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Video Why We Started Our Own Company
12:15   |   today at 03:19


  • Zach: In April, I left my job at BuzzFeed after working there for four years.
  • The next day I started a company with my three best friends and boy, oh boy, has it been a fucked up two months (laughs)
  • Ned: This is the story of how we left BuzzFeed.
  • You thought we were gonna say WHY we left?
  • Well... we'll touch on that later.
  • Keith: We decided we should make a company, and for the most part I think it was a good decision!
  • Eugene: Collectively, we decided it was just time to try something else
  • Keith: You know, we've grown, we've learned a lot. We're smart little babies.
  • Eugene: And that involves this new production company out of Ned's old house.
  • Ned: We are in what used to be my bedroom, now it is a studio.
  • Zach: Where was your child made? Point my finger.
  • Ned: It's a little weird...
  • (intro)
  • Keith: At early, early 20- What year is it? (laugh)
  • Feels like it could be 2020 at this point.
  • Zach: The past two months..
  • Keith: --Last two months have been very stressful.
  • [head banging] Keith: Don't do that. Don't do that...
  • Eugene: You get on a roller coaster. It's just a constant descent, like there's no up. It's just down.
  • [screaming]
  • Ned: You want the truth? Keith: Today is the day before we launch everything!
  • Ned: Please subscribe! I--I hope you're a subscriber...
  • Click subscribe! It's a new channel, it's different...
  • Zach: If you're watching this, that means we did it!
  • When I'm filming this, I am only filled with worry, and doubt, and fear and sometimes excitement!
  • But mostly fear... What have we gotten ourselves into?
  • Keith: We're--I don't know if we're launching.
  • Ned: I bought my first house. I renovated my first house. I had a baby
  • I'm starting my own business. Four massive life changes!
  • Eugene: When it rains it pours, Ned decided he just wanted to dump a hurricane on his life..
  • Ned: Oh God [baby screaming] shh, shh
  • Keith: I think it didn't even strike me until last week, I'm like,
  • "Why does everybody keep asking ME questions?"
  • OH, because I'm supposed to have the answers...
  • Keith: (screaming) That's my job!
  • Keith: We agreed that we were all going to put our money into a company, start it together.
  • Going to a Chase Bank, we're all pouring a bunch of our money into this company to hope that it doesn't fail.
  • We all invested 25 percent each...
  • Ned: I won't say a number but it's certainly more than I'm comfortable with...
  • Zach: Small business owners motherfucker! (laughs)
  • Ned: I took out a second mortgage on my house.
  • Keith: Yeah, yeah. It's a lot..
  • Eugene: We saw the cliff and we jumped right over it, but we think we have a parachute.
  • Keith: We're almost done setting up our new company bank account, and Zach is playing a video game on his phone.
  • Keith: Zach is 12.
  • Ned: How are you gonna make money, and how much money gon' cost to make that money? Luckily, I love spreadsheets!
  • I like doing spreadsheets. Maybe this part's not that interesting...I find it fascinating.
  • Zach Off-Camera: Nerd!
  • Eugene: We decided to start a Patreon to give you the opportunity to support us directly and to raise funds for our new channel.
  • Really excited to have a more open, direct relationship with you and you can get exclusive
  • access to a lot of really cool Try Guys things.
  • Keith: Try again... (laughter)
  • Ned: So we quit our jobs, we start our company, and then it comes to our first shoot day!
  • Ned: Give me power! POWER! Power...Oh it's not plugged into the wall...goddammit
  • Zach: But when we actually pulled the trigger,
  • a whole bunch of bullshit came our way.
  • We are all set up, this is actually the first thing we are shooting.
  • We uh, definitely, you know, don't have everything we need to do this right, but we're gonna--
  • Ariel: We're gonna figure it out!
  • Zach and Ned: --attempt. (laughter)
  • Zach: Alright, let's roll some cameras, huh? [Everyone cheering]
  • Ned: AND THEN..
  • my wife goes into labor.
  • Zach: Ned's baby came three and a half weeks early.
  • Doctor: Only about five percent come on that due date.
  • Keith: What's the point of the date??
  • Ned: Whoa, that was unexpected!
  • They should have gave me a due month.. Doctor: Yeah, that's a better idea..
  • Zach: We had this whole schedule planned out where we were gonna like
  • film all these videos, and THEN Ned's baby was gonna come and then we could edit.
  • Had to throw all that out the window!
  • Keith: And then, two days later, Eugene was cast in a movie!
  • Eugene: I am on my way to Texas, to appear in my first feature film.
  • It's kind of the best thing about being independent is that I can finally work on all the projects that I wanted to do
  • so there's going to be a lot of producing, directing, and acting for all four of us.
  • Keith: So somehow, Keith and Zach were in charge of the company.
  • Keith: Oh my god, what are you doing?
  • What are you doing?
  • Zach: I'm making a standing desk.
  • Ned: While I was... learning how to be a dad
  • Keith: Don't put this on this nice table!
  • Ned: Keith and Zach were learning how to run a company.
  • Zach: It's not that nice of a table.
  • Eugene: I have full confidence that Zach and Keith can hold the fort down.
  • Zach: It's our first standing desk!
  • Keith: You look ridiculous
  • Zach: YOU look ridiculous.
  • Eugene: I think that they're gonna do a really great job.
  • Keith: You can't just keep stacking furniture to fill your needs, Zach.
  • Zach: What do you think, Ned?
  • Keith (imitating Ned): Umm... I don't know guys...
  • Ned: We quickly realized there were a lot of
  • resources and support that we had working for a big company,
  • that you don't have when you're completely by yourself.
  • Keith: Right now we have a couch. We have a totally barren kitchen.
  • We got a bag on a knob.
  • Zach: We had a day without toilet paper! (whisper) Those were dark times..
  • Keith: This is where we're working for the next couple months.
  • Zach: Leaving to start our own company,
  • I thought it'd be glamorous.
  • So this has just been here for days.
  • It was not that!
  • Keith: I'm taking out the trash.
  • Zach: First of all, I don't throw away trash in my own house.
  • Keith: It's exactly what I thought it would be..
  • I'm a digital media maker, I make videos for the internet!
  • You're watching a video of me chopping up garbage!
  • Both of us are in the weird place in our lives.
  • It wasn't even OUR garbage, it was NED'S garbage!
  • Ned had a baby,
  • so you gotta pull a little extra weight for the family man.
  • Ned: Oh god. (baby crying) shh shh
  • Zach: I guess Ned just left stuff here... Some nerf guns,
  • a board with names. What other cool shit does Ned have in his house? Let's go look!
  • What is--
  • It's an envelope that says "For Ned's Eyes Only"?
  • Zach: Okay, there's some cool shit in here,
  • But I'm gonna pretend I didn't look in there, and then maybe we'll see if Ned is willing to show us.
  • Okay,
  • Zach: Eugene! Ready to get back to work
  • Eugene: Yeah, I'm ready to fucking do this!...
  • [Keith patting his lap]
  • Eugene: You're so dumb..
  • How long were you-? How long did you keep Keith here though? Did he just sit here?
  • Zach: He was here for two weeks!
  • Keith (in crying voice): I've been waiting here so long!
  • Zach: As of today, the four of us have an office!
  • Ned: Ayye!
  • Keith: Ned and Eugene are back in the fold, now our little office looks like an office!
  • [screaming]
  • Ned: What's up everybody?!
  • These are our PA's Kasiemobi and Miles.
  • Ned: Okay, alright
  • Our editor Devlin, our production coordinator, our producer Rachel. That's our studio. We got a printer, we got videos!
  • We got pre pro for July...whaaat?
  • Eugene: We've just been filming, working, non-stop.
  • [screaming, indistinct noises]
  • Keith: Aw, my face!
  • [screaming continues]
  • Keith: Hi everyone
  • [screaming continues]
  • Keith: It's certainly the most stressed...that I've ever general.
  • Eugene: (sigh) I don't know how we're gonna do this
  • Keith: It is...a week from when we're
  • we're supposed to launch our channel.
  • Ned: We are all busting our asses for this launch. We're staying up late, we're coming in early.
  • Eugene: We've just been trying to front-load as many videos as possible because
  • frequency and consistency is very important.
  • Zach: Honestly when people leave the office, I'm like, "Oh, finally I can get something done"
  • Keith: There's been several times where Zach and I have been here until midnight or...
  • Zach: We don't like making shitty videos
  • We like making good videos and if that means that we have to stay up late...forever.
  • Keith: Ned's been working over the weekend editing with his baby in his hands.
  • Ned: Definitely distracting [baby coos]
  • Mwah mwah mwah
  • Keith: Eugene pulling--Eugene, like, doesn't sleep sometimes
  • Eugene: Ugh..
  • Camera Person: Have you slept?
  • Eugene: I haven't slept in 3 days! So...
  • Eugene: Our channel launch is coming up. But we're also closing out VidCon with this huge live performance.
  • It's just so much at one time.
  • Keith: When you're working from 7:00 in the morning until 9:30 at night some days. It's just like
  • You don't have a lot left.
  • Eugene: My biggest fear's that we're gonna be sacrificing quality, that we want to keep up, for all the quantity that we have to do
  • I guess the whole point of doing this is trying to create a foundation for something bigger, right?
  • Zach: It's like one of those -- there's like a triangle and it's like, choose two. You can make a lot of videos
  • good videos, or
  • uhh be a sane normal person.
  • I guess (pop)
  • Choosing those two
  • Keith: And it's hard, but we're doing it somehow
  • Ned: Right now on the eve of our launch is the exact most stressful time.
  • Keith: Oh, I'm so anxious about making a mistake
  • Eugene: There were a lot of times I was having panic attacks.
  • Zach: This is a risk.
  • Keith: What if they think we've gotten too weird cause we've gotten a little weirder.
  • Ned: Right now, I'm really feeling the pressure
  • Eugene: So it is the... very late night
  • Ned and Eugene: The eve before our launch
  • Keith: The eve of the channel launch!
  • Eugene: We've worked really really really hard to look like we haven't worked hard at all
  • Eugene: We haven't had time to celebrate and we don't have champagne, but we did have Miller High Life
  • which is the champagne of beers.
  • Zach: Months and months of work.
  • Ned: It's kind of like our whole lives have been building up to this moment
  • All: To The Try Guys!
  • Zach: I- I hope you're as excited about this as I am because I'm really excited.
  • And I-I think you're gonna really like it.
  • And in the morning, we'll see if...anyone
  • Ned: It was all worth it...
  • Zach: Guess what I just did? Ned: What? Zach: Just became our first subscriber!
  • Woooo!
  • Ned: We got Zach!
  • Zach: Why I left BuzzFeed is really THIS.
  • The whole time we felt like there was more that we could be doing and giving to you.
  • And now's that time. We've launched for an hour and a half. We already have
  • 16,000 subscribers, this is crazy.
  • Keith: We didn't leave to do the Try Guys for a year,
  • We left BuzzFeed to make the Try Guys company for that to be our career
  • It's the morning of the launch now, we got- we got 21,000 people and they're all like,
  • "Yay I'm excited for the channel, I'm so excited!"
  • It's crazy
  • Eugene: I'm just really excited to be able to work with my friends in a capacity that challenges our creativity
  • We just hit 35,000 subscribers.
  • Gosh, so grateful for everyone who wants to continue seeing us work together
  • Pesto, you look like you're growing out of my head. Look at how (laughs)
  • Ned: I'm surrounded by my best friends and people that I trust
  • 46,000, you just keep refreshing and it keeps growing! Yes!
  • Eugene: The best part of it is we get to share that experience with all of you.
  • Zach: When we woke up this morning, we had 200,000 subscribers.
  • To be able to make more videos than we've ever been able to make before, to have a community just for you
  • Ned: We checked, and it, like, suddenly updated, and it's half a million people!
  • Zach: And to be able to go on this journey with my three best friends
  • Keith: What's up Jake Paul?
  • Eugene: We can now be truly, unabashedly, wholly ourselves
  • [Keith making weird noises, as Keith does]
  • Ned: There's no holding back because this ours! We own that light!
  • Keith: What's really cool about this channel is that we're experimenting a lot.
  • Eugene: Lot of surprises that the audience is not going to expect
  • NED: Over a million subscribers!
  • *cheering*
  • NED: Oh my god. Open it, yes, yes, you can open it, you can open it
  • Zach: We're not just making the Try Guys, we're making new shows, we hope to make seasons of those new shows that live right here.
  • *group awwing*
  • Keith: It's old memorabilia! Zach: Everyone take one!
  • Zach: It's things that will go to other places.
  • Eugene: Film and TV and live shows
  • Zach: We're talking about going on tour. We're making merchandise!?
  • There's just gonna be so much. There's so much to be excited about and I...
  • ugh, I can't wait.
  • Eugene: I'm sure you got a pump up from Ned.
  • Ned: New channel! Get amped! Get with it! Let's do this! Come on baby!
  • Try Guys for life!
  • Whoo!
  • Also, please subscribe cause I have a baby and I need to feed it.
  • (outro)
  • Keith: We got a subscriber right here.
  • Becky: Subscriber!!! Keith: Whoo!!
  • Not all of our subscribers can sleep in the same bed as me.
  • Becky: Smash the subscribe.
  • Keith: Smash that subscribe, hit that - ring that bell, ring that bell.

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The guys reveal how they started a new company and channel, detailing unexpected challenges leading up to the launch, and answer why we left BuzzFeed.

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