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Video Legendary Licks You Think are Hard (because they are)
15:50   |   today at 11:44


  • first I made a video called legendary
  • guitar licks you think are hard but
  • aren't that was a great success great
  • success then I took your advice and made
  • an opposite video called legendary licks
  • do you think are easy but aren't that
  • escalated quickly boy that escalated
  • quickly so here I am again nobody told
  • me to do this I don't think maybe maybe
  • there were some comments that did tell
  • me to do this but it challenged me
  • that's for sure my fingers hurt right
  • now because I had to learn some of these
  • licks and well I learned them as best I
  • could
  • legendary guitar licks you think are
  • hard because they are hard
  • yes prepare your hands for terrible
  • insufferable incalculable incalculable
  • incalculable incalculable pain because
  • we are going to get into these licks and
  • we're gonna start with none other than
  • the most famously difficult lick well
  • it's pretty much every lick in this song
  • but I'm just gonna play the beginning of
  • it through the fire in flames by
  • Dragonforce
  • oh wow that lick is my pinky my pinky
  • that's all I have to say this pinkie is
  • been used in a different way on this
  • lick obviously because I am putting my
  • hand over top of the fretboard and I
  • think this lick is obviously much easier
  • if you play it naturally so if I played
  • it like this
  • [Applause]
  • it's not quite as challenging but as
  • you've seen herman li do live or
  • hopefully you have seen it i referenced
  • that for learning this lick i think the
  • actual recording is even more difficult
  • than what i'm showing you guys but i'm
  • gonna go with what the guy plays live
  • because that's actually the humanly
  • possible version i would say so
  • essentially what's going on here is a
  • sort of backwards iteration of your
  • coordination so you are used to having
  • the pinky or maybe ring finger acting as
  • the barometer for the rhythm so really
  • the right hand is just maintaining
  • consistency with that alternate picking
  • that isn't quite as difficult as what's
  • going on in the fretting hand and i
  • think technically the pattern is five
  • notes and then two notes between each
  • interval but i think really to convey
  • this lick convincingly it doesn't really
  • matter if you nail those precisely i
  • think it's more about the aggression and
  • the attitude and then obviously changing
  • the shape on the right beat so it
  • doesn't matter if you accidentally play
  • six notes in one phrase or seven notes
  • even if your hand is in hyperspeed but
  • really the way i worked this up to speed
  • is kind of how I taught you had a place
  • snow in the previous video that I
  • mentioned licks that sound easy but are
  • really hard starting like this
  • and that would be sort of the first part
  • of your implementation of this lick into
  • your guitar sanal your arsenal of licks
  • and after that is when you would add
  • that alternate picking action oh so that
  • repeats twice and then instead of doing
  • that blame blame blame blame the second
  • time this is what Herrmann Lee does live
  • like I said I don't think this happens
  • in the recording of through the fired
  • inflames
  • but he does it live and I think it
  • sounds really cool it's just a minor
  • arpeggio sweep in the key of C so I
  • played it like this
  • you
  • and of course it ends with a squealing
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • whatever you want to do there so all in
  • all this is a crazy lick if nothing else
  • for the endurance that it takes and I
  • have no idea how these guys play this
  • song live just it's like master of
  • puppets' times infinity if you can
  • believe that
  • imagine down picking this song no no no
  • don't imagine that ow ow it hurts my
  • head so there you go the first guitar
  • lick that you think sounds hard because
  • it is alright for this next lick I'm
  • gonna have to switch guitars so isn't
  • that nice magical guitar switching
  • powers that's what happens when you
  • learn really hard licks you can
  • materialize guitars out of nothingness
  • so this next lick is called midnight and
  • it's by Joe Satriani and it also
  • involves some strange acrobatics on the
  • fret board
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • you
  • [Music]
  • you
  • [Music]
  • so as you can see here maybe the
  • flashiest
  • no the Dragon Force Ones flasher but
  • this one is flashing in a different way
  • because it's clean so there's not
  • necessarily as much to hide behind
  • regarding distortion it's a simple I
  • would say the simplest thing about this
  • is actually the coordination of your two
  • hands because once you have the pattern
  • down it's just a matter of you know
  • obviously putting your hands in the
  • right places at the right times but I
  • think the difficulty in this is the
  • finesse
  • that you have because if you just play
  • this sort of robotic lis without any
  • feeling then it's not going to sound as
  • good which probably can be said about
  • any guitar licks but I think that the
  • biggest thing here is again being suave
  • along the guitar neck and really having
  • this sort of violin like legato flowing
  • motion as opposed to necessarily moving
  • from position to position and playing
  • the patterns note for note
  • I think it's actually more effective
  • when you sort of blend notes together
  • and aren't as articulate with some of
  • these so what I mean by that is instead
  • of playing something like this
  • [Music]
  • you would play something like this
  • [Music]
  • you
  • [Applause]
  • so it has a definite flowing motion to
  • it and like I said nobody's gonna be
  • Satriani with this thing it's better to
  • play it in your own way and the way I
  • like to play it is just kind of like my
  • eyebrow is permanently raised if you
  • want to work on this song again it's not
  • necessarily the challenging part in the
  • fingerings it's more of a challenge in
  • the way you execute these tapping
  • motions but essentially here is the
  • basic function between your two fingers
  • and then you can look up the chords or
  • the tabs yourself or work it out by ear
  • but if we have a B power chord here and
  • we have the twelfth fret on the D and B
  • strings this is going to be your
  • practice routine to get this up to speed
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • that's it
  • so this is no dynamics here's where the
  • dynamics the suaveness comes in
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • again a song that sounds very hard
  • because it is alright I need another
  • guitar because we're going into the
  • acoustic realm
  • [Music]
  • no no no I'm just kidding this is a
  • difficult song not stairway it's an Al
  • Di Meola song it's called Mediterranean
  • Sun dance and well let's hear what it
  • sounds like shall we
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • you
  • yes this one is all about the stretch
  • and the dynamic that is what makes it
  • difficult I think it sounds hard maybe
  • you don't maybe not you think none of
  • these sound hard okay that dragonforce
  • one that sounds hard you have to admit
  • but this one is just so intricate in the
  • way each note has to hit each other for
  • it to work
  • so obviously this stretch right here
  • like on its own
  • those two intervals are terrible right
  • but then you add
  • [Music]
  • so ominous where's it gonna go
  • [Music]
  • so with this fretting hand of course you
  • can see it is very difficult of stretch
  • and to get those strings to ring out
  • correctly you can't have any sort of
  • meat on the wrong strings you have to
  • have this arch going strong and of
  • course in the right hand this thumb is
  • doing something very intricate let me
  • show you here it's doing a quick little
  • gallop it's a almost invisible it's so
  • hard to see right there
  • right there
  • right there
  • [Music]
  • today right there that is extremely
  • difficult kind of makes my hand hurt
  • just showing you but on top of that we
  • have this whole crazy thing happening
  • and then we have to dial the dynamic
  • down almost to a mute to execute this
  • very simple chord but very intricate
  • flourish
  • so we're going from
  • [Music]
  • so that dynamic kind of like a sprinter
  • running and then stopping on a dime to
  • get to this next part that is just
  • extremely challenging okay final riff
  • lick that sounds really really difficult
  • because it really really is and of
  • course you know I have to switch guitars
  • [Music]
  • alright
  • the final lick that is legendary that
  • sounds really hard because it is it's
  • from mr. Randy Rhoads the late great
  • Randy Rhoads and it's actually two
  • little pieces I'll play the last piece
  • at the end just to give you a little
  • morsel to wait for but really it's the
  • verse of crazy train and it's a
  • particular part the first thing you
  • think of with crazy train is this right
  • but really that part is simple the
  • difficult part is the verse
  • so we have that going on and then the
  • galloping
  • [Music]
  • cool but here's the difficult part
  • [Music]
  • this is an extremely difficult lick and
  • then of course we have
  • [Music]
  • so that's just straight up the major
  • scale that is the end of the crazy train
  • solo as you probably know that sounds
  • hard and it is hard mainly just again
  • the sheer aggression and yet delicate
  • nature of Randy's style it was so
  • precise and this is straight-up the
  • natural minor scale three notes per
  • string which is what I teach in guitar
  • super system by the way check out the
  • link down below if you're interested in
  • that so essentially right at the scale
  • [Applause]
  • there you go guys
  • some legendary licks that you think are
  • hard because they are I don't know if
  • this series is going to go beyond this I
  • don't know any other ideas or iterations
  • that I can think of but maybe you can
  • suggest some because you guys have had
  • some great ideas until next time keep
  • shredding I don't know if I'm gonna keep
  • doing that because I keep losing all the
  • picks
  • [Music]

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