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Video Switching Lives with Jeffree Star
35:34   |   today at 09:45


  • okay so before this video gets started
  • you guys know that I have had an issue
  • getting brand deals my entire career and
  • lately it's been extra hard I have had
  • so many brands fall through and not want
  • to work with me at the last minute but
  • after I posted part 1 and 2 of the
  • Jeffery series I actually had brands
  • reaching out saying hey we get it we
  • love this and we want to work with you
  • so today I am so excited we actually
  • have a sponsor so today's video is
  • sponsored and brought to you by SeatGeek
  • it's a ticket app that makes buying
  • tickets very simple you can find so many
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  • offer code in Shane so there's a link
  • right at the top of description below it
  • click it download the app and check out
  • the tickets and you'll get $20 off with
  • the offer code machine all right you
  • guys enjoy part 3 hey bitches it's
  • Geoffrey star with Jeffery star is cut
  • as a character that I made when I was
  • bored and I just kind of like this is
  • who I am now okay I'm recording for
  • whatever you want okay where's my weight
  • okay so I looked there about 60 wigs and
  • this one is airing me today yeah this is
  • like actually a real person's hair yeah
  • someone drew this our holy shit oh it
  • went green okay you got this before oh
  • you got the front flip it back oh we got
  • that angle like down like whoa Wow
  • that's the angle oh yeah that's the look
  • I'm gonna imagine us fucking with
  • looking at you the whole time like this
  • without blinking so we're just moving so
  • yeah
  • is it like looking into a funhouse
  • mirror like a carnival like one of them
  • years ago food no it's like when you see
  • those ads for what you look like on meth
  • in ten years we're gonna be 12 hotel
  • just gives you extra energy but in Chile
  • under the tongue just dissolves another
  • time aids in the conversion of food into
  • energy energy health 2500 am I gonna
  • wear
  • Oh baby today's my fatal day I have a
  • special outfit for you need you to have
  • your own moment is this for real it's
  • sure let me get whatever sin is and this
  • so this is your Jeffrey Stehr how was it
  • for the day we're living and loving are
  • you sure yeah we're doing so let's get
  • you changed all right well I am just
  • changing here okay yeah okay
  • change into my Gucci XXL
  • [Music]
  • the sweatshirt was $1,800 something I'm
  • going to ruin with my body
  • is there more oh my god oh wait a minute
  • he's right
  • these were literally like what I'm
  • wearing these are like the glowing up
  • version up my shape-ups except these are
  • you me to go out there oh there's no
  • Gucci buyers came out let's just play
  • hurry okay all right
  • where is she I'm bored
  • [Laughter]
  • the only thing that's missing is I
  • always carry around in today okay going
  • to ready let's do this
  • sister yes
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • mommy's home delicious you not recognize
  • mommy I think mommy had an accident pain
  • a name
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • I'm just on my way to UM I don't know
  • what I'm going somewhere in my big
  • expensive car I love the all Gucci oh I
  • love when you call me sick I don't know
  • how to handle it oh yeah yeah let's go
  • handle it somewhere else that seemed
  • very real oh oh it's all the other
  • youtubers sorry get on my level what's
  • next okay so we'll be recording - just
  • let snapchat know about our day what
  • we're about to do or if we have any dogs
  • for the morning wait this is like drama
  • though because I feel like all your
  • snapchats get re uploaded on YouTube and
  • I think it's calling Geoffrey start
  • booking hates everybody yo Geoffrey
  • start just did something it's 2018 and
  • all you negative motherfuckers that were
  • in my life last year you're gone huh see
  • yet Carl do you need to be crossed
  • oh I thought you were doing all right
  • but I guess not so I feel like kind of
  • start drama about kind of on accident
  • but kind of on purpose and kind of talk
  • about
  • great let's do it I am just in one of
  • those moods where as soon as I woke up I
  • had to roll over and just suck a dick
  • can anyone else relate so the lights
  • pouring here here's the bed right here
  • [Music]
  • wait show me like what you do like how
  • would you start okay so I always do a
  • good morning okay hi good morning
  • everybody good morning everybody
  • so it's gonna be like good morning
  • everybody
  • hi how are you girl I'm fucking tired
  • hey you try okay all right here we go I
  • got this hi good morning welcome back to
  • my snapchat hi how are you I know what
  • you're writing for your morning tea but
  • guess what I don't have any tea for you
  • I've done sent it all sis except like I
  • said you have a drought there's this
  • fucking piece of shit on YouTube that
  • likes to talk about me but I don't even
  • listen
  • except what do people get mad every time
  • I talk about even a scenario or like
  • giving life advice about something they
  • make it about like the next friends
  • which I'm literally not even referencing
  • not even about anyone it's just life you
  • know okay a little daily inspiration
  • hello good morning I know you're all
  • wondering Wow how do you do it what is
  • it like and what I would tell you is
  • you'll never know oh she's going back
  • for more
  • just kidding you might know one day but
  • most of you want especially all the
  • people on YouTube who do makeup all of
  • you guys will never ever ever fuck but
  • that's not about anybody particular so
  • don't take that long okay it's not drama
  • I think that's inspirational yeah that
  • was great
  • all right we're gonna go to our house
  • we're gonna work so like we'll see you
  • back may go okay with the pin Bob
  • [Music]
  • wake up my sweeties hello company all
  • right let the pick one baby that's a
  • pink Tesla just let you know yeah this
  • is the big Lamborghini has my brand name
  • in the States
  • the whole interior was ripped out to be
  • done it's all my baby
  • [Music]
  • how is he have so much
  • so na was probably the price of my house
  • and he's driving
  • yeah are you ready to go French man so
  • okay it's a very low to the ground
  • Oh oh my god it's literally like I'm
  • inside of a little toy collar yeah holy
  • shit holy shit
  • wait so okay how much actually
  • [Music]
  • so I'm driving straight
  • we're bougie which once the gas okay
  • okay wait press on the gas
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • hey stranger
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • hoo-wee hurry up please I'm trying to go
  • somewhere
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • oh wait so you've never shown this
  • warehouse so I can point it is it crazy
  • so we're gonna go at a time when all the
  • employees have gone for the day okay so
  • you're not gonna see the full crazy
  • commotion of it all there's a lot of
  • data lines that are just big didn't want
  • to be under anyone's like channel they
  • don't want to have their faces anywhere
  • and they're very like private which we
  • totally respect so we'll just be able to
  • explore I'll just show you what we do
  • there wait this is a Tesla right so you
  • just let go of the wheel fully let go of
  • the wheel
  • [Laughter]
  • we are is this where we tell Andrew
  • we're about to have an orgy yes so
  • here's the first warehouse we have this
  • whole entire blog what the fuck is this
  • real
  • yeah real not is crazy so this is all
  • mine and then we have one over here I'm
  • one in the bathroom this is like legit
  • this is fucking crazy are you serious I
  • honestly thought this was gonna be a
  • clean of like underwhelming I'm like oh
  • maybe he's lying a little bit no this is
  • crazy what the fuck I didn't live today
  • bitch let's roll baby
  • ah this is crazy all right well let's
  • welcome to work let's see the Jeffrey
  • star never been seen before warehouse
  • let's do it so of course like we said
  • everyone's at home today so where you're
  • gonna get the full like quiet tour this
  • is like wait I'm sorry I'm like
  • overwhelmed this is crazy so every
  • single pink the walls the posts the
  • bubble wrap the boxes everything is very
  • unread like we like to say
  • we got a pink like you know that
  • [Music]
  • over here is about 10 rows of pig
  • stations so this is where people ship
  • all my makeup all day okay wait
  • yeah so this is fucking crazy
  • Jeffrey what the fuck why why first of
  • all why don't you show this or talk
  • about this the second of all what the
  • fuck I just don't think people are
  • finding interesting like I think that's
  • some of my insecurities like is it
  • entertaining enough like do people care
  • and then it's kind of like I don't know
  • okay I'll be another youtuber so this is
  • my pantry okay I'll be Jeffrey this is
  • my just don't think like that I'm just
  • like when did you move in here when did
  • this happen
  • we've moved like three four times so in
  • 2016 the brand had like up towards the
  • end of the year I had like a seven
  • hundred percent growth that was just
  • like insane so we finally found this
  • place and we've actually already
  • outgrown this place so we have another
  • facility right here next door and
  • another one of the barracks for storage
  • and this is all you yeah like this
  • specific building is that you right
  • most of it yes and then we also ship
  • merch a lot of youtubers are those alts
  • okay wait yeah that's been a wick
  • station yes we have Jeffrey start tape
  • for everything so the logos all the
  • boxes through the process of like okay I
  • was working here what's my job
  • I'm packaging makeup where do I start
  • through you're gonna take the order and
  • then hand it off to someone to then
  • package it right okay it'll be like a
  • stack of orders and you just read what
  • it says and it's like okay maybe one
  • mannequin liquid lit maybe a cherry soda
  • lip scrub and maybe I'm making liquid
  • lip always wanted to fuck him can you
  • hand it off to the next person who then
  • rolls it packages it beautifully make
  • sure it's all tight in there so there's
  • no breakage or anything and then someone
  • else tapes it and you put it off to the
  • to get take it off to wherever she's
  • gonna roll I'm sorry I'm I'm usually not
  • like speech listen this is like crazy to
  • me this is so weird this is crazy that
  • this is real what are you thinking right
  • now we'll talk about everything a little
  • later but do you get nervous like
  • Dragutin nervous not one I don't know
  • about like having to keep this all going
  • or like what if sales slip like what
  • happens if yeah there is that moment of
  • all these people rely on me you know I
  • mean they this this is their full-time
  • job how many plays right here there's
  • about 100 yeah show me more wait so wait
  • should you do other people's shit a lot
  • yeah so that's something I don't ever
  • talk about or promote but this is
  • obviously a fulfillment center and a
  • merch company so me and a few friends
  • started killer merch and we ship a lot
  • of people a lot of people you probably
  • recognize wait what yeah so you okay
  • that's the whole separate business from
  • the cosmetics I just merge it together
  • and we've it's like a whole you know
  • this is crazy okay so these are all just
  • different like YouTube or like
  • celebrities or what
  • [Music]
  • what the fuck is this yeah this okay the
  • rent here alone in this building is
  • probably like
  • I mean this is like I actually have
  • never been this confused during a video
  • [Music]
  • I'm star is a really famous makeup
  • artist nice to meet you this is all your
  • new merchant showing it to you but we're
  • getting there wait those jewels your
  • cubicles if you have an office this is
  • so crazy
  • wait is this your or we got it
  • doors is it news articles and cover your
  • done around area
  • [Music]
  • about tiled walls or cure oh my god why
  • have you shown all this crazy you more
  • refrigerators in your office and I have
  • in my house empty right now as we are
  • remodeling but here we are honey I what
  • are you feeling right now what are you
  • thinking what the fuck
  • great literally what the actual thought
  • this is like and I said this off-camera
  • we took a little break to charge the
  • battery I said this off-camera what the
  • actual fuck this is crazy
  • why don't you show this and also what
  • how how much is all this to run I have a
  • lot of questions ok let's start let's
  • hurry let's start with why this is kind
  • of a secret that you have like this I
  • wouldn't say it's a secret it's just
  • like my I must call like my day job you
  • don't I mean like to me and maybe I'm
  • wrong
  • obviously I feel like I am wrong because
  • you're intrigued by all this is this is
  • almost like just like the nine-to-five
  • you know what I mean like I'm just doing
  • all the paperwork everything behind the
  • scene
  • you know the travel the meetings the
  • phone calls it's all here you know
  • and I just don't think that it would be
  • interesting to people okay how did this
  • happen
  • like so you go from like oh I want to
  • start a makeup line
  • yeah I'm gonna test it out I'm gonna do
  • whatever to oh I am in this huge
  • warehouse with a hundred employees and
  • like cranes like I don't understand how
  • I don't know either
  • it just happened did you just sell fuck
  • ton of makeup and you're like okay like
  • they can I can I mean yeah I mean I
  • dunno I don't know it's like I don't
  • know like I'm an idiot it was quick
  • growth but also a lot of groundwork I
  • have a business partner whose name is
  • Jeff that is very smart with you know
  • where to take things okay you make a
  • bunch of money so now what the growth of
  • it is what we've you know we've mastered
  • and we grew really fast and I don't
  • think a lot of people know that and you
  • know I mean I think you know I'm
  • obviously selling a lot of product
  • people see numbers and they see things
  • but I don't think they know the full
  • spectrum of how big this organization
  • really is
  • I have never really liked it roughly do
  • you know like how much it is just to run
  • this facility like a month enjoy real
  • numbers yeah Brad we'd have to ask mark
  • I like I just had no idea like I knew
  • there was money and like I was selling
  • you know make I didn't know was this
  • yeah with the office Basin everybody's
  • like a full-blown number
  • um bunny company this is like Target
  • yeah hi you're talking like the rent
  • utilities and everything or what are you
  • talking about I mean like even my mom
  • might play a bill for all three places
  • do you know what me to film generally
  • the hotel does he not wanna be on cam
  • now okay
  • I mean with utilities to run our hope
  • this actual operation is probably about
  • seventy five thousand a month without
  • staffing which that means another
  • hundred thousand yeah so like 175 can't
  • go okay I got it
  • thank you I actually know that only on
  • circus we've grown a lot over the last
  • year and a half so I say I reprove
  • everything it's my company it's just
  • when did this company become so massive
  • I'm as 2016 was ending is when it was
  • like really starting to grow my orders
  • jeffree star cosmetics and there it is I
  • mean I said hey guys I would like to
  • have more clients so we've had more
  • youtubers come in you know more bands
  • and just more people overall who are
  • excited they love the way we do things
  • were very easy to work with and when you
  • deal with merge companies probably your
  • whole career they have a sorted youtuber
  • t-shirt at Hot Topic hey guys its best
  • here and I'm on topic right now and I'm
  • wearing a stray box of TV shirt some
  • fucking shady some of them are great but
  • it's like I just like overall people are
  • always unhappy so I said okay I want to
  • create my own I've been burned so many
  • times let me do it better than them and
  • there we are and we just proved it by
  • our work ethic and how we treat our
  • clients and then is this okay so you
  • have your YouTube channels you have your
  • makeup line you have the merch company
  • we have the shipping fulfillments the
  • ship you know and then you said you
  • or yeah I chose to invest never property
  • so of course we bought a home in
  • Michigan me and Nate that's when we own
  • apartment complexes and a few other
  • states they have a property manager
  • that's all you know it runs itself and
  • the money is just in my account alone
  • show all of these businesses like are we
  • talking which millions right dollars
  • have income
  • oh yeah 100% and what was it like a few
  • years ago so in 2014 I had about 3 grand
  • left to my name after all the
  • investments and everything I was living
  • in a little apartment so after I quit
  • music I was like here up here you know
  • this is it I took my last hope and
  • dreams into three colors and yeah so in
  • about three 1/2 four years it's full on
  • my whole entire life has changed so I
  • somehow got another chance and now I'm
  • smart by the books I paid millions in
  • taxes and I'm a normal fucking citizen
  • so it's like I feel blessed even to have
  • any money let alone being able to pay
  • like okay I just made 20 million taxes
  • this quarter and it's like where does
  • that go I could have bought 10 more
  • family members homes you know what I
  • mean so if I really yeah I'm not know
  • what anyone else is doing on on anyone's
  • business like I don't know how much Jake
  • Paul makes I don't I don't know how much
  • you make that much I don't ask any
  • questions but the cosmetics industry as
  • a whole is massive it's insane
  • so I'm just like I don't want to slow
  • down are you and listen I'm asking this
  • not because I'm like you I want the tea
  • or I'm asking because I genuinely am so
  • fascinated by you and I told you this
  • before you before we do the series or
  • whatever so like I'm asking more as an
  • inspired person yeah are we talking like
  • hundreds of millions of dollars and
  • yearly
  • yes never said that before
  • that's crazy
  • yeah so it's like oh my god what the
  • fuck hundreds of millions of dollars is
  • your family like blown away by this I
  • don't know much about your family
  • [Music]
  • yeah I really don't I have a and also I
  • have a small family you know it's crazy
  • when someone has all their grandparents
  • and both their parents I can't relate my
  • dad dead at five-and-a-half you know a
  • single mom growing up two uncles my
  • dad's brother is both dead I mean so I
  • have a small family you know I don't
  • have a huge family the twenty cousin so
  • it's cool to have you know like Nate's
  • family as my extension as well and you
  • know my close friends are my family I
  • think you we make our own family as we
  • go and get older as well you know but
  • it's it's small I've also lost family
  • members that think they are all of a
  • sudden entitled you know everyone thinks
  • it's their money like it's bizarre how
  • dark and evil your flesh and blood will
  • go for are some coins my mom talking
  • about when we were younger
  • it's like like my moment in the car and
  • left in Metallica
  • you're gonna go sell drugs smoke crack
  • and suck off your drug dealer and we're
  • a big happy family
  • [Music]
  • I'm that fucked up at all you have it
  • it's shown a lot of people's true colors
  • to me it's broken my heart
  • Palance times and it's a blessing and a
  • curse
  • you know like okay great I've made the
  • money I'm not sitting here every day
  • wondering how I'm gonna you know feed me
  • and my dogs and pay my rent all that
  • fear is taken away but now there's 20
  • more problems so it's like and I'm sure
  • people watching would die they think
  • they want this so bad they want 20 cars
  • and all the jewelry it's it's nothing
  • it's like it's like more money more
  • problems is a realistic joke and it's so
  • crazy until this is your life no one can
  • relate to complaining like I'm not
  • complaining because I have money and I'm
  • complaining because it is a burden but
  • you know everyone just gonna make fun of
  • me
  • oh you're complaining is you're rich
  • it's not that it's family thinking that
  • all of a sudden you should get them
  • whatever the fuck they want its friends
  • assuming you're always paying for dinner
  • and it's friends assuming you're you're
  • gonna buy their their plane ticket
  • you're gonna put them in the finest
  • hotel it's like everyone assumes there
  • now if there's and I've lost a lot of
  • people so it's me in this family people
  • have switched on us trying to steal from
  • us trying to you know crazy shit take
  • secret pictures sell it try to hurt us
  • it's like we've dealt with so many so
  • much pain as well as trying to enjoy all
  • of this it's fucking mentally exhausting
  • sometimes at the end of the day doing
  • really care what the whole
  • internet or whatever what everyone says
  • we all partially do you know and I'm
  • always the villain
  • I'm always Geoffrey ghost your friends
  • quick and no one knows what really goes
  • on behind the scenes so it's hard
  • sometimes to sleep at night I want to
  • say I kind of hate everyone what
  • actually they like like what's the
  • hardest part of all of this it sucks to
  • not have my grandparents and my father
  • here like to have not a lot of family
  • it's like you wish they were still alive
  • to be proud of you like I really I came
  • from ashes I'm not a crier I'm like but
  • like anything like I wish my dad was
  • sitting next to me and I could buy him a
  • house as well you know what I mean but
  • he's been gone for so long and it's like
  • you think about your grandparents they
  • help raising they well my mom was strong
  • cast my childhood you know anything it's
  • like I wish I can just get them back and
  • I can't because they're all gone you
  • know so it's lonely it gets really
  • lonely on a different level I feel very
  • similar like I have a very very small
  • family like very very small for me right
  • now in my life I feel very grateful that
  • I like met Ryland and I you know have a
  • couple good people around me and stuff
  • is that I mean that's the same with you
  • right Nathan and a few friends and
  • it just goes like us against the world
  • sometimes it's just think it's really
  • lonely I I mean I know this boy doesn't
  • know that much but I genuinely I don't
  • like to say this to be cheesy I
  • genuinely am so fuckin like so fucking
  • proud this is crazy I'm not just saying
  • this for the video or for like I can
  • tell like I'm your eyes are like it's
  • good to see like and I respect you so
  • much so to see your response is like
  • it's really cool
  • okay well this is crazy
  • what I want to do is maybe take a little
  • journey to the past
  • okay tell you everything okay but I will
  • tell you this I want you to come like
  • normal Noguchi okay do you own anything
  • about which you know I'm like normal
  • what to me means snowmaker
  • and then you're gonna come to my house
  • okay
  • and then we're gonna have a journey
  • can't wait okay then it's gonna be a lot
  • my house is disgusting
  • [Music]
  • we'll get ready well I'll see you
  • tomorrow where do I put my way what am I
  • sitting I'm so nervous
  • [Music]
  • and umaibo do it what is happening here
  • I'm gonna get three rice krispie treats
  • I love rice krispies treat oh my god
  • haha we have to actually pause all jokes
  • aside I don't know what chemical is in
  • that you need to go ask her for make
  • sure why I want you know I don't know
  • what that is oh my god don't talk about
  • these things to anyone you know if any
  • of my family name no one is just I
  • didn't know you were gonna do that my
  • whole entire life we really just want to
  • take it there he's gonna take this down
  • there second what the fuck um hi you
  • wanna die tonight I can't be beautiful

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6 Conor Maynard

How You Love Me flac

Conor Maynard. 2018. Writer: Yoshi Breen;Thom Bridges;Hardwell;Rik Annema;Conor Maynard;Cimo Fränkel;Snoop Dogg.
7 Clean Bandit

Baby flac

Clean Bandit. 2018. Writer: Jack Patterson;Kamille;Jason Evigan;Matthew Knott;Marina;Luis Fonsi.
8 Rita Ora

Let You Love Me flac

Rita Ora. 2018. Writer: Rita Ora;Easyfun;Fred Gibson;Noonie Bao;LotusIV;Ilsey Juber.
9 (G)I-DLE


(G)I-DLE. 2018. Writer: Riot Music Team;Harloe.
10 Mark Ronson

Nothing Breaks Like A Heart flac

Mark Ronson. 2018. Writer: Thomas Brenneck;Maxime Picard;Ilsey Juber;Conor Szymanski;Clement Picard;Mark Ronson;Miley Cyrus.

Good Years flac

ZAYN. 2018. Writer: Anthony Hannides;Michael George Hannides;Khaled Rohaim;ZAYN;Herbie Crichlow.
12 Big Boi

Out At Night flac

Big Boi. 2018. Writer: Jack Patterson;John Ryan;Julian Bunetta;Big Boi.
13 Imagine Dragons

Bad Liar flac

Imagine Dragons. 2018. Writer: Jorgen Odegard;Daniel Platzman;Ben McKee;Wayne Sermon;Aja Volkman;Dan Reynolds.
14 The Chainsmokers

Beach House flac

The Chainsmokers. 2018. Writer: Andrew Taggart.
15 Clean Bandit

Mama flac

Clean Bandit. 2018. Writer: Jason Evigan;Jack Patterson;Grace Chatto;Ellie Goulding;Caroline Ailin.
16 Ava Max

Sweet But Psycho flac

Ava Max. 2018. Writer: Ava Max;TIX;Cirkut;Madison Love;Cook Classics.
17 BTS

Waste It On Me (Slushii Remix) flac

BTS. 2018. Writer: Steve Aoki;Jeff Halavacs;Ryan Ogren;Michael Gazzo;Nate Cyphert;Sean Foreman;RM.
18 Bhad Bhabie

Playboy Style flac

Bhad Bhabie. 2018. Writer: Jack Patterson;Grace Chatto;Bhad Bhabie;George Astasio;Jason Pebworth;Jon Shave;Ryan Alan;Alex Oriet;David Phelan.
19 Cat Dealers

My Way flac

Cat Dealers. 2018.
20 Cmc

As Long As I'm With You flac

Cmc. 2018.

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