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"Don't Lose Your Accent / Learning Accents" - TREVOR NOAH (Pay Back The Funny)
"Don't Lose Your Accent / Learning Accents" - TREVOR NOAH (Pay Back The Funny) thumb "Don't Lose Your Accent / Learning Accents" - TREVOR NOAH (Pay Back The Funny) thumb "Don't Lose Your Accent / Learning Accents" - TREVOR NOAH (Pay Back The Funny) thumb


  • The newspapers say that, he’s famous.
  • So now people treat you like you’re famous, they say the weirdest things to you.
  • Strangest thing people would say to me, “Trevor! Trevor!”
  • “Well-done on everything hey. Congrats! Congrats!”
  • “But, even though you are going to America”
  • “Don’t forget us alright? Don’t you forget us.”
  • Like, “I don’t even know who you are.”
  • People would say the weirdest things to me. You know the number one thing people have said to me?
  • It’s not good luck. It’s “Hey Trevor”
  • “Good luck over there, but whatever you do.”
  • “Don’t forget your accent, alright?”
  • “Yes please. Don’t pull a Charlize on us, okay?”
  • “You keep your accent, make us proud.”
  • Everyone said that. “Treva bro!” Treva Noah!”
  • Hey, mom’s child. You are making us proud.”
  • “You do us proud, but can I ask you a favor?”
  • “Don’t lose your accent, okay? Don’t lose your accent.”
  • “Yes. When you come back from the States, you mustn’t come back talking funny.”
  • “Please Brother. If you lose your accent, don’t come back.”
  • “Did you just threaten me?”
  • What does that mean? If you lose your accent?
  • How do you lose your accent? People make it sound like you’re going to be walking down the street
  • And then just out of the blue, you'll be like,
  • *Searching his pockets*
  • “My accent!”
  • “I lost my accent!”
  • “Where the hell is my… Oh!”
  • “Oh, Hello. No! That’s not my accent!”
  • How are you going to lose your accent?
  • I was stressed now.
  • Because I don’t want South Africans to think I am not South African.
  • I don’t want them to think I have forgotten something, this is my home.
  • Now I am stressed coming home.
  • I am in the plane, flying back to Johannesburg.
  • And the whole time I'm just thinking, “don’t lose you accent Trevor, don’t lose your accent”
  • “Ac-accent, Accent, Ac-accent”
  • “Is that how I say accent? Accent, accent, excent, excent”
  • “axe end, ecsent, accent.”
  • “accent, ac-accent.”
  • By the time I landed at O.R Tambo I was losing my mind.
  • I like walked into arrivals, the woman was there at customs.
  • “Welcome back to South Africa Sir.”
  • I was like, “Yes, I’m back!”
  • “Same old Treva!”
  • “Nothing changed.”
  • People are crazy.
  • Cause I love accents. I really love accents.
  • I love learning languages and so obviously accents or byproduct of that
  • I’ve learned over time
  • That even you can't learn a language, an accent is a great
  • way to communicate with somebody in your own language
  • whilst trying to bridge the gap
  • you learned somebody's accent, you communicate more effectively
  • the thing is though, you have to learn the accents on the right way
  • if you are going to speak to someone in the accent and you do in the wrong way
  • you might come across as racist
  • you have to be very careful about this.
  • White people in South Africa often fall into this trap.
  • It happens at petrol stations quite a bit.
  • you see people driving in with their friends, talking normally in the car.
  • “So, I mean. If we get all the numbers together... marketing should be behind this
  • ” it should be a breeze, HR has stepped up and it's going to be."
  • "It's going to be a great year and look we try and make sure. Oh, sorry. Hold on."
  • *electric window winding down*
  • "Hello Baba!"
  • "Hey, shap, shap man!"
  • "Please fill up the tank, hey?"
  • "95, Unleaded. Yea!"
  • "Also check ama tires, Hey?"
  • "Pressure. Pumpy, pumpy! Not to much hey?"
  • "two point two, okay?"
  • "Yea, good jobie. Shap , shap."
  • "Dankie boss."
  • Don't do that.
  • He is a grown man, he has been pumping petrol his entire life.
  • He knows what you need.
  • Just talk to him like a normal human being.
  • That's the thing people don't understand
  • Speak to him like a normal human being.
  • I used to get so angry whenever I see white people changing their accent
  • when they talk to black people. I get so angry.
  • I was like,"are all white people racist? is that what it is? Are all of them racist?"
  • and then I leaned. Life taught me not to be so quick to judge.
  • I learned a valuable lesson. I was driving to Gold Reef City one day.
  • Into the backstage area.
  • and the security guard came out to the boom, and he was like,
  • "Hi, how are you. Is your name on the list?"
  • I said, "Yes, how are you Baba? My name is Trevor."
  • He's like, "Okay. Trebal, Trebal, Trebal."
  • I said, "No, no. Trevor."
  • He's like, " Oh, sorry. Cheval, Cheval, Cheval, Cheval."
  • I said, "No, Trevor."
  • "Cheva."
  • "Trevor."
  • "Chelva"
  • "Trevor"
  • "Chelva"
  • "Trevor"
  • "Chelval"
  • "Trevor" "Chelva"
  • "Trevor" "Cavel, Cav, Chavil, Chavel,Chalvin, Chavel"
  • "Trevor" "Chalvil, Chalvil"
  • "Trevor" "Calvil, Chalvil"
  • and now my friend who is just irritated leans over and his like,
  • "Hey, Papa. His Treva!"
  • He was like, "Oh, Treva!"
  • "Why you don't talk properly?"
  • And then I understood, I finally understood. What white people have been trying to do.
  • I see you are trying to communicate more effectively, you are trying to engage somebody.
  • But understand this, understand this.
  • When speaking to someone in an accent, the number one rule to understand is
  • an accent is not a measurement of intelligence.
  • An accent is just somebody speaking your language, with the rules of theirs.
  • That is all an accent is. So don't speak
  • down to them, don’t patronize them.
  • Speak to them the way you would speak to yourself.
  • Just try and learn their accent, that's all it is. Just an accent.
  • and I learn them. I spend all my time learning accents. I try.
  • I try, I love it.
  • I learn in restaurants, that's a safe place to start.
  • You learn, you read of the menu. You try to pronounce the words correctly.
  • I was inspired by French restaurants. Funny enough.
  • Whenever I go to a French restaurant I am always fascinated.
  • By the fact that people ordered food in an French accent. I never understood why.
  • Because they don’t do it in any other restaurants, only in French restaurants do people walk in.
  • and then change their accent when they order.
  • They come in talking normally. "you know it's a wonderful, you really going to enjoy this."
  • "It's so beautiful, stunning. You have to have the desert. Oh, good evening, how are you Sir?"
  • "Yes, we will have a bottle of water for the table please and a"
  • "Let's start of with a, can we get the Savegnon Blanc please?"
  • "and we definitely for mains gonna have the Filet minion."
  • "and for dessert we gonna go with the creme brule."
  • "Thank you very much. Oh, you gonna love it."
  • Like, why are you doing that? I never understood. I was like why?
  • Because it's not like the French are going to return the favour.
  • There's no French people sitting in our restaurants in South Africa looking at the menu like,
  • "Uh, so for the table we can order"
  • "some starter portion, we share something. Okay?"
  • "Uh, could we please have, uh"
  • "one serving of the boerewors."
  • that's not gonna happen.

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