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Video CA / AZ US Border Patrol Checkpoint searched our vehicle with DOG!
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  • vehicle apart and a couple min to canine
  • will do it to both canines a citizen's
  • just that's where you guys come company
  • Oregon glide organ or flight Oregon
  • heading for Austin Texas Austin Texas
  • you see yeah well he didn't have you
  • been through here actually going through
  • the tech night before not not this
  • checkpoint but on the i-10 like for
  • we're headed here at address
  • your eye I was asleep for a while it
  • just will be you never been through this
  • checkpoint report no either you ever
  • done this two years ago two years ago
  • okay I think I remember it you know what
  • for you asked me through a secondary
  • here before
  • what does that mean they'll come right
  • good are you
  • this is my stepdad
  • yes
  • so both yes
  • yeah
  • no we're here oh no not this particular
  • checkpoint but just a few days ago we
  • got stopped at one on the way to Oregon
  • they stopped us and they said they smell
  • that the k-9 was a little bit of
  • narcotics
  • which there were actually no narcotics
  • in the vehicle but when they went
  • through everything my
  • smell of narcotics which they actually
  • have anything in it we yeah yeah so I
  • have that particular backpack again
  • and this time they went through
  • everything slowly smoke no you got a car
  • I used to smoke and the owner still
  • stays okay yeah and so found guys we go
  • read real quick faint beats so take me
  • straight to blue backpack most likely
  • yeah all right
  • fuck on the car
  • fine
  • see
  • eat me
  • here
  • with deep
  • key find it
  • yes
  • Oh
  • what are you doing

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Border Patrol searched our car! Their dog went in our chip bag! :-( It happened on i-8 between California border and i-10 in Arizona on Dec 2,2011.. I was driving and saw the border patrol on the freeway, I yelled at James to come in the front seat, he was sleeping in the back so that's why he looked tired in the video ha ha!

I'm one in the long hair, I don't do drugs

We drove from Glide, Oregon to Austin, Texas straight with no stop but just for gas and some food.

Filmed with GoPro Hero HD on suction cup on the windshield.

Check out my store for awesome GoPro mounts and accessories

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