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Video $20,000 FORTNITE TOURNAMENT FINALS!!! FaZe vs. TSM Daequan & CaMiLLs - Full Series
35:44   |   views   |   06/10/2018


  • all right let's get the finals on the
  • road everybody enjoy best of luck
  • they're going tilted yeah
  • okay you see there's so many people
  • tilted dogs are gonna die and let unless
  • people good for house we'll go to our
  • house okay close a chest
  • I got a pump okay I got bro they're
  • either clapping us this series are dying
  • no there's no way they make there's no
  • way they catch out bro
  • Camille's at Lisa's gonna die they call
  • Mike watch out broad telling it so many
  • teams tilted dog all right fuck this up
  • and go try nice
  • hey ain't it Takao it's you guys OPA
  • when did I have a gun
  • blue beanie on top of the shack you see
  • me all right well I'm getting mad for a
  • gallon
  • nice okay though you have a MIDI for me
  • as well now write down either gonna pop
  • off or shit the bed gon be any fun I
  • mean I'm good you gotta hit her twice
  • she's still shielded uh she's like 25%
  • shield armor down mommy made out of
  • course one shot on me another one right
  • above us right above us get up just get
  • up get up go go you got me come here
  • Jesus Christ to come to the wall damn I
  • showed you got here right there whatever
  • we killed this time we go Gracie you're
  • right the sweat ease
  • we can't go you see if you want but I'm
  • just saying we should crop it thing look
  • at his on oh yeah yeah I need look at
  • this on my dad let's go definitely go
  • salty my bud I'm gonna eat some
  • mushrooms real quick before we skirt you
  • should try to find some as a look I meet
  • these in there but there's only somebody
  • that's it okay goes dead knows a dead
  • wafer oh fuck wait you know dead wait
  • what good one hell oh my god wait what
  • the fuck holy shit that man's ghost barn
  • bro oh that guy actually goes boring
  • we're down to six kills sniper shots
  • northeast at Grandma's house Dave's game
  • bean demand that guy's beat this guy's
  • no shield gays one shot with the shoddy
  • dad frame me there's a bar dude one guy
  • pushing Camille's is pushing him fuck
  • and I already got him you know it's too
  • we have to push that come on push him
  • push him push him Camilla's pushing him
  • into me right down to me now fuck down
  • underneath underneath underneath no we
  • still the kill bro fuck you wise man
  • who's hiding buddy his team in retail
  • team on me it's fucking waste on this
  • guy
  • oh fuck two teams on me I'm dead
  • probably I am dead come on Jesus jumping
  • through my one but once it's a football
  • squad I'm a dude hmm they're coming out
  • up north right now
  • come on dude
  • I didn't expect that
  • No are you freely are you fucking
  • kidding me dude
  • I'm down by 12 they won the game that
  • was the last team what that was the last
  • team I'd uh okay circle yeah twelve it's
  • not too bad I say we got to either lane
  • tilted or straight salty
  • I'm down for Tilton let's go tell if
  • they're done I say I'm not was in tilted
  • I don't care I'm PI I just lit show you
  • cilantro
  • I mean I'm gonna they're going tilted
  • all right well then I'm definitely
  • landing Trump let's just lay the fuck
  • out mate I mean they're gonna coat they
  • did with us mm-hmm
  • just laying with them steal their gun
  • and then let the enemy push them hey
  • nice shot yes sir
  • okay I'm gonna attack on Trump put the
  • top of a rock there there's a team at
  • the apartments team clock tower a clock
  • guy next to you all right dude
  • to get ba come in easy
  • there's gotta be guy in between us how
  • do you keep the full armor bro maybe we
  • got him nice
  • he's got chug-chug minis right here too
  • if you need have that Chuck yeah yeah I
  • hear people all over us just let's play
  • pass it I got it I have to chug tightest
  • lag got one got two hello
  • sixty
  • that guidance car make sure you grab it
  • I did I grabbed it
  • let's go clock Terry I'm gonna leave you
  • go talk to her okay excellent
  • yeah West I think in village right now
  • got him yeah
  • I can't move once I hop off the shopping
  • cart it's a team on me and Kamil's is a
  • chihuahua I can't even wait for this
  • airdrop man it's tough to go two teams
  • fighting in front of me Jeff hackers and
  • shit hey quads late man yeah of course
  • he's gonna punch you that one easy lever
  • against
  • good young good just and then so he just
  • chases me what getting believable dude I
  • don't get it
  • your team's over here dying and you're
  • chasing me we're down fifteen so that's
  • it bro now we're done eleven actually
  • Dave's probably dead there's a lot of
  • people in salty nine kills that's what I
  • need yeah Bob on the Popoff row looking
  • yikes man there's a lot of people dying
  • and I think by the time when they're
  • zone closes everyone's just gonna die
  • and it's gonna be fucked that was behind
  • you by the way yeah I know
  • Camille's just ignoring the shot tail
  • Chihuahua baby Chihuahua
  • so this charge by the way
  • you're gonna take both those focuses OE
  • I mean uh now there's one shot shit
  • seven cows go to this people last night
  • be north if you can take that shopping
  • cart I'd say do it
  • Heike good idea where is it down the
  • hill where Camille is running towards it
  • hey when you go to the zone brother
  • yeah beanies seven cows
  • damn buggy ass game
  • remember that team shot you ignore it
  • yep it was one guy thank you but yeah
  • I'm gonna go ahead North Side for sure
  • 13 players alive you have to frag out
  • you don't want a crack wrestler there is
  • none where how many kills I need enough
  • out of 713 and hikes go 7 put literally
  • kill everyone to fight everyone you ever
  • get me to die you guys look good just
  • run like two meals die I think that's
  • what I would do
  • Mills is hat yeah 75 75 let him die kid
  • bandaging he's getting quad Rams right
  • now they're focusing on you bro they're
  • donating you
  • the fuckers got on me
  • yeah there's that the bobtail girls are
  • probably dead here dude
  • yeah you think yeah he's getting quadrat
  • man he's literally six killers that's
  • all you need
  • did that he's got his daddy's that is
  • that play dumb Passover where people
  • yeah you need six kills man six of this
  • nine should I push them no from where
  • you do the tree yeah dude I got did you
  • see that guy
  • yes might be the fucking tree bro it's
  • night though yeah I mean it's unlucky I
  • mean I'm expected I mean like dude
  • fucking anything but a sniper brother
  • shit's fucking AIDS what do you want
  • drop Pleasant I don't fucking know where
  • to drop your band Pleasant dinner go
  • well see how many people hop out what we
  • can possibly hope it's a brain around
  • it's a brand around so good job yeah
  • alright they're gonna count it again
  • okay know what the pleasant yeah there's
  • a lot of people bro this is good we
  • could pop off here let's just not get
  • fucked and there will be fun
  • the mayor coming here there's a there's
  • a bot coming here they're kind of like
  • there's a full team full team agree do
  • you want to lay me to you then I don't
  • know but slight now it's laying here
  • it's laying here there's two shotguns
  • right below me fuck dude he's laying
  • here first lady her first please kill
  • this guy kill this guy you have attack I
  • got nice nice knife I wish I have two
  • shotguns when should I push now plot
  • Lane dummy no one I got one as well good
  • there's one this house on me I mean I
  • mean no it's North right nice got all of
  • them
  • no this should be one more yeah yeah
  • this guy's gone right here
  • papí midis whose minis on me underneath
  • the staircase come to me come to me
  • I don't need the staircase minis I
  • should be Walmart right yeah I think
  • there's more people here just loot up I
  • heard a guy to my West check the West
  • building okay I think there actually
  • would be a guy in there I'm gonna go up
  • on top another hop hop for you another
  • half pot right here here I'm dropping it
  • okay
  • I think it was one 100% West building
  • man cuz I saw him laying back no there's
  • a blue area on the bottom floor all
  • right well let's go
  • nice nice nice full kill him I'll kill
  • him full kill him yes that's him
  • pleasant we got fuck done zone we
  • actually got the worst orangy over
  • grenade grenade a native I don't know
  • where from where he's inside uh well you
  • know is that I don't know where he's at
  • yeah grazie
  • she's one shot he's one shot Southwest
  • sometimes last yes I'll pass on the Oh
  • Oh
  • shot noise my gosh he's one shot one
  • shot bro 20 HP I hit him like three or
  • four times cottham nice nice nice is you
  • think of somebody else around we have a
  • scope there yeah this is what's getting
  • the pleasant baby
  • we're up Dale alright let's keep it up
  • bring their BOTS but 210 on top of the
  • house see him yeah you're Bob let me
  • know kind of don't know already there's
  • also guy in the house as well he's
  • shopping down you shop it out bean dude
  • once I got him
  • there's a guy in this in the same house
  • 2nd floor he's gonna come he's gonna
  • come to him I'm just gonna go in the
  • roof
  • I'm meeting inside yeah there's a good
  • news he's in the room next to him he
  • beams he's one shot on to you another
  • one come on got another one
  • no he's down the stairs is he yeah yeah
  • actually I have no clue yet he should be
  • facing I mean I face big fucking right
  • under you man he's being honest to him I
  • here am I here no it's less room got him
  • nice good shit loot him lit him up
  • see four yeses you got it watch traps
  • I'm checking pleasant I think this this
  • is it I don't know that those are more
  • people here
  • this guy's not even moving let's go oh
  • shit
  • closer me Zoe come on you he's on top of
  • this uh okay just spam out if you can
  • I'm pushing up standing up for you
  • he dropped okay omegis games for taxi
  • forward force fuckin then we'll go set
  • move no factories go back you can go
  • north and then off fuck no no I'll meet
  • you around I'll meet you around there's
  • a team north though I mean there's team
  • up or he's there are factories dog
  • here's another team East the done team
  • East on the vending machine by the water
  • okay this guy in front of me I'm
  • sneaking up on him okay in between me
  • and you
  • he's you see him next to the tree now
  • he's right in front of me he's grabbing
  • the shopping cart these team is east by
  • the factories yes
  • hey they're not gone she was actually
  • you could go on foot I'll go around I
  • don't think we should I think we should
  • you're right you probably should cross
  • I'm in the zone I mean yeah we can
  • they're on a plateau 60
  • yep
  • Kalen nice nice knock dickon's pushing
  • towards it I'm gonna cut him off do it
  • mm-hmm he's that Plateau sixty you
  • should be up again the bots okay ones
  • down as well yeah right in front either
  • gonna be in by tens his friends still
  • that I'm a four kills friend
  • what could the friend I don't know where
  • the other guys he's another Power Ranger
  • he was crawling he that guy was crawling
  • West so I'm assuming his teammates West
  • Oh seen fucking nobody dog never there's
  • nobody here oh my god he's in modern bro
  • what is he doing fuck it fuck it doesn't
  • matter this turbo modern oh yeah yeah we
  • didn't have to go today we have to keep
  • one person on day man these guys doing
  • just you guys are modern I know I know
  • I'm just going to the zone I can kill
  • him they come out go today go today I'll
  • kill these time however he knows I'm
  • gonna say that day for the rest of the
  • game you got to play solo alright I
  • really I mean I think you should I don't
  • know we're good we're good it's fun I
  • just I mean it's good jobs are broken
  • broken yes
  • drama turn around oh you want me to
  • crack crystal over there I'm going what
  • was back by the storm see if it's a guy
  • I'm going to broken right now yeah I got
  • her broken Brogan's clear they have to
  • cheat in front of me somewhere I see him
  • yet he's one shot he's one shot another
  • one I made another one ami got him good
  • guy under me right now the guy that one
  • by one is literally 1 hp I killed that
  • guy that one shot kill both those guys
  • in loot legs ok
  • no yeah they're both dead over here I
  • think I saw another one Wes so we have
  • to keep someone on day man
  • yeah hey he just took fall damage he's
  • one shot a week bro there's people yes
  • Steve that's my retail what's the score
  • right now it is 15 to 18 let's get this
  • win dude I'm gonna push that team on the
  • hill I think oh my god John Wick's in
  • front of me fuck I got this shit though
  • ha me another one both dead fuck have my
  • game John Wick's or das fucking building
  • they're all dead over here kappa murder
  • it headshot it another one Southwest I'm
  • gonna launch out in a second
  • I'm pushing the team on the hill hey ya
  • down with them i down one of them that
  • john waite sound up there I'm pushing
  • Dada blew up our Ranger Power Ranger
  • fill out full killing the Power Ranger
  • end up one by one in front of you one by
  • one in front you right now is the yeah
  • under under under Omega
  • that's all of them mm-hmm looking guy
  • one yeah 60 60 60 yeah yeah yeah we're a
  • couple pots have just broken down right
  • here Bowl team these are the guys that
  • were in our game last game same exact
  • skins okay yeah and there's one by one
  • yeah yeah they're one by one a fight bro
  • who's got these fucking kids added to
  • where they getting in our games
  • careful you see where I am I'm behind
  • them view down behind them I did miss a
  • snipe on one
  • I'm literally flaky from the right I got
  • sleep in the back of the head there's
  • another box Kiba
  • dude I got type in the back of the head
  • twice now man just play your life dog
  • fuck me so unlucky dude this is the last
  • being stuff just fucking body him dude
  • it's fucking should you get in the best
  • yeah buy that Raven to play or not the
  • Raven buy lead agent well push up on to
  • my building just build up
  • Oh No so I said build up that shit fine
  • do you don't think you shooting me out
  • fuck
  • wasn't spoiler in 1528 damn we got a
  • lead
  • we're fuckin laning with them bro like
  • we're just gonna hug him like straight
  • out like no fucking around
  • we could go chip you know I mean
  • probably just land till done with them
  • is probably the safest bet 30 minutes
  • actually not a lot against good place
  • they jump bro
  • jump like they're gonna jump probably
  • right about now ish like in the rip in
  • the lake movie jump
  • that's why now the dickwads going uh
  • salty you want to go salty
  • we should go salty we should leave here
  • now stilted yeah go salty lane like
  • poverty maybe way you know Hunter's
  • Lodge yeah three two one three teams in
  • dusty okay J might link Castle Rock
  • three teams dusty David Gambrell and I'm
  • gonna line here nicely
  • I got a nice ass Lou dude never looted
  • this in my life
  • brother shit Lou bad kid over there you
  • see anybody today wait land salty yeah I
  • don't know I didn't I didn't check salty
  • but I know but I'm gonna loot this house
  • in salty I'm gonna check it out if not
  • we just go straight to dusty all right
  • you said there's teams dusty yeah
  • there's three I don't think anybody
  • landed salty which is I got a launch pad
  • - nice it's looking good
  • how's Kamil's doing he has no shield
  • still big bot on top of dusty just sit
  • outside of dusty and be mum yeah I have
  • a sniper but Tom wick inside of it and
  • there's a bot on top of the roof did
  • John wake in spec ops
  • fucking hate that's Auto sniper dude I
  • might just push the name heavies out I
  • don't have a shotgun
  • there's nobody in salty yeah I think we
  • should push these guys in here man ok ok
  • I'm pushing don't push them but just
  • chill ok I have an awesome all right got
  • my kiss nice played super fast of crotch
  • because they don't get smooth let's push
  • on this dumb excited I have a border
  • Ford as well I'm grab this med kit real
  • quick got mics 1 cha-cha makes literally
  • one shot he fucking snipe me bill bill
  • bill bill bill bill got him it's like
  • cover fire that cops in front of me now
  • we're 60 bucks one shot a porter for no
  • probably to be honest as more people
  • here
  • please there's more people yell Porter
  • for fog dude north you Kamil's of
  • darkness
  • yeah directly north to you right now
  • it's a blondie okay I don't see him
  • yeah he's right under you trust me okay
  • he's in this building then huh yeah
  • right here got him
  • nice nice nice I need a shoddy is there
  • any shot ease there's a guy shot is
  • attack here yeah now where the
  • Chihuahuas baby let's go come here dude
  • cool
  • come here master I launched the people
  • yeah yeah high ridge is one shot up top
  • good nice you're more I don't know I
  • don't know hold on me Bambi Bambi means
  • a lot northeast roof come here dead club
  • come here master yo it's like season
  • them what they do bro yo it's true it's
  • the stress I'm go to the launch pad it's
  • this youngster had to do the Chihuahuas
  • dreads MLG strats dog
  • the fuck it's not from behind yeah it
  • goes until today's fastest case if a
  • fire Hobson life is one big ones
  • this is 125 150 damage from oh my good
  • I'm like a little puppy dog dude man
  • yeah yeah people are coming down south I
  • mean people came down the hill Southwest
  • is built in front of me had a soccer
  • field right
  • I just missed the sniper Southwest the
  • boss I don't know what they're doing but
  • they're building something now and I'm
  • missing my Snipes for some reason days
  • pushing you
  • I can't move
  • yeah the boss in front of a full squad
  • mm-hmm days pushing the other big boss
  • man
  • thank you
  • got me a nice rub tug why is he looking
  • at me I thought there was a guy in there
  • that's not sabotage don't even get me
  • started
  • well what do you mean if there is a guy
  • in there and he hops in and the Doosan
  • in one by one hey we won tourney
  • bread I'm just happy actually waiter now
  • I don't know let's stick on them the
  • first ever to time mm-hmm
  • the real to time yeah boy faze clan Oh
  • God - oh my gos Q Omega is in the
  • building
  • I like this brother shit this shit this
  • is so hard
  • oh yeah boys sniper custom keys please
  • I'm a ripoff of my in 30 seconds what
  • the Scott off fuck stop it even after it
  • did I chopped down calm down
  • and here the jetpack you're dead yeah
  • jetpack knees no Chihuahua strats for
  • the wink
  • brah I don't want to see anything
  • negative in the chat I will ban you that
  • was that was good shit to them I mean
  • they'd be this first round fuck if you
  • say anything negative about the
  • beautiful day Qantas and Camillus then
  • you're gonna get banned amateur
  • permanently GG's that man fuck you talk
  • shit about me all you want just not
  • other people
  • this is all slowly get rekt mate
  • [Music]

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$20,000 FORTNITE TOURNAMENT FINALS!!! FaZe vs. TSM Daequan & CaMiLLs - Full Series
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