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  • This is 100% the saddest day of the entire year for me
  • I am so sad right now summer 2017 was very good to me during summer 2017
  • I started this YouTube channel during summer 2017. I went on some trips during summer 2017
  • I over all just had a great last time and
  • Now I have to go back to the one place that sucks out all of the happiness out of my life
  • And that is school nothing about this situation excites me nothing about that makes me want to smile every
  • But on the bright side my first day of school outfit is pretty poppin. I'm not going to lie
  • I'll insert the clip right now because do we have the nice on quarter zip looking thing
  • We have here nice very Trendy pleated skirt because you know we did skirts are so
  • in this season vans socks
  • Super Trendy and cute in some white vans. I did pick this out on my own no
  • I did not have a stylist to pick it up for me, okay
  • Well, you can't tell I go to private school. So I wear the same uniform every single day
  • I can't even be excited about like my first day school outfit just when you thought that like going back to school couldn't get any
  • Worse like for me, but I can't even like pick out my freakin back-to-school outfit, but it's okay
  • So you know I need to be more positive about the situation everyone goes to school well not everyone
  • But most people go to school, okay?
  • This is cool. Casually. There's just a truck just sitting happily being in my way. How am I going to get around it?
  • I don't know. I'm just gonna have to drive in the opposite side of the road and just try to yep, okay
  • This is extremely illegal, okay. It's not trying to be a negative nelly here
  • I promise the tone of this vlog will change soon
  • I just need to get out my feelings my emotion just when he thought that this morning couldn't get any worse
  • I was like hey
  • you know what I'm going to reward myself for
  • Persevering and being a good student and just showing up to school despite the fact that I really don't want to go you know I
  • Was going to reward myself by going to a cafe and getting a coffee this morning
  • But low and behold with my luck
  • I google the hours for both of the cafes near where I live and
  • One of them opens at 9 and the other one opens at 8 a.m.. And it's 7:45 right now
  • I have to be at school at 8:30
  • so I don't have
  • I'm really wait for one of them to open and the other thing that makes this whole thing even more annoying is the fact that
  • I literally left 45 minutes before school starts, and I live like five minutes away from my school
  • But I did that because I expected to be able to go get coffee
  • So that's not
  • The best literally going to be at school thirty minutes early this morning also in case you guys were wondering
  • I know
  • This is really relevant
  • But I did in fact finish all of my summer reading last night literally last night the day before school started
  • It was very stressful, and then I got tired and I fell asleep doing that the school year has even started yet
  • My habits are already like extremely bad
  • I save all of my english summer reading for the last day
  • and then not only that but I
  • Couldn't even finish it the night before like because I was too busy
  • I was like on YouTube, and I was like doing fun stuff and like on Twitter and stuff like that
  • I was doing fun stuff
  • I didn't I don't know I didn't want to work on the assignment
  • And then next thing I know it's 11 o'clock, and I hadn't done it yet. So I was like you know learn
  • I'll just like retool sparknotes. It's like no big deal. We're doing it till like midnight
  • Got tired couldn't do anything anymore stopped working on the assignment woke up this morning at 6:00 a.m.
  • Finished the assignment and like that's what I do like during me here, or what I'm like really
  • Struggling like what I'm really having a hard time. That's when I'll resort to like it extreme measure like that
  • It's already come to that point and it's still summer
  • I haven't even gone to school yet, and I'm already like fucking up in every aspect, but you know what that's okay
  • There's the garbage truck literally just when I thought this day couldn't get more inconvenient the garbage truck is in the way, so
  • I can't fit through that little hole right there
  • so I'm just gonna have to wait that's okay because I have time to spare because I thought I was going to be getting a
  • Coffee this morning, but nope no, I'm not okay. I'm sorry I promise
  • I'm not this passive-aggressive like if this is the first video you've ever seen to me like I'm not normally like this
  • It's just school brings out the worst in me, and you are seeing it here, so I'm literally almost at school now
  • This is also a nice first day of junior year junior year
  • It's supposedly the worst year of high school and for me freshman and sophomore year
  • We're also pretty bad so I don't know we're off to a bad start
  • But you know what I need to turn this day around
  • I can't be all negative like this all the time. I try to vlog at school
  • I'm probably going to get my phone taken away
  • But really I don't even care because youtube is life and youtube is better than school, so I prioritize this over school
  • Okay
  • I'm actually think I'm gonna run into Safeway right now and see if they have like a pre
  • Made a coffee or something like that because like I kind of need a little
  • Something you know and there's a Safeway right by my school. Don't kidnap me please
  • I'm giving you information and all they brought in my sweatshirt or whatever. I don't really care
  • I don't live that close to my school. So you can't fucking kidnap me early
  • That's what I tell myself to me once. I'll feel better
  • I want to go into Safeway right now, and I'll see you in a sec
  • Yay
  • If you didn't think that I was extra before like now you're really going to think so just listen to what I just did
  • so basically have you know I went into
  • Safeway to try to get like a premade coffee that was already with almond milk and stuff like that
  • But obviously as you could probably assume that didn't really happen, so I bought this chameleon cold brew Espresso coffee and this
  • super aesthetic looking vanilla bean almond milk
  • and then I was like
  • I don't have anything to put these in and they don't have ice
  • So I bought this frigging Starbucks cup asked for ice from the Starbucks lady cuz you know how they have like Starbucks in Safeway
  • So now I'm gonna like make my own almond milk latte right now first. I'm gonna try. This. This is just a cold brew
  • It's not that good on its own. Okay, okay, okay? Next. We're going to try the almond milk. Oh my God
  • This is really good. Oh
  • It's a good combo. You know what I don't have any regrets
  • I wanted a coffee, and I made it happen so the lady when I asked her I was like yeah
  • Can I just have some ice she was like why would you ever want that like she was like expecting me to be like can?
  • I have a grande like Nonfat like extra whip but like no whip
  • frappuccino all I asked for was ice and she was like
  • ok? Update, I'm at school pull up to school and she's right there, and I'm like oh, it's a good day
  • It is the first official moment of me walking into this horrible place
  • By vibe all right? How's everyone feeling not good. I'm joke I'm already done. Are you feeling okay? Okay? Okay? Okay?
  • Yeah, she's so crap. I'm very unhappy two L's later
  • your graph paper
  • Yes, please well, I can't borrow it cuz we can't give it back
  • True, but like but it won't it will be used though
  • Yes, please that'd be awesome. Thank you so much page number one cool. Thank you. All right
  • Sweet no, I have a bowl of miss there, please help yourself
  • One particular to launder money. I wish it once a week
  • About to do a math assignment. I'm very excited about it. I'm not excited to actually fall wait
  • What is this is this shoot chapter 1. I don't know what I'm doing
  • So first day officially over we got to my friends here. We got a lisa and we got grace guys hello today
  • We had a rally okay, rowley excited y'all know and that was really fun get out of your life
  • Oh one more thing rate today out of 10
  • I'll give it a 6
  • All right
  • You either give it a 6 - you know what I'm gonna give it a 7 because I'm nice
  • First day of junior year was one for the Frickin books you know the first day school is basically where the teachers just give you class syllabus and then the
  • Only homework is just have your parents sign it. I don't know about you guys
  • I'm a savage, and I just like sign it myself, but don't worry my parents are okay with that
  • They're a dad sign it
  • I trust that you read it
  • so
  • I'm going to try to make the rest of today's vlog
  • Relatively interesting because I mean it's a school day and for me school days are like the most bland days of my life
  • It's like go to school. Go home. Maybe go to the gym
  • If I'm feeling extremely funky do homework of course until like 2:00 a.m.
  • Every single night of my entire life and then go to bed, so that's basically my life
  • but I'm gonna try to keep things funky fresh for all you guys because
  • Yay
  • It's all more time
  • Literally all of my homeworks for like every single class is to read Syllabus since silla
  • I don't know how to take plural syllabus is like multiple, Syllabus if I
  • Don't know how to say that but I definitely signed a bunch of these it's easier than like normal homework
  • So I'm not going to complain
  • for the past few hours
  • I basically did homework aka signed syllabus is still don't know how to say the plural of that word
  • But it's okay now. I need to go to Target because I
  • Need to get school supplies when I was younger
  • I would buy school supplies before school started, but now that I'm in high school um that's not how it works anymore
  • I
  • Go shopping after the teachers give us like all the lists of stuff that we need because I never know like what a teacher is
  • Going to want me to have and it's always so random
  • It's like one teacher will want a one-inch binder and another teacher wants like a 2.5 inch binder
  • And it's just so confusing and you can never predict what they want so go to Target now. Get some school supplies
  • Hopefully, it's not too busy Target vlog
  • I
  • Just finished a target. I would give you guys an in-depth school supply haul
  • But honestly, I really don't feel like anybody hears about it. You don't care
  • I don't care that was my little Target adventure. It was great. Not really but you know what we tried, okay?
  • We tried that was it for today's long if you enjoyed it give it a thumbs up subscribe to our channel comment down below anything
  • you want I love you all so much and
  • Appreciate every single last one of you more than you even understand and I can't wait to see you next time

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ew school…. no thanks. HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS VLOG OF ME RAMBLING BASICALLY THE WHOLE TIME HAHA IM SORRY WHOOPS! i basically just take you through my WILD (not) first day of junior year:)

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