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Video Language of Desire - Awesome Webinar by Felicity Keith
28:39   |   today at 13:05


  • and so we have to be willing to take
  • that first step and I know like I
  • mentioned you know I get in trouble with
  • my girlfriends and talk about this and
  • though like this you know this program
  • you wrote it's all about us having to do
  • the work and we have to figure it out we
  • have to be the one to initiate all the
  • stuff that I'm like well yeah I mean
  • here's your choice you can stay where
  • you're at you know resentful frustrated
  • unfulfilled knowing that you know what
  • you want that you know you're not quite
  • there yet and you're expecting either
  • magically it's just going to happen or
  • you can be make yourself a little bit
  • vulnerable let go of those resentments
  • and just try this and see that happens
  • so yeah I think the proof is in the in
  • the pudding when people have like a fine
  • i'm going to try just a crew be rough
  • right now you have to have these things
  • that they're like oh my god this is so
  • amazing and it it might sound like it's
  • work you know at the beginning but
  • really it's not and it's so much fun so
  • the talk just a little bit about the
  • nitty-gritty of what language of desire
  • is initially um when we were thinking
  • about this one of the things as far as
  • marketing with well maybe it could be
  • really focusing on talking dirty that's
  • something we know that and then really
  • enjoy and it's something that a lot of
  • women are comfortable with but it
  • evolved and it evolved from my own
  • personal experience I had to be willing
  • to put it all out there and I do I share
  • a lot of stuff what's happened to me
  • it's like some of its really funny as
  • some of it you know it's like oh but um
  • like I hope my mom you know the sisters
  • doesn't buy it and read the whole entire
  • thing hahaha anyhow right I cover the
  • foundation of the program like I
  • mentioned is really empowering you as a
  • women to get in touch with your own
  • brand of of sexiness and it doesn't have
  • to be what you see on TV or what you
  • think you're supposed to be it's really
  • getting to that level of understanding
  • yourself and I Taylor everything in the
  • program I mean it goes from romantic too
  • raunchy I mean I will preface tabby
  • there is some pretty explicit language
  • in it
  • that's just to show you the spectrum you
  • don't have to you know talk a certain
  • way in order to achieve these results
  • you don't have to try things that you're
  • not comfortable with and that's a big
  • piece of it is learning your own
  • boundary and then if you get to the
  • point where as you move through the
  • program so the first step is understand
  • yourself the second step is where i
  • teach a lot more I go way more in depth
  • about the brain chemistry and men sex
  • drives and there's tools for you to
  • start to uncover what's true for your
  • partner because this presentation is you
  • know obviously more on the broad
  • generalizations but in the program you
  • learn what's true for your specific guy
  • and that's where a lot of the value
  • really is and then you me from that into
  • these really fun techniques and it
  • really is to bring play and fun back to
  • your sex life and it's super creative
  • may teach you how to like let's say he
  • has a fantasy you've gotten to that
  • place where you now suggesting this
  • stuff and he says oh this idea really
  • turns me on and it's like when we are
  • going like no I can't like it's not
  • that's crossing downward for me I can't
  • do that and so I don't say oh no you
  • have to to keep them happy that's a
  • bunch of bull it's okay so this is what
  • you want to experience here's where I'm
  • at how can we figure out and it's
  • tapping into his imagination tapping
  • into the five senses a lot of it is
  • sensuality visual cues and other
  • triggers that you can use that can
  • recreate these you know really in-depth
  • fantasies in a way that's still honoring
  • your boundaries and and you know you're
  • both having fun at the same time a lot
  • of the other programs that are out there
  • honestly they're not I don't know
  • they're not coming from that standpoint
  • of coaching women to be empowered in
  • having their own boundaries but at the
  • same time understanding where you might
  • push it a little bit and that's part of
  • that I think is the thrill of having a
  • really exciting sex life is pushing
  • yourself right to the edge and then you
  • might discover oh my gosh this is really
  • fun and I want to try it again or you
  • know so
  • really that's the program in a nutshell
  • yeah and it's really really fantastic
  • and like I said that's exactly what I
  • loved about it is just that it's it's
  • empowering it's exactly what you said
  • about you know the other programs i'll
  • say it flatly it's just you know it's
  • not this you have to do this in order to
  • get him excited it's not about that you
  • know you have to have your everybody has
  • their own boundaries and you know you
  • have to do you have to just know
  • yourself and know where you need to stop
  • and coming somewhere in the middle so
  • that you know you do have an exciting
  • sex life with your partner so that
  • you're both good with it so that's what
  • i really love yeah I really really loved
  • it felicity I thought it was really
  • great so and actually you know one of
  • our questions was kind of about that
  • actually I do you want to go into the
  • question sound yeah let's go boy yeah
  • okay um so I just I'm sorry there are so
  • many questions here just what i need to
  • find it oh ok so here it says I'm Way
  • too self-conscious to dirty talk
  • whenever I've tried I just feel like I'm
  • being someone other than myself how can
  • I get more comfortable with it that is a
  • great question and that's actually true
  • for it was true for me at one point in
  • time and and I thought I was pretty good
  • like with the texting and stuff and then
  • you know and it's in the video where I
  • share this really awkward experience I
  • had and I'm like you know I was kind of
  • like a deer in headlights and so um
  • again the difference of this program is
  • there's a lot of coaching and I give you
  • exercises where you actually practice
  • and some of it you're going to feel
  • ridiculous when you're doing it right
  • but it's you know it's sort of getting
  • comfortable with saying these different
  • words because you can read them and you
  • might have a little like you you know
  • that that's a little naughty and it's
  • different to actually get it out of your
  • mouth and say it right so I kind of work
  • you in baby steps of taking advantage of
  • technology and that's key and working
  • towards being able to face to face and
  • say things and again it doesn't have to
  • be explicit to be
  • sexy there's you know I have a whole
  • lesson on innuendo and how do you
  • trigger things there's that in fact
  • there's a technique called Pavlov's
  • direction where I share a story the
  • naughty word that totally explicit not a
  • word that I could stay to my boyfriend
  • to make him like I mean it was funny I
  • mean I torture them with it little bit
  • hello hello hello that doesn't mean
  • anything sexual to any of you listen to
  • this but I explained in the program how
  • this came to be this very highly charged
  • word and so there's um you know to
  • answer the question there's all sorts of
  • ways so it doesn't have to just be what
  • you what you already think dirty hot is
  • right okay that's really great there was
  • another question that I think that you
  • saw that you wanted to address do you
  • know which one it is it was the one
  • about what do men think if you sleep
  • with them on the first thing oh yes yes
  • okay yes so um yes so that's actually
  • the entire question what ya ya 1 semaine
  • fav of women that sleep with him on the
  • first date ok and you know the answer is
  • it depends on the guy right you know it
  • Michael Fiore says this a lot that and
  • it's true that sleeping with somebody
  • it's not going to make him fall in love
  • with you it it'll probably just enhance
  • the feeling that was already there
  • mm-hmm oh if he was already falling in
  • love with you then it definitely could
  • you know amplify that but if he's like
  • well you know she's just good for
  • tonight you know and then you know
  • that's it's not going to really change
  • his mind and so the trick is this is
  • what I you know tell them in when I hear
  • this question then they don't know is
  • you know the longer you know somebody
  • before you're physically intimate the
  • more chance that you have to do develop
  • that emotional connection so that you
  • know after you stick together you're
  • gonna talk to him you know the next day
  • or the day after but if you think that's
  • the big fear is oh if I give it up too
  • soon
  • so that he's going to think of me as
  • being slutty and he's not going to want
  • me and he's gonna dump me and the truth
  • is I mean I know people who a one-night
  • stand turned into a long-term
  • relationship personally um then I
  • married and had two kids would we put
  • together our second date so you know if
  • there's no magic timeline that's going
  • to guarantee but what I tell women is
  • just useless litmus test if you are
  • deciding and I don't think there's
  • anything wrong with being empowered in
  • your sexuality when you're dating to say
  • you know what I want to have sex with
  • this person mm-hmm but before you do
  • that now that you can't use sex to
  • manipulate an end result sorry of him
  • doesn't guarantee you anything and so
  • you have to ask yourself in this moment
  • right here right now if I decide to you
  • know go with how I'm feeling physically
  • and fall into bed on the first date am i
  • okay with never hearing from him again
  • right and if the answer is no and you're
  • going to feel like you were taking
  • advantage of her you were used or he was
  • email sugarcoating things I'm talking
  • about a future it's really you don't
  • know if there's a future there why would
  • you even know after our first date but
  • you want are any children somebody you
  • don't you don't know them um so that's
  • the litmus test you know if you sleep
  • with them are you okay with is this a
  • trick I'm making because i want this
  • rather than I'm doing this because I
  • hope he's going to be from my boyfriend
  • like totally different mindset Brian
  • right and the guy isn't you know some
  • guys Mike's go guard you know she did
  • that with me in a first date she must do
  • it with everybody but on every guy's
  • gonna think that you just don't know him
  • oh great you don't we don't know each
  • other and really the sex tends to get
  • better the more you do know somebody you
  • know when you have an idea of what
  • they're interested in you already have
  • some emotional intimacy building because
  • then the trust factor is a little bit
  • deeper already and you know it but it
  • didn't it's not to say that you can't
  • have an amazing one night stand that's
  • totally mind-blowing there so that's a
  • really good answer it was very good
  • after all right so I'm going to go on to
  • the next question because we have quite
  • a few and you don't have very much
  • left so the next one is I am a 57-year
  • young woman that is on fire all I hear I
  • know right all I hear from my women
  • friends is that the men our age and
  • younger can't seem to get it up or keep
  • it up diabetes drinking high blood
  • pressure depression etc what is
  • happening mm-hmm um interestingly enough
  • and in one of the bonus programs that's
  • available I I spend some time talking
  • about erectile dysfunction um you know
  • then going back to the notion that you
  • know women we equate his erection of
  • being aroused and main turned on and
  • desiring us and you know it happens to
  • every guy at some point entering he's
  • going to desperately want to have sex
  • and his body is not going to cooperate
  • and the worst thing that you can do in
  • that moment is take it personally mm-hmm
  • or be critical um because can you
  • imagine like for women you know we don't
  • like our bodies I mean obviously it's
  • way better when we're turn on but we
  • learned out like sometimes like whether
  • it's a hormonal imbalance it could be a
  • diet related things such as medication
  • interferes with our ability to you know
  • our self lubricating function that
  • doesn't mean we're not turned on and for
  • us we can still have sex because we can
  • just grab some lube and we can fix the
  • problem right then and there and be
  • ready to go and so you know again from
  • that champion of seeking to understand
  • just imagine for a moment how
  • frustrating and how vulnerable he must
  • feel if he's not able to get it up and
  • so that's where being creative comes
  • into play where there's all sorts of
  • other ways that you can be sexual that
  • don't involve intercourse like most of
  • us we hear the word sex we think it
  • means intercourse but there's so many
  • other things on the menu that you can do
  • that are wonderful and that feel good
  • and you know having a
  • versation and saying okay this this I
  • want to be able to have intercourse with
  • you I pretty much guarantee he wants to
  • do it too so you talk about it and you
  • know right now we live in a time where
  • there's the little blue pill and there's
  • other you know medications that are
  • possible that make it possible for him
  • to you know be able to perform sexually
  • because when it is like a chronic
  • illness or some other you know helping
  • it can totally affect his ability to
  • have an erection but it doesn't affect
  • his desire for you how attracted he is
  • to you right exactly okay all right
  • that's great um let's go to the next one
  • the next question it is ok so my
  • boyfriend is sex six years sex I have a
  • sex on the mind go figure I so my
  • boyfriend of six years and I have
  • different amounts of sexual desire I am
  • 49 49 year old woman and he is 52 his
  • desire level is much lower than mine it
  • wasn't like this in the beginning at
  • first we matched each other what did
  • what in the world can I do to satisfy
  • myself sexually and entice him or meet
  • him halfway mm-hmm that's a really good
  • question and not to sound like a like a
  • used car salesperson but by the program
  • but the present is actually you know I
  • think it goes back to you could ask
  • yourself you know are there assumptions
  • that I'm making about you know his like
  • he should want to have sex like all the
  • time right he's showing you you know his
  • libido his has shifted and again that
  • could be you know we move that truly
  • have ebbs and flows to our libido and
  • our sex drive and so there could be data
  • play and it could also you know like use
  • of Gia that you know what shows up at
  • our sex lives can be a reflection of the
  • relationship as a whole where are there
  • any you know frustrations or resentments
  • or other things happening that need to
  • be talked about honestly um but you know
  • sometimes it's and going back to the
  • brain chemistry thing which is a little
  • bit different than men's sexual
  • psychology because we all have brains
  • and our brains tend to respond the same
  • way so I talked about this a lot where
  • the chemical dopamine that's the
  • pleasure chemical and there's all sorts
  • of little easy easy ways you can trigger
  • dopamine so what happens over time is if
  • sex becomes routine we don't get that
  • big flood of dopamine and then when we
  • don't get the big flood of dopamine the
  • the secondary hole in that comes into
  • place is the oxytocin and women tend to
  • have more oxytocin in their systems and
  • then do but men have it and so less
  • dopamine then there's less oxytocin and
  • then that means both people's libido
  • tends to get diminished now for women if
  • you're in a perimenopausal or a
  • menopausal you might see a really big
  • high and surge in your sex drive which
  • is normal a lot of women experience that
  • they're like you know our question
  • before I'm a 57-year old young woman on
  • fire like that's awesome i love hearing
  • that so it could be just a difference in
  • you know how long levels due to your age
  • and what's happening in your bodies at
  • the time but there are ways that you can
  • introduce novelty which is something new
  • and surprise so something you could do
  • that's out of the ordinary if you're not
  • already doing this send the text in the
  • middle of the day like totally out of
  • the blue and just say I'm thinking about
  • or I can't stop thinking about dot dot
  • dot and they'll probably think you're
  • going to say you know what I need to get
  • some milk on the way home or something
  • you know really like boring like that
  • and you say either you know how hot you
  • look this morning getting out of the
  • shower or or you bring up something from
  • the past like that time you know we were
  • so hot for each other and we could wait
  • to get home when we did it in the car
  • like something you know that is going to
  • let him know you're thinking about him
  • in a really sexual way in your trip on
  • my hand and you desire him just that
  • little simple thing will cause a jolt in
  • your relationship and so that's a really
  • easy place
  • right okay that's awesome um I think
  • yeah I think we have a time for a couple
  • more question so I'll just get right to
  • the next one so oh this is a really good
  • one Felicity I'm a single mom and I want
  • to get back to dating but I don't feel
  • sexy right now I feel mostly tired and
  • overwhelmed with everything I have to do
  • each day any advice for getting my mojo
  • back yeah that's a tough one and
  • personally I've actually been in that
  • experience in that situation where you
  • know just the the overwhelming amount of
  • things that I needed to do in any given
  • day especially when my kids were younger
  • and after my marriage fell apart and I
  • was trying to make my way and you know
  • managing them managing my career keeping
  • household running without the benefit of
  • you know having a printer that was here
  • every daily and follow my kids is
  • amazing by the way we have an amazing
  • relationship so when I say single mom I
  • kind of feel bad because you know he's
  • very much in the picture however I can
  • definitely relate to that you know
  • feeling just not sexy because I'm just
  • freaking tired and um and it's one of
  • those things you kind of have to decide
  • like you're going to get back up on that
  • pony and even if you're not having sex
  • like if you are single and you're not
  • even dating yet simple things like I
  • made a commitment to myself but I even
  • then I actually had a period of my life
  • where I intentionally was celibate for
  • two and a half years and I made a
  • commitment to myself I'm doing this
  • because I had you know I wanted to break
  • some old patterns and my relationships
  • but I said I'm going to shave my legs
  • every single day and I'm going to wear
  • cute paintings every single day even if
  • I'm wearing ugly sweat and i have no
  • makeup on i'm still going to do things
  • that I know nobody helps those but I
  • know that if you know Brad Pitt were to
  • walk through the door yeah right i'd be
  • ready to go in it it was a mindset thing
  • and so those are some simple ways
  • and making that decision to jump back
  • into dating when you're a single mom I
  • mean there's a lot of things to consider
  • but that first step of starting to feel
  • sexy again those are things you can do
  • without you know it doesn't it's not
  • reliant on attention from a man to feel
  • sexy you know do you think that you
  • enjoy and actually the one of the bonus
  • programs that's being offered with
  • language of desire is called the sensual
  • tsunami and there's um it goes into
  • incredible amounts of detail about being
  • sensual which is something totally
  • different than being sexual and it's
  • doing things that make you feel good and
  • celebrating you know all the things that
  • there are to enjoy in life and it's it's
  • so highly correlated to our sex lives or
  • sex drives and how we feel about
  • ourselves yes very much so and taking
  • care of yourself and just doing exactly
  • what you described before just shaving
  • your legs every day putting on nice
  • underwear you know lingerie wearing it
  • under your everyday clothes you know
  • ain't doing things for yourself that you
  • know you're doing makes you feel
  • completely different and so when you're
  • taking care of yourself that's what's
  • making you feel good about yourself and
  • sexier in the whole process so it's
  • really important definitely all right
  • now okay no but it's not though yeah
  • hello it makes such a huge difference
  • yeah absolutely absolutely um okay so
  • let me just give you another question
  • here this is an interesting question
  • actually is it true that women are more
  • likely to cheat because of our primal
  • need to find the perfect mate hmm very
  • interesting that is a very interesting
  • question mm-hmm you know I hmm in fact I
  • actually just wrote an article on
  • digital romance about cheap you know if
  • you could cheat proof your relationship
  • mm-hmm and statistically the the numbers
  • you know in in terms of is it more men
  • that are cheating versus women it's
  • actually quite even um you know when you
  • when you look at either people who are
  • willing to
  • anyway is that they've been unfaithful
  • but i think the drive for that is
  • different with men a lot of times it's
  • because they don't feel respected and
  • validated at home and the thrill of a
  • new woman throwing it herself at him
  • sexually that can be a huge trigger for
  • for Amanda wanna cheat for women a lot
  • of times it's not getting that emotional
  • connection and again that could be also
  • a sexual connection if you are in a
  • relationship where your sex life is
  • mediocre kiss baby he's just not a super
  • amazing lover and you haven't been brave
  • enough to say exactly what it is that
  • you don't and so it sometimes people
  • think it's easier to seek that outside
  • of the relationship and I'll tell you
  • it's it's way easier to find somebody to
  • have amazing sex with than it is to find
  • somebody you want to build a life with
  • absolutely and so sometimes it's you
  • know that that the thrill of getting
  • caught the thrill of doing something
  • naughty the thrill of somebody new that
  • all thats like it's dopamine like firing
  • off like crazy and so you gettin this
  • you know you feel good even though you
  • were probably feel horrible that the
  • fact that you're if you're married
  • you're breaking a vow and you're you
  • know just eating your partner and other
  • stuff but there's this flood of
  • feel-good chemicals happening at the
  • same time that it's almost like you get
  • addicted to it but going back to the
  • original question you know I don't know
  • I mean I guess it depends on the age of
  • the woman if your past childbearing age
  • you know the baby shops closed down
  • obviously that's not gonna be a reason
  • you know maybe possibly subconsciously
  • but you know I kind of I kind of don't
  • know and you know and not every woman
  • wants to have kids either Ryan's I think
  • you know there's it isn't that these
  • things that are wired in our brains are
  • so dominant that we don't have control
  • and we have free will so yes and far so
  • that's a really interesting question I
  • actually want to maybe do a little bit
  • of research on them
  • I can you know if anyone's even made
  • that connection I don't know I haven't
  • heard that though and everything that
  • I've read ryan right some people had
  • talked to you so very great question
  • them yes it was and actually was so
  • we've actually wrapped up our our here
  • which kind of st. because I'm having a
  • really great time I think we will I
  • think we will and you know it's so
  • wonderful I think that you know we
  • didn't we didn't get to all of your
  • questions I'm so sorry about that and I
  • think that if we we go out to all of
  • them we'd be here for the next two hours
  • for sure and thank you so much everybody
  • or submitting the questions there they
  • they were really really great but we
  • unfortunately don't have any more time
  • so we're going to have to shut it down
  • and thank you so much Felicity first of
  • all for being here with us it was so
  • great of you to be here and it was just
  • so amazingly informative and fun thank
  • you you're welcome this is a lot of fun
  • i love seeing the questions would it be
  • possible I mean people wanted to ask the
  • questions on the Facebook page and we
  • ask you Larry oh hey Lily yeah so if
  • you'd like your questions answered then
  • please just inbox me on lsi on the
  • facebook page and i'll definitely get
  • those questions over to felicity and
  • will get them answered for you for sure
  • and then yeah and anything else that you
  • want to ask if you want to give us your
  • feedback which is so so important please
  • inbox me or or email me you've got my
  • email on the on the female but you
  • actually got for this webinar so either
  • way is absolutely fine your feedback is
  • really important to us because we want
  • to be able to give you so many more
  • things of great value that will help you
  • so yes please do please do and thank you
  • so much everyone for showing up being
  • here it's it's really been a pleasure
  • and I hope that we can do this again
  • sometime yeah yeah yeah absolutely i was
  • like glue I know I know and and I really
  • just have to say that I really did love
  • your program I know I've said to so many
  • times over and over again but I you know
  • when I'm excited about something I I
  • really am excited about it because I
  • don't get excited about a lot of things
  • I mean just there's just so much junk
  • out there and and I loved language of
  • desire so good for you congratulations
  • on writing a really phenomenal program
  • and and I think yeah I think everybody
  • will enjoy it so so that's wonderful and
  • if you do if any of you are interested
  • in the program just so you know the
  • links are up on the in the chat box
  • there there's a video version and then
  • there's a letter version that you can
  • just read but we've also got the links
  • on our website I love my LS I com which
  • I'm sure all of you are familiar with
  • and and I actually published Felicity's
  • what if it's these articles today on on
  • the facebook page so you can take a look
  • there as well yeah but the article that
  • I posted today was about his imaginas oh
  • hello yes yes it was at the article yes
  • yes exactly it's not what you think it's
  • not what people would normally think but
  • but that's what the the great thing is
  • about the great thing is about this
  • whole program is that it shatters a lot
  • of myths and it really gets down to what
  • seduction and desire and intimacy is all
  • about and I think a lot of people are
  • misguided and not to their fault because
  • we get a lot of messages that are really
  • quite wrong so so it was wonderful yeah
  • it was wonderful so okay I'm going to
  • wrap it up here thank you everyone again
  • for coming and thank you again Felicity
  • for being here with us it was wonderful
  • to have you here great thank you so much
  • you

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1 The Chainsmokers

Beach House flac

The Chainsmokers. 2018. Writer: Andrew Taggart.
2 (G)I-DLE


(G)I-DLE. 2018. Writer: Riot Music Team;Harloe.
3 Ariana Grande

​Thank U, Next flac

Ariana Grande. 2018. Writer: Crazy Mike;Scootie;Victoria Monét;Tayla Parx;TBHits;Ariana Grande.
4 Nicki Minaj

No Candle No Light flac

Nicki Minaj. 2018. Writer: Denisia “Blu June” Andrews;Kathryn Ostenberg;Brittany "Chi" Coney;Brian Lee;TJ Routon;Tushar Apte;ZAYN;Nicki Minaj.
5 Clean Bandit

Baby flac

Clean Bandit. 2018. Writer: Jack Patterson;Kamille;Jason Evigan;Matthew Knott;Marina;Luis Fonsi.
6 Anne-Marie

Rewrite The Stars flac

Anne-Marie. 2018. Writer: Benj Pasek;Justin Paul.
7 Little Mix

Woman Like Me flac

Little Mix. 2018. Writer: Nicki Minaj;Steve Mac;Ed Sheeran;Jess Glynne.
8 Imagine Dragons

Bad Liar flac

Imagine Dragons. 2018. Writer: Jorgen Odegard;Daniel Platzman;Ben McKee;Wayne Sermon;Aja Volkman;Dan Reynolds.
9 Halsey

Without Me flac

Halsey. 2018. Writer: Halsey;Delacey;Louis Bell;Amy Allen;Justin Timberlake;Timbaland;Scott Storch.
10 BlackPink

Kiss And Make Up flac

BlackPink. 2018. Writer: Soke;Kny Factory;Billboard;Chelcee Grimes;Teddy Park;Marc Vincent;Dua Lipa.
11 BTS

Waste It On Me flac

BTS. 2018. Writer: Steve Aoki;Jeff Halavacs;Ryan Ogren;Michael Gazzo;Nate Cyphert;Sean Foreman;RM.
12 Imagine Dragons

Machine flac

Imagine Dragons. 2018. Writer: Wayne Sermon;Daniel Platzman;Dan Reynolds;Ben McKee;Alex Da Kid.
13 Rita Ora

Velvet Rope flac

Rita Ora. 2018.
14 Backstreet Boys

Chances flac

Backstreet Boys. 2018.
15 Lady Gaga

I'll Never Love Again flac

Lady Gaga. 2018. Writer: Benjamin Rice;Lady Gaga.
16 Fitz And The Tantrums

HandClap flac

Fitz And The Tantrums. 2017. Writer: Fitz And The Tantrums;Eric Frederic;Sam Hollander.
17 Little Mix

The Cure flac

Little Mix. 2018.
18 Billie Eilish

When The Party's Over flac

Billie Eilish. 2018. Writer: Billie Eilish;FINNEAS.
19 Diplo

Close To Me flac

Diplo. 2018. Writer: Ellie Goulding;Savan Kotecha;Peter Svensson;Ilya;Swae Lee;Diplo.
20 Bradley Cooper

Always Remember Us This Way flac

Bradley Cooper. 2018. Writer: Lady Gaga;Dave Cobb.

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