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Video I Tried Making Kinetic Sand!
05:19   |   3M+ views   |   today at 04:38


  • I recently bought some of this really cool kinetic sand or they call this stuff cosmic sand
  • But I think it's all the same sort of thing
  • it came in two packets
  • And when I open it up
  • You can see how cool it is
  • It starts crumbling away and breaking apart
  • It feels really light and all those fluffy
  • And it almost pours off your fingers. Pretty cool, huh?
  • Yet, if you want to you can squidge it all together
  • And mould it into shapes with your hands, you can even squeeze it into moulds like this and form really cool shapes
  • And something else that is really satisfying is you can take a sharp knife and cut through the sand giving you these lovely straight cut lines
  • It really is fun stuff to play with and when you're bored you can just squidge it back together and start again
  • I thought it would be fun to try making something similar ourselves, so I started by taking a bowl and using some Elmer's glue
  • And some Sta-Flo liquid starch
  • I made a small amount of slime
  • You can take a look at my other videos for alternative slime recipes
  • Then to try and make it fluffy I added a small squirt of shaving foam
  • And a little bit of water
  • Then I mixed it all together into this white foamy solution
  • Next I took some of this red colored sand which I got from the craft shop
  • Added a bit into the solution
  • And gave it all a mix
  • I added a bit more sand and kneaded it together with my hands
  • And I ended up with this
  • It almost looks like play-doh
  • But it's also kind of slimey
  • You can stretch it out like this
  • And break it up with your hands and mould it
  • It doesn't fall apart quite the same way as in the sand that I bought did but it is really cool
  • So I decided to test it in the mould. It packed in quite nicely
  • And when I turned it out
  • It looks really cool
  • And it's easy to squidge back together, and mould it to something else
  • So I made a load more this time with green sand
  • This batch does feel a bit different
  • I don't know whether the sands a bit different or maybe I mixed up the quantities a bit differently
  • but it still squid jizz together well and
  • this stuff breaks apart a bit more like the original stuff I
  • I Tried filling up this mold to make an interesting selection of different colored creatures
  • I
  • Particularly like these lady birds
  • And if you like to you can chop them up and swap parts around
  • Both the red and the green stuff I made do slice really well and keep their shape
  • It's great fun to play with and mold into different shapes
  • And it's got a really satisfying texture
  • It's not quite the same as the original stuff, I bought in the packet
  • But it is really cool, and it's great fun to make to
  • Get creative and see what you make I
  • Hope you've enjoyed watching this video if you want to see more you can click on the links or take a look at my youtube
  • channel page
  • Stay safe have fun. And as always. Thanks for watching

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How to make kinetic sand! I try making my own by mixing a small amount of slime with colored craft sand. This recipe turn out pretty well. Great project to make with kids at home. Slime Videos Here:/watch?v=bZ1WmeKir78&list=PLQ_T2NppE0PJBzfgoRfW1ITnazHRFXpz1

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