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Video 3:17 Official Death Run WORLD RECORD!! ($1500 Cizzorz Death Run Winner) CREATIVE MODE!
12:04   |   01/21/2019 at 19:57


  • all right yo guys it is the time that
  • everybody has been waiting for this is
  • actually ridiculous the official world
  • record for the scissors deathrun we're
  • about to watch and react to live okay I
  • haven't seen this video yet but
  • apparently it's a hundred percent
  • confirmed apparently this is a legit run
  • I'm gonna watch it we're gonna figure it
  • out together if it's not well that's a
  • little awkward no but um this time is
  • actually insane right when people are
  • starting to get better and better times
  • I'm like yes this is I what I wanted I
  • wanted people to speedrun get better and
  • better times because that's what I would
  • do back black in black ops 3 I just get
  • better and better times and free run and
  • this exceeded all expectations I didn't
  • think people would find these shortcuts
  • I didn't think people get this time not
  • even close I thought four minutes was
  • the cap for those you don't know there
  • was an official challenge worth fifteen
  • hundred dollars on the line to the
  • person who could get the fastest time
  • before 2019 okay
  • originally it was $1,000 but then you
  • got vivid over here who streamed it for
  • 17 hours straight literally went through
  • hell just to you know try and beat level
  • 5 and he's like you know what that was
  • such a crazy stream I want to add $500
  • to the prize pool so shout out to vivid
  • for that awesome dude that was an
  • awesome stream $1500 goes to the winner
  • with the fastest time free merch and a
  • massive shout out so if you guys don't
  • follow him if you don't subscribe or
  • follow to the person that we're about to
  • watch after watching this you're
  • actually insane you're a terrible person
  • just know that this person is gonna
  • impress you like no one else has and all
  • I'm saying is I can't wait for death run
  • number two coming out later this month
  • who knows what the prize pool will be
  • you guys have to leave a like on this
  • video if you want a sister's death run
  • too and if you want the prize pool to be
  • even higher okay like the video and
  • comment how much should I give away for
  • a death run be realistic here okay don't
  • say $30,000 I'm broke don't make me go
  • broke anyway
  • let's watch this okay I'm not gonna
  • officially claim that this is legit yet
  • but Suzu the same guy that first beat my
  • map the same guy that impressed the crap
  • out of everybody else first apparently
  • has the world record now so let's just
  • watch this
  • ridiculousness start in the middle okay
  • started from the very middle of that uh
  • yeah that circle right there there
  • aren't really many shortcuts on level
  • one but just the fact that he can you
  • know perfectly time these jumps even
  • with jump fatigue he Bates the ice trap
  • I've seen that in one other run before I
  • didn't even know that was possible
  • so he doesn't what oh wait wait I've
  • seen some ridiculous things on level two
  • but I've never seen that I need to watch
  • that back how is that even possible and
  • I've seen this one before
  • that is also stupid think of the fact
  • that how many hours people spent on this
  • map and this guy just got through it in
  • 40 seconds
  • Suzu you're actually a beast your action
  • in level 5 just to put into context
  • liquid vivid spent 17 hours straight
  • trying to beat this legit and Suzu is
  • just a madman okay no hate towards vivid
  • okay it's a really tough map if you even
  • tried level 5 for yourself you better
  • try it out cuz he just made that look
  • easy dude now I'm assuming if this is
  • the world record he doesn't miss a
  • single bottom trap that's what trips a
  • lot of people up on this one because for
  • whatever reason traps on the sides and
  • the ceilings have a different trigger
  • point than traps on the bottom so if
  • there are two traps on the floor you can
  • stand in between them there are two
  • traps on the wall you can't stand in
  • between them it's really weird
  • see if they like run a little bit
  • further oh he did miss one Oh I mean he
  • only missed one I think maybe but still
  • that
  • that like half a second of time that it
  • took to run back and bait the other trap
  • someone else could like get a better
  • time and beat that but the contest is
  • over and apparently this is the official
  • time so no one else did it no one else
  • did it as good as frickin Suzu the beast
  • so what does he do here I've seen a lot
  • of different strats okay yeah okay okay
  • that's like the best strat I've seen on
  • that on that part this makes me bad not
  • actually this is exactly what I wanted I
  • just this exceeded all expectations
  • I wanted it to turn into a speedrunning
  • contest but this exceeded all
  • expectations dude that's crazy dawg
  • okay what does he do here dude the fact
  • that he makes this look so easy
  • blows my mind I guarantee you 1% of the
  • population that tried this got to this
  • part legit one person there's like oh my
  • gosh okay and he needs to use all ten
  • grapplers legit you have to hit every
  • block here so let's just try and confirm
  • he's got to use the grappler on every
  • block just make sure he does it legit
  • dude he did a legit run and he doesn't
  • even go for the landing it just goes
  • right for it get out of here get out of
  • your crazy
  • Suzu you're actually absurd first of all
  • you need to do this right now go to his
  • youtube channel okay I'm gonna link this
  • chant in this video in the description
  • of this video the first link click it
  • subscribe like the video comment you are
  • actually a beast
  • please take my money all 1,500 I love
  • you please ever like actually you need
  • to blow this video up and then right
  • after that as soon as you're done
  • liking subscribing commenting go over to
  • twitch and follow this man okay
  • follow Suzu okay this this clip of him
  • beating it in seven minutes this went
  • viral on twitch this is sixty five
  • thousand views for a twitch video I mean
  • that's understandable for like a YouTube
  • video but sixty five thousand views on a
  • twitch clip that's eight minutes long
  • people really watch this on twit you
  • need to go follow Suzu right now this
  • guy's a beast he's a legend if you don't
  • follow him right now I'm actually not
  • gonna make another death run I'm done
  • with creative mode you guys need to
  • follow him or I'm be really pissed okay
  • he gets $1,500 he gets free merch but
  • more importantly he needs that shoutout
  • he needs that juice please for the love
  • of God go follow this man he deserves it
  • three minutes and 17 seconds you guys
  • gotta be blowing this guy up okay I'm
  • gonna make a second one I'm gonna make a
  • second course okay if this video that he
  • has right here gets 10,000 likes and
  • this video you're watching right now
  • gets 10,000 likes I'll make a second one
  • I'll invite Suzu to try it first live on
  • stream and it'll be great okay only if
  • you guys absolutely blow him up because
  • this is insane I've never been more
  • impressed with fortnight's skill in my
  • life I don't think I've ever been more
  • impressed all jokes aside though I'd say
  • there was only a handful of people who
  • actually beat this course maybe 20 30
  • people that actually beat this obstacle
  • course the amount of tweets that I've
  • gotten the amount of stuff that
  • literally has been like said to me but
  • just hate messages like I've gotten I
  • hate on Twitter being like scissors map
  • is stupid I you suck I your map I hate
  • you and they aren't even following me on
  • Twitter okay I want to watch this level
  • two again though I want to watch this
  • level two again so he based the ice trap
  • he gets jumped fatigue but it's don't it
  • doesn't matter cuz that's the fastest
  • way and then how does he land on that
  • it doesn't look for a second dad he's
  • able to make it there so that's one of
  • the more impressive skips that's already
  • insane but this wait hold up
  • and then he skips yo that's so risky oh
  • my gosh he skips that other platform I
  • guess you know he's trying to save all
  • the time he can ok just on a real note
  • think of how many hours he put into
  • perfecting this think of the effort it
  • took to do this and if you guys still
  • don't blow him up and still don't at
  • least go like just a few clicks away of
  • showing your support to this dude he
  • 100% deserves it he's awesome man like
  • legit it made me so happy seeing a
  • blow-up you know what we're gonna plug
  • his Twitter to okay his Twitter will be
  • on the screen right now it'll be in the
  • description follow him on Twitter okay
  • show him some love
  • tweet him saying yo scissors sent me
  • your run was awesome I'll be going
  • through you guys's tweets making sure
  • you actually do that I'll like them I'll
  • comment on them I'll reply to them I
  • just need you guys showing them all the
  • love and then to think of how many hours
  • you put into this how much he perfected
  • this and then this skip right here is
  • also insane there's gotta be perfect oh
  • my god no lie when people were getting
  • times around like four minutes like four
  • minutes and 30 seconds I thought I could
  • compete with that I was like you know
  • what I I was a speed runner for black
  • ops 3 free run
  • I have great movement I could do this
  • this is the next level
  • obviously I would have to put like a
  • decent amount of time into perfecting my
  • own map but I could never in a million
  • years get this time I'm telling you
  • right now like I thought I could do it
  • with one maybe two deaths this is
  • next-level dude the strats he took like
  • no one else was making these jumps maybe
  • like two other people were doing it like
  • he's doing it but this guy just
  • perfected everything dude
  • I don't know this makes me so happy to
  • see the fact that he literally just
  • destroyed my course and hundreds of
  • thousands of people failed miserably
  • don't worry you're not alone
  • there were hundreds of thousands of
  • people failing miserably just shout out
  • to Suzu man this makes me so happy and I
  • cannot wait for death row number two
  • anyway guys that's gonna be it
  • this is the official scissors death
  • throne world record
  • please go show him some mad love he
  • deserves it he earned it fair and square
  • fifteen hundred dollars free merch okay
  • he also got free merch if you didn't
  • know you can go on over to scissors
  • merch calm and purchase all three of
  • those items right now scissors merch
  • calm soon as you learned it for free but
  • we might be doing some more merch
  • giveaways near future so it's stay tuned
  • for that but if you want coppices merch
  • calm make sure you tweet at me if you do
  • buy it and be greatly appreciated I love
  • seeing you guys too at me like hey just
  • got your merch so excited can't wait for
  • it to come in I always like those tweets
  • but thank you guys for all the love and
  • support on this death row and it went
  • viral
  • I hope sousou's run goes viral I hope
  • you guys absolutely blow him up he
  • deserves it once again all his links are
  • in the description click them right now
  • subscribe here like this video here and
  • then go do all the same for Suzu right
  • now I love you guys I can't wait for
  • death row number 2 if you guys show
  • enough support once again I'm not I'm
  • just saying he deserves everything I'm
  • gonna keep saying it until you do it I
  • love you guys peace out
  • and I'll see you next time
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]

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