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Video Funniest Test Answers BY REAL KIDS (2018) | TOP 80 SCHOOL FAILS | Alonzo Lerone
16:54   |   views   |   08/09/2018


  • get a dictionary that's it I haven't
  • done a kids test answers in so long and
  • I think it's been over a year this is
  • part three so I'm finally doing that and
  • speaking of part three I just released a
  • part 3 video of senior folks a few days
  • ago and it has over six thousand
  • comments so thank you guys for not only
  • liking the video but also coming in
  • because it really keeps me entertained
  • all right after this video I'm going to
  • go over these funny school films about
  • real kids but before I do do not I
  • repeat do not get distracted by this
  • shirt let's focus on the main thing I do
  • not forget to subscribe to this channel
  • take that two-second break to subscribe
  • to this channel it will give you instant
  • notifications on when I upload because
  • I'm going to see you in a few days with
  • a brand new video come up with an
  • equation that is true when x equals 7 be
  • creative you can make the equation as
  • simple or as complex as you want he said
  • x equals 7 and the teacher said really
  • what is a six-sided polygon known as a
  • stop sign and he drew a stop sign what
  • is that wrong I'm not having been in
  • school in a while but is that wrong - is
  • that wrong right there cash I got cash
  • right oh man I can't even snap with my
  • left hand
  • someone said someone posted so should I
  • talk to my wife about this or just let
  • it go just kiss it my mommy's job is
  • doing the dentist in this history exam
  • teacher Martinez one question one
  • explain how the Cold War started nobody
  • saw is commercially obtained from
  • seawater by the process of evaporation
  • and crystallization the main component
  • of sea salt is sodium chloride oh my god
  • I feel I feel like I'm the scientist
  • just reading that what type of
  • attractive force or bond holds the
  • sodium ions and chloride ions together
  • in a crystal of sodium chloride James
  • Bond's right any for properties of white
  • cement it is white in color I'm just
  • dying to see his answer for number four
  • explain the role of gypsum in setting of
  • C now be careful on this one how many
  • valence electrons does every
  • every question about science how many
  • valence electrons does here - why did I
  • ask you to be careful on this one what
  • is the most common incorrect answer
  • probably to an attention y'all man if
  • you're gonna cheat make sure next time
  • you copy you copy the answers of your
  • seatmate on the right number misty just
  • sit there out of ten cheaters never win
  • what do you dislike about highschool
  • people who what is purpose of adding
  • dilutes what is purpose of what is
  • purpose what is purpose of adding dilute
  • sulfuric acid to confuse the student
  • according to the information from the
  • jail which of these suspects committed
  • the crime Bob sue Jean ELISA this kid
  • said I'm not snitching 300 this is
  • Jamal's paper what has been your
  • greatest Akash
  • Cap'n read English what has been your
  • greatest accomplishment so far starting
  • the whole work what has it happened yet
  • that you are looking forward to what
  • haven't you done been experienced it's
  • not a question 3d looking forward to
  • number three what have you been given to
  • support you on your journey a pencil
  • how many sought paths may be filled up
  • from the speck taker mat I don't cook so
  • I don't even know what they talking
  • about 12 number four about money which
  • is bigger 42% of 47 50 pounds or three
  • over seven of 40 750 pounds you must
  • show working to explain your answer I
  • don't know did you give them credit for
  • the twelve now come on what's the
  • difference between red blood cells and
  • white blood cells some are red
  • others are white eat you a red blood
  • cell and a white blood cell this one is
  • red and this one is why have you
  • identified athlete's foot is on the end
  • of athletes leg or are you are you're
  • priming these are y'all copying these
  • kids homework and put it on social media
  • like that do y'all have no shaking at
  • least he drew a bombchu man that is
  • fluffy and he even got the hair on the
  • legs if Miss Mohan is a lot of ice cream
  • well she gave inertia I don't even know
  • what inertia I need to go back to school
  • she'll get diabetes that reminds me of
  • the bob won the bob bob bob has drybeck
  • apartments have been double-booked
  • change them the perception is did not
  • know which step we're in the building
  • when the fire alarm started start
  • looking for a new job
  • this ninja protects question not from
  • being marked as determine sorry for not
  • giving I woulda government least 10
  • points per reason why people who want to
  • live near power lines you get your
  • electricity faster hit three ways to
  • reduce heat loss in your home thermal
  • underwear move to Hawaii and clothe the
  • dog I feel like my parents are here
  • somewhere telling me to do that this
  • holiday is in welcome Lord Volta mark
  • and you all probably I say ha ha ha ha
  • me too boys determine the volume of each
  • of the two combs show all work to
  • receive full credit while I was reading
  • that I had a flashback of meat in 6th
  • grade is this 6th grade what is the
  • ratio of their volumes I have no clue
  • but if you write 12 and another 12 under
  • it it could make a bunny literally draw
  • a bunny with two you must have been
  • caught on a bad day grading the bait
  • water is a polar substance all right
  • explain why the water molecule is polar
  • include a suitable diagram and your
  • answer because water is found in arnica
  • and that's where polar bears are found
  • and there's a polar
  • [Music]
  • I'll give it three seconds to come here
  • one two two and a half two it 300 he's
  • right here you cannot tell me that does
  • not look like hash right then tell me
  • that don't look like exterminate
  • vocabulary word to get rid of many I
  • want to exterminate my mother
  • oh by G FFT F equals six point three I'm
  • trying and we have another smart kid
  • over here this one says do not write
  • your essay on this page this just said
  • your essay what is the dotted line
  • called the Elder Wand something tells me
  • that is a Harry Potter thing and let me
  • tell y'all about Harry Potter so hoarded
  • to you guys I was doing a senior close
  • on my last video a few days ago and
  • there was this Harry Potter thing that I
  • didn't understand let me tell you
  • something I'm gonna confess this right
  • now I've never watched a Harry Potter
  • movie or read a Harry Potter book in my
  • life so y'all y'all can do whatever
  • y'all want but I will tell you I did go
  • to Universal Studios two years ago and I
  • rode the ride for the Harry Potter they
  • were in a castle but I felt like I was
  • flowing me so middle Letourneau side
  • draw Etha proprio gnar what I can't
  • remember so here's the dinosaur instead
  • it so close sell look like the dinosaur
  • from The Land Before Time there were
  • four ghosts
  • that one goes flew away how many ghosts
  • are left four minus one equals zero
  • because ghosts are not real explain why
  • phosphorus is polar God
  • play - what are you doing you're doing
  • the mannequin challenge or something and
  • if I was in school again this will be my
  • question what is a microphone true or
  • false and I got guaranteed so people
  • don't look up until they are flat on
  • their backs
  • this quote means some people can't look
  • up because something has happened to
  • their necks so they can't look up for
  • example if a person gets kicked in the
  • neck by a console midget they will not
  • be able to look up what a couple what
  • would you rather be stuck on an island
  • all alone or with one person you hate
  • why did the teacher run out of print I
  • would rather be on an island with
  • someone I hate so I have something to
  • eat I am best when this kid in mr.
  • Francie Wells says this is correct
  • he's clearly a well that knows his
  • account all right so are you gonna give
  • me credit without an I find the exact
  • value of ten in the middle of sin
  • negative 1 to the 3 over 7 power ravioli
  • ravioli give me the formuoli just quiz
  • pattern detection how that that's how
  • the other teacher ran out of eat because
  • this one using all the eight to draw the
  • brain how is the brain like a cantaloupe
  • list seven ways number one it is
  • delicious
  • so all work for the questions in this
  • section circle all of you find the
  • volume and surface area of the right
  • cylinder I don't know but that looks
  • like sushi oh jeez
  • sushi and what is on that surface and
  • that was Amitabha the average person
  • passes gas from the anus sixteen times a
  • day why I am done because I'm brain
  • err so we passed gas and what new oxygen
  • listen I don't even know that's right or
  • wrong but what kind of question is that
  • I love my dad because my dad is pretty
  • my dad is really nice my dad is a
  • sausage but most of all I love my dad
  • because he loves me so much
  • this until he reads that paper your dad
  • is a subsidy to me please are you about
  • to get their teacher in trouble miss I
  • can't read the question there's a bear
  • in the way mr. ball with this lovely
  • picture help my grandfather
  • yo this reminds me of that Kim
  • Kardashian back in so Kim Kardashian let
  • me explain you've got - you released a
  • little Yeezy and catch me like butter
  • the internet grab that picture is wrong
  • with it but that last picture that
  • picture had before to the ground I if
  • y'all don't remember that commercial
  • y'all y'all it to be all for this video
  • height of the Eiffel Tower really tall
  • like taller than a giraffe and you grew
  • a tree to hoop the teacher said yes how
  • many boys is he gonna get for doodling
  • all day this is a magic penguin and he
  • said oh my oh is the same part into it I
  • need to meet that kid right he can
  • probably draw my next logo thank me
  • please oh because some of these teachers
  • gonna say yeah and then is gonna I have
  • zero dollars I need to build just a
  • small loan of two billion dollars your
  • presentation is the worst I have
  • received one day the tension did need to
  • go in all them like that Lisi presented
  • here my anxiety would have me sitting in
  • the chair with my head on the day
  • my mom is 13 years oh she has brown eyes
  • and black hair
  • her job is work on a grill computer how
  • do you cook a turkey put in the oven for
  • 2 minutes and eat it happy are you
  • satisfied with your results why or why
  • not
  • yes because I paid attention if I could
  • be invisible
  • I will go away for a while and have fun
  • I will go under the ground and talk to
  • the doctor
  • to the devil the doctor cut my throat I
  • don't know what this is a conjugated
  • right coming in like El Nino L mean your
  • Spanish is the Spanish word for child
  • like all things Spanish it is dangerous
  • jammy please a little less drama right
  • 200000 and figures 200,000 in figures
  • draw a sketch of the situation you could
  • have at least drew Snooki to complete
  • the number send it show you're thinking
  • 53 plus 25 equals 78 and this kid drew
  • two girls with the question mark and
  • exclamation what does the body got
  • pitiful you have made choices that have
  • caused you to need to stop and think
  • about it what was my behavior being
  • disrespectful to students because this
  • girl named July ain't gonna call me ugly
  • so I said she stopped at Old Navy and IT
  • shop at the gap kid creations first name
  • Carol 814 neighbor creation work is my
  • science project and what pitch is miss
  • having a girl or boy what's just she
  • named baby
  • Wanda Rooney Ally saw a dog balloon
  • potato who eats the most out of picnic
  • mosquitoes or the dog my dad he is to be
  • he has a problem tracing write the word
  • say it out loud as you write dream
  • please
  • sandesh by writing the word in the blank
  • drink plenty of water when you exercise
  • what is wrong with that write a sentence
  • with the word drink my mom drinks my mom
  • drinks Hennessy
  • she probably drinkin because of all them
  • paper you preview you bring in your
  • graded paper work at home or your
  • teacher submits it to you out over no
  • but if I'm a see that every day
  • I'm apt to drink so I didn't stick to
  • explain the word wholesaler so who sells
  • you whole items like a whole cake
  • alright see that's not even right Bhama
  • give you half the credit for that what
  • causes thunder clouds burping that is a
  • nice cloud though fine enzyme superhero
  • of the cell the finest eons I've enzyme
  • sidekick write these words in alphabetic
  • order I decide beloved and the kids work
  • but this is genius Dustin was late to
  • class because Batman made the kid my
  • seven your homework at me bathroom for
  • ten minutes it comes with no
  • instructions or question just that's it
  • I got it it felt stupid give it a go and
  • let me know if it takes long or is it
  • just me let me see you better drink some
  • Hennessy to who I preferred read
  • nonfiction sisters not real I was
  • correcting the test we had and saw this
  • let me tell you a lot of teachers be
  • submitting me stuff to stuff I'm just
  • gonna put that out there is not just a
  • parent what is the tropical depression
  • and how does it form it forms where I go
  • to the trumpet Donna staying at oh oh oh
  • no that's not no
  • I prefer to do that Mel sees a raft a
  • boat and a ship on the water they are
  • all carrying people rich hoes the leaves
  • far a fart a farce diving on that what's
  • up with all these kids loving far all
  • these bodily gases and fluid and another
  • behavior sheet I don't even know what
  • these are doing on this video but this
  • is right here then as a consequence for
  • my behavior
  • I received two merits because I wrote
  • none of your beeswax on the signup sheet
  • I received five demerit rat six hat STD
  • you write about that with your son but
  • that would be bad it was a topic then
  • write some sentences about it
  • topics games they are soft
  • if you don't thumbs up anyway cuz you
  • feel thumbs up as to cut you
  • [Music]

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