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Video I Bought a TOTALED Audi R8 from a Salvage Auction & I'm going to Rebuild It!
15:49   |   today at 15:34


  • hey guys I'm Sam crack and if you follow
  • my channel you know that I've always
  • wanted an Audi r8
  • but with decade old models commanding
  • nearly $80,000 of dealership lots I
  • always kind of made it my dream car
  • instead of actually putting it on a
  • shopping list that is until the one
  • popped up at a Copart lot in New Jersey
  • it was totaled by an insurance company
  • due to undercarriage damage I set a
  • personal budget of around 50% off the
  • retail value of this r8 and on the day
  • of the auction I want it for several
  • thousand dollars less than that it's
  • bargains like this that keep me on the
  • hunt for awesome cars at Copart one of
  • the best things about Copart is that you
  • don't have to have any special license
  • or credentials to view their inventory
  • or bid on thousands of their cars Copart
  • works for regular people like you and me
  • and I'm proud to have Co part as a
  • sponsor of this video and the Audi are a
  • build if you haven't already registered
  • for a free Copart account head on over
  • to Copart comm slash Sam crack now no
  • more waiting let's go take delivery of
  • our Audi r8
  • [Music]
  • oh yeah
  • yes
  • look at this Fiat there's a cute little
  • Fiat in here too
  • wow it is oh my god
  • now this car
  • supposedly has damage underneath it
  • somewhere you didn't see anything
  • yeah I don't care yeah
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • sure
  • this is okay I figured Dean Michael it
  • doesn't charge you have a jumper on it
  • okay we got a jumper too so if we just
  • get it run and that's perfect okay
  • you need a weight because it's not
  • static doesn't have a lot of power yeah
  • [Music]
  • don't want to start
  • battery is dead
  • [Music]
  • almost if this doesn't work I'll push it
  • I don't mind if it doesn't work try this
  • first and I'll push I don't see anything
  • [Music]
  • okay oh yeah it's it feels easier
  • okay bump
  • [Music]
  • it's fun
  • [Laughter]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • here it is this is my Audi r8 it's a
  • salvage outi r8 but I am so confused as
  • to what is salvage about this car I mean
  • there's a lot of dust and dirt on it
  • there's some handprints but I think we
  • could take care of those even this area
  • here the front trunk area is perfect and
  • there's been some reports on older Audi
  • r8s this one's right in the middle of
  • 2010 of some frame cracking underneath
  • here but this would be completely
  • disassembled if that were the case I am
  • puzzled we're gonna have to get this
  • thing in the air it said that it came
  • with undercarriage damaged and so likely
  • there's something lurking underneath but
  • even when he pulled it off the truck
  • underneath it I didn't see anything
  • major whatsoever oh by the way guys I
  • mean have I mentioned already got that
  • init 6-speed gated manual transmission I
  • have not heard the RA power up yet I'm
  • so excited to finally turn it on I want
  • this thing to charge so quick this is
  • the only battery jumper we brought and
  • it was dead it's in the middle now I'm
  • too impatient let's hook it up let's see
  • if we can't get this car to start it's
  • probably not gonna start let's see here
  • check it oh come on oh look look look it
  • says hi let's try it out we got to see
  • if we can get this car to start alright
  • it's all plugged in let's check it out
  • let's close this here
  • first time sitting in it here we find
  • the key so
  • all right let's see here this has got
  • old school key in the ignition foot on
  • the clutch and it's dead guy told me
  • leave the ignition on for a few moments
  • before trying to start it
  • nothing
  • let's see
  • start
  • so all the electronics work there's a
  • reverse back up camera
  • but this thing just doesn't want to
  • start
  • let me close the door I don't think I
  • didn't do anything ah all right at this
  • point I've got not only the truck hooked
  • up which has a big battery in it I've
  • got our jumper pack I don't know but it
  • sounds like he's had it started once
  • before on jumper so we'll see one more
  • shot here quickly quickly
  • all right foot on the clutch put on the
  • brake I don't know that makes the
  • difference in there it is
  • all right
  • [Music]
  • all right guys ooh first drive in the
  • salvage auction r8 now we're not gonna
  • take things fast I just kind of want to
  • feel it out make sure there's nothing
  • majorly wrong mechanically it feels
  • great and just driving really really
  • slow I can feel like a little bit of
  • looseness in this front corner right
  • here the driver's side front suspension
  • area I'm gonna have to check that out
  • it's pretty common for the suspension to
  • get worn out on these mag ride shocks
  • but the one thing we might be more
  • concerned about is if the frame did end
  • up cracking in that front corner again a
  • reason why I'm not gonna take it fast
  • right now I'm just gonna take it down
  • the street a little bit here and
  • everything seems that accelerate
  • perfectly fine the only lights on the
  • dashboard are well the suspension light
  • which kinda makes sense because it feels
  • funny in that corner all right I'm
  • taking it right back because if I stall
  • it then the battery will die and if the
  • battery dies then we'll really be stuck
  • now that we know that it runs well we
  • can really focus our concerns I guess in
  • the under side of the car again the car
  • was listed with undercarriage damage and
  • that could mean a whole slew of things
  • I've rebuilt one car that had what was
  • marked as undercarriage damage and it
  • was really just a bunch of suspension
  • components since we know something is
  • wrong with the suspension that would
  • probably be our most ideal scenario it
  • would cost the least but it doesn't make
  • sense that they would total a car just
  • because you know shock or a strut failed
  • I could sit here and guess all day long
  • but we won't know until we actually get
  • it up in the air but before we even do
  • that before I get it in the garage this
  • thing's got to be cleaned up it's filthy
  • dirty I'm gonna run out to the store and
  • get some car wash really quick let's
  • just rinse it off
  • [Music]
  • all right it's about as clean as I'm
  • gonna get it right now
  • check it out the paint condition overall
  • is excellent I did find a few marks but
  • these are all superficial I don't think
  • even gotta sand those out I think a
  • little bit of polish a pad and they're
  • gonna come right out again I did a quick
  • quick wash because well we're gonna get
  • underneath this car and work on it so
  • it's likely gonna get a little bit more
  • dirty little little brush up right here
  • again I don't even think that's down to
  • the paint and then we come up front even
  • the bumpers really good I saw few little
  • stone chips like right in this area but
  • it's really really tough to see
  • especially if you're not looking at
  • overall pain condition amazing we just
  • got to figure out what's going on here
  • so I just got on the ground and went all
  • underneath the car looking for anything
  • that I could find that was damaged
  • nothing that I recorded was even visible
  • so I snapped this photo and all I could
  • find was this cracked plastic underbody
  • panel I looked this up and it retails
  • for a little bit over $100 I felt around
  • that area and the frame didn't look nor
  • seemed like it was dented or pushed in
  • in any way I feel like I just won the
  • lottery but I don't want to get too far
  • ahead the last thing to really figure
  • out now is what is wrong with that
  • suspension it wouldn't be an auction car
  • if there wasn't an issue so I've pushed
  • the car from right over where the hose
  • was to here you know the battery's dead
  • but we know that it runs the problem is
  • the hood latch the hood latch will not
  • pop open and when I get it to pop it
  • will pop 1/2 of the side of the hood
  • open but the other side stays locked now
  • the keys for this car is the main way
  • you pop the hood electronically right
  • there but the battery is dead so right
  • in the passenger side there is a manual
  • hood latch
  • and it's tucked up right there when you
  • pull this thing first of all you know
  • when you pull a hood latch and you just
  • feel that nice click there's no click
  • whatsoever and like I said I pulled out
  • different angles I get one side of the
  • hood open but not the other it's
  • completely locked on us and now I'm just
  • trying to push it over the hump to get
  • it in this garage alright guys I'm
  • exhausted
  • but I am completely thrilled I pushed
  • the car in the final few inches here it
  • is inside where it belongs first order
  • rebuilt is a brand new battery
  • we've got to figure out how to pop the
  • front trunk area to get that brand new
  • battery in so I'm gonna go I'm gonna get
  • a little bit of rest I'm going to
  • compose my thoughts think of a few ideas
  • here figure out we can't pop that hood
  • open I hope you guys are as excited for
  • an Audi r8 rebuilt as I am if you are be
  • sure to hit that like button and if
  • you're not already following me on
  • Instagram right here you can follow me
  • or click the link in the description box
  • below I'll be posting out er8 rebuild
  • stuff before it goes live here on
  • youtube want to give a huge thanks again
  • to Co far for being a continued sponsor
  • the channel and making dreams like a
  • budget supercar come true I especially
  • want to thank each and every one of you
  • for watching this video but until next
  • time when we hopefully pop that front
  • trunk area I'll catch you very soon
  • [Music]

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Likely the Cheapest Audi R8 in the world. Let's see how this unfolds... Wrecked!

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