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Video "Keanu" Red Band Trailer - From the Minds of Key & Peele - Uncensored
02:43   |   5M+ views   |   today at 09:37


  • hey man how are you how you doing
  • nothing makes sense anymore are you okay
  • Maisie broke up with well it's gonna be
  • okay
  • you're right Clarence I want you to meet
  • key onyx no god that's the kids get
  • never seen in my life
  • why is your door open be honest no I'm
  • sorry
  • Oh sup sup bro I'm here cuz my place got
  • broken into there's anyone Shady come by
  • here I mean there's 17 street blips the
  • 17th Street slips okay where are they
  • 17th Street let's just go check it out
  • what's the worst that can happen
  • one beer please I'll take a white wines
  • for Claire's dollars what you can't talk
  • like that here then we really are in
  • trouble because you sound like Jean
  • Ritter all the time well ah beg to
  • differ
  • nigga went straight to the n-word niggas
  • in the right place they're in the right
  • place nigga
  • Oh
  • Cheddar's got kyani we in the market
  • right now for like a gangster pet so
  • and not breaking the law we just feed
  • him some about New Jack city
  • you get young
  • you ain't never seen nobody get killed
  • before I think you were gonna kill
  • before come on Jana needs you I need you
  • where are you what do you think my
  • idea for was why are you talking to me
  • like that I talk like that sometimes why
  • you try this weekend's bad we want to
  • never get pulled over again
  • you drive a a conspicuous family vehicle
  • ain't no dang
  • oh there kitty kitty
  • see what we got here what the is
  • this oh this must right here
  • you

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In the market for a gangsta pet? Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key are back with "Keanu," their first feature film.

"Keanu" opens in theaters April 29.


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