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Video 73 Questions with Jet Packinski | Vogue Parody
06:16   |   24M+ views   |   today at 05:18


  • hello jack is volved we're here for 73
  • question interview we saw the door open
  • so we're just going to come in shower
  • real quick schedule today we're
  • interviewing Beyonce right after this
  • one Jack Jack where are you
  • I was to kick here so we probably just
  • got here Oh Jack oh please yeah we're
  • both oh hi yeah well we're here to 73
  • question interview oh you want to get
  • started yeah how old are you it keeps
  • changing when is your birthday much
  • March what would day Sethi says what
  • year every year would you rather be sexy
  • or rich
  • well it has been hard being both here
  • how many languages you speak and Omo
  • what are you a natural at interview hugs
  • or kisses for you both your daughter a
  • cat person a still human
  • where does one go on a perfect road a
  • car is a favorite type of flower Fulton
  • 3 if you could meet anyone that that's
  • alive who would you mean then hmm how's
  • our Eliza you shall involve at the same
  • time how do you keep a straight face
  • and not gay you plan the instrument
  • design instrument what one word that
  • best describes mother mom retired get
  • leg okay moving on
  • so what do you like most about yourself
  • I thought this what do you see questions
  • one thing you still have from your
  • childhood my CP on a scale of one to ten
  • ten being great very good sport come on
  • Olli
  • when are you shot miss my name Jack
  • what's your advice or a good time and
  • 4:20 p.m. okay so what's your greatest
  • weakness turning off my sexy where the
  • best and worst sound in the world yet
  • again what's your favorite or realm are
  • fragrant I don't know that means the
  • same thing little slightly no okay well
  • what's your favorite sport to watch
  • guilty
  • what's one regret you live with my
  • mother she won't die if you could change
  • one thing about yourself what would it
  • be
  • sometimes I talk too much if you could
  • give your children one thing what would
  • it be
  • my TV one like my flexible Playstation
  • it's being visible per day what would
  • you do Gilligan let's see what's
  • something you fail that
  • being ugly how many zones have you
  • broken 18 holy cow
  • and they went into mine oh my god
  • moving on how would you summarize the
  • highs and lows of the pathways well I
  • don't remember the highs the factors if
  • you could spend one hour doing
  • absolutely anything what would you do
  • Kilda but done will be a short amount of
  • time bird-watching for whale watching
  • well I've seen a lot compliance s those
  • bad watching what's your favorite color
  • dog what snow it's called oh how would
  • you describe a perfect day 24 hours what
  • do you remember from school believe it
  • oh man
  • bullied everyone for the beam ugly oh
  • okay what's those adventure for you
  • lettuce one word describes your father
  • missing are you a leader or a follower
  • it later okay we have to go are you
  • secret no some touch me I'll laugh
  • what's your read favorite color and not
  • racist ketchup or mustard ketchup feels
  • method on my body
  • what's your favorite late-night host
  • yelled at how do you get rid of a cold
  • the blanket are you superstitious
  • I am extending the species
  • what do you entire house and me it is
  • it's a good talk with only one person
  • for the rest of your life who would it
  • be and why to myself and for my career
  • what another question is it 69 we only
  • have 73 oh well we have 13 more oh yeah
  • how would you describe yourself and
  • you'll sing edge' this
  • what's your fan club up sweet or savory
  • I've been described as both what did you
  • get her front my placement what present
  • my pleasure
  • Wow if you were starting a movie what
  • role would you be a stop colorperfect
  • that's all the time we have Jack thank
  • you for joining us oh thank you for
  • having me I will go you bathroom now
  • thank you so much for time this is in
  • your house is it Jack no
  • get them shall we call Jack
  • get back hopefully someone called sweet
  • [Music]

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Jet answers questions in one continuous take! Jumpcut who? If you guys haven't seen the 73 Questions video series by Vogue, watch it so this is less awkward lol. Check them out below, and stalk Jet below too!

Awesome filming by: Joe Vulpis IG:

Cute Interviewer: David Dobrik (
73 Questions with Blake Lively: /watch?v=wjePVorYoHQ
73 Questions with Derek Zoolander: /watch?v=PJbH5vCG_yI
Keep up with this little brown girl!
SNAPCHAT: @lizakoshysnaps
MUSICAL.LY: @lizakoshy
Music Creds:
• Elevator Music
TARGET WITH LIZZZA PART 2!: /watch?v=weGc3...
MEET JET!!: /watch?v=6-u9o...
Thank you, lil off brand voguitos



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