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Video No arm glitch gta 5 online ps3, ps4, xbox one, xbox 360
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  • here with another video this is going to
  • be the glitch video for no arms and
  • here's some proof me and my buddy did it
  • I showed my buddy get out of your car we
  • both got glad she's here that gloves and
  • I don't I found out a way to get no
  • gloves here I'm gonna bring heaven meat
  • and we're gonna go do that glitch for
  • you guys so first of all you don't need
  • to go to the store but you need to go to
  • at least one of these people one of
  • these guys or a clothes store all right
  • prepare for the Derby challenge
  • drive-by challenge alright we're not
  • going to do that challenge but we're
  • going to just do this little legend and
  • we're going to sign right off alright so
  • at when you when you get to the store
  • what you have to do is you have to go
  • inside the hoodies it's a show up the
  • part will show up soon but you have to
  • go inside for the hoodies and it will
  • pop up there but what you have to do is
  • get to pretty much drive like once you
  • get to that thing it's really easy will
  • cost like $2,000 how much did it cost
  • you killer
  • about a thousand all right so he said
  • all right so if you guys don't have any
  • of this stuff I'm sorry but it's going
  • to cost you some money so what you do is
  • if you go into the same store I want to
  • get through the cop taps and I'm going
  • to get the glitch off really quick so I
  • can take this off
  • accessories turn my gloves on and there
  • I'm fixed so what you do is you go in
  • here go to UM hoodies make sure you get
  • this one it I haven't seen it work with
  • anyone else but this one so far so just
  • get this I mean after that I've already
  • bought some stuff but if you need to go
  • over here and buy going to accessories
  • and buy some watch it buy one watch and
  • buy a glut pair of gloves but you need
  • these kind of gloves even the gloves
  • work better black leather or black
  • woolen one works better for me so and
  • the watch the watch I'm using is this
  • watch let me get to it let me get to it
  • oh wow let's watch right here the carbon
  • medi it works better for me but let's
  • see how it goes for you guys so what you
  • do is when you buy all that stuff and
  • you have your gloves on you go to your
  • inventory go to think it's accessories
  • and go to do not click this this will
  • cancel it out do not click it what you
  • do is you put your watch on then you go
  • down if you notice if you go down to
  • gloves there is none but yet you are
  • wearing some so if you switch that over
  • it will take off that you can take off
  • your glove your thing and you can
  • probably take off your gloves but they
  • these work better because you know it
  • covers your hand you don't need to see
  • your hand
  • now I haven't tried using different
  • shirts I guess I can try right now
  • while I'm in here let's see if I can try
  • a different shirt I don't know let's
  • let's see it goes to suit jackets now it
  • looks like your hands go
  • back so jacket your hand goes back maybe
  • if you go to the hoodies and takes it
  • off I don't know shirts maybe it'll take
  • off maybe I won't take it off add shirts
  • it does maybe sweaters topless tank top
  • hoodies working with it I think it
  • probably works with any hoodie but
  • that's that's the challenge that's the
  • thing and if you guys like it then
  • that's that works for you
  • you guys can drive around I think you
  • can take off your heads to let me see
  • now you can mess around with your hats
  • and stuff like that I'm not sure if you
  • take on go down to this clothes store
  • over here if you notice if I can go oh
  • well are you watching my video so you
  • can see how
  • well don't all your in my game but
  • alright guys well that's the glitch
  • there and have fun and lobster gaming
  • out
  • wait wait wait guys I need to do it out
  • okay
  • lobster gaming out I keep on failing
  • alright guys bye

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