrepair, Paul decided not to fix it.
  • So the decision was made to take it back home
  • Where it sat on their farm for approximately 20 years
  • Tommy loved that car.
  • He recalls one of his fondest memories was sitting on his mom's lap
  • behind the steering wheel, steering it down
  • their long driveway on the farm.
  • Tommy said: "You can imagine me coming to the shed everyday for 20 years
  • Firstly as a child, then as an adult
  • working on the farm. I'd see the car every day.
  • It was never covered up with a top or anything, so it was visible to anyone who'd visit the shed."
  • The driving passion to fix the car was always in Tommy.
  • But he had to wait until he was able to do it
  • As it would not be quick or cheap to fix
  • The car sat exposed to the elements for 20 years on the farm
  • Until one day in 2013.
  • Tommy realized, that if he didn't start the project soon, there would be
  • nothing left of the car to restore.
  • Now, unlike some car restoration stories, where the owners spend
  • all their time for years working on the car,
  • bit by bit, Tommy did not have the skills needed
  • for a restoration like this.
  • His main job in the process was that of a project manager,
  • organizing work to be done,
  • having the car shipped from one location to another,
  • and spending years sourcing all the rare parts needed for the car
  • using Facebook and car enthusiast forums.
  • Tommy ended up joining many groups to enlist people's help
  • to find the parts needed,
  • as Ford XA Coupé parts are very rare and scarce at the best of times.
  • Tommy left the car in the hands of two professionals.
  • One worked on pulling the cover apart
  • and fully reconditioning the engine and running gear
  • Because of his vast experience with working on 1970's Fords

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Ford Falcon XA Superbird Restoration & Parents Reaction. This car was bought new in 1973, the rolled in a crash and sat on a farm for over 20 years and then Tommy restored it for his parents.

Tommy started on the restoration project in April 2013 and finished November 2017. Tommy spent $106,300 dollars restoring the car.

The car was restored to factory original condition.

The following are the factory specs for the Superbird:

► Engine Code: Y – Australian 302 4V Cleveland V8

► Transmission Code: B – Factory 3 Speed Cruisomatic Differential: 2.92:1

► Paint Code: T – Lime Glaze

► Trim Code: B – Black Vinyl

► Factory Options:
– Seatbelts
– Power Disc Brakes
– Sport Console
– Carpets
– Sport Handling Suspension
– Special Value Package
– Rear Louvre

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► Tommy Superbird Youtube Channel -

► Parents Reaction Original - /watch?v=IQQeHgHL92g

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► Wonder World Facebook -

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