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Video SHELBY GT500 - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed
15:26   |   views   |   01/10/2019


  • [Music]
  • this is the story of one of Ford's
  • baddest cars a Mustang with the heart of
  • allemaal les yeux this is everything you
  • need to know to get up to speed on the
  • gt500
  • [Music]
  • my name's Carol Shelby and performance
  • is my business we've talked about him
  • before hell I've cried about him before
  • if you haven't seen our episode on him
  • check it out right here what you need to
  • know right now is that back in 1965
  • Carroll Shelby took a little thing
  • called the Ford Mustang and modified it
  • with things like a strut tower brace to
  • stiffen up the front end tuned steering
  • geometry for better steering a new
  • intake motor a new intake manner and a
  • new intake manifold that gave the engine
  • 35 more horsepower then the dude added
  • lightness by removing the rear seats
  • Shelby called it the Cobra GT 350 and it
  • was basically a racecar for the street
  • wait let me rephrase that
  • it was a race car that you could also
  • drive on the open road
  • the gt350 won the Sports Car Club of
  • America's Class B production
  • championship three years in a row so it
  • was like seriously legit dude the next
  • year she'll be helped Ford defeat
  • Ferrari at the 24 Hours of LeMans ET 40
  • it was a mid-engine track monster
  • designed solely to be Enzo Ferrari on
  • his home turf Ford secured a 1-2-3
  • finish with their race car powered by a
  • 427 cubic inch v8 it was a huge moment
  • for Ford for Shelby and for America the
  • win had the gears and Carols head
  • spinning around with chaotic fury as the
  • thrill of victory always did for that
  • charming Texan what if we put that big
  • engine from the gt40 into a freaking
  • Mustang so that's what he said helped to
  • do the 1967 Mustang had a nice little
  • refresh since its debut in 64 it was
  • meaner leaner with an angrier demeanor
  • it was a stone cold fire blizzard the
  • perfect candidate for a huge engine what
  • you think Carole's crazy for putting
  • this engine in a little pony car well
  • you're right pal this is a guy who stole
  • a freaking army plane to deliver a love
  • letter to his girlfriend Carol Shelby
  • does not mess around the 427 was a snug
  • fit under the hood of the 67 Mustang to
  • feed that hungry beast extra air
  • Shelby's new stain got an upgraded hood
  • scoop and functional scoops in front of
  • the rear wheels to keep them back brakes
  • cool this new car was also the first
  • American production car to have a roll
  • bar installed from the factory it wasn't
  • a track car like Shelby's previous
  • projects but it had all the racecar
  • touches
  • [Music]
  • it was the ultimate Mustang from the
  • ultimate speed shop located just two
  • blocks from the ocean in Venice
  • California so what should I call it well
  • I already got the GT 350 but this boys
  • got a bigger engine so it has to be a
  • bigger number obviously well 503 than
  • 350 damn it Carol you've done it again
  • upon de but the gt500 was an instant
  • classic the fiberglass scoop work around
  • the car was a not so subtle way of
  • telling people hey I'm a gt500 when it
  • came to American cars there was really
  • nothing else like it on the road just a
  • freaking beast
  • but the 427 wouldn't last long why well
  • the 427 was a race engine young member
  • the 427 was super loud and had a
  • tendency to burn oil at highway speed
  • you're a racer boy or erase your girl
  • you probably already know that that
  • isn't exactly a combo you won't in your
  • street car the gt500 needed a more
  • reliable engine about halfway through
  • the 67 model year the 427 was replaced
  • with the ever so slightly bigger 428
  • police interceptor as the name suggests
  • Ford had been using this engine in their
  • Fairlane and Galaxie cop cars it was
  • just as fast as the old 427 but had
  • proven reliability serving police forces
  • all over the country was a perfect match
  • the next year in 1968 change was in the
  • air Ford decided that they wanted the
  • Shelby to be built at a place that
  • wasn't Shelby they started building it
  • at their home base in Michigan far far
  • away from Carol's Venice shop Carol
  • wasn't a fan of this decision
  • fearing the move would take away the
  • essence of what made Shelby a Shelby but
  • fear not because that wasn't the case
  • Ford yanked out the 428 police
  • interceptor and put in an even better
  • engine right underneath that fiberglass
  • hood the 428 Cobra Jet Jets are the
  • coolest thing in the world
  • snakes are probably six Jets horses
  • elephants race cars Internet videos the
  • 428 Cobra Jet was just another arrow in
  • Fords racing quiver it had a stronger
  • engine block and stronger crankshaft
  • making it virtually indestructible as
  • far as performance engines go
  • Ford claimed the Cobra jet made 335
  • horsepower which was less than the
  • previous engine
  • this was the little white lie for
  • insurance reasons with the real
  • horsepower number being around four on
  • it
  • the restyle 68 had a bigger mouth
  • upfront bigger brakes out back
  • the ultimate Mustang was now even more
  • ultimate and Ford knew it the gt500
  • needed a new name any 500 equipped with
  • the Cobra jet was branded Kate our does
  • anyone know what K R stands for uh Ryder
  • no but that is such a good guess buddy I
  • still wish I would have got it right the
  • gt500 not Shelby was hardly involved in
  • the design process at this point and
  • Ford didn't call it a Cobra anymore the
  • relationship as they say you say was the
  • bed
  • so in the summer of 1969 Shelby and Ford
  • parted ways putting their torrid love
  • affair on hold until 2006 as sales were
  • slumping an interest of the gt500 was
  • dying out the 1970 GT 500s were just
  • leftover 69 models with new VIN numbers
  • as that was legally required trust me
  • my dad pretended to be a lawyer for six
  • months
  • the Shelby was fizzling out in the US
  • but don't think that was the case all
  • around the world
  • a dealer in Belgium still wanted to sell
  • Shelby's even though Ford wasn't making
  • him anymore so he and Carol worked out a
  • deal
  • Shelby gave the dealer license to use
  • his name and got a dealer in Detroit to
  • build the cars to Carol specs the cars
  • were then sent to Belgium and sold as
  • Shelby gt500 Europa Europa means Europe
  • in European the dealer sold a whopping
  • 14 cars in two years with production
  • ending in 1972 after that the gt500 name
  • is a dormant for decades in Aladdin's
  • lamp until one day the lamp would be
  • rubbed again
  • Ford released the fifth generation
  • Mustang in 2005 40 years after the
  • originals debut noticeably absent from
  • the new Mustangs lineup was the Shelby
  • name but that was soon to change Ford
  • unveiled the new gt500 at the 2005 New
  • York Auto Show slated for sale in 2007
  • to the joy of Shelby fans era where the
  • Cobra name and badge was back no longer
  • was the gt500 naturally aspirated Shelby
  • and Ford opted to put a big ol blower on
  • top this time in the Cobras case the 5.4
  • liter supercharged engine made 2625 zoom
  • dogs which converts to 500 horsepower
  • for you nor meets the engine also
  • brought the gt500 named full circle just
  • as the original 500 was powered by the
  • lamothe winning 427 the 2007 Cobra
  • shared its heart with the Ford GT Ford's
  • new mid-engine sports
  • car heavily inspired by the legendary
  • gt40 full-circle man full circle a
  • perfect circle oh that big blower the
  • extra equipment the bigger wheels the
  • brakes the beefier six-speed manual may
  • the gt500 over 300 pounds heavier than
  • the regular GT tipping the scales at a
  • hefty thirty eight hundred ninety six
  • limbs yeah he was a thick boy but he was
  • also a quick boy zero to sixteen four
  • and a half seconds and an electronically
  • limited top speed of 160 like the
  • original gt500 Ford and Shelby had
  • teamed up to build another monstrous
  • Mustang a beast with the power to
  • vaporize accompanied but abused ladies
  • and gentlemen the buff horse was back
  • the kr returned in 2008 does anyone want
  • to guess what the kr stood for a killer
  • Road sorry but this time it stood for
  • Knight Rider
  • it was the hero car in the Knight Rider
  • reboot oh okay the new K R featured a
  • lightweight carbon hood and front
  • splitter board performance Wizards SVT
  • tuned the kr suspension and Goodyear
  • supplied special super car tires
  • formulated special for the kr sometimes
  • it's good to bethe King as a nod to the
  • og kr Shelley produced 1571 of them for
  • the US which matched the sales of 1968
  • it's kind of a weird detail but car
  • companies like she'll be practically
  • lived for sentimentality in 2010 the
  • Mustang got a refresh and so did the
  • gt500 to the previous K are making 540
  • buff horses the next year that got
  • beefed up to 550 but a big change was on
  • the horizon for 2013 the gt500 had
  • always been Fords big gun and he was
  • about to get even bigger SVT took
  • today's and pointed the big pony at this
  • it would be the gnarliest ste to ever
  • roam the rolling plains a horse of the
  • apocalypse only driven by the most
  • steadfast of drivers will do an episode
  • on SVT later this year but my point is
  • there was no crew better suited for the
  • task like every gt500 before the team
  • started with the engine it was too
  • expensive to design a whole new block
  • and a 6.2 liter v8 from the Raptor
  • wouldn't fit under the hood these were
  • both problems because the 5.4 liter from
  • the previous gen gt500 was pushed to its
  • absolute limit power wise the only
  • solution to make big power games was to
  • increase the cylinder bore but that
  • wasn't going to be easy
  • nevertheless they pushed on the 5.8
  • secret is that the cylinders don't have
  • a liner like most other engines for
  • developed a method of using freaking
  • iron plasma to the cylinder walls at
  • 35,000 degrees that's some Tony Stark
  • does anyone know what plasma is it's the
  • fourth state of matter a nice little box
  • check off positive ions and free
  • electrons with barely any electrical
  • charge Wow
  • the result was bigger cylinders which
  • means well power babe full power babe
  • bull powell baby more power babe well
  • power baby
  • more power babe full power but they need
  • gt500 case 662 horses making it the most
  • powerful mass production v8 at the time
  • the new engine catapulted the new 500
  • from zero to 60 in just 3.5 seconds but
  • you can't hit 200 miles now on power
  • alone duh the drive shaft was a single
  • piece made of carbon fiber making it
  • lighter and eliminating resonance at
  • high speeds at 200 miles per your engine
  • needs a lot of cool SVT hooked the car
  • up with a three row radiator and went
  • without a grill in the front of it
  • maximizing cooling potential Ford claim
  • the gt500 achieved 202 miles an hour
  • with independent testers getting pretty
  • close to that without a doubt this was
  • the fastest Mustang ever
  • [Music]
  • around the same time as the gt500 is
  • released Carroll Shelby passed away but
  • not before helping with the final tweaks
  • and give me a car his blessing so what's
  • next for the gt500 we know there's gonna
  • be one but we don't know much about it
  • see we filmed this episode a week before
  • the 2019 North American International
  • Auto Show in Detroit so that we could
  • take advantage of the SCO anyway I'm not
  • privy to all the deets
  • but four T's a new DT 500 about a year
  • ago claiming 700-plus horsepower from
  • this teaser we can also expect a huge
  • heat extracting hood a real wing out
  • back and a totally new face which we
  • think will look like this
  • thanks to this leaked pic from Instagram
  • like the original gt500 this one has
  • exaggerated features probably made of
  • exotic materials to let everyone know
  • hey I'm a g5 yo I am so excited to
  • announce that this Saturday we are
  • premiering a brand new show on donut it
  • is called Preciado it's in Spanish but
  • it's for everyone it's an awesome show
  • my boys Felipe and Eddie drive the
  • dopest cars that ever came out I'm also
  • really excited because we're gonna use
  • this new feature on YouTube called
  • premieres which means for 30 minutes
  • before the episode airs
  • you guys can jump in the chat and talk
  • to me and Felipe and Eddie ask us
  • questions
  • tell us secrets I'm very very excited
  • about it it's so cool I look forward to
  • you guys seeing it I love you and Felipe
  • and Eddie love you take Yetta
  • thanks for watching up to speed are you
  • subscribed hit the subscribe button
  • because that ensures that we can make
  • more stuff and I don't want to stop
  • making stuff let's chat down in the
  • comments follow me on instagram at
  • chains punky if I get a hundred thousand
  • followers I'll pick one of you at random
  • and send you this a genuine half tire
  • pretty cool oh yeah

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The GT500 is one of Carroll Shelby’s greatest creations: A Ford Mustang with the heart of the GT40 Le Mans racer! Join James as he explores the long history of the original buff horse, from the 427, 428 Police Interceptor, to the 428 Cobra Jet and beyond!

Hosted by James Pumphrey
Edited by Colby Mann & Spencer Huff
Animation by Raghav Arumugam
Written by Nolan Sykes
Directed by Jesse Wood
Executive Producer: Josh Mattingly

Up to Speed is a weekly automotive history show about the best cars, brands, designers, drivers and influencers ever. Host James Pumphrey covers everything from the Toyota Supra to the Chevy El Camino, The VW GTI to the Subaru WRX. The origins of every car will be uncovered to get you Up to Speed..

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