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Video Adopted DNA Test Results - NOT What I Expected Mind Blown
29:15   |   views   |   11/27/2018


  • do not take a DNA test if you're adopted
  • unless you're prepared to turn your life
  • upside down
  • [Music]
  • hey Kratos it's been two weeks in one
  • day since Sam and I looked at the
  • results of our DNA tests in just a
  • minute I'm gonna step you through the
  • process from spitting in the tubes to
  • reading the results but I'm also here to
  • fill you in on some of the aftermath so
  • today we're gonna do the promised DNA
  • test this is my husband Sam and we're
  • gonna do this together now I'm adopted
  • and I don't know anything about my
  • biological history so it's gonna be a
  • complete surprise since this she is
  • really except that I have red hair Sam
  • knows a lot more of his genealogy than I
  • do
  • I have adopted my adopted families Jenny
  • on what I really am ethnically we're not
  • sure as I said in the adoption vlog I
  • got this my husband gave this to me for
  • Mother's Day and it's the end of August
  • and I still haven't used it because I'm
  • scared I gave my husband one for
  • Father's Day so we decided we would do
  • this together
  • and pretty much every week since then he
  • says are we gonna do it then yeah we'll
  • do it later so today we're gonna start
  • the first step today
  • you ready yeah yeah okay so we have two
  • different kits here and I don't have my
  • glasses on but this is ancestry DNA and
  • this is 23andme do you know we have both
  • because I guess they give you different
  • information this is going to be the
  • official unboxing of the ancestry DNA
  • ready inside we have the booklet this
  • thing and this thing and and the mainly
  • box so that's what's in here a little
  • bio that's the technical term
  • you need proof of our middle-aged Ness
  • we had to stop to must go get our
  • glasses to be able to read appropriately
  • so you've written down our name and our
  • activation codes as now we filled it to
  • you slide it till the black wavy line
  • now if you've ever had a DNA test we you
  • comment below and tell me what you found
  • out that was the most interesting or
  • what the coolest thing about your DNA
  • test was he drinks motor shoot-down 4:30
  • do not eat drink smoke or chew gum for
  • 30 minutes before you start spitting
  • into this thing we're gonna spit up to
  • the beautiful this is such a romantic
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • half-hour ago to hydrate so probably
  • good good yeah see that spit people
  • saliva this is what you're going for
  • funnel off place the foam with the cap
  • screw on includes cap stabilizes
  • stabilizing solution isn't okay
  • stabilizers so that your spit stays
  • awesome put inside the collection
  • collection bag okay open it stick it in
  • your cap to build the collection bag the
  • bag into return mailing don't forget to
  • activate test online okay my Irish or
  • Scottish either one I'm okay with if
  • it's like Wisconsin redhead these are
  • ready to ship and then we just go online
  • which I'll do afterwards and activate
  • which I guess probably just tells them
  • we're sending our stuff right yeah links
  • links us to our via so they nervous to
  • send this stuff it links me to insulin
  • alright so that's done for ancestry DNA
  • unboxing number two this is the 23andme
  • kit opening ready
  • it's a booklet again oh good you spit
  • some more no food drink chewing gum
  • smoking no french-kissing that's mixing
  • the DNA that's a no-no because who do
  • you know who you are oh my gosh sorry I
  • can't share saliva with you it kind of
  • destroyed the test myself as a human
  • being yes I feel better about my biology
  • [Music]
  • be rejected no I know you just take this
  • home sure okay it's got this one's got
  • like it just a little plastic skin so
  • when you close it it's gonna puncture on
  • that and then drop it then not blue
  • fluid right
  • okay ready here we go
  • pop so I take this off unscrew it it's
  • not gonna there you go this on blue cap
  • up and shake for five seconds
  • [Music]
  • it's got a seal strip that's handy
  • lookout cute except deal here it's got a
  • pill strip so you put this on you peel
  • the same box it came in
  • how ecologically friendly is that and
  • you smell it oh crap and this is already
  • may already address and stamped and read
  • about human specimen hey there are two
  • boxes ready to ship and when we get the
  • results statements
  • six to eight weeks in six to eight weeks
  • we're going to open our results on
  • camera right alright so which is like
  • Irish Irish or Scottish right that's
  • what we're voting for so we're back and
  • we have the results from both
  • and 23 and me we got the
  • ones a while ago they both said six to
  • eight weeks but ancestors came in were
  • like
  • yeah really fast and then we just got
  • these a few days ago for tween me since
  • sound is not adopted she's going to go
  • first because he knows a lot of his
  • heritage already so it's not a super big
  • surprise and I have to tell you that's
  • picked up once he came in he said I got
  • my i said i got mine too and i said we
  • will do the review what we do the
  • said oh I already looked so so
  • he's not gonna be super surprised about
  • this he's gonna pretend to be surprised
  • and then the try3 me he's not like this
  • you're on babe most of my DNA comes from
  • the England Wales in northwestern Europe
  • region that includes most of England and
  • Wales not Scotland or Ireland includes
  • northern parts of France Belgium Holland
  • the western part of Germany my England
  • Wales in northwestern Europe is 75% so
  • I'm mostly English nearly pure Norway
  • accounts for 12%
  • sweet and 6% so that makes me 18 percent
  • Norwegian Swedish Ireland in Scotland is
  • seven percent now why don't you think
  • that laughs this one Sweden well because
  • Darwin sweet know the same for me
  • because I have so when I look at my
  • ancestry my father side are both English
  • Smith and Thomas
  • they're both English and English back a
  • few generations so I'm not surprised
  • that I'm pretty much 50% English right
  • just from my father's side my mother's
  • side my mother's mcarthur which is
  • Scottish that's her father but her
  • mother is at Johnson and she's Swedish
  • so I'm thinking that since the Norway
  • region overlaps half of Sweden that
  • Norway and Sweden aren't really the same
  • my ancestors are Mountain West Mormon
  • pioneers which is not a surprise and
  • then if I go back to the front page they
  • give me my DNA matches I have 1000 plus
  • fourth-order cousins are closer who I
  • matched my DNA matches with the
  • database everybody I have a
  • bunch of we're probably fourth Texas
  • recom which you have not looked at in
  • many and so they have the health and the
  • ancestry so I don't know every part that
  • scares me
  • yeah I think they're maps are different
  • they group British and Irish together
  • according to their grouping
  • I'm 54% British and Irish I am 16.3%
  • Scandinavian this show me Denmark I'm
  • 15.2% French and German which would
  • overlap the British one on the ancestry
  • 13% 28% broadly North Western European
  • and I have a 0.1% sub-saharan Africa so
  • something cool
  • right so I got some little marker
  • sub-saharan Africa so there be not
  • European honey you're being so 99.9%
  • European we pull that mine on the screen
  • and I haven't liked and he's peaked at
  • it he's who told you that my getting
  • sell clothes alright and I'm not like me
  • I'm terrified I was seriously terrified
  • now what I thought it's really not my
  • that sofas are it's not super
  • surprising that well I don't know that's
  • not what I thought so mine is 50%
  • England Wales and northwestern Europe
  • 50% where's my red hair come from and
  • 41% Germanic Europe you're a German
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • still come across a red hair from that
  • 3% Swedish but that's so bizarre I
  • haven't it sounds like 6% that's the
  • center of the center of Germany yeah
  • sure it goes out to the Netherlands
  • about into the Netherlands my father
  • it's really Holland my father served a
  • religious mission in Holland when he was
  • 19
  • till he was about three almost three
  • years Ireland Northern Ireland just a
  • little bit of me and that says
  • migrations NatWest Mormon pioneers me
  • too since I have a thousand plus worst
  • cousins are closer I don't that scares
  • close family first cousin
  • it says I have three the desert these
  • could be sisters these could be sisters
  • and brothers their close family not just
  • for us no don't close family to first
  • cousins extremely high
  • okay before I do that I blogged about my
  • adoption story before and I don't know
  • if I want to know this stuff
  • because I have a family and I've always
  • I love my family and I'm very close to
  • them and I don't they are my family but
  • these people are blood relatives I hope
  • I just don't know what to do with it
  • okay I'm going to say the names because
  • I don't know if that would be like your
  • privacy invasion okay so I've got three
  • less to disclose family knows these all
  • thanks ma'am these two have the same
  • last names one to an extremely high
  • first cousin close to family and then
  • one guess at first cousin a bunch of
  • second cousins three people that are
  • listed as close family now one thing
  • that's interesting is there's three
  • people listed as a close family
  • two male one female the female has a
  • different laughing but that could just
  • be a married name the story I have told
  • I was told about my birth family was
  • that my birth mother had a child before
  • she was married and gave that child up
  • for adoption they got married had
  • children multiple I don't know how many
  • and then I was born after her divorce so
  • that would actually fit that profile
  • that thought really says so if you want
  • to find out if I ever contact my
  • extremely likely close relatives ring
  • the bell and subscribe so you'll find
  • out when I do that blog so three me
  • [Music]
  • forty two point eight because they're
  • British and Irish and then twenty nine
  • point nine French and German fourteen
  • point nine Scandinavians specifically
  • Denmark 11.4 broadly northern European
  • North Western Europeans that would be
  • German point four point four percent
  • broadly southern European
  • six percent profit European I don't have
  • any African I've got nothing I was
  • really really hoping for like know
  • something cool but I'm like I'll go to
  • the screen - I literally am like right
  • there that's how I got for you
  • caffeine consumption likely to consume
  • less a deep sleep less likely to be a
  • deep sleeper that's accurate lactose
  • intolerance likely tolerant muscle
  • composition common common in elite power
  • athletes whoa okay so we did it I didn't
  • cry I even had tissue in case and I
  • didn't cry so I think I like 220
  • treating me a little bit more because it
  • does say I'm Irish
  • but given Scottish and German was weird
  • that was weird
  • the relatives thing kind of freaks me
  • out so I don't know what I'm gonna do
  • about that figure that out to see you
  • fight just like to do anything not
  • really sure if you're adopted and had a
  • DNA test comment below and tell me what
  • you found out so we just finished the
  • vlog in the other room we came into an
  • office and I was showing my kids some of
  • the results we found and joking around
  • and laughing about things for example I
  • am likely to have no unibrow and I'm
  • more likely to have misophonia which I
  • do and at least one of my kids does too
  • so yeah look it up we were just messing
  • around here and looking at different
  • things and I went onto 23andme on the
  • website I added in some settings that I
  • hadn't said in before not realizing that
  • 23andme also had a way to look at DNA
  • connections and when I got on that page
  • there had to have a page for DNA
  • relatives but it says half-sister and
  • that kind of freaked me out
  • but even more so when I went to this
  • woman's paint and she has written on her
  • page I'm hoping to find my older
  • half-sister from my father's first
  • marriage who was born after their
  • divorce and adopted by another family
  • and it actually took me a second after I
  • read that like I had to process up like
  • I'm kind of thinking through like what
  • did I say what did it say and because
  • that is the story that I've been told
  • that I was born after the divorce of my
  • biological parents and so apparently
  • this woman was born to my biological
  • father in a subsequent relationship were
  • marriage and she's looking for me so she
  • knows about me and she's looking for me
  • and I didn't I didn't know if I wanted
  • to do this before but seeing that she's
  • written about me and is looking for me I
  • I course I'm gonna respond so here goes
  • okay so I what do you say to someone
  • who's biologically related to you and
  • you've never met them and you're 54
  • years old I don't even know what I don't
  • even know
  • so is this too personal is it too
  • impersonal
  • I just said oh I think I'm the
  • half-sister you're looking for I just
  • opened my DNA results tonight I was
  • adopted and was told that my biological
  • parents were divorced before I was born
  • so here's the weirdest thing is that I'm
  • the baby of my family and this woman is
  • younger than I am which is super strange
  • to think that I have like a younger
  • biological siblings okay you ready
  • clicks tongue I mean what if she if she
  • doesn't check 23 me I don't even know
  • when she ever wrote that
  • okay my quicksand said
  • the next morning I wake up and I do my
  • normal morning stuff my workout and then
  • I go get on the computer my expectation
  • was that if Holly got the message that
  • whenever Holly got the message on
  • 23andme and if she responded that it
  • would probably send me an email or
  • something so I was thinking I might get
  • an email message at some point and it
  • could be months away so I wasn't really
  • like I'm looking for this and I went on
  • Facebook and I had a message request it
  • was from a very kind sweet woman okay
  • I'm just gonna tell you right now I
  • don't even have all the pieces in my
  • head together very well it's so much new
  • information and it was so fast and so
  • unexpected I'm still trying to process
  • it I'll just kind of quickly give you
  • the big pieces the woman who messaged me
  • is the stepmother and my biological
  • family so after my birth parents
  • divorced and then I was born at some
  • point after that this woman who messaged
  • me married my birth father they had nine
  • children nine children so I have nine
  • biological half siblings apparently he
  • searched for me until he died in 1994
  • and that is why holly was looking for me
  • she'd always known I existed and she
  • felt like she needed to like carry that
  • out for her father that she needed to
  • continue the search for on his behalf
  • and I thought that was really sweet and
  • kind of a lovely thing that she did I
  • also thought it was really kind the way
  • the stepmother approached me and talked
  • to me and welcomed me and everything she
  • has no biological relationship to me
  • and my only connection to her is that
  • it's her husband's past marriage so she
  • has no obligation to treat me with such
  • kindness and and she did and I just just
  • a very lovely very lovely lady that
  • information all just kind of came really
  • fast in a big you know in a big dome and
  • just really took me by surprise within a
  • short time a couple of the half siblings
  • and then a spouse of another half
  • sibling messaged me and then I got a
  • message from my full biological sister
  • and I have a full biological brother and
  • they're three and four
  • years older than I am if I remember and
  • I believe the brothers the oldest
  • there's just a lot of information all at
  • once the brother lives in another state
  • he's alive but has some health issues
  • that have resulted from a tyrannical
  • injury the biological sister lives in
  • another state also different other state
  • I don't want to give too much
  • information because I guess it's private
  • and I don't want to speak out of balance
  • about other people basically Monday and
  • Tuesday we're spent messaging back and
  • forth with different family members with
  • people sending me pictures telling me
  • different information and asking bizarre
  • weird questions that are there related
  • to biology and stuff like that so right
  • now that's where it is the stepmother
  • has that we would love to meet you I
  • know this is overwhelming so you say the
  • word and we'll leave it up to you I just
  • thought that was such a kindness because
  • they've known about me their whole lives
  • some of them at least have looked for me
  • continue to look for me
  • and I didn't know they existed until two
  • weeks ago it's just a lot of information
  • and they've all just been super kind at
  • least a few of them the stepmother and
  • at least to a one half brother and one
  • other half sibling live in the same
  • County I live in in Utah so I have spent
  • quite a bit of time speaking with my
  • biological sister the stepmother and
  • multiple half siblings at some point I
  • asked I said so my birth mother has she
  • also passed and no she has not I was
  • told that she is alive living in a
  • different country right now or at least
  • visiting a different country so I have
  • not spoken to her I have not contacted
  • her I do know her name I have seen I had
  • been given pictures of her and told some
  • things about her I'm gonna leave that in
  • her court my birth mother's sister so a
  • biological aunt messaged me also we're
  • cuttin you know I spoke to her on
  • Facebook I'm sure someone will at some
  • point tell her that they know who I am
  • or they've spoken to me I'm just gonna
  • let that play out however it does it's
  • interesting to me to like oh I actually
  • like there's a name with
  • is kind of bizarre like I have a name
  • for these birth parents and I know what
  • they look like
  • it is really odd how much I look like my
  • birth mother and how much I look like my
  • biological sister that's crazy to me
  • because I've never experienced that
  • before I've just never experienced
  • looking like people clip my own children
  • and they don't look that much like me
  • really with my birth mother okay here's
  • the thing look I'm just gonna be
  • straight up here if I had had an
  • unwanted pregnancy for whatever reason
  • and had determined the best thing to do
  • was to give the child to a family to
  • adopt I can understand wanting to just
  • move on from that it's difficult it's
  • painful it's trying there's a lot of
  • physical and emotional stuff that goes
  • into that and I can completely
  • understand I just want to put that in
  • the past and I just want to go on with
  • my life and not have to relive that or
  • redo that or revisit that or whatever I
  • can also understand birth parents who
  • always want to know like what happened
  • with the child and how they are and how
  • they turned out in all that stuff so I
  • can kind of understand both sides of
  • that my feeling is that she probably
  • wants to move on and just not go there
  • she's elderly now obviously because I'm
  • almost elderly and I'm completely okay
  • with that I know to some of you that
  • will seem odd and I'm honestly I feel a
  • little bit sad that I know people I know
  • adoptees who are looking for their
  • biological families and longed to have
  • that connection and they've tried and
  • they can't I personally know some and
  • then Here I am like not really wanting
  • to go there and then it just all came in
  • a day I'm sorry I don't know how that
  • happened
  • so I know who my biological mother is
  • and her name and I know how I could
  • contact her if I was so inclined but I'm
  • not going to if and when she hears about
  • me if she decides to do that I am open
  • to that but I don't want to force that
  • I'm okay with her living the rest of her
  • life without ever making a connection
  • with me I really am
  • it's weird I don't I don't know how to
  • explain how I feel about this it's been
  • cool to connect for the first time with
  • people I
  • we sort of knew about and with whole
  • bunch of people I had a new idea existed
  • that's what happened with my DNA test
  • okay guys I'm gonna just stop talking
  • about this because I don't even know
  • what to say because I don't even really
  • know what I think about it it's just
  • crazy if you do have questions about the
  • process or anything go ahead and ask me
  • I'll answer any that aren't too personal
  • or inappropriate and I really hope you
  • have a super great week thanks for
  • tuning in
  • let me know in the comments if you've
  • ever had a DNA test and if you found out
  • anything that surprised you see you all
  • next week
  • [Music]

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Ancestry and 23andMe DNA test results SURPRSE! Heads up, DNA testing for adoptees can be complicated! I told you I wasn’t looking for my birth parents or biological family and it was 100% true. I’m happily adopted and love my REAL adopted parents and siblings. But when I got the results of my DNA tests from Ancestry DNA and 23andMe it changed my life FOREVER.

To be completely honest, I’m still processing everything that has happened. If my Ancestry adoption story is convoluted, please understand that it’s confusing to me, too! This is all so new and unexpected and…bizarre.

PLEASE, if you have a DNA adoption story to share, I’d love to hear it. Now more than ever!

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