Video I Paid Artists $20,000 To Finish My Drawing...

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I Paid Artists $20,000 To Finish My Drawing...
I Paid Artists $20,000 To Finish My Drawing... thumb I Paid Artists $20,000 To Finish My Drawing... thumb I Paid Artists $20,000 To Finish My Drawing... thumb


  • I found thirteen artists.
  • Each artist is gonna finish one of my drawings.
  • What they don't know is that I'm gonna be giving them
  • double of what they ask for.
  • So if someone charges $500 for a drawing
  • I'll pay them $1000.
  • I have a $20,000 budget so whatever I don't use I'm gonna
  • give to the homeless or hungry families.
  • Okay so let's try to design something cool, we're gonna start out with
  • a simple Spider-Man pose.
  • So pretty much what I'm doing for these is I'm doing the
  • quick design layouts for the artists to finish it.
  • I want it to be very dynamic so I want it to be fluent.
  • With this particular Spider-Man drawing I thought buildings
  • would be pretty cool. I think that should be enough honestly.
  • So it's just Spider-Man swinging through the buildings.
  • And this is just gonna be one of many for them to choose from.
  • Next thing we're gonna do is Iron Man versus Spider-Man, 'cause usually
  • they team up so it's gonna be kinda cool to see them go against each other.
  • For this I wanted more of a fighting pose and to be honest this is the one I'm most
  • excited about.
  • I feel like they can add so much to this piece and we're just gonna get something amazing.
  • Ooh, this is turning out really sick.
  • Oh, to make it even cooler we'll have the building over here.
  • I wonder how the artist [will] interpret this?
  • I think that's gonna be pretty cool, I'm curious to see how it's gonna turn out.
  • Yeah.
  • Okay, next I think we're just gonna draw my original character Dax.
  • So the drawing for this one is purely for reference which mean they don't have to
  • copy exactly what I'm doing.
  • Alright so it's gonna be something like that. I wonder what they could do with it.
  • I think it looks pretty good.
  • Let's do a really cool female scene.
  • Make sure we get the really powerful, bad-ass woman in here.
  • For this one I wanted to do a full battle scene, she has a huge sword and it's pretty much
  • for anyone who wants to draw a strong woman.
  • I think I added this one because I feel like I didn't have a female option and all of the superheroes
  • from before were all male.
  • And I just want to be fair because I know some people prefer drawing females over males.
  • I'll give her like some pet flying dragon.
  • There's our strong woman.
  • Now that we have the layouts, it's time to look for the artists.
  • The first person that I found was ArtUniverse6.
  • These just look incredible, they're very realistic.
  • So I'm gonna take a moment and just send them a DM.
  • Next, I'm gonna contact one of my favorite artists, his name is Villarrte.
  • I mean seriously, just check out these drawings. That is incredible art work.
  • His work is absolutely mind-blowing and I would love to see him draw one of my characters.
  • Bro, seriously though, look at that.
  • Next up I found Idan, he's been very good friends with me for over two years.
  • We met on Instagram a long, long time ago and as you can see his art is just great.
  • Look at that Spider-Man and Miles Morales, that is beautiful.
  • Up next I contacted someone named Studio Odin, so he does a more anime/manga style.
  • I've tried manga style and it's not as easy as it looks. So, respect to this guy.
  • Next person up I'm gonna contact, you already know who it is, Gawx Art.
  • He did a collab with me a while ago with a PewDiePie drawing.
  • He did a great job on that, so I wanna do it with him again.
  • [music]
  • He has some very colorful drawings, very similar to my good friend Vex.
  • But the next artist I contacted is Ink Art Luis. His style is interesting, it's a mix of comic style and manga.
  • One Punch Man!
  • Enough said.
  • We are getting this guy.
  • I mean, there's no way I can do this video without contacting my good friend, Terrence Unchained.
  • This guy is one of my best friends on Instagram and this guy's art is very impressive.
  • Bro, back when I had nothing and I was tiny on Instagram, this guy helped me out so much.
  • So huge shout out to him.
  • And of course I contacted the realism queen, Flo.
  • See this, it literally looks just like a photo.
  • That is some nice hair.
  • And my hair just looks like grass that hasn't been watered.
  • So some of you guys may already know this guy, PopCross Studios, I've done videos with him in the past.
  • He's really talented and he can do these cool animations, so I wonder what he's gonna do
  • using my drawings.
  • Next we have Bella Rachlin. I really want her to draw my strong woman because
  • I've been looking at her female characters for a while and they are so beautiful.
  • Look at that, you can't tell me that's not amazing.
  • To make this video a little more interesting, I actually contacted one of my fans.
  • So, she actually followed me for a while and she's done art like this for me before.
  • Artist number 12 is Jackson Caspersz.
  • He does some hyper realistic sketches based on reference. See that, he does basic
  • layouts and then goes and does stuff like that.
  • That is sick.
  • The last and thirteenth artist is very special I flew him out to California to draw with me.
  • So most of the guys I'm communicating through DMs, but this guy is physically gonna be with me and
  • we're gonna work together on this in real life.
  • It's been a couple weeks, so let's take a look at their art and give them double of what they're asking for.
  • Wow! He finished my drawing and it looks so good.
  • It looks photo-realistic but at the same time it's not a copy of an actual photo, which is
  • something I really, really love.
  • I don't even know how he go those details and that's just mind-blowing to me.
  • I can't believe he turned my awful drawing into this.
  • 5 Turkey punches out of 5.
  • I think that's gonna be the rating system from now on.
  • Sorry Turkey.
  • I just PayPal'd him and I'm gonna send him a message saying why I'm doing this surprise.
  • I said, "Amazing art! I sent you double the payment as a little surprise and support great artists like you."
  • Oh boy, the next one is by one of my favorite artists ever.
  • So as you can imagine, $20,000 is a lot to spend on just one video.
  • So I got a sponsor to help me out with a few thousand.
  • Crunchyroll is the world's biggest site for anime and manga.
  • So if you're someone that like either one of those, this is the place to go to.
  • Honestly, I didn't know what show to watch, and a lot of you guys suggested "Attack on Titan".
  • So it should be pretty easy, we just type in, "Attack on Titan" over here and it should show up.
  • Look, right there, now I can watch "Attack on Titan".
  • And obviously, that's just one of the many shows on here. And I'm sure a lot you guys have
  • heard about Crunchyroll already, so you guys can suggest some stuff for me to watch.
  • All episodes are also ad-free, meaning no ads at all, and you get to watch it in 80p.
  • Can't watch it on your phone or computer? No problem, you can play it on your Xbox, Playstation, you name it.
  • So if you do want to try this out and get a 14 day free trial, go to crunchyroll.com/zhc, or
  • use the link in the description.
  • In case you missed it, it's crunchyroll.com/zhc.
  • I'm kinda nervous to see this.
  • Okay, he sent a time lapse in.
  • Going very fast.
  • Is that my character?! My character Dax?
  • Bro.
  • What?! How does someone do that!
  • [triumphant music]
  • Yo, my heart is racing right now.
  • How is he so good? Look at that anatomy, that crosshatching.
  • These guys are straight-up embarrassing me, I might as well delete my channel.
  • I give it 6 Turkey punches out of 5.
  • Here's proof that I paid him double of what he asked for.
  • "Hey by the way I sent you $600 instead of $300 'cause I want to support hardworking artists like you!"
  • He is really one of the most talented artists I know.
  • Next we have Art of Idan, also drawing my original character Dax.
  • Okay so, he's doing the standing pose I made.
  • Those colors, man.
  • Wait is that Turkey?
  • Oh my goodness! Wait, Turkey's in there.
  • Now that I know there's a Turkey in the drawing, it deserves more than just a Turkey punch.
  • Amazing artist.
  • I PayPal'd him and I DM'd him too.
  • "Also I paid you $600 instead of $300 as a little surprise for everyone helping out with the video".
  • Next we have Studio Odin who also drew my character Dax.
  • Wow, look this is definitely his style.
  • There's a blue in the background, there's a pink background, there's a turquoise background,
  • and there's a yellow background.
  • Which one do you like most, Turkey?
  • I really like the pink one.
  • How about you?
  • [silence]
  • Not talking, huh?
  • Oh wait, wait, sorry. I-I think he said pink earlier.
  • So there we go, we PayPal's him double of what he asked for. And were gonna surprise him in
  • in the DMs.
  • "And just as a thank you and to support my fellow artists, I'm giving everyone double of what they asked for!
  • Just a fun little surprise."
  • Thanks, bro. He sent me four so that's four punches.
  • Next we have Gawx Art, who also did Dax.
  • [music]
  • That is definitely his style, man.
  • Here's the PayPal and let's see what his response is.
  • "Amazing art, bro! Keep up the amazing work just as a thank you to my fellow artists,
  • I'm gonna send you double."
  • We both liked it very much.
  • Artist number 6, Ink Art Luis, sent us a couple of progress photos.
  • This is the first one. I can already tell this is gonna be good.
  • One punch for the layout.
  • Bro, alright.
  • Dude, those lines are so dynamic it just goes *motions up*
  • And there is the final one.
  • I think he was kinda on a time crunch and didn't have time to color it yet.
  • What do you think Turkey? Do you like it?
  • How dare you?!
  • Never mind he was talking about my sh*tty art.
  • He said this one looks really good.
  • There, we PayPal's him.
  • "Also I'm gonna send you asked for as a little surprise
  • who helped out with the video!"
  • Next artist!
  • We have Terrence Unchained.
  • Yooo! Is it just me or is it kinda creepy but awesome at the same time?
  • Look at those teeth!
  • Terrence is a master. *flustered* I'm just gonna pay him right now. I gotta pay him.
  • Okay, maybe not just a hundred.
  • Each one of these artists have, like, there own unique style and they just add so
  • much to it.
  • I said "I doubled the payment amount by the way! It's a little surprise I wanted you to have for this video."
  • And the thing with Terrence is that he has a full time job and a family,
  • so he wasn't able to put everything off right away to work on this.
  • So please go do me favor and go support him.
  • This guy honestly deserves everything.
  • 'Kay next we have Flo.
  • [upbeat music]
  • It looks really, really good.
  • So, I'm gonna have to give it to her on this one.
  • This is 5 Turkey punches.
  • I PayPal'd and I told her, "I doubled what I would usually pay to support fellow artists as a little surprise."
  • Turkey, unfortunately, is not an artist.
  • Now, for the last Dax drawing.
  • This one is by PopCross Studios.
  • It moves!
  • Dude!
  • That hair!
  • And that redesigned spike ball looks really dope.
  • Turkey can't even move this this, watch:
  • Is that all you can do?
  • This is better than anything I would've ever expected.
  • I really wanna pay him but he told me to donate the money to people in need.
  • Come on Turkey, I give stuff away too.
  • No it's not just for views.
  • *whispers* It's also for bait.
  • Nah I'm just kidding guys, I actually really like helping people in need.
  • Whoa! Bella Rachlin did a killer job on this.
  • She even drew some creature's skull that she slayed.
  • Aw, it's the baby dragon!
  • Now THAT is a strong woman.
  • I paid her and I told her, "I sent you double of what you asked for by the way.
  • It's a little surprise for artists doing the commission."
  • Don't you like good reactions, Turkey? Who doesn't like strong women?
  • Excuse me, what?
  • THAT'S what happens when you don't respect women.
  • Oh, you're talking about me?
  • Turkey, for the last time, I'm not a woman.
  • Where'd your money go? Turkey, where's your money?
  • No!
  • Turkey, did your money rip?
  • Alright Turkey, it looks like you have this for the rest of the video.
  • Next, we have CiCi Zhong, who drew over my Venom drawing.
  • Woo!
  • Dude!
  • I didn't think there was anything else to add to my Venom.
  • This girl is 16 years old, and she did that.
  • I told her I was gonna pay her, but she is also very kind-hearted. And she really loves
  • animals so she sent me this link to this Taiwanese dog shelter or something, and she
  • told me to help her give me money to that.
  • So I'll contact them and hopefully I'll be able to donate some money to them.
  • When I was 16 I couldn't do that.
  • Actually, I can't even do that right now.
  • [impressed] What?
  • That Iron, Spider suit is so clean, bro.
  • I feel like the more art I see, the more I feel like I have to learn.
  • I think I just feel so grateful right now because even though I'm not the best
  • artist, you guys are still following me and helping me out so much.
  • I don't know I just feel so grateful right now.
  • I'm gonna send you double of what you asked for.
  • Ready for the next one?
  • For the next artist, I'm flying them over to meet me in person.
  • So for this one I actually have a physical underdrawing and let's see if James wants to
  • finish it.
  • Z- "Hey, James." J-"Hey, buddy."
  • Z-"Uh, so this was the drawing I was talking about." J-"Oh, right on!"
  • Z-"I drew it first and then I'll have you redraw it." J-"Okay, awesome."
  • Z-"Then of course I'll pay you for it. Do you have any like, commission rates?"
  • J-"Uhh, I don't know, man. Whatever you think is best."
  • Z-"So, that's Iron Man and that's Spider-Man." J-"Spider-Man! Okay."
  • Z-"I'll check in with you in a bit." J-"Okay, sounds good."
  • Kinda fighting the clock 'cause my flight leaves this afternoon.
  • As cool as this piece is, it's also gonna take a bunch of time.
  • See that, 10:30? I gotta leave for the airport at 5 o'clock, so that's all the time I've got.
  • [upbeat music]
  • The hardest part for me is the actual layout part.
  • For the most part Zach got that done for me.
  • That's the part where I have the most thinking, trying to think of the pose.
  • Pretty much just trying to get the proportions right, trying to get all the costume details both of them have
  • very intricate costume details.
  • Also wanted to get Spider-Man killable, which is also great.
  • Look pretty good, um, Spider-Man feels a bit tall.
  • I don't wanna spend too much time on the layout here 'cause the layout is practically done it's just
  • a matter of getting the character proportions right.
  • I'm going straight to ink, one more time.
  • [electronic music]
  • Right now, I'm gonna go to Well's Fargo to get some cash so I can pay James Raiz in person, and
  • get a little bit of cash for the thumbnail.
  • Z-"James, guess what we're having for breakfast?" J-"What're we having, eggs?"
  • Z-"Bread!" J&Z-*laughs*
  • Z- "Nah, nah just kidding I got some donuts."
  • J-"We'll see. See how many."
  • J-"Is that real?" Z-"Yeah, yeah I just got it from the bank."
  • Z-"Michelle, guess what were having for breakfast?" M-"What?"
  • Z-"Bread!"
  • M-"No way!" Z-"Yeah."
  • M-"Mine." Z-"No!"
  • Z-"Oh no."
  • [music]
  • That jump was getting the figures done, doing the figures was a lot of fun to do.
  • And it was such a great pose that Zach put together.
  • But also, then I went ahead and then did the buildings. I wish I could've spent
  • a few more hours on this, but all in all, [I'm] pretty pleased with the way it turned out.
  • So hopefully, Zach will enjoy it as well.
  • Z-"How's the drawing coming along?"
  • J-"Pretty good! Almost done."
  • Z-"Wow, that looks amazing." J-"You like it, man?"
  • Z-"It's a commission." J-"Mhm!"
  • Z-"Here, this is yours."
  • J-"You mean just this one?" Z-"Here's a tip."
  • J-"What?!"
  • Hey Zach, don't tell my wife.
  • [music]
  • I think I did that too fast.
  • J-"Make sure there's none under the couch. Don't get my belly in it."
  • I think he's had enough punches for today.
  • What? You didn't subscribe?
  • Subscribe or I'm gonna do that to you. I'm not joking.

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