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Video Peter Gets Really Sunburnt - Family Guy
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  • PETER: So, your mom says you've been drinking? MEG: yeah, like a little bit, but but it's nothing you have to worry about
  • PETER: Look, I was young too. You know, I remember going to parties, walking up with a six-pack. You're so excited to get there.
  • PETER: You stat jogging a little, your friends are all there and they're so happy to see you.
  • PETER: They're practically cheering your name, and then Moni Moni
  • comes on at just the right time and everyone's dancing and Laura Halston's jugs are just slamming into ya.
  • PETER: You don't have a care in the world and if all of it came to an end right then and there, so be it.
  • PETER: Well, you're my daughter and I don't want any of that for you.
  • PETER: Hey, you want to see where I was sitting when you were born?
  • PETER: Yeah, I still think about Laura a lot. You were already drinking tonight weren't ya?
  • MEG: A little. PETER: Well, I can't talk to a drunk person if I'm sober. Hey Jerome. Can I get a beer please?
  • MEG: But now I'm starting to sober up, so I'm gonna need one to keep an even playing field..
  • PETER: All right, but it stays between us. And what if they card ya? MEG: Don't worry. I got it covered...
  • PETER: Wow, that's really good. MEG: Right? Jerome, make it two!
  • Music: "My girl wants to party all the time
  • party all the time
  • party all the time...
  • my girl wants to party all the time, party, all the time.
  • I buy you champagne, roses, put diamonds on your finger
  • party all the time...
  • ooohh...
  • my girl wants to party all the time
  • party all the time, yeah
  • MEG: Dad? Dad, wake up! PETER: Alright, what happened? MEG: I don't know, we must have stolen this boat last night..
  • MEG: I have no idea where the hell we are.
  • MEG: Oh no, my cell phone's dead!
  • PETER: I got a little bit of juice left so we can either.. A: Call someone, maybe they answer. Maybe they can help, or B..
  • We can definitely switch faces!
  • PETER: Look at you! Look at me! That's what this is. (CELL PHONE DIES) Oh...
  • PETER: Aw, we're gonna die...
  • MEG: Dad, what are we gonna do? PETER: You think it's too early to tie our shirts around our heads to show we're going insane?
  • MEG: I mean it dad. This is serious..
  • PETER: I did pants instead.. (MEG GROANS)
  • I don't feel so hot, what is wrong with me?
  • PETER: Have you taken a break since you started drinking? MEG: Not until right now...
  • PETER: Do you feel like lying on the couch rubbing your eyes while listening to Lou Reed's " Perfect Day"?
  • MEG: Yes! PETER: Then I'll tell you what's wrong with you. You got a hangover. MEG: What can you do for a hangover?
  • PETER: Well, Meg, so I don't have to think about my throbbing headache
  • I try to think of something else, like a riddle. Like, how would you describe Chris O'Donnell? MEG: Huh?
  • MEG: He's not tall, or short. He's not fat or thin..
  • MEG: He's not handsome, or ugly..
  • MEG: He's not young, or old. He's not loud, or quiet..
  • MEG: He's not memorable. But I know who he is. (MEG GASPS IN RELIEF)
  • MEG: Thanks Dad! I feel so much better. PETER: But you know who doesn't? Chris O'Donnell. Bye dildo!
  • (MEG GROANS AGAIN) MEG: Are all hangovers this bad? PETER: Yep, that's the deal you make with the gods of fun. Every 72 hours you lose a day.
  • MEG: Dad, you're so sunburnt! PETER: I can't move because it hurts too bad.
  • (MEG GROANS ONCE AGAIN) MEG: This is awful. We don't even know if anyone's looking for us. PETER: Look, don't worry. We're gonna be okay..
  • PETER: This is why you shouldn't drink. Booze, is nothing but trouble. And you don't need it. You got a good brain in your head.
  • MEG: Thanks Dad... And if this is what drinking makes you feel like, you don't have to worry about it. I am done with booze..
  • PETER: Ah, I'm glad to hear that. And I'm sorry I pushed it on ya. I just, I just wanted to watch TV...
  • PETER: I don't want to see you waste opportunities 'cause you were out partying. That's what I did.
  • PETER: You just worry about being you. MEG: Don't worry Dad... I'll never be anything like you.
  • PETER: That's my girl..
  • MEG: Dad, look!
  • PETER: Oh my god. Meg, we're saved!
  • PETER: Thank God you found us! we're so glad you picked us up! Chris O'Donnell? O'DONNELL: That's right! And I hope you like turbulants, dildos!
  • NARRATOR: The actual Chris O'Donnell is not a Coast Guard helicopter pilot. We assume he's probably too short. (SUBTITLES WRITTEN AND FINE TUNED BY WILLIAM SCOTT, 14)

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