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Video How to Make A YouTube Video
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  • hello my name is Matthew Crawford on
  • YouTube I'm also known as teching 101
  • and today I'm going to go through a
  • brief tutorial video with you on how to
  • get started making a video on YouTube
  • now this tutorial is not meant to be
  • really in-depth it's meant for somebody
  • that's never been on YouTube before
  • never really film themselves and it's
  • just wanting to get into the whole thing
  • so with that being said I'm going to
  • break this video up into four topics the
  • idea stage the filming stage the editing
  • stage and the uploading stage where you
  • share your content with the rest of the
  • world so let's get started now before
  • you decide on exactly how you're going
  • to shoot your video or before you even
  • pick up a camera really you need to
  • decide on your content what are you
  • going to be making videos about on
  • YouTube because a positive about YouTube
  • is that it's a really big place that has
  • hundreds of millions of videos on it but
  • a negative of it is that it's a really
  • huge place that has over hundreds of
  • millions of videos on it if your content
  • is not something that is special or
  • really stands out or is just not done
  • well as if you really don't know what
  • you're talking about when the video
  • begins people are going to be clicking
  • off of it in the first few seconds this
  • is even worse when it comes to
  • television or movies you might have
  • heard something called the five minute
  • rule where if you're not invested in a
  • program in the first five minutes you're
  • going to click off and go to something
  • else with YouTube that's way worse
  • because this is a service nobody has to
  • pay for and they could literally be
  • watching another video within just a
  • click of a button so you really need to
  • draw that audience in and a good way to
  • do that is being knowledgeable about
  • your content so whatever content you're
  • going to put out there on YouTube
  • whatever video you're going to make make
  • sure it's about a topic that you know
  • stuff about and the great thing is it
  • doesn't even have to be something that
  • you might find important like politics
  • for instance I mean it can be but it
  • could be something as insignificant as
  • maybe an old television show that you
  • might like something that's been off the
  • air for years and but you really loved
  • and you've seen all the episodes and you
  • might feel it's insignificant because
  • it's not something you can just go into
  • a conversation with with somebody on the
  • street but on YouTube it's different
  • you're sharing your content with an
  • arena of people from different cultures
  • from different countries it doesn't
  • matter how insignificant your content
  • feels to you there
  • bound to be at least a few people out
  • there in some community that will latch
  • onto it and that will want to watch your
  • content so your own worst enemy here is
  • you now that's the first aspect of
  • crafting an idea for your channel just
  • coming up with something that you know a
  • lot about think that's self-explanatory
  • but the second aspect I find is just as
  • important and that is entertainment
  • value what you want to be thinking about
  • is what you can do to make your video
  • unique from everyone else that's talking
  • about the same thing you are even if
  • you're picking out something that you
  • might not have a lot of followers for
  • you want to be able to stand out so
  • people remember you and whatever you do
  • does not necessarily have to tie in with
  • your topic it could just be where you
  • film what your background looks like or
  • what you're wearing for instance in my
  • videos I discuss Japanese anime and the
  • only thing that I do at first glance to
  • really stand out is that I wear a suit
  • and a tie in all my videos it has
  • nothing to do with my topic that I'm
  • discussing but I made that decision
  • because I knew people would you know
  • remember me just for the way I dress and
  • it worked so think about something like
  • that so now that you come up with the
  • first step you have a topic that you
  • feel like you know a lot of stuff about
  • and you have somewhat of an idea on how
  • to make that topic entertaining now it's
  • time to film yourself so that you can
  • share that with the masses
  • so just to talk about the technology
  • itself very briefly on what kind of
  • camera I would prefer that you use it
  • would most certainly be an HD camera of
  • any type the problem here is that in the
  • beginning stages of YouTube back when it
  • started in 2005-2006 HD cameras were not
  • really commonplace for everyone just to
  • purchase at a reasonable price so their
  • video quality was a little bit
  • understood while it was not that great
  • and people still became really popular
  • with that camera quality however now 10
  • years later pretty much all the most
  • popular people on YouTube have very good
  • camera quality at least an HD camera you
  • don't have to run out and buy something
  • that is an absurdly expensive camera but
  • HD is felt as like the bare minimum
  • right now because once again going back
  • to that five-second rule if somebody is
  • watching your channel even if it is a
  • topic that they might be interested in
  • if they keep watching if the video
  • quality is not very good and to some
  • people just being not HD is that's
  • inferior in their eyes they will click
  • off of it so the quality is just as
  • important as your topic so with that
  • being said I'm going to put a link in
  • the description below to a website
  • called camcorder column that I use it's
  • a website that lists all the different
  • cameras that you could possibly buy
  • listing prices on the internet if
  • they're professional-grade cameras if
  • they're cameras more for just casual use
  • so that'll probably get you a decent
  • idea on depending on what you want to
  • discuss where you're going to shoot a
  • fits going to be an indoor camera
  • outside maybe it's something that you
  • need a little bit more durability for
  • like a GoPro camera that'll give you an
  • idea for what price range that would fit
  • for your videos and how much that you
  • could afford so just to give a few tips
  • about filming itself number one your
  • appearance you want to look presentable
  • when filming a video you don't have to
  • dress up like in a suit and tie like I
  • do but think of it as going to church or
  • going to the office you want to make
  • sure you look nice when people are
  • watching you because if you don't seem
  • interested in the topic then they're not
  • going to keep watching so the first is
  • definitely appearance the second I would
  • say is your backdrop what is behind you
  • when you film and I understand that when
  • people are just getting started making
  • videos they don't they don't always have
  • a room that they can go to with a blank
  • wall where there's nothing distracting
  • behind them or a room that they can
  • convert into somewhat of a studio where
  • they can throw up images for what you
  • know whatever topic they're discussing a
  • lot
  • when you're getting started off you're
  • going to have to film possibly in your
  • bedroom or just in your apartment or
  • wherever you happen to be living and of
  • course the issue with that is there's
  • going to be you know uh traces of your
  • own life behind you like if you film in
  • your bedroom there's going to be you
  • know posters up behind you or you know
  • personal effects things that you are
  • interested in and that's not really a
  • problem that gives you it gives your
  • viewer a look into your life but you
  • want to make sure that it's not too
  • distracting
  • you want to make sure your room is
  • cleaned up when you make a video you
  • want to make sure that there's nothing
  • behind you that your viewers are going
  • to be paying more attention to rather
  • than the star of the show because that's
  • you you are the star of the show so
  • that's just idea for the backdrop and
  • the third and final tip I'm going to
  • give you here is that of lighting
  • lighting can completely ruin your video
  • if it's not set up right and there's
  • very few feelings that are worse for
  • somebody that makes content on YouTube
  • then making an entire video discussing
  • your points really feeling like you did
  • a good job making a video and then
  • finding out that most of it is
  • completely unusable because of some
  • stupid reason like there was a window
  • open behind you and that created a
  • silhouette so you're all darkened out or
  • that you thought the lighting was
  • accurate but I mean adequate but when
  • you look at it you turn out that you're
  • a much darker or much brighter than you
  • really showed to be now the easiest way
  • to get around this would be doing
  • something called a three-point lighting
  • setup where you're standing with your
  • backdrop behind you and you have one
  • light to your left one light to your
  • right and then one light above you going
  • straight and you can adjust those
  • depending on you know if your background
  • is a pure white wall or something or if
  • it's black you can make adjustments as
  • those sees fit now usually do a pretty
  • good job of illuminating you without
  • washing you out or making giving the
  • silhouette problem or anything such like
  • that however this can only really be
  • done with certain lighting equipments
  • and that can be very expensive the
  • lighting equipment that I use cost in
  • and around eighty or ninety dollars and
  • I understand that's not something that
  • everyone can just spend on equipment to
  • make videos on the internet that they
  • may necessarily might not be making a
  • lot of money off of right off right out
  • of the gate but there are other ways you
  • can set up lighting that doesn't
  • necessarily have to cost a lot of money
  • you just want to make sure that you
  • don't look too washed out or too
  • shadowed a good way that I always do it
  • even before I had these really good
  • lights was that I would film myself for
  • about five or ten seconds where I would
  • film my entire video and then I would
  • turn
  • off the camera and then check it to make
  • sure that I was well illuminated that I
  • wasn't too washed out or I wasn't too
  • shadowy and then I would turn my camera
  • back on then continue making the video
  • properly so that that's just one tip if
  • you're not really sure on how lighting
  • is but yeah it really can make or break
  • your video if it's not done accurately
  • so now we get to the third part which is
  • editing and this is something that I
  • honestly might make an entire separate
  • series of videos about because it's a
  • topic that is so huge that I could not
  • possibly you know discuss everything in
  • this video alone and there's so many
  • different aspects of it so many
  • different softwares you can use and
  • different tricks you can use to to
  • maximize your editing goals but for
  • right now let me just give you a basic
  • set ups now out there in the zeitgeist
  • all over the Internet there are a large
  • number of editing software's that you
  • can download and you can use them to
  • make your videos look amazing of course
  • I can't tell you which one to pick which
  • one would be the best for you depending
  • on your talents that's something you
  • have to figure out on your own if you've
  • worked with some form of editing
  • software before and you feel like you
  • can go one step higher that's great if
  • you have never edited before at all then
  • I'll give you some tips on which ones
  • you should start with keep in mind that
  • there are some that you can download for
  • absolutely nothing on the internet
  • completely free from the developers
  • website and there's others that cost a
  • pretty penny the ones that I use
  • primarily for my videos are Adobe After
  • Effects Sony Vegas and PowerDirector 12
  • those are all the ones that cost a
  • pretty penny if you want some but when
  • it comes to one that is free and is the
  • most simple I would say it would be
  • Windows Movie Maker it comes for free
  • pretty much really some version of it
  • does on every Windows PC if not you can
  • download any previous version right off
  • the windows website and there's not a
  • lot you can do with moviemaker
  • but it's very simple to learn how to use
  • and there's tutorial videos for it all
  • over YouTube yes YouTube is also very
  • great for having a bunch of tutorial
  • videos just like this one teaching
  • people how to do stuff so this is
  • something that I have to defer to other
  • youtubers for but any editing software
  • that you pick anyone I can rest rest
  • assured that there will be an in
  • community ready to help you out getting
  • started with that editing software
  • somewhere out there on YouTube just
  • search for whatever editing software you
  • feel that you would you would like to
  • have something that you feel that you
  • can work with and you'll have someone
  • explain it to you and if you feel like
  • okay this sounds like something that I
  • could do then go ahead and order it or
  • download it depending on which version
  • it is but always look into it because
  • you don't want to spend your a lot of
  • money on something like this and then
  • find out that you can't even use it
  • because you can't figure it out there's
  • a bunch of editing software's out there
  • that I've tried once or twice that I
  • can't make heads or tails of avid being
  • one of them it abbit is scary a film
  • productions love it if you can use avid
  • because it's something that requires a
  • high amount of skill level to use and
  • you can do amazing things with it but as
  • a very difficult learning curve but if I
  • was going to give a recommendation for
  • maybe something for you to look into
  • aside from Windows Movie Maker I would
  • recommend the power director editing
  • software's mostly because that was voted
  • like number one on compatibility on how
  • to how to learn how to use it it was the
  • easiest to learn and it blends like a
  • professional software was something like
  • Windows Movie Maker that's more basic
  • but it gives you way more features so I
  • would look into that if you were
  • thinking about buying anything and and
  • just going on the pace scale alone
  • something like PowerDirector compared to
  • Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas is
  • very cheap by comparison so that's all
  • I'm going to be talking about in terms
  • of the editing aspect I can't really go
  • into huge details on you know how to do
  • editing tricks or something like I said
  • I would make a whole different series
  • about that but for right now just for
  • the purposes of this video you should
  • find an editing software that fits in
  • your price range and also something that
  • you can learn how to use with relative
  • ease so now we arrive at the final part
  • which is also the easiest sharing your
  • content with YouTube itself you went
  • ahead you found a topic that you want to
  • discuss that you know a lot about that
  • you found a way to make it entertaining
  • and combine those together to create
  • your content you filmed it with whatever
  • camera and with every location that you
  • did you edited with whatever editing
  • software you got your hands on and now
  • sitting on your desktop you now have the
  • completed video file to share with the
  • world to do this all you need is an
  • active YouTube account getting
  • one is very simple if you've never
  • started a YouTube account before you can
  • just go on their website and there's an
  • option to open it you can also do it
  • through Google because Google owns
  • YouTube so now you go you can just pop
  • your video directly into the upload box
  • and you can go ahead and put it out
  • there for all to see a couple of tips
  • here is that when you upload a video to
  • YouTube you have three main boxes that
  • you can add information into to allow
  • people to find your video easier the
  • first one is the title box this should
  • be self-explanatory you want to pick a
  • title that's not too long not too short
  • and gets your point across on what
  • you're discussing for a first video
  • that's a big deal you don't want to just
  • title it you know my first video there
  • are millions of videos out there like
  • that and it doesn't tell you anything
  • about the content so for example if
  • you're discussing a television show you
  • can just type in the television show
  • you're talking about you know episode 1
  • discussion or episode 1 review and
  • that's all it's simple and to the point
  • and people understand what they're
  • clicking on when they watch your videos
  • the second is the video description this
  • is something where you can go nuts when
  • it comes to describing your videos
  • content there's no text limit so you can
  • put in pretty much anything you want as
  • well as links to other things that you
  • do for example if you have a Facebook
  • page or maybe a page that you want
  • people to donate on you can put links
  • for everything in the description box
  • below as well as when you are actually
  • making the video if you want to redirect
  • and you went down to the description box
  • to click on a link or find a you know an
  • example of a song they used or maybe if
  • they used a video clip you know you can
  • find stuff like that you can put all the
  • links in the description so that makes
  • everything easier to find and the final
  • window is the tags window this is
  • something that does not appear publicly
  • it is something that helps people search
  • for your videos you want to put in just
  • simple words out separated by commas
  • what your video is about so if you're
  • talking about that television show you
  • want to type in the television show
  • comma maybe the the starring actors that
  • appeared in it
  • maybe the band that did the soundtrack
  • for maybe the studio that produced it
  • maybe the year it was produced just
  • everything and anything that you can
  • think of that people would search for
  • that relates to this television show and
  • you want them to find your video that's
  • what goes in the tags area so now
  • congratulations you have a video on
  • YouTube what's the next step for you to
  • do well don't give up
  • that's the
  • one thing you cannot stop at just one
  • video or two videos or three videos if
  • you want to be successful on YouTube if
  • you want to build a fanbase you have to
  • create a schedule of videos to upload
  • regularly this is advice I got from
  • somebody when I started YouTube I was
  • somebody that I really looked up to at
  • the time and I've always had this piece
  • of advice with me and it's you have to
  • create regular content because even if
  • at first the content does not attach or
  • does not latch on it doesn't seem like
  • you're getting a lot of views don't
  • worry about it like I said a really big
  • place hundreds of millions of videos
  • there's going to be bound to be things
  • that are going to be overlooked at first
  • same thing with me when I first started
  • making videos but as I kept with it
  • I kept creating a video every single
  • week sometimes more than that and
  • eventually I started developing a fan
  • base it was a small fan base but it was
  • there and that continued to grow because
  • I kept creating content never give up
  • never stop creating videos because that
  • fan base can diminish just as quickly as
  • it came and so one last thing I would
  • say is at the beginning of your YouTube
  • career you want to make sure to just
  • stick to one topic in particular maybe
  • later on when you gain a little bit more
  • popularity you can begin branching off
  • to talking about other things but at
  • first when you know you don't know
  • exactly what you're going to what's
  • exactly going to click with your fans
  • you want to stick to something that you
  • know and then maybe take advice from
  • your fans on what you know they liked
  • what they didn't like and then after you
  • gain somewhat of a fan base you can
  • begin branching off for talking about
  • other stuff as well and see how that
  • responds and then just repeat the
  • process but anyway thanks for watching
  • my video I hope it was informative this
  • will be teching 101 signing out

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I made this video as part of my final project for my Multi-Platform Storytelling class at University.

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