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Video The Drug Called Technology | Trinity Perkins | TEDxMillHillSchool
18:29   |   today at 11:47


  • [Applause]
  • firstly I'd like to introduce myself for
  • those who do not know me my name is
  • Trent Trinity Perkins and I am 17 years
  • old now from that information why I want
  • you to understand is some aspects of
  • what it means to be 17 I'm part of the
  • generation Z Post Millennials when 92
  • percent of us have a digital footprint
  • and use some form of Technology everyday
  • in our lives and with this technology I
  • honestly believe comes the greatest
  • opportunity but as a generation we have
  • not yet realized there utilized it or
  • even understood the real extent and
  • volume of experts power just yet so what
  • is a TED talk for me the purpose of a
  • TED talk is to inspire and spark
  • conversation and spark conversation is
  • really what I'm aiming to do amongst our
  • generation because at the end of the day
  • we are the future leaders of this world
  • whether we like it or not therefore you
  • must collectively acknowledge our global
  • situation and I'm going to tell you a
  • little bit about our global situation
  • climate change and global warming
  • deforestation and the ruin of ecosystems
  • that have developed over thousands of
  • years extinction of species of animals
  • and by 2050 there were more plastic in
  • our oceans than fish and to top all of
  • that off the corruption within our
  • governments who are supposed to be our
  • leaders the corruption within
  • multinational corporations which some
  • have more money and power than some
  • country's entire economies and the
  • Mexican drug war does terrorizing
  • millions of lives in South America or
  • the other 15 wars that are happening
  • today in our country
  • and we also can't forget substance abuse
  • and mental health problems the lack of
  • morality and values in our population
  • the lack of responsibility that we feel
  • the lack of a community that we so
  • desperately need and the focus on
  • self-interest which leads to entitlement
  • and greed now these only some of the
  • problems in her world but the problem
  • that I face every day in my life in
  • front of my eyes and in my hand is our
  • use of Technology so this is what I'll
  • be focusing on today and I'm gonna start
  • without outlining some of the obvious
  • flaws we overuse it we overuse
  • technology we overuse our mobile devices
  • our laptops our computers our
  • televisions our X boxes you name it we
  • overuse it and firstly the server usage
  • it creates a dependency and now the
  • definition of a dependency is the
  • inability to cut down or quit using
  • something despite one's efforts to do so
  • the average American spends 10 hours and
  • 39 minutes of their day using technology
  • and the average UK citizen spends 8
  • hours and 41 minutes of their day using
  • technology now from the definition that
  • I've given you I ask yourselves
  • I ask you to ask yourselves would you
  • consider yourself dependent have you
  • ever tried to quit or cut down using six
  • he's using technology and being
  • successful or not successful and
  • secondly mathematically speaking this
  • over-usage leaves us no time to do
  • anything of importance or anything that
  • we actually value so for follow me on
  • this one when I say mathematically
  • speaking we have 168 hours in a week and
  • we say let's say everyone gets 7
  • of sleep a night that's 48 49 hours 40
  • hours are used for the work week or
  • school week and then let's say three
  • hours a day for personal care like
  • getting dressed showering eating if we
  • take all of that time and minus it from
  • 168 hours in a week we have 58 hours
  • left of free time two things of
  • importance things that we actually want
  • to do like develop new interests find
  • out hobbies that we didn't even know we
  • liked catch up on some reading getting
  • some exercise spending quality time with
  • your family and friends or just going on
  • a long walk and sitting and being but
  • this time we waste we spend all of it
  • for entertainment purposes watching
  • watching videos and just using
  • technology 10 hours and 39 minutes a day
  • the average American spends now I'm at
  • fault of this too and so I heard a lot
  • of people moreover I want to talk about
  • I want to talk about some more flaws of
  • technology because the funny thing to me
  • is the floor of the over-usage that we
  • have hasn't happened by chance the
  • business objective of these social media
  • sites is to grow because with growth you
  • earn information on global data with
  • growth you have power and they all ask
  • themselves the same question how do we
  • use and consume as much of your
  • conscious time and attention as possible
  • and they've done this pretty well we
  • have to credit them but the answer this
  • question with with exploiting human
  • psychology and they admit this
  • themselves we see videos mark mark
  • zuckerberg saying he didn't take he
  • didn't take enough responsibility and
  • early developers of facebook say one of
  • them not too hard to pronounce his name
  • but chareth poli hipped here
  • say it is literally a point now what we
  • have created the tools that are ripping
  • apart this the fabrics of how society
  • works the information is right in front
  • of our eyes every day we have access to
  • it every day and yet we haven't even
  • bothered to internalize this information
  • our generation has not bothered to even
  • read or see most of this innovation and
  • when I say how they did it by exploiting
  • human psychology they did this by by
  • exploiting the brain chemical called
  • dopamine and this is right come on to
  • their affari of my title the drug code
  • technology and the idea where it came
  • from because I believe there are some
  • very worrying similarities between our
  • uses of technology and the use of drugs
  • by addicts and I know that's not Regis
  • statement but our Regis statements are
  • what need to be said right now to
  • provoke people to talk about this kind
  • of thing so there are about 86 million
  • neurons in the brain and they will
  • communicate communicate with each other
  • via brain chemicals called
  • neurotransmitters and why do / mean is
  • so important and why they exploited it
  • is because they correlate it correlates
  • directly with human behavior like sleep
  • like sleep motivation happiness
  • depression and they've done this by
  • every time we get a notification on our
  • phone or we send out a message or we
  • post something in the first place we
  • build up an expectation and the
  • expectation is waiting for that message
  • to get that like back from that photo
  • that you posted takes texting someone
  • waiting for their reply and when it
  • comes the dopamine level increases by
  • 400% it's like a moment of euphoria and
  • that 400% increase is almost the same
  • increase that hit of cocaine gives you
  • and yet every day we allow ourselves to
  • have unlimited access to this
  • and how do we not know that this is
  • called as causing addictions things that
  • release the same amount of a dick of of
  • dopamine levels in our brain are illegal
  • or age restricted and yet we give
  • technology and iPads and iPhones to
  • children as young as three probably even
  • younger and now moving on from that I
  • want to talk take it to a more personal
  • level and talk about the way technology
  • has made me feel and now I'm standing
  • here a student a teenager living in the
  • 21st century coming from your
  • perspective having had similar
  • experiences to you and I actually want
  • to publicly express my feelings because
  • what's the point in suppressing them
  • what are we gonna solve with suppressing
  • them but before I see them I ask you now
  • not to judge me and if you judge me I
  • understand and I forgive you it's just
  • what we do but when you do judge me I
  • ask you to ask yourselves why to ask
  • yourselves the exact reason why what
  • exact reason you are judging me about
  • and does it correlate with the person
  • that you want to be I feel lonely I feel
  • isolated I feel like I can't connect
  • with over half of my gender my half of
  • my generation because it also caught up
  • in something that's not real this false
  • reality of photos and taking photos and
  • posting photos that I know isn't real
  • and you know isn't real and yet we do it
  • anyway I personally really don't enjoy
  • memes I don't find them funny just all
  • of this stuff and I was I don't have
  • social media on my phone so I feel even
  • more isolated because it's like everyone
  • has it everyone uses it everyone does it
  • every single day and I'm just I just
  • don't and I feel very lonely because of
  • that
  • now I also feel I feel like I'm being
  • judged I feel like I'm being judged by
  • everyone and I feel like I'm being
  • judged everywhere I go and I say this
  • because it's true all we do now is every
  • day we go on our phones and we use these
  • sites and we literally judge people we
  • judge people on the content they share
  • on the photos they post we literally
  • decide whether we like or not like the
  • photo and that is a form of judging
  • someone and I don't like being judged
  • I'm I'm gonna assume you don't like
  • being judged either so why do you do
  • this why did you allow yourselves to go
  • on these tools every day and judge other
  • people and then capstat when people
  • judge you I also I also think I think
  • too much I think too much about the big
  • things and I think too much about the
  • little things and then I worked myself
  • up in my brain and I'm just like I
  • caused myself so many anxieties and so
  • many stresses that aren't real and the
  • art of anything of anything of
  • importance and it takes me a lot to
  • bring myself back to what is really
  • important and then more physic moving on
  • to when I did have social media I want
  • to start with this I was being
  • conditioned I was being conditioned to
  • post certain things on what I saw the
  • content that sells the best and gets you
  • the best likes the most likes or
  • comments or shares on these social media
  • sites is selling your body and selling
  • yourself and I fell into that trap and
  • looking back on it now it makes me hate
  • myself because as a girl no one should
  • ever have to do this and I see 14:30
  • roars doing this posting photos of
  • themselves and short little dresses with
  • their really non-existent boobs pushing
  • them up for what for what why do we do
  • this
  • I also feel felt when I used to be using
  • it I remember I would sit on my phone
  • for hours and I would just I found like
  • I was addicted like I would be scrolling
  • on my phone and I'd be seen now I would
  • remember like I really I really don't
  • want to be using this right now but I
  • don't know how to pull my physically
  • pull myself away from it now uh
  • something that confused me and after a
  • while just decided to quit oh I just
  • said no it was if you if you do end up
  • watching the videos we see the earlier
  • developers say that what we need is a
  • hard break from this stuff and I agree
  • with them now I know it sounds like I've
  • just lated the whole of technology for I
  • don't know the last 10 or 15 minutes but
  • that's not what I believe a - I believe
  • technology is the greatest gift that we
  • have ever been given the best
  • opportunity a generation has been given
  • and let me tell you some of these some
  • of the things it's done on a medical
  • level we've saved thousands of lives
  • millions of lives if not it's cured
  • bacterias and diseases it's connected
  • people all over the world globalization
  • would not have happened without
  • technology I can't I can just meet so
  • many new people online it's amazing but
  • we like we don't even do it
  • I don't even know people that have pen
  • pals or the technical technological
  • version of pen pals the list goes on the
  • list really goes on and my problem is
  • not with technology because as I said it
  • is the greatest gift but my problem is
  • with our usage our problem is not being
  • aware of how we are supposed to use
  • technology and this brings me to my end
  • I say all of the things I say today
  • because I see such amazing people with
  • such amazing hearts and smiles and
  • talents and entry
  • and these people they just aren't
  • feeling the Greta's potential
  • I'm not feeling my greatest potential
  • everything I've said today I am at fault
  • oh but I am at fault of this because of
  • this word independent this word
  • independent is not real humans have
  • never thrived being independent humans
  • have only ever thrived being
  • interdependent what we need to do today
  • so I can't stand here and say that I
  • know will answers in the solutions but
  • one thing that I do know is that ideas
  • are the most powerful thing on the
  • planet ideas started religion ideas
  • started war but ideas can also start
  • peace we need ya to believe the idea
  • that we are now the solution and we need
  • to stop acting as the problem believe
  • that it is possible to live in a world
  • well we can communicate with each other
  • openly where we can take responsibility
  • for our wrongdoings and for others
  • wrongs doing wrongdoings well we can
  • educate ourselves and educate others
  • where we can share our ideas without
  • being afraid someone will steal them
  • working together and I say all of this
  • now because it is our time now more than
  • ever with technology to take control of
  • what we do how we spend our time what we
  • do with our time to take control of the
  • type of society we want to live in for
  • not just us but for our children may I
  • ask you one last thing
  • don't be afraid to let the work to show
  • the world who you really are and when I
  • say who you really are I mean without
  • the filter because when you show the
  • world that version of yourselves of
  • yourselves
  • you will be amazed at how much people
  • will love you
  • [Applause]

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Trinity establishes a strong relationship with her audience as she speaks from her personal experience of technology as a seventeen-year-old girl. She reiterates an important message to all technology uses, but particularly those over-exposed to social media. Trinity is in her final year of school, about to approach and sit her A-levels in Spanish, Business and History. She is a strong advocate and role model amongst her peers and works hard to encourage others to think about technology use. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at - Download Hi-Res Songs

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