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14:00   |   views   |   03/19/2018


  • Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome to way too many meme-related games!
  • Now, these aren't modern-day, current generation memes...
  • these are...
  • "Classic memes". The memes back in the day, and by "back in the day", I mean like about two years ago- three-...
  • I dunno. You know what I mean the "MLG compilations" the "get no-scoped".
  • *high pitched voice* "oh baby! a triple!"
  • It turns out there are tons, and tons of these games on the internet.
  • Some? Really well-made! Some, not at all well-made at all, but all worth playing? Maybe?...
  • Probably not. Look this video is probably a waste of your time.
  • But if you want to see stupid memes strewn about the place,
  • W- watch on, but be warned there's a lot of flashing colors and- and bright lights if you're prone to seizures. *SEIZURE WARNING*
  • these are not for you. Alright, so the first game that we're gonna be playing is called "Meme Hunt" and
  • I'm assuming that it's some form of "Duck Hunt", but I'm not 100 percen- oh...
  • Oh, yeah, oh no, oh boy...
  • OH NO. *laughter*
  • Oh, it's everything I hoped would be!
  • Oh, it's absolutely everything that I ever hoped it would be!
  • Oh, it's so beautiful!
  • And by "beautiful", I mean "my brain is literally melting out of my ears"!
  • I think I- I think I feel I need to-... I need to- I need to ask...
  • Why? Oh, I'm not supposed to hit the-... Okay. I get it. I'm not okay. Why?
  • I can't stop! Alright... why- OH GODDAMMIT.
  • I can't stop. Oh, my god. Okay, shit don't hit those got it. Got it.
  • I'm screwe- AHH, FUCK ME.
  • Wow.
  • Oh, my god. "Go again". I gotta beat that high score!
  • Double kill, baby!
  • *laughing*
  • Oh, god. This is back in the day!
  • What the fuck is that?! Oh, my god...
  • I- Uh, What??
  • WHA?
  • I'm just fucking tearing this up! But I fee-
  • even MY eyes are hurting trying to look at this goddamn nightmare of a game!
  • What the fuck is going on?
  • *the incoherent mumbles of a madman*
  • Oh god, oh god. I'm losing it. I'm losing it. I'm losing it. Holy shit. There's so much- AH shit!
  • Yeah, hang on! I got this no bombs, no whammies, no whammies, all Sonics!
  • No whammies!
  • *desperately* NO WHAMMIES!
  • AH, SHIT.
  • *giggles*
  • *weakly* That's so stupid... *laughter*
  • Hey, I did it! Oh, my god... It is just...
  • You should see the waveform on the desktop audio... I bet when I process it, it's just gonna be this big block that's just
  • Oh, my god. Alright, so that's enough of that one, but don't you worry I've got so many more!
  • Oh... *game opens up and immediately, a voice says "f*** her right in the pu**y!"
  • *dusbtep with that phrase broken up and repeated*
  • Alright... *laughter*
  • So this one's called-...
  • *laughter* this one's called "Meme Switch".
  • And... *laughter* I don't know what-...
  • This is-... I didn't expect the game to open up that way!
  • I don't think it needs any more explanation...
  • *reading game instructions out loud* Alright!
  • Oh, boy...
  • Oh, I see.
  • Game: "damn son!"
  • *undecipherable rambling*
  • I'm so-... *laughter*
  • Oh... AW SHIT.
  • OH. What am I doing?
  • I gotta- *laughter* I gotta take this seriously. I don't know what-... yellow. I think...
  • Yeah, okay.
  • *weakly through laughter* I'm sorry!
  • It's not that funny! I don't know why these t- oh my god...
  • "Like and subscribe please!"
  • Oh god... okay...
  • It's like "Flappy Bird"! Except you're going up and through weed!
  • Ah, goddamn it! I keep closing my eyes!
  • I mean I could do this with my eye closed- eyes closed, but
  • you know, it'd be- *laughter*
  • Ah, goddamn it!
  • Ah, I'm so fucking bad at this!
  • I have tears in my eyes...
  • *mumbling* WOAH.
  • Yeah, if you're looking for intelligent commentary about these games or for me to have insightful information about what's happening here,
  • You- you, you're looking in the goddamn wrong place!
  • This is not what that's about. Oh my god. *laughter*
  • I just- I just can't imagine the actual effort- GOD DAMMIT. FUCK ME!
  • Oh its, oh its fine!
  • Oddly enough...
  • It's good! So UH! AWH!
  • Alright, thats enough...
  • That's enough. AH, shut up.
  • Alright, so moving on from those memes, we move on to a different type of meme...
  • Uh, altogether which is not an "MLG meme" this is- Oh, god!
  • Oh, my- oh my god! Is my- is my webcam lagging? I just- oh. god this game...
  • It's so dense! This game is so intense. I just realized how stupid this video is- oh.
  • Here we go
  • Okay, alright, this one's called
  • "Shrek Walking in the Forest Simulator"
  • *Smash Mouth's "All Star" playing slowed down and warped*
  • *laughter*
  • Bye, SHR- OH, MY GOD!
  • *screaming* OH, MY GOD!!
  • *mark's face shows pure shock and terror*
  • Oh, god...
  • *music continues* *Mark sits in stunned silence*
  • *whimpers softly* Oh, my god... *laughter*
  • That's so great...
  • I know it's not tha- its not that funny, I just-
  • -never expected... Oh...
  • My god, I- I never expected to see Shrek's TITANIC ASS filling the entire sky! Oh, my god.
  • Oh, no...
  • Okay, this one- this one was called "Shrek Walking in the Forest Simulator", and you know what? It's not a lie!
  • It's not a goddamn lie!~ *laughter*
  • Oh, I think that- I think that's it-... Oh...
  • Oh, man! I want MORE of this experience!
  • oh no~...
  • Okay. Alright, I'm gonna leave now. Alright. Thanks. Bye.
  • Well, anyway, that one- Oh *mumbling* Thank you...
  • I'm sorry~... *laughter*
  • Okay, I got another in case you were worried! I've got another Shrek-related game.
  • *clears throat* That you are going to like. Alright, calm down. It's fine.
  • This next game is called "Super Shrek Green Glowing Onion Collector Simulator", and the reason I love this game-
  • -is because I loved the trailer for the game.
  • It was too well-made for what the game must be, but then again-
  • -I don't know what the game must be
  • But I've got a good inclination of what it might be!
  • "Start collecting onions"!
  • *Shrek echoing "what are you doing in my swamp?!"*
  • *that phrase remixed into club/house music*
  • Nope.
  • NOPE. Nope.
  • Nope. Nope. You know what? Nooo.
  • Sometimes you just gotta draw the line.
  • You gotta realize that-...
  • You got- *laughter as music continues*
  • Sometimes you just gotta realize that-
  • SOMETIMES you just gotta realize that the only way to win-...
  • Is not to- Is to not play! And my god... Shrek, what is going on with your fooooot??
  • Shrek, what is wrong with your head?!
  • Why do I have blood-red eyes? I mean, I guess I shouldn't be the fr-... Oh, my god...
  • You know what? Just fuck it. Dude. Fuck it. Whatever. Just-
  • *air horn blowing*
  • *snorts*
  • Let's see who made this.... "Credits and Shouts"
  • Cameron Dent Glass, Enamon, Brian Keeley-DeBonis... Be- *laughter*
  • There were BETA TESTERS for this game?!
  • How in the hell would they know if anything was WRONG?!
  • What are they gonna put in the "bug report"??
  • I'm sorry, I'm sorry~...
  • This is a very serious adventure. I am sorry. I need to take this more goddamn seriously!
  • Alright, so if you thought that was the end of Shrek games-
  • -you are GODDAMN WRONG, and you need to go back to school!
  • Because there is more where that came- *laughter*
  • Oh, my.... *laughter*
  • OH, NO!!
  • Oh, no! It's just Shreks pirouetting into oblivion!
  • *whimpers*
  • Oh, no! I just- I just have to put em out of their misery!
  • I just have to pop the "Shrek balloons!"
  • Well, that one's tough! Oh, I see! That one's real tou- Oh my god! This one just-...
  • I love this one just dancing on my face!
  • Oh, I can't get that one! He's too CLOSE!
  • Look, that one's goin- *laughter*
  • I guess there's just nothing I can do about this. This is just my face-
  • That's right "again"? Can I go again? Is this just it? I can't shoot...
  • I-I-I... *weak laughter*
  • I gotta load it up again. Hang on, everybody.
  • I'm ready. BAM.
  • Yep. NO, IT'S IMMUNE!
  • The- there's just some that are immune!
  • That's not FAIR!
  • How is that- *laughter* He's just sliding int-
  • Okay
  • Alright. Go get him! It's Shrek v. Shrek, baby. Oh...
  • I guess I just have a pet now. Hey, I'm gonna call you "Shrek".
  • Look, he's happy! Oh look! He's so excited. He's just so excited to be adopted! Aw, it's a wholesome story after all...
  • A'ight, I'm out of here. I feel like I'm, uh- I feel like I'm gonna die's the thing.
  • *reading EPILEPSY WARNING* All right. This one's called pingas.exe and I-...
  • *"pingas" (pronounced: peeng-us) being repeated over and over on a loop*
  • Oh... *whimpers*
  • Okay....?
  • *woman screaming* *Mark laughing*
  • *"pingas" being repeated quietly*
  • I guess this is just happening... Hi, Sonic. How are you doi-...
  • *woman screams*
  • *screaming noises repeating over and over*
  • Ohhhhhhhh...
  • Great! Alright. Cool! I'm so glad this happens!
  • Ohhh. "Rip in peece. Sanic the hedgehoog-"
  • Aaaand, it just closes. You know, I don't know what I was expecting-
  • But, that's what we got- *laughter* OH, man.
  • If you made it to the end of this video I am proud of you, and ashamed of you all at the same time.
  • But thank you, nonetheless! If you, for some reason-...
  • -for some INSANE reason-... want to play any of these games for yourself-
  • I'll provide links to all of them in the description below. Let me know what you thought of this video-
  • -and these games down in the comments, and if you have more "meme games" that you want me to play...
  • just-...
  • Just put them down-...Just put them down there. Just put them down there...
  • *sigh*
  • So, thank you everybody so much for watching-...
  • and as always, I will see you-
  • -in the next video.
  • BYE, BYE!
  • *outro music plays*

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Sometimes... you just gotta get memey... In this video I showcase the best (bad) and the worst (even badder) meme games the internet has to offer!
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