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Video Best Fight Scenes: Philip Ng
10:31   |   2M+ views   |   09/24/2018 at 21:13


Philip Ng Wan-lung is an American Hong-Kong based martial artist who portrayed Bruce Lee in the 2016 film “Birth of the Dragon”. He has appeared in a variety of films but is most recognized for his martial arts action movies such as “Invisible Target” alongside Hong Kong Kung Fu star Wu Jing and “New Police Story” with Jackie Chan, both movies of which also included Ng’s fellow martial artists/actors and close friends Nicholas Tse and Andy On. His first starring role was in 2014’s “Once Upon a Time in Shanghai” which also featured Andy On. Ng has even served as the action director and martial arts choreographer for other films like “Star Runner” (with Andy On), “Dragon Squad” (with Sammo Hung), and “Kinta 1881”. His background consists of a variety of martial arts including Choy Li Fut from his father, Hung Ga from his uncle, Wing Chun from Wong Shun Leung (student of Ip Man and one of Bruce Lee’s teachers) which lead to his founding of the Wing Chun Association at the University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign, as well as Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Boxing, Eskrima, and Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu. Besides his martial arts training, Ng is more academically accomplished than many of his other martial arts movie colleagues having received a Master’s degree in Education and Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. Here are my favorite Philip Ng fight scenes.

List of movies featured in order of appearance:
1. Once Upon a Time in Shanghai
2. House of Fury
3. Princess and the Seven Kung Fu Masters
4. Wing Chun (TV Series)
5. (outro) Birth of the Dragon

Other films/television series include Twins Effect, Enter the Pheonix, Dragon Squad (also martial arts choreographer), Marriage with a Fool, Hui Lu, Love is Not All Around, Somebody to Love, Bodyguards and Assassins, Treasure Inn, Big Blue Lake, Naked Soldier, Young & Dangerous: Reloaded (also action director), From Vegas to Macau, Wild City, Kung Fu Quest, Elite Brigade, and A Fist Within Four Walls.


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