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Video TERRIFYING TALENT! Freaky Magician GIRL Scares Judges & Audience On Asia's Got Talent!
24:49   |   today at 09:38


  • Hi, Hello, so, What are you called?
  • *audience clapping*
  • David: Hello ... What is your name and where are you from?
  • David: emmm...........
  • *crowd laughing*
  • Anggun: Ehh Ah
  • *Laugh*
  • * bell rings*
  • Anggun: Be careful
  • *Laugh*
  • *bell*
  • Anggun: huh
  • Jay: Hoh
  • *Laugh*
  • Jay: Hah!
  • *Audience laughs lightly*
  • Anggun: Uhhh, help
  • Anggun: I'm sorry, hehe!
  • Anggun: Please, don't do this.
  • *The audience laughs a lot*
  • David: Where are you from?
  • Anggun: Do You want to know if she married? David: No.
  • *laughter*
  • Anggun: *Sigh* I'm sorry
  • Anggun : How?
  • *The audience sighs*
  • David: The key is moving!
  • David: The key just rolled over
  • David: wow!
  • *The audience applause*
  • *The audience gasps in disbelief*
  • Jay: wooooo ho ho !!
  • Jay: That was my card!
  • David: That's your card
  • woah
  • Jay : That's weird
  • *The audience claps*
  • Riana : She helps me!
  • Anggun : N, No, I didn't
  • Riana : She helps me
  • Anggun: She helps me
  • Anggun: *Shocked* uh ...
  • Jay : What?
  • Anggun: *Scared*
  • Oh, that's creepy. No no no , I can't
  • wow!
  • wow....
  • I am never at a loss for words,
  • But I seem to be at a loss for words now.
  • *crowd laughing*
  • You've scared the hell out of all three of us.
  • (Audience laughs)
  • Uh Aa
  • (Audience laughs)
  • I want to be like you!
  • (The audience is still laughing)
  • I think we're communicating.
  • I think we're doing well
  • That was the most unusual magic act I've ever seen in my life, but it was very good.
  • Careful, careful, carefuulll
  • (Audience laughs)
  • I do not want to be hexed!
  • So I am just gonna say I like the performance
  • Yeah
  • Before anything, I love my family, you know, umhh, just umh, I have nothing against you and
  • So, yeah, I think, yeees, yes yes
  • (The audience laughs)
  • It's a yes. It's a yes.
  • May I call you baby?
  • No. I guess not..
  • Yeah. No
  • Well baby, you got my yes too. That's three yes'!
  • (Crowd cheers)
  • That was awesome.
  • What was that?
  • *Eerie music begins*
  • 'Some kids have an imaginary friend. Some people think it's fun, but it's not.'
  • 'its not not not not not not not'
  • My imaginary friend likes to play.
  • Let's play.
  • Come if you want to play.
  • Let's play
  • (Bell rings)
  • (Bell rings again)
  • (Bell ringing)
  • *growling noises*
  • *chalk high pitch sound*
  • (Bell ringing over and over again)
  • *audience gasps*
  • No no. Why am ?
  • Do you want to play with her Anggun?
  • No no, no no.
  • (crowd gets scared)
  • *Intense Music*
  • She likes you.
  • She wants to play with you.
  • She doesn't like being rejected.
  • (Audience screams)
  • Oh, no no no!
  • *audience scared, cheering and laughing*
  • (Audience continues to scream)
  • Have a seat.
  • (Audience laughs)
  • (Audience cheers)
  • Okay.
  • Sacred Riana
  • Alright.
  • Allen you need to get over here.
  • (crowd laughs)
  • Allen, its gonna be fine.
  • (Audience laughs)
  • Alright...
  • First of all Anggun, are you ok?
  • You know, w-what I keep telling myself right now? That this is not real, this is not real. So, uh
  • Yeah, that's all I can say.
  • David?
  • Riana, its so unusual and its terrifying and um,
  • It's impressive, yeah.
  • It's very impressive.
  • (Audience claps) Agreed
  • And I would like to uh..
  • I'd love to have coffee with her some time, are you single Riana?
  • (Audience laughs)
  • I guess thats a no, okay.
  • No coffee for David.
  • Alright, jay, what are you thinking? ("that I am now a chicken."
  • I'm thinking I peed my pants a little.. (binch wut? 🤣)
  • *laughter*
  • Yeah, uh, very unique.
  • It was scary but..still entertaining at the same time, great overall. (SHE MADE THE FREAKING DOLL MOVE, IT WAS AMAZING! 😣)
  • (Crowd cheers)
  • Okay.
  • So, the sacred Riana um..i believe your goal was to scare Anggun quite nicely. (Aggun: uhhhh.... 😅)
  • And you accomplished that. How does that make you feel?
  • (Audience cheering)
  • Give her your hand. (Angun) Do I really have to...?
  • *Scary Music*
  • Angun- Why me?
  • fini fini
  • Angun-Gasps in fear
  • Whaaaaat the heck?...
  • Demons cannot cross over to our planet.
  • they can only whisper in our ears... but a single word can turn your favorite
  • pleasure into your worst nightmare
  • (Speaking Latin)
  • (speaking Latin)
  • (Yelling Latin)
  • (Crowd and Angun screaming)
  • (The Sacred Riana screams) - STOP!
  • Leave them alone!
  • *Scary music intensifies*
  • *Audience gasps in fear* (jittery mild laughter)
  • (Angun and crowd scream)
  • (Crowd cheers)
  • *crows cheering and Angun laughing*
  • *applauses*
  • Okay..
  • The sacred Riana.. Allen watch out for the zombies..
  • Allen-yeah oohhh my goodness
  • Be careful with the zombies..
  • (Screams) Ah! okay..
  • The sacred riana, why don't you come up here, okay. It's zombie-ous
  • Alright, Angun how are you? are you okay?
  • (Angun sighs and laughs)
  • I-oh!
  • Okay..umm
  • Riana..(Clears throat)
  • I don't know what uh...
  • What is it with me!?
  • (Crowd laughs) Whyyy?!
  • You have - you have these two.
  • They're - they're..
  • okay..
  • We're not going to talk that I know.
  • Umm okay one thing, Riana, that was spectacular.
  • (Repeats) that was spectacular..
  • (Crowd cheers) Really, I'm still very much afraid of you.
  • I'm super scared of you but I have to say I'm becoming- you turned me into your absolute fan.
  • *applauses*
  • David, were you scared?
  • Well you know Riana.. Throughout this whole process with Asia's Got Talent this season has become the one that everybody wanted to see
  • and everybody wanted to watch, she has become the most anticipated act of all the acts that we've seen over the last few months.
  • (Angun: -oh yeah) today, tonight she did not disappoint, she killed it! Literally!
  • (Crowd cheers)
  • Alright, Jay.
  • You know after watching your semis i'm glad I came prepared today and i wore a diaper.
  • (Audience laughs)
  • Yeah I mean-
  • You're very unique and uhh i was very entertained and frightened at the same time, great job.
  • (Clapping)
  • Alright, The Sacred Riana, the judges were quite scared again how does this performance make you feel?
  • (Crowd laughs)
  • *crowd cheering*
  • Come to the stage.
  • (repeats) Come to the stage.
  • Three of you come to the stage.
  • Sit here.
  • put your hands on the table
  • (Crowd cheers and laughs)
  • Come to the stage, Jay Park.
  • (Audience cheers loudly)
  • Angun-(excited noises)... Yes! Yes! Whew!!
  • sit there
  • what we doing here you guys? that's my answer as well, okay. okay
  • hope we don't disappear
  • what's gonna happen? oh my gooosh
  • in the mid 19th century, fear and grief made people try to contact the dead.
  • The only way to reach them is through a medium
  • think of your biggest fear. keep it in your mind
  • okay.
  • don't take your hands off the table
  • I call you, I call you, come back from the shadows
  • (Speaking Latin)
  • She is here. She is here!
  • (table floats up) woooooah
  • whoaaaaaa
  • Stop moving the table!
  • Whoooaaaa
  • Where are we going?
  • Wait, Where-
  • where are we going?
  • Stop!!
  • Ohh
  • tell me your biggest fear.
  • Jay Park
  • *crowd laughing*
  • I said unhappiness
  • Jay: N-
  • (crowd 'ohhh's')
  • (crowd applauses and cheers)
  • What theeee-
  • what?!
  • *audience laugh and applause*
  • You okay? You alright? good, yeah, get away
  • The Sacred Riana..hey!
  • Come over.
  • Get over here!
  • That is a heavy table..
  • Okay alright, Jay..Jay, how are you doing?
  • (Jay- WHAT?!) Yeah..
  • Jay-what is going on here.
  • I don't know man, what are you thinking?
  • i mean uh.. pffft i don't know.
  • I-I mean that's what i thought in my head and then you know the table was moving and i was like 'okay this is kinda fun, table's moving.'
  • And then you know she lifted up the board and it said unhappiness which is what i thought in my mind.
  • Did someone come into my brain? I-I don't know its-its..i feel weird..i feel weird..
  • I have no answers for you Jay but uh.. Angun what'd you think about your friend, sacred Riana?
  • Well uh first of all, Riana, you're my girl thank you so much for not targeting me this time.
  • (Crowd laughs) Whoooo!
  • That was a load of- now you know how i felt.
  • Jay- yeah i peed my pants a little (Crowd laughs)
  • That was another spectacular performance again!
  • again and again! and i know, riana, you have millions of have millions of fans!
  • (Crowd cheers)
  • and I'm one of them!
  • Alright, David talk to us man.
  • Well i expected unique, i expected strange, i expected magic,
  • we got all of those..i would just recommend that maybe..she work on her social skills just a little bit.
  • (Crowd laughs)
  • Okay..
  • Just a suggestion 'cause i don't want to make her mad.
  • A good suggestion.
  • The sacred Riana, after that performance, which the judges all agreed was amazing, how do you feel?
  • We are happy.
  • (Crowd cheers) They are happy! Okay.
  • Asia make some noise for..The Sacred Riana!
  • (Crowd cheers and applauds)

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Sacred Riana On Asia's Got Talent 2017 judges scares and terrifies judges and audience with her freaky and creepy magic tricks! How does she do it?!


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