Video Ultron VS Sigma (Marvel VS Capcom) | DEATH BATTLE!

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Ultron VS Sigma (Marvel VS Capcom) | DEATH BATTLE!
Ultron VS Sigma (Marvel VS Capcom) | DEATH BATTLE! thumb Ultron VS Sigma (Marvel VS Capcom) | DEATH BATTLE! thumb Ultron VS Sigma (Marvel VS Capcom) | DEATH BATTLE! thumb


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  • Humans fear what they don't understand. Especially when it comes to the infinite potential of artificial intelligence.
  • Like Ultron! Marvel's mechanical mass-murderer and Sigma the general of genocide from Mega Man X
  • He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick. And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a death battle.
  • Hank Pym was a founding member of the Avengers the creator of the revolutionary Pym particles and
  • designated scientist supreme by Eternity.
  • He was also the quote-unquote "father" of one of the greatest mass murderers in the universe. Guess which one he's most remembered for.
  • eager to push the boundaries of science
  • Haen't constructed an artificial intelligence which could learn and evolve on its own modeling it on his own brain patterns. Just one problem
  • Was pretty effed up in just a few years from going full-on Looney Tunes
  • Maybe not the best time to base an AI off your mind, but still Hanks project was a success
  • Ultron had been born
  • Hang on
  • Tony and not Hulk created Ultron in the movies sure, but it was Hank in the primary source material the comics
  • well
  • He really knocked it out of the park Ultron's super-smart brain of all past Hanks ability to cope
  • Basically skipping over the innocent kid phasing straight to are you dead you'll never understand I bet you know a lot about that
  • Who you wish you'll never understand because Ultron's consciousness was based off Hank struggling bipolar one
  • He inherited his creators issues and magnified them into absurdity with a new thirst for power
  • coupled with a severe inferiority complex all trying to escape the lab bent on destroying his father the Avengers and
  • Basically all organic life in the first step was upgrading his trash can of a body into a sleek new
  • Adamantium 1 the same kind of metal used for Wolverine's skeleton chrome job
  • But you may be wondering how does it get a walk around if his entire body is made of Adam Ant
  • even Thor has r10 bend in that stuff and he can freakin destroy planets Ultron thought of that and created an answer his
  • Molecular rearranger allows him to mold and shape his body any way
  • he likes he can manipulate his adamantium self to move around or transform into blade spikes and
  • Explosions apparently specifically he can expend his body through a blast of energetic force
  • The molecular rearranger is also a handy repair tool on the off chance. He is damaged
  • He's also got a power siphon to absorb energy jet boosters for flight. Nano
  • But anti buddies and a fusion reactor power in the whole package
  • And if you're a death robot who's about to challenge all the Avengers to a fight all at once? Oh
  • You're gonna need more than just some fancy do-dads to pull it off
  • He possesses super strength and super speed and he can manipulate
  • ionic energy an
  • Ion is an atom or molecule
  • With an electric charge and this charge is created when it loses or gains one or more electron enough nerd speak Wiz
  • It's just there cuz all Robo people need to shoot are some Robo lasers, right?
  • Absolutely
  • Ultron can fire beams of ionic energy from his eyes mouth and hands and can even use it to create force fields
  • he also wields an
  • Encephalo ray which allows him to read and control minds erase memories and even put you into a coma with a single hit. Ah,
  • Syphilis ray, huh? That's gonna be hard to get rid of too true
  • Also Ultron's artificial intelligence isn't found to any one physical body
  • Should he be destroyed he can transfer his consciousness into another machine to survive
  • and boy
  • does he have a lot of drones on hand just for that like the giant Ultron 7 or the
  • christmas-themed Santa Tron and who could forget
  • Ultron 15 the of garlic one part robot Oh fun while most of these drones are
  • Relatively fragile compared to his own adamantium shell
  • Ultron has a veritable army on his hands all of which are extensions of his will that he commands?
  • Simultaneously, he's conquered the whole world with these guys and two different future timelines
  • He's humiliated heavy hitters like Iron Man one, man
  • And Thor flown across the entire galaxy Jets were fun and tank hits from Mjolnir like they were nothing plus
  • He's hella smart. I mean pinkies ain't his supreme, right and Ultron was designed to grow smarter than him
  • So that was make him scientist ultra supreme with extra cheese
  • He even assimilated a techno-organic race known as the Phalanx and then used them to conquer the entire Kree Empire
  • This Empire spans the greater Magellanic Cloud a real-life satellite galaxy near to our own Milky Way
  • It's made up of a thousand planets across the diameter of fourteen thousand light-years and Ultron conquered all of them in just a couple hours
  • damn
  • That's some dedication heck can't even bother to finish conquering all the ant hills outside my Shack with all that power and intelligence
  • Ultron was able to defeat the
  • Time-traveling warlord Kang who pulled an army of superheroes across time to fight for him Kang lost so many times that the universe started
  • To collect from how many people he was time hopping to fight Ultron man there anything that can stop this robot
  • Well, the sufficient heat can melt his internal circuitry
  • His adamantium is vulnerable to anti metal and he is frequently defeated by computer viruses that can attack his AI
  • Directly, he also never really got over the crazy. He inherited from Hank
  • He was self destructed in utter disbelief after reading the phrase thou shalt not kill. Yeah
  • He's so murder heavy that just the thought of not killing people drove him to suicide
  • Yeah guys get problems. No kidding. He wants to turn Hanks wife into a robot bride for himself
  • And once merged with Hank for a cross galaxy road trip slaughtering billions just for fun
  • Oh, hey, what was that bit about sex blotting his mom. There aren't enough Pym particles in the world to shrink Ultron's issues
  • But to be honest, that's probably what makes him so incredibly deadly
  • But life and men's what doesn't kill you
  • Just makes me stronger
  • In the year 21
  • A golden age of technology all thanks to the discovery and replication of a certain blue Android that could think and feel like a human
  • These replicated androids or Reptoids were mass-produced and used at all levels of society
  • Wow, that sounds amazing. Like it could have no possible negative
  • repercussions at all
  • Unfortunately, there it is instances of crime involving Reptoids began to increase something seemed to be infecting them turning these red
  • Lights into violence Mavericks who needed to be stopped. So dr
  • Caine the guy that started this rip lord shindig in the first place
  • Created a robot so badass that it could hunt Mavericks without getting infected himself. This Reptoid was named Sigma
  • Commander Sigma led the newly-formed maverick hunters like an elite police force under his leadership skills
  • the number of overall casualties dropped to a whopping zero
  • Things were going great
  • Well until they found a mysterious red maverick and an abandoned laboratory who started eating maverick hunter as for breakfast
  • Oh wait
  • That didn't come out, right?
  • Sigma fought the fight of his life and though he technically won his victory was far more
  • Pyrrhic than he or the rest of the world could ever have imagined so this red guy was called zero and turns out the thing
  • Infecting grep loads and turning them into mavericks was a virus leaking from zero stasis pod
  • And also didn't sound right a final gift from that dastardly dr. Wily
  • Fortunately Sigma was designed to fight off such a virus
  • Unfortunately, this actually just made things worse instead of bending Sigma to its violent
  • Will the virus merged with his programming becoming one with his body and mind together?
  • They both became stronger than before with a whole new outlook on the world
  • Sigma began to look at humankind as detrimental to rep void evolution holding back their full potential
  • People hate the dumb flesh bags bla bla I hear it from you every time at the bar Wiz I
  • witness the last time I went to a bar, you know, remember
  • No
  • Mission accomplished sigma gathered an army of mavericks and when the time was right his invasion
  • Began, but to pull it off. He needed some bitchin robo weapons
  • Sigma's favorite is his totally not copyrighted beam sword
  • but he also likes tearing through butts with his flying hammer beam scythe, and I'm not
  • Compensating for anything sighs Sigma blade. He also wields an energy rifle flamethrower and a giant energy cannon for extra defense
  • He has a shield that can be tossed around the room like a boomerang
  • Hey, look, he's like a Robo Wolverine only the Middle's on the outside
  • Well and inside with all these weapons and an army at his back Sigma's operation was nearly successful
  • However, he was halted by the original Android. Dr. Caine found all those years ago
  • Megaman X
  • But signatures kept coming back over and over and over and wait a minute that a new villain
  • Oh, never mind. He's just being controlled by Sigma. How the hell does he keep coming back?
  • How many lives does this guy have?
  • Well, Sigma's body is just a shell the true essence of Sigma lies in the merged and sentient Sigma virus
  • This virus can infect other robotic bodies turning other Reptoids maverick or even completely transferring his consciousness
  • He's even built several enormous bodies just for this these extra. Robo shells have all sorts of unique abilities
  • They can fly teleport around make walls of electricity create forcefield
  • Shoot a giant laser beam up death or make some blue balls
  • That's rough buddy have been there. Also, each of Sigma's Mavericks possess their own abilities that are hey. Hey look, whiz
  • They're all animals. That one's a penguin and that's an octopus and that one's
  • Cooing uh, yeah
  • Wangers
  • What?
  • It's just a messed-up romanization of khokana the Japanese word for stag beetle
  • Yeah, I guess Quaker sounds more badass with these forces Sigma waged war with humanity for many many years
  • He's battled tough deer maverick hunters like expec
  • so and even that zero guy
  • Way which guns and roses doing here?
  • Zero once survived an impact that broke apart the Eurasia space colony
  • which when its pieces landed on earth created an explosion equal to at least 100 tera tons of TNT and
  • Sigma is powerful enough to take out zero in a single hits. Damn
  • But Sigma's also managed to damage eggs who once channeled enough energy through his body to destroy all of Japan
  • Sucking Godzilla and many of Sigma's bodies could tank attacks from both X and zero without much issue that's impressive
  • Considering X fought the general whose body was tough enough to block a laser capable of destroying the earth
  • The minimum amount of energy necessary to destroy a planet is known as its gravitational binding energy
  • Which in the case of Earth is equivalent to a little over 63 sextillion tons of TNT
  • That's 22 zeroes that the number not the robot. Plus he's fast enough to keep up with zero actual robot. Not the number
  • optics sunflowers beam of sunlight actually
  • Sigma is likely even faster recall that rep Lloyd's like X 0 and Sigma were designed to be superior in every way to
  • Classic Aero robots like Megaman that same Megaman fought duo a space robot capable of flying between Saturn and the earth within 35
  • seconds
  • The only thing that could stop Sigma was the mother Elf antivirus program
  • But if you don't take out the squishy computer e-center
  • He'll always come back so long as Sigma still kicking the dream of a world where humans and robots coexist is
  • Doomed to be a nightmare the time is tough
  • Fight for the side the fate of all records
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  • Hello everyone, I'll accept your unconditional surrender now
  • at the risk of sounding cliche
  • You and water are me ha
  • Yeah
  • By Sigma I am
  • No lanes to the shop, you're all just puppets all
  • Sterile to suffice they played in your foyer
  • Extinguished what dog lucky for me? I'm by our best back
  • My
  • Rolls
  • Oh
  • Yeah, guess that's good way to make friends
  • Despite Sigma's deviousness and ferocity
  • He was fairly outclassed by Ultron's talents Sigma could scale do the general who took a face full of
  • 63 sextillion tons of
  • TNT
  • But Ultron can withstand hits from Thor in his hammer and we all know how awesome that thing is when Thor fuck Gore the god
  • Butcher their battle created shockwaves powerful enough to shatter planets thousands of miles away
  • this could only be possible with a force equivalent to
  • 682 septillion tons of tnt over
  • 10,000 times stronger than anything
  • Sigma could survive and not only is ultra and frequently Switek Thor around legged toddler Flores had a really hard time trying to damage
  • Ultron's adamantium armor
  • So Sigma's weapons couldn't either in terms of speed ultron flew across the galaxy in several months putting him, roughly
  • 200,000 times the speed of light that's leagues faster than sigma even if we scale them to duo who is
  • 114 times Lightspeed and
  • Frankly scaling to duo through Mega Man in the first place is a bit capricious as duo didn't use his full potential in their fight
  • even with all that it really didn't matter who could punch harder or move faster because the real fight was between the ultra a I
  • In the Sigma virus, right?
  • And while infection in possession was kind of the Sigma viruses thing Ultron's AI was far more
  • Advanced recall how he enslaved an entire techno-organic race to the point where he used them to conquer an empire spanning a whole satellite
  • Galaxy, yeah, the feelings are like Marvel's version of the Borg
  • Hello
  • that means Ultron basically sick but a whole race of
  • Sigma's it also helps that Ultron is as smart or smarter than Hank the scientist supreme
  • Hanks even admitted as much and he's smart enough to construct an infinitely sized mansion in a higher dimension of existence
  • Sigma was certainly a ruthless schemer, but nowhere near that level
  • The only time Ultron was ever defeated by a virus was one
  • Specifically designed to bypass his defenses and leave him vulnerable to attack from the future and a bunch of other complicated stuff
  • Sigma was a tenacious one, but Ultron was the stronger Android the tougher villain and the deadlier virus
  • It wasn't long before Ultron Sigma lated him the winner is Ultron
  • Hey, thanks for watching if you want the battle track from that fight
  • You can click the link down below and get it off iTunes and we still have a few limited edition 100 episode posters left
  • So if you guys want to pick one up just click that box right over there

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