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Video #1 WR in the Nation ?? 6'6 Dylan Wright 40 + Offers | West Mesquite High (TX) UTR Spotlight
05:06   |   441K+ views   |   today at 12:33


  • we're not Rosa the hoodie you know they
  • tell us to play we come back and I see
  • him like the line I see how you're
  • looking at me you know and I think you
  • know cuz hearing my way you feel you let
  • help dunky dunky swear you get you ain't
  • getting it and I was their money so to
  • me the DVD it in my way I think about
  • the house I want to get my mom I think
  • about if he if he blocked me from
  • getting this house sure and I'm not a
  • man so that's what made me so aggressive
  • [Music]
  • don't feel like I got a gig one goal and
  • nobody stop you can try you can't stop a
  • train
  • what's the deep goal that's how I feel
  • like I am so far off Obama and Els you
  • go to Spain
  • hey everybody Mike hey I got I got 40
  • clothes off but all really already
  • decided with it but I know I supposed to
  • do a shout out to my dad so if you try
  • to be part you know he took me to here
  • where I want to be it you know but I
  • really really love my mama man she don't
  • make me start on blowing not you know my
  • daddy just started putting me on the
  • demo but my mama the one who made me get
  • up here today and she's o'clock in the
  • morning who push-ups you know sleep
  • thinking about my routes god no I gotta
  • get our highs I never was a person
  • that'd be a crowd person or be around a
  • lot of people I'm always windows deep
  • always got my boogie with me but you
  • know ever since I've been blowing up
  • people who want to talk to me and you
  • know I just I just let me myself from
  • net but I still be a leader I'm not a
  • verbal leader but I show people how hard
  • I worked you know I put it on I put it
  • on
  • not yet just so people could see what
  • I'm doing you know and when I just know
  • what I'm doing and I see what I got and
  • I need to get with him so that's all I
  • do from when I'm in practice I'll go
  • I'll go 300 I'll just go and I'll go 300
  • owe me to go to a school and when it got
  • to be a family you got it for your
  • family atmosphere you know they got I
  • mean they gotta throw the ball it can't
  • be just you know I'll try to get today
  • but it just really got to be a family
  • man you catch it
  • I can't I'm not one of the players who
  • just come for business you know you got
  • her I need look I always got a little
  • for my mama so that's why I work so hard
  • so I thought when I was going to school
  • I didn't need look if I can look around
  • you know put in money a gym it's a bank
  • now
  • noise hey been out here you know I got
  • back from my toe injury trying to get
  • back right I'm at 2:15 you right now you
  • know trying to get some light 220 before
  • the season keep my speed up or whatever
  • boy I'm out here working hair body sleep
  • you know I ever the trip about no
  • rankings good I let going chances you
  • you know
  • hey y'all gonna see me on Sunday thank
  • y'all for watch my little under the
  • radar sports media the hottest sports
  • videos in the nation's
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]

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#1 WR in the Nation ?? 6'6 Dylan Wright 40 + Offers | West Mesquite High (Texas) UTR Spotlight 2018 | TWITTER @DeunteWright

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