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Video KENS TV Anniversary Pt 5
04:24   |   4K+ views   |   today at 02:17


  • well sometimes as you saw right there
  • and earlier in this special things don't
  • always go perfectly Richard Smith
  • continues her journey through the
  • funniest moments of the past 50 years
  • everyone in TV has their moments be it
  • yesterday or 50 years ago join me on the
  • 10 o'clock report week week night that
  • as your Channel five weatherman I'll
  • have weather for you Monday through
  • Friday every now and then but it's a
  • head of the tourney 10:30 on tv5 will
  • probably adventures of mountain climbing
  • 1949 again went into the records proved
  • that during live TV anything can happen
  • at any time
  • well Wendy we heard plenty of debate on
  • this issue yesterday that trend is
  • expected to continue throughout the
  • afternoon 22 32 and 46 now that means
  • Wednesday's drawing will be about well
  • more than that things can get weird
  • especially when a well-meaning viewer
  • wants to check when you're live on the
  • air some officials from Florida will
  • have to come here and pick him up what
  • exactly that will happen we are not sure
  • okay Mike syntek think it's gonna be
  • packed here downtown tonight okay thanks
  • David times live shots well we need a
  • sweater or an umbrella those polos
  • before the news can take forever here's
  • why why you have to make the grade to
  • get on the guest list at a local get
  • lift at the get lift at the local hot
  • pot
  • now some acres have been known to work
  • on their jump shot before airtime no
  • question the camera loves Debra now
  • Bonilla and sometimes even she notices
  • how much as maybe Seattle isn't such a
  • bad place after tells me I'm into some
  • dude and just when he atmosphere begins
  • to get a little sticky a little problem
  • here you see folks Albert Flores was
  • supposed to be here well you still
  • couldn't have known that this was coming
  • well I'm gonna go over and strap a
  • little weather on you now after all
  • Chris and Dan had done this before I'm
  • gonna put it on you the right way but
  • wait it gets better
  • what is it about ten to one fifteen to
  • one and Houston fist got tired man the
  • one we're talking easy no snow and where
  • would we be without the capable
  • direction of our production crew and
  • you'll see all of our students all of it
  • the fighters that have been out here
  • with their fire trucks we've had a lot
  • of volunteers throughout the afternoon
  • hours you're getting a wrap Jim Tania
  • thank you
  • sometimes simply bringing you the news
  • can turn into a real zoo he was digging
  • in your hair and now of course he's
  • these little guys are adorable and it
  • would be hard not to fall in love with
  • them and want them as a pet but this cat
  • can grow up to weigh 700 truth is after
  • we've done our last story dance back to
  • you we're truly relieved
  • well although it may seem like it
  • sometimes I haven't been here for the
  • whole 50 years of channel 5 in fact 50
  • years ago my mother wasn't even in
  • elementary school well okay I wasn't
  • even born well we didn't quite have a
  • television yet but let me tell you over
  • the past 26 years I have had a chance to
  • work with some of the funniest brightest
  • best people I possibly could have worked
  • with in one of the best towns you could
  • possibly live in so I'd like to thank
  • all of you for what you put into Channel
  • five for the past 50 years as for us
  • this has been a special look back at
  • Ken's TV and our 50 years of excellence
  • join us won't you as we make even more
  • history over the

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Part 5


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