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Video Asmongold Watches "Activision's Rising Influence Over Blizzard & A New Low For The WoW Store"
26:40   |   views   |   01/02/2019


  • what's called uh oh that's a really good
  • start right there uh Oh hundred layoffs
  • Activision's rising influence okay see
  • what this is uh oh
  • it's a second year are we good yeah
  • we're good hey everyone and welcome back
  • to the world of warcraft video well out
  • of the frying pan and into the fire
  • this is gonna be a fun one you know it's
  • funny I'm almost over conscious to this
  • video can you know sort of set the tone
  • for the year and I really don't want it
  • to be like that so here's the deal just
  • before we all broke for the holidays
  • Blizzard unveiled a really manipulative
  • there it is boys there it is hey guys
  • they're going away but they might come
  • back but they're going away so you've
  • gotta buy him now okay great I was on
  • Mickey Mouse's playbook now we then also
  • began to see a bunch of the activision
  • directed cost-cutting along with a fresh
  • report that gave us more background and
  • of course often come boys their customer
  • service concern is staff accept cash to
  • exit Irish hub I don't fully understand
  • I'm not gonna really make a comment on
  • that companies they choose to release
  • bad news just before a major holiday or
  • a big event activations are gonna sting
  • but people are going to be busy with
  • other things they're gonna forget and
  • I'll be back to normal
  • well while I technically was off work
  • I'm fighting blizzard off the hook for
  • this one I think of this coming year for
  • me was to have a theme I think it would
  • be honesty unpolished as well getting to
  • slip it's just all honesty unpolished
  • that is a great fuckin way to say it
  • honesty unpolished I like that a lot
  • that sounds good all the more important
  • to just go directly in just
  • straightforward with them but then
  • equally it's also important to not be
  • carried away by any given narrative and
  • be thrown in interaction so I expect
  • this will be a year both of strongly
  • positive and strong
  • negative coverage as really the company
  • is just going from PR blunder to PR
  • blunder but while that's happening BFA
  • is poised for an eight to that at least
  • on paper does seem to be going very much
  • in the right direction so let Belle your
  • is trying to be positive because
  • obviously the video has a negative slant
  • but let's be honest it's kind of
  • disappointing
  • whenever the only time that he's gonna
  • smile in this video is number one
  • wherever he's sad and number two
  • whenever he's talking about the fact
  • that the expansion might be good a year
  • after it comes out on its second major
  • content patch like why did people play
  • it for the first year if you've got to
  • wait that long for it to be good I mean
  • like give it a fucking break let's kick
  • off this extreme thumb video with the
  • Disney Vault or sorry should I say the
  • blizzard archive because yes Blizzard
  • Entertainment's are emulating one of the
  • most widely criticized business
  • practices out there Disney released
  • their content for a few years after
  • cinemas then they'd cease production and
  • they just halt releases for a number of
  • years all you do then come out with a
  • special edition re-release and this
  • practice would allow them to create
  • artificial scarcity and additional sale
  • events and this is all of the expense of
  • the customers convenience no wonder
  • people would want to pirate their
  • content because after all piracy is a
  • symptom of a service problem now
  • blizzards mount I think that's partially
  • true but another thing that piracy is a
  • symptom of is not wanting to spend money
  • so let me give you two different
  • scenarios number one you buy The Lion
  • King it's $24 number two you you
  • download The Lion King it's free there's
  • a lot of people that don't just have 24
  • dollars to throw around on the Lion King
  • and they're just gonna download it for
  • free I think that companies and products
  • and services that transcend piracy like
  • Spotify are incredible and whenever you
  • think about the fact that
  • modify is so good that people stop many
  • people stop pirating content they
  • actually went from not paying for a
  • service to paying for a service that
  • they were already able to get for free
  • because it was so good I think belly is
  • partially right but there is a component
  • to it that people just don't want to
  • spend money sail for the winter has done
  • something very similar but just it's so
  • on the nose that beggars belief
  • so this see you later bundle features a
  • number of store Mount spats and three
  • transmog Helms now bundles have existed
  • in the past but well the difference is
  • that these are all being removed from
  • the store after the event now remember
  • the pay to align item it's an item
  • that's already in the game there is zero
  • cost to it being on the store so that's
  • right remove it well you remove it to
  • create artificial scarcity try to
  • generate more purchases because players
  • might be afraid that it's their last
  • chance to own these mounts now look oh
  • let me show you guys how this used to
  • work okay this is a scam that I I did
  • back whenever I was 16 I um I've talked
  • about this before right and it's
  • creating artificial demand which is the
  • other way around but it's a little bit
  • this it's pretty much the same thing
  • like let's say you have something you
  • want to sell on the auction house you
  • want to sell this item but nobody's
  • buying it so here's what you do is that
  • you make a character and you put the
  • item on on the auction house on one
  • character and then you make a second
  • character and then you type in trade
  • chat that you want to buy the item for a
  • price that's higher than you would
  • listed the item for on the auction house
  • some stupid fucking idiot that thinks
  • he's smart is going to go onto the
  • auction house and buy your item and then
  • try to sell it to you to make a quick
  • buck at that point you just check on the
  • auction house you see if the auction is
  • sold because you just searched it again
  • and if it's sold you all Gough and
  • delete the character boom there it is
  • now that's a scumbag move but at the end
  • of the day you've got money in the bank
  • and that's why Blizzard it's doing it
  • all sales is a form of manipulation how
  • most things are a form of manipulation
  • be it state it or be it overt yep but
  • sometimes the level of manipulation
  • crosses a a commonly agreed-upon moral
  • and often that is a moral threshold that
  • we legislate on and you know we've made
  • such things some things illegal such as
  • say misleading customers now this means
  • that often companies need to have fine
  • print you know and you know that's great
  • we have the fine print we know what's up
  • what the fine print of this bundle is
  • just so funny because it's not even in
  • like it's not in fine print it is the
  • footer of the announcement so here's the
  • quote we're sending nine of our Blizzard
  • shop and in-game store items into
  • hibernation On January 6 but before they
  • go you can purchase a time-limited
  • bundle and save even more items in the
  • see you later bundle may return to the
  • Blizzard shop and in-game shop at some
  • point in the future at some point it's
  • it's so clear I mean while these bounts
  • are you know they're sure they're going
  • into hibernation but for no other reason
  • than to aid a sale pitch remember that
  • these mounts cost nothing to have in the
  • store it's not even like you download a
  • file when you purchase them the file is
  • already on your computer now when a new
  • store mount is released it gets a
  • special feature on the store so it's not
  • like these old mounts are taking up that
  • much visual space or taking away even
  • though you mounts on the store the
  • reasoning behind this becomes even more
  • apparent once you look at the mount
  • ownership statistics as for the you know
  • the other stuff it's the similar
  • situation but they're all you know how
  • much do you guys want a fucking bet they
  • saw this on my stream dude look at this
  • listen know what he's about to fucking
  • say listen to this clown ask garbage it
  • old and they don't hold up visually to
  • blizzards modern work it's clear that
  • these things were just not selling well
  • I'm positive realized that while they
  • are in the store they're not shifting
  • copies so any move to to increase our
  • perceived value
  • they just made them artificially scarce
  • chances are that barely anyone actually
  • wants these mounts but because of the
  • sales event and the fear of never being
  • able to have them again that's just
  • gonna tip people over the edge and
  • they're gonna buy if they likely well
  • plan on selling these again like there's
  • the legal disclaimer is there it's not
  • called goodbye bundle called the see you
  • later bundle we'll see them later of
  • that I have little doubt as the time and
  • this promotion runs out I've never even
  • thought of that please don't support
  • this
  • if we reward these tactics by
  • participating we just encourage Blizzard
  • to continue and in a world where you
  • know as we're gonna see later in this
  • video in a world where stuff's a bit
  • more controlled by the finance
  • department the last thing we should be
  • doing is giving the finance department
  • more ammunition now look a mansion
  • finances very true it was time to talk
  • about the influence of activision over a
  • pleasure now this comes once again from
  • one of jason fryers reports which you
  • know interesting that the first one was
  • just his name was enough to make people
  • throw in the bin which is kind of
  • interesting because those people also
  • seem to be the same people who are the
  • harshest against blizzard now look as
  • I've said many times his work is often
  • very solid especially his investigative
  • work often out of himself and Twitter
  • that's for sure but it's possible for
  • someone to do both good and bad things
  • we shouldn't let those things cancel
  • each other out we shouldn't throw out
  • the baby with the bathwater otaku yeah
  • they can publish a lot of trash but they
  • can also publish good things so we need
  • to take articles for you know what they
  • are in isolation and I'm given what else
  • we've heard and hit the previous
  • blizzard article and oh yeah we we read
  • that I remember that stuff yeah yeah
  • this stuff is fairly accurate so even if
  • you don't like the messenger I think
  • it's worth paying attention to the
  • message that's a good boy broke via
  • Eurogamer that blizzard were expanding a
  • voluntary redundancy program in their
  • Irish offices mainly affecting support
  • staff now the idea is that you got
  • someone to leave of their own volition
  • by essentially taking a deal now for the
  • staff excited because they get quick
  • money and that's brilliant if they want
  • to make a career change but they're also
  • worried about their stability for the
  • company it means that their least
  • dedicated staff feel free to leave and
  • it means they don't have to lay people
  • off you know non voluntarily and that
  • sounds like a win-win civ and of course
  • by having those people go it decreases
  • their monthly burn rate yep as a way of
  • cutting costs it's actually pretty great
  • yeah badly it's also a bit revealing now
  • if a company is in a severe financial
  • situation then you know layoffs may
  • happen but if when a company is in a
  • position where it basically is
  • financially secure but wants to tighten
  • up its operation that's when you'll see
  • a program like this so it does not mean
  • the blizzard going out of business but
  • it does mean but yes they are looking to
  • cut their long-term costs in non
  • development areas obviously called
  • career I mean you look at it now like
  • let's go ahead I'm gonna show something
  • okay I gotta put this person I gotta
  • report this retard for spamming me okay
  • just a second let me show you guys
  • something here okay
  • here I'll turn this off how how do you
  • put in a ticket nowadays like you go in
  • and you go to help and let's see
  • knowledge base alright well it doesn't
  • even load so that's a good start right
  • here we're gonna pause this real quick
  • and we go and we look at oh these are
  • just tickets that I put in let's see
  • characters stuck so there's no ticket
  • here open the ticket so let's write it
  • open a ticket account in-game issues so
  • items and mail let's see here
  • item restoration that just takes you
  • directly over to a web page loot drop
  • problem let's see you can actually get a
  • web ticket for that one a loot drop
  • problem that's one mail return request
  • you can get a ticket for that one and
  • let's see weekly chest problem you can
  • get a ticket for that one now you go
  • over to these two quests and
  • achievements stuck on a quest it sends
  • you over to wow head that's the first
  • thing problem with an achievement go to
  • WoW head and report a bug probably I
  • don't know what that does character
  • problem a character undelete actually
  • you know what now that I see these these
  • are this isn't as bad as I thought it
  • was yeah no never mind this isn't as bad
  • as I thought it was you know why I
  • thought there were a lot more of these
  • that were just like they took you to
  • just like these systems it looks like
  • they actually do have a lot of these oh
  • I guess there is that now appeal name
  • change all that stuff yeah I guess there
  • are more tickets so you can post I'll
  • take that back I take that back
  • completely it seems like obviously it
  • doesn't seem like they are as
  • transparently trying to remove
  • interactions between GM's yeah it was
  • worse well it's worse right but it's not
  • as bad as I thought it was Crossroads
  • has actually existed for years the only
  • thing that's new as they are offering it
  • to a wider segment of staff and
  • more junior staff and it seems to have
  • had its financial benefits be increased
  • now this is all backed up by Jason's
  • report which again is sourced from many
  • Blizzard employees so as we found out
  • last time and blizzards new Activision
  • transplant CFO told employees at an All
  • Hands meeting that their big goal is to
  • cut costs and shift more products and
  • this has resulted in the layoffs that I
  • meant what are they gonna say I love it
  • whenever they have these meetings and
  • now like hey our plan is we want to we
  • want to spend less money and save more
  • money that's what we're gonna do and so
  • here's what we did that that's there
  • boys is it what do you think they're
  • gonna come in there and say they're like
  • oh yes so we basically we thought about
  • like let's waste like 10% of our income
  • this year on bullshit like let's let's
  • actually get a giraffe for the campus so
  • whenever people get bored during lunch
  • they can go look at the giraffe and
  • everybody's like wow that sounds awesome
  • let's do that and it's like of course
  • they're gonna think yeah they're gonna
  • make more stuff and save more money the
  • guy that doesn't come out and say that
  • gets fucking fired earlier as well as
  • the scaling back of heroes of the storm
  • development and the sudden axing of its
  • esports plans plans which seemingly as
  • of Blizzcon this year we're poised to go
  • ahead and that does make me think that
  • this very much is a transition period
  • that is ramping up now on that topic
  • Jason sources report it so I say again
  • pulling the plug on heroes of the storm
  • was a good decision by Blizzard ok at a
  • certain point you have to realize it's
  • fucking dead stop injecting money into
  • it and wasting everybody's fucking money
  • pull the plug it's done I know all these
  • people now that heroes of the storm they
  • ended heroes of the storm they're acting
  • like oh that was my favorite game no it
  • wasn't you fucking idiot you only played
  • it to get the amount for a while you
  • never liked the game most people didn't
  • like the game they brought the game out
  • at the wrong time in the wrong market in
  • the wrong way it was the wrong game
  • period some people enjoyed the game but
  • don't pretend it's like whenever
  • somebody fucking dies
  • you know whenever somebody fucking dies
  • this is what I hate everyone talks about
  • how great they were
  • some people die and they were a piece of
  • shit and it's okay to say that you don't
  • have to pretend like oh you know this is
  • my best friend I cared about this person
  • so much know at a certain point
  • sometimes bad decisions are made for a
  • good reason sometimes bad things happen
  • for a good reason and that no it's not
  • it's not hopefully it's not gonna be the
  • hurricane situation okay guys give it a
  • break all right I'm not gonna get I
  • don't think I get in trouble for that
  • one I just I don't know it's a growing
  • annoying cuz like somebody will like
  • like something I'll die I'm like like a
  • high school or something like that and
  • this happened like in my high school and
  • everybody acts like they knew this
  • person it's like I know these people
  • like they didn't know them you didn't
  • even like this guy but you're just
  • acting like you knew them and you like
  • them because it's gonna get you sympathy
  • and you want this for like some sort of
  • fucking you know point system to make
  • you feel righteous and good give it a
  • fucking break it's so annoying and the
  • same thing happens I think with heroes
  • of the storm here's the storm died
  • everybody acts like blizzard's the bad
  • guy and they made the wrong decision
  • blizzard good job did it suck that you
  • made a lot of people lose their job
  • yeah it did could you have done that
  • better probably yeah but overall it was
  • the right decision
  • virtue signaling exactly I don't like
  • using that word because it's very
  • charged but what is a better example of
  • it than that
  • internal rumors of layoffs in the new
  • year now that's interesting because
  • layoffs being you know talked about in
  • this way that doesn't seem voluntarily
  • like it's a voluntary thing like in the
  • quark office so yeah what we see is non
  • development roles being axed while they
  • try to hire more development roles
  • they're cutting they didn't lose their
  • job they moved developers to other
  • product product projects no they moved
  • them to the project of applying to
  • unemployment like that
  • the project yeah you're right they
  • didn't get moved to another project they
  • went from project working at Blizzard to
  • project applying for unemployment there
  • it is
  • you're right because they're shifting
  • more product it's pretty clear with more
  • I'm out of the way and more Activision
  • influence they are just trying to
  • tighten up their operation now what does
  • this mean for games the developer is a
  • blizzard and BFA well in Jason's most
  • recent report three sources talked about
  • how the finance department has more
  • power and within blizzard than ever one
  • source said that their people are now
  • attending more meetings especially
  • meetings that they would not have
  • previously been involved in so it seems
  • systematically that this is indicating
  • that the finance team is being more
  • integrated with lower and lower level
  • decisions at Blizzard now if that seems
  • like a bit of a worrying thing then I
  • think you should really listen to the
  • next source so here's the quote a lot of
  • decisions now are being driven by
  • business folks marketing and finance
  • folks okay I was a real struggle now
  • between developers and the business
  • people strategic decisions are being
  • driven by the Finance Group and that's
  • the worrying bit strategy that's that's
  • the long-term vision of the company
  • that's the direction that the ship is
  • sailing in you know this is affecting
  • things such as I just want to say one
  • thing is this is exactly what the Steve
  • Jobs video said that is literally
  • exactly what the Steve Jobs video said
  • and it's not a surprise at all the scope
  • of the game not only the resources that
  • can be allocated to a given project but
  • the actual
  • likely design of a project itself such
  • that it would require for your resources
  • now it's time to talk about the 80/20
  • principle generally it asserts that 80%
  • of the result comes from 20% of the work
  • that's why I only put in 20% here's an
  • example with my time I might spend 70
  • hours a week working in the channel
  • maybe only only 20%
  • those are actually past anyway
  • everything's quietly writing is the
  • single most important thing that I do
  • for the channel all the way of framing
  • the 80/20 principle is saying that
  • perfection is the enemy of just good
  • enough it's the idea that at a certain
  • point working in something just doesn't
  • make sense
  • you should just launch it out there and
  • move on that's true these are principles
  • that personally I live my life by but
  • they have their dangers and I feel that
  • I can make those calls because I
  • intimately understand every aspect of
  • what I'm doing with this channel and
  • just in general and why people watch my
  • content but moving back to Blizzard well
  • if a developer is appraising their game
  • they'll be able to decently tell when
  • they put enough work into something that
  • they can put it out the door to work out
  • where those diminishing returns are for
  • doing further work but here's the
  • problem a developer as great
  • understanding of their game can do that
  • but if that appraisal is being done by
  • people who are above the developer and a
  • development role and don't really have
  • that great of an understanding of the
  • game they're going to struggle to make
  • as good a call in that situation
  • essentially it's about right people
  • having too much control over the game
  • design strategies of Blizzard is very
  • likely not going to be good for the
  • quality of their games now I'm sure
  • you've run into the video of Steve Jobs
  • talking about John Scully's disastrous
  • tenure at Apple and Wow let's roll it
  • John came from PepsiCo and they they at
  • most would change I'd Mladic you know
  • once every ten years I mean to them a
  • new product was like a new sized bottle
  • right so if you were a product person
  • you couldn't change the course of that
  • company very much so who influenced the
  • success of PepsiCo the sales and
  • marketing people therefore they were the
  • ones that got promoted and therefore
  • they were the ones that ran the company
  • well for PepsiCo that might have been
  • okay but it turns out the same thing can
  • happen in technology companies that get
  • it get monopolies like Oh
  • IBM and Xerox if you were a prop how
  • many of their mmo's are their product
  • person at IBM or Xerox so you make a
  • better copy or a better computer so what
  • when you have a monopoly market share
  • the company's not any more successful
  • so the people that can make the company
  • more successful are sales and marketing
  • people and they end up running the
  • companies and the product people get
  • driven out of the decision-making forums
  • and the companies forget what it means
  • to make great products it's sort of the
  • product sensibility and the product
  • genius that brought them to those to
  • that monopolistic position gets rotted
  • out by people running these companies
  • who have no conception of a good product
  • versus a bad product they have no
  • conception of the craftsmanship that's
  • required to take a good idea and turn it
  • into a good product and they really have
  • no feeling in their hearts usually about
  • wanting to really help the customers so
  • that's talking about Apple and Pepsi but
  • as applied to gaming my worry is that
  • the developers first goal is to create
  • something that's fun and that's engaging
  • they're going to design that from first
  • principles guided by an understanding of
  • their players emotional experience and
  • how that drives them to play the game
  • more when the marketing types are
  • driving these decisions well they want
  • to also create something that's fun and
  • engaging they're not actually demon Bob
  • or engages people's wallets they're
  • going to go and look at old numbers and
  • they're going to work out what the most
  • cost-effective way is based on what has
  • previously worked and that's really the
  • crux of it creatives make new numbers
  • business people follow old numbers as
  • the business gets more involved we're
  • likely going to see a decrease in
  • innovation and an increase in content
  • that's strongly following the 8020
  • principle but with that 80/20 analysis
  • maybe not being done by people well
  • maybe by people who don't know the ad
  • from the 20 is be FA a good example of
  • the 80/20 rule I would say so it seems
  • like 80% of the game was done that's the
  • struggle of Blizzard's developers face
  • and if they're not careful the company's
  • going to lose its unique status within
  • the industry just look at Activision
  • they streamlined their business to be a
  • small number of IPs large segments of
  • their revenue come from something like
  • say destiny - and if those franchises if
  • any of that small number of franchises
  • that they have
  • start to struggle you're going to see a
  • big hit on the company now I don't
  • exactly want to bring in stocks at the
  • minute because like especially if you
  • look at say the Fang stocks they've all
  • went down the market yeah yeah we've
  • seen all those we've seen like look at
  • Activision Blizzard its trading at 50%
  • of its value it is also worth bearing in
  • mind that I mean we seem to be in a bear
  • market put it that way so definitely
  • that should be some of the take mode
  • opinion that means that there's bears
  • market point here with this video I know
  • it's like one of the first ones the new
  • year it's when we all want to feel happy
  • about the future and all of that stuff
  • but at the end of the day when I see
  • Blizzard do something like Blizzard
  • vault I can't not talk about that you
  • know if I if I omit that I feel like I'm
  • doing all of I just feel like I'm doing
  • everyone wrong so yeah there you go I
  • guess a pretty hardcore video right
  • hopefully stuff a little bit yeah
  • nothing as much in the future I wish I
  • could say that I thought that was likely
  • I don't really I don't really think I do
  • I am generally quite worried right now
  • about where things are going to go one
  • thing I do know for sure it's going to
  • be an interesting year to follow
  • Blizzard to do coverage for them there's
  • going to be a lot to talk about I think
  • my worry is that it's going to be the
  • stuff that I feel compelled to talk
  • about because I think it's a problem and
  • not the stuff that I feel compelled to
  • talk about because it's like passionate
  • and exciting and that's ideally what
  • this channel exists for so let me know
  • what you think about all this stuff down
  • in those comments so much as this is a
  • bit odd I hope you're there it is
  • I mean like that's basically the way
  • that I think a lot of people have been
  • seeing the game go I mean let's be
  • honest I think everybody's expected this
  • everybody has thought this this is all
  • the way it's been for quite a while and
  • I didn't get the fucking mount I hate
  • boys 'red
  • so basically like I don't know that's
  • the way that I feel about it okay is
  • that like this video is obviously really
  • good I completely agree with almost
  • everything that he was saying and I'm
  • not surprised that so many people that
  • are working at Blizzard are kind of
  • speaking out about it because they're
  • frustrated about what's happening and I
  • don't really know like kind of if this
  • is ever going to change or n
  • and that kind of stuff F camera man why
  • is nothing ever work man like I don't
  • understand like why nothing works like
  • ever this is so annoying

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