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Video The Hague 4-Star 2019 - Women GOLD - Beach Volleyball World Tour
44:38   |   views   |   01/06/2019


  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • hello there and welcome to the fiv be
  • world tour we're in the hague we're
  • indoors and it's gold-medal time
  • [Music]
  • you
  • there has been 98 Brazil versus the USA
  • women's gold medal matches in FIV be
  • beach volleyball in history but this is
  • a new rivalry that starts here today for
  • God Sarah sponsor Kelly Kleiss or up
  • against Anna Patricia and Rebecca from
  • Brazil for gold on the FIB be world saw
  • legends have grace this game from both
  • nations the likes of Juliana Larissa who
  • still individually is the best player on
  • records have ever played the game if you
  • count medals and trophies the likes of
  • eight more Ross Kerri walsh-jennings
  • misty may-treanor there's been some
  • battles through the ages but
  • it's time for the youngsters to come to
  • the forefront Alec Patricia I'm Rebecca
  • came through a tough encounter yes Alix
  • Klineman and April Ross yesterday in
  • straight sets and served so well sponsor
  • price broke the hearts of Finland by
  • beating laity and Parkin in three to
  • qualify for the final
  • [Applause]
  • and Patricia I'm Rebecca I'll be playing
  • together six 2017 we need the referees
  • finish get which Koska from Poland
  • second referee Roman Takagi
  • now with max the referees is trying to
  • meet the place the USA only event
  • together a new team with lots of class
  • but fast outs it's Kelly Kleiss just 23
  • years old a threats at the next best
  • finish or the second so far can say
  • better that we're about to find out
  • her partner from Phoenix Arizona
  • 22 years young Sara sponsor currently at
  • UCLA coached by the legend it's time
  • Mexico Brazil Anna
  • Patricia silver Ramos makes her way into
  • the arena a team nuts have won one gold
  • on the fiv V world tour but they are
  • still young in their development
  • tournaments between them as Rebecca have
  • a Kartik opposed the silver makes her
  • way on to center court 25 years old from
  • Fortaleza this team won in China earlier
  • on in the season it shoots out
  • and Patricia sick final four for Rebecca
  • but with only three teams of the women's
  • top 15 present here it gives a real
  • opportunity for teams to score world
  • ranking points and the Patricia goes on
  • the reverse tries to chop one back
  • cross-court
  • so no avail these teams have never
  • played each other when you think it's
  • only the third event for spots all in
  • kleiss two errors sorry my mistake that
  • one's in she got stuck the ounces
  • alright of the tape good work from
  • sponsor he's got great feet inside the
  • ball her arm stays really relaxed but
  • just a she's a little bit why I put her
  • feet facing towards the back Center got
  • inside the ball and the arm really
  • strong
  • [Music]
  • and the Patricia physical
  • and athletic spots are just gambling on
  • the slightly wider one sponsor in her
  • first AVP main draw this was only this
  • last season came second in Austin with
  • Lauren thumbs up Vice doing the rest
  • [Music]
  • it's been a fast route to the top great
  • decision to go onto from the USA they
  • know farewell that Anna Patricia wants
  • to run in to block what often breaks
  • when you play on - or run the ball wider
  • variation of plays coming to the
  • forefront of the game nowadays beach
  • volleyball chants gone - again but
  • sponsor stays really smart to go back to
  • Kelly close bit of a mix-up with Anna
  • Patricia
  • playing some D
  • [Applause]
  • point straight to Rebekah to say that's
  • your good moving so quick Rebekah
  • [Music]
  • shipping Highline good extension of the
  • elbow great finish with the wrist as
  • well so the target deep to the right the
  • float serve in this arena has been
  • problematic the whole way through that a
  • competition
  • indoors the ball moves so much more
  • sponsor has a look at the court that
  • she's blocked first on of asking for
  • mana Patricia second time in a row guys
  • has to get her skates up three times
  • Anna Patricia gets hands on the ball and
  • then transitions
  • [Applause]
  • for sale sponsor cannot find an answer
  • reading the game well here and the
  • Patricia moving into the angle rate sees
  • the body line staying under like very
  • much blocking body line here the
  • Brazilian
  • [Music]
  • sponsor in-system this time you'd
  • fancier to throw it out for me
  • good court vision they double up on the
  • cross court this time Raziel sponson
  • sees it rolls want to the line
  • [Music]
  • service pressure this time from the USA
  • as a deep flap potent floats that no
  • respect
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • on a Patricia so real quick I'm and a
  • real good rest through the ball
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • Cermak sponsored sir Christ will be
  • blocking 2017 Kleiss and Sarah Hughes
  • who now plays with summer Ross played
  • together went very well in the AVP when
  • you have to appreciate the mana Patricia
  • is that she stays so high and eats the
  • corners and even if the block defense is
  • lined up different leaner it's so
  • uncomfortable to play defense anywhere
  • above chest hi Rebecca now from the
  • right side dynamic
  • [Music]
  • we're gonna flying here
  • [Music]
  • it's not Anna Patricia
  • it's Rebecca getting a feed inside the
  • ball and whipping one to the same in
  • system making reads Rebecca over setting
  • advice punishment and the Patricia she
  • is seeing everything out there I'm
  • having the best sign Anna Patricia won
  • the gold medal at the Nanjing Youth
  • Olympic Games with Duda and at the world
  • under-21 World Championships it's 2016
  • they have to settle
  • the silver all the way back in 2012 but
  • Brazil with the likes of Duda and Anna
  • Patricia are blessed with talent at the
  • moment Rebecca steps round makes the
  • play
  • Jack selling from plies flirting with
  • the referee in her decision making but
  • also falling and a Patricia crisis job
  • really did pull the block in an easy
  • pickings
  • [Music]
  • Rebecca has just shot stubble
  • multi-ball Rebecca a gang has seen that
  • so early
  • [Music]
  • second opportunity day through sports
  • again good court vision sees everything
  • before chopping Apple back across her
  • body shows the line hits back cross
  • [Music]
  • maybe just maybe that's the start of a
  • comeback
  • [Music]
  • intensity Sherman response on close
  • second shots bringing in Anna Patricia
  • shorts difficult to get the approach off
  • the short serve to have to make space
  • keep the ball in front of you no power
  • option available there but again height
  • advantage pays dividends
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • nice technical it's the USA they have it
  • all to do pausing is slightly quick and
  • tight from sponsor makes it difficult to
  • set
  • [Applause]
  • and Rebecca just seems to have every
  • tool in the toolbox shooting away good
  • vision arm swing goes either way if you
  • have an arm that goes both ways with
  • great vision you cannot be strong
  • [Music]
  • sideout play improving though from the
  • Americans
  • mix-ups from cali close Rebecca so far
  • have been faultless they're no block no
  • respects staying so accurate with every
  • swing decision-making has been on point
  • [Music]
  • another error
  • from this promising American side
  • [Music]
  • shipping to the lion sponsor is seen
  • from Anna Patricia my oh my
  • fifteen complement each other so well
  • the physicality of Anna Patricia who can
  • just turn on a sixpence and put that
  • ball away with the consistency of
  • Rebecca
  • viii competition together for vinyl for
  • another dick well-read just to sit
  • inside and see that one in the body line
  • three-ball chance to open up a ten-point
  • lead something that you rarely see in a
  • gold medal game and it doesn't matter
  • whether sponsor decides to stay and
  • block Rebecca finds a way over or
  • through the block and then when she
  • decides to break the block and play
  • double defense
  • Rebecca sees it and it's so accurate
  • [Applause]
  • [Applause]
  • you just went a little bit early last
  • one ounce Rebecca
  • makes yet another reader and finally she
  • does prove that she is human and does
  • make mistakes like the rest of us
  • [Music]
  • so I'm sure Tanana Patricia again trying
  • to get her shooting the ball she does
  • shoot the ball but the vision is good
  • and the work to the line is strong
  • there you have it the first set goes to
  • Brazil and they have been so strong Anna
  • Patricia
  • I'm Rebecca have just been relentless in
  • that pursuit of God so far in
  • consistency from the USA but really
  • Priscilla just be too strong all over
  • for sound and the Patricia and Rebecca
  • take the first set of this final 2110
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • second sets underway question is can
  • Brazil keep up the same level of prey
  • that we've seen in step one to get here
  • they beat and Ross and Kleinman tobacco
  • River and strip over from Slovakia
  • Heydrich and virgin Dupree here on to
  • come back after Heydrich missed a lots
  • of 2018 injured they're undefeated up
  • until now with other wins against
  • Austria another era and looking for a
  • block touch looking at that picture
  • there might just have been a slight
  • touch
  • or maybe it's been reversed
  • [Applause]
  • good decision referee clearly off the
  • inside hand
  • of Kleiss sponsor will get right side
  • having a little look at the court sees
  • the defender concede a defender shipped
  • round to the cross court the line that
  • means is open there's no way that
  • Rebecca she shipped on a sharp angle and
  • then shift back to the line passing is
  • high enough they back up to set more
  • errors though from Brazil this is a
  • different dynamic now passing fairly
  • straight has to do the work to get out
  • the career angles with the approach
  • sharp fading them all away off the
  • morning
  • [Applause]
  • all great left side just have to have it
  • no digging that one regardless of this
  • result the Brazilians will be top of the
  • Olympic ranking due to that good results
  • Rebecca find the line again but you
  • would think with the likes of Laura load
  • big gear a Balkan horse coming back into
  • the scene this year they're currently
  • training in celery just one of a list of
  • big names or picking teams who are in a
  • training phase at the moments have
  • chosen not to be here Rebecca though is
  • here is making some outrageous stunning
  • plays on the backcourt and if it's not
  • the defense capabilities it's the
  • blocking skills of Anna Patricia
  • she's watching everything the class is
  • doing
  • places underneath the ball facing angle
  • always difficult to come to the line two
  • in a row and after what was such a
  • bright starts from the USA once again
  • they're falling by the wayside here
  • sponsor in system from the right side
  • chips away on the angle but Rebecca
  • makes yet another dig this time she
  • can't convert in transition though it's
  • a rare dig on the break from Kleiss and
  • Anna Patricia
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • how many times will we see Ana Patricia
  • score points for Brazil both different
  • angles at different speeds impressive
  • stuff inside set for sponsor manages to
  • really work her feet inside the ball
  • works away from the body to the line you
  • see some rightsiders stay very close to
  • the set sir
  • others will keep distance between the
  • three players and then have to work that
  • they are football skills from Anna
  • Patricia this resection of the chest
  • supplying from Brazil showboating all
  • over the sack then look from spawn silk
  • touch off the block
  • beside out consistency
  • is the limiting factor for the USA not
  • for Brazil though Rebecca just shows
  • once again
  • she needs to she can be impressed when
  • she has to she can be accurate two-point
  • game change events Brazil looking for
  • their second FIV V World Tour gold medal
  • together and that's a good start but
  • sponsoring reads everything and it's
  • good reactions from the youngster
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • they would be looking to win their
  • second gold medal as a team
  • Larisa franca has 162 on the world tour
  • Juliana second on that list with 48
  • Sheldor legends 234 and Adrianna good
  • blocking from Kelly close
  • Adriana with 31 the top for serving
  • medalists for all Brazilian Kerri
  • walsh-jennings
  • misty may-treanor
  • timeout court chance to regroup Anna
  • Patricia has got first place four times
  • in the fiv V World Tour just one win and
  • Queen she'll still have lots of wins to
  • compete with the likes of Larissa
  • Juliana Sheldor just to name a few
  • but they've started well again most time
  • out
  • servus get to sponsor the tactic that's
  • working
  • the touval live the blocker that's
  • running in but it needs good perception
  • and that from spots allah was pretty
  • good high enough hangs in the air for a
  • period of time
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • but good side out needs good serving to
  • go with it no second ball this time
  • sponsor looks angle tries to work the
  • ball on the inside of the block
  • [Music]
  • heads I'm sorry for the USA
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • cuts the call but the lying is the swing
  • she has all the attributes ponsoldt to
  • be a very very good player okay quick
  • she's developed through the AVP through
  • UCLA now on the world tour
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • we're Team USA
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • and the Patricia served inside cutting
  • off the hitting angle she has to go
  • align that luckily for her she scores
  • muscle doesn't quite see it
  • [Music]
  • people used again they're just fixing
  • the problems Brazil they know what's
  • coming their way and Rebecca as she has
  • done all competition long scores points
  • spun silk from the inside again she has
  • the line open she does go to the line
  • spar to play response almost Todd Rogers
  • asked the professor he used to love
  • getting his feet inside the ball and
  • just turning it back short angle
  • and the defensive coverage is good from
  • the Americans maybe
  • just maybe get back in this one
  • I'm in service pressure you can never
  • count any team outs hubby and wife serve
  • straight down the middle causing
  • confusion in the Brazilians cap Sydow
  • from Ana Patricia
  • keeps them and ctrl-g us
  • [Music]
  • flirting with the second ball play again
  • well seen from sponsor Burt excellent
  • block jump set again trying to pull Anna
  • Patricia into blocking the two ball
  • before setting and using all three
  • touches tie set out of system to the
  • winged fairy for score
  • it's taking a while but the USA are
  • heating up there
  • [Music]
  • good serving has been key but they need
  • to keep it up the outside working line
  • Rebecca
  • it's very difficult to break off than
  • that can be still by the time that the
  • spike is going D at the ball you can
  • still be moving if you're looking to try
  • and knuckle the high line if you want to
  • stop the faster play you have to try and
  • be still
  • things are starting to go the way
  • of the USA
  • that's a communication better vision
  • again on the inside trying to bring
  • Rebecca in it's a good read it's a great
  • chase from Katie Christ as well but it's
  • the time for Brazil to speed the game up
  • and go on to the chase spectacular
  • but by the time she gets in to try and
  • block once again the points already
  • finished double up on the line good
  • hands again from Anna Patricia he seems
  • to have a real good feel of the ball in
  • the block
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • short line was the way to score from
  • sponsor
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • nothing to gives I'm Rebecca goes back
  • to the line she misses out by a whisker
  • USA leap like to
  • [Applause]
  • Becker again looks as if smoke so so
  • that one
  • then quite release to get after it too
  • fast too accurate from Rebecca but they
  • are putting the Brazilian under all
  • sorts of pressure changer bans pisac
  • huge payments of this gold medal match
  • Mansoor makes the block
  • [Applause]
  • but previously with that it goes to the
  • lighting this time his angle you see
  • players win Olympic Games with a High
  • Line and a hard
  • cross-court swing angle to ball again
  • well seen early on and the chip to the
  • line brings Brazil back into control
  • [Music]
  • and within two points of gold
  • [Music]
  • the backup makes the defensive play
  • chance to transition to brilliant match
  • my jumbo from Rebecca always from a
  • standing position
  • [Music]
  • no chance to turn a bird
  • the control of the bone with the wrist
  • from Rebecca incredible
  • the crowds getting behind the finalists
  • [Music]
  • copper's ill holdouts
  • for a historic victory
  • Candace Brazilian side when their second
  • gold
  • we'll be their first four-star victory
  • and the Patricia the ball away and after
  • winning gold in Queens out just three
  • months ago the young Brazilian Perry of
  • Ana Patricia and Rebecca have won their
  • first four star competition together in
  • just that eight events what's a
  • performance it really is a team that
  • complements each other
  • I'm Patricia scoring that one for Brazil
  • good reactions after making a touch in
  • the block but see what making the dream
  • Rebecca so critical in offense Brazil
  • deserve that title
  • [Music]
  • we'll have fun to win gold in the hey
  • 2110 21:18 what's a performer
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • just waiting to go down
  • courtside
  • they'll say see the trophy moment how
  • far can Ana mr shipp and Rebecca girl
  • they're at the top of the Olympic
  • qualification ranking already
  • they have won the first competition of
  • 2019 maybe legends are born
  • today the winners Ana Patricia and
  • Rebecca just 20 and 25 years old
  • so here I am a courtside with Ana
  • Patricia a very good match 2-0 your
  • first four-star gold medal how's it feel
  • happy I don't have words for this moment
  • it's our first gold medal in one event
  • four stars and today is the birthday of
  • our coach so this is so so special for
  • us a great present to give him but that
  • first set you played very well how close
  • to your best was that first set we
  • always played together and probably
  • these do the difference in the game
  • Francis congratulations wave to your
  • friends well with legends of the game
  • the likes of Juliana
  • talita Larisa maybe these two are going
  • the same way let's watch some highlights
  • [Music]
  • well there you have it the gold
  • medalists our crowns and the Patricia
  • and Rebecca defeat Kenny place and Sarah
  • sponsor but all four players will be
  • black on the big occasion very very soon
  • that's for sure
  • Brazil take gold here in The Hague the
  • USA you have to settle for silver that's
  • all we've got time for for the moment
  • from The Hague we will see you very very
  • soon
  • Brazil take gold
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • you

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Watch the live stream of the ‘The Hague 4-Star 2018 - Beach Volleyball World Tour’ here!

More info:

About the Event
The DELA Beach Open will be played from 2 to 6 January 2019. The international beach volleyball series will compete again in The Hague. With top teams from Brazil, USA, Australia, Germany, Italy and of course the Netherlands, the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour is back. After the last year's success, the DELA Beach Open is once again the first tournament of the year which is specifically important, as the Olympic Qualification circle has already started and every point counts.

About the FIVB
The FIVB is the governing body responsible for all forms of volleyball on a global level. Working closely with national federations and private enterprises the FIVB aims to develop volleyball as a major world media and entertainment sport through world-class planning and organization of competitions, marketing and development activities. The FIVB is part of the Olympic Movement, contributing to the success of the Olympic games.


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