Video Goonzquad Garage Upgrades!!!

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Goonzquad Garage Upgrades!!!
Goonzquad Garage Upgrades!!! thumb Goonzquad Garage Upgrades!!! thumb Goonzquad Garage Upgrades!!! thumb


  • [Applause]
  • yes sir what is up guys welcome back to
  • the channel so today is gonna be a
  • little bit of a different type of video
  • we're not gonna be working on the Lambo
  • or the Viper we're actually gonna be
  • doing a few upgrades to the shop and
  • just a few updates and maybe bring in
  • one of our og original most popular
  • build on YouTube the Mustang GT so we're
  • gonna go ahead and get started probably
  • clean up all these parts right here
  • throw some of them back on the Lambo
  • drop this Viper down and bring in that
  • Mustang we're gonna tell you exactly
  • what we're gonna do to it as soon as we
  • get all that done
  • oh snap
  • alright guys so we actually got our shop
  • update coming in at you hop right now
  • hopefully you can back it up in here you
  • know I'll ride the buoys back and ride
  • up in here this is gonna be some very
  • exciting things for the shop much needed
  • as you seen we had a pretty big mess
  • going but this is definitely gonna take
  • care of it right here so let's see what
  • he's got for us
  • [Music]
  • we bowled Syria huh no these are
  • actually metal shop cabinets oh yeah
  • they're gonna go you heard my auntie
  • already told you what it is metal shop
  • cabinets they look to be undamaged he's
  • a good thing right
  • we got the best delivery driver in town
  • there's gonna be a lot of work put this
  • thing together but I mean what's a lot
  • of work it's not like we haven't took
  • apart anything else anything crazy
  • putting this stuff together it should
  • take some time so no I really want to
  • know what's all it that comes with you
  • want to first get this shop cleaned oh
  • yeah definitely good yeah definitely got
  • to clean everything up before we even
  • open that and start putting some things
  • together so let's get right on it start
  • cleaning up this shop
  • [Music]
  • alright guys so we're now ready to move
  • that Viper out of the lift and out of
  • the garage but this box is just way too
  • heavy for us to move it and it sucks
  • because we put it right in front of that
  • garage door but no problem we're just
  • gonna cut this open and remove all these
  • boxes one by one set them over there for
  • now and then pull that dog by brow
  • [Music]
  • alrighty guys so we're actually not
  • gonna drop the Viper just yet or bring
  • in the Mustang because these cabinets
  • are kind of more of a priority for us
  • and they're so exciting and I think it's
  • gonna be awesome once we get them
  • installed so oh yeah there's a ton of
  • install so that's probably gonna be the
  • best thing to start on the first try to
  • get these things knocked out as soon as
  • possible yeah and they're going right
  • there so all this stuff is getting
  • cleaned up we're about to move the
  • Lamborghini probably in that corner over
  • there we should have plenty of room over
  • here to set everything up and put
  • everything back together
  • [Music]
  • so we're gonna start off with the bait
  • packages first cuz I'm thinking that
  • they're gonna be the hardest but you
  • never know so let's go ahead and cut
  • this sucker up and see exactly what's
  • inside there I'm thinking that it's this
  • tall cabinet and these two but I don't
  • know but this thing is really heavy so
  • it may be everything let's go ahead and
  • cut it up and see exactly what's inside
  • [Music]
  • those are sick this pretty much already
  • set up that's gonna make our job so much
  • easier we love it there may be some
  • things inside too also probably probably
  • like the side cabinets oh yeah it's man
  • even better huh yes we just got to kind
  • of set him up and it should run across
  • from that beam all the way up to the
  • trash can right there so it should be a
  • nice little wall cabinet shop cabinets
  • and everything is gonna match here I
  • mean we got the red fire stove the red
  • let's just pop this thing Lincoln and
  • show what we're talking about let's do
  • it
  • [Music]
  • check this out man this is absolutely
  • amazing this was very needed in the shop
  • because we had a huge mess going here
  • and now look it's organized sort some
  • things out if it's coming right along
  • throw this huge mess huge of a huge mess
  • we're not completely finished look at
  • these cabinets are the ones that run
  • across the top right here and the only
  • reason why I work slow down right now is
  • because we don't have no wall actually
  • to screw the cabinet's into so we're not
  • gonna waste our time we're not gonna go
  • to the store because we're gonna have to
  • build probably put like five years
  • island behind there so we will have
  • something to screw them cabinets and
  • then it's gonna look really nice with
  • cabinets going across the top but our
  • backsplash all that good stuff right
  • there it's gonna look sick I'm super
  • excited but we just don't have the time
  • to start fooling with that right now but
  • for now we're gonna go ahead and clean
  • all this up man that is that's a ton of
  • cardboard and plastic we have to I know
  • Thomas would be having fun right now
  • where is he yeah he's up there probably
  • Oh but actually guys the reason why we
  • are running out of time is because we
  • are actually gonna go on vacation for a
  • week you may not notice it but for you
  • guys we're gonna be coming back when
  • this video drops but for us we're
  • leaving right now so we're trying to get
  • some things going we've got some videos
  • built up for you guys so we don't forget
  • about you don't forget about you guys we
  • want to put something out give you all
  • it keep going entertaining and we did
  • put out the Lambo video when we left so
  • that's insane they're talking like in
  • like I'm talking to the Future right now
  • so we've put out the Lambo video as soon
  • as we left so that's something for you
  • guys to enjoy something for us to enjoy
  • we work really hard on that we work
  • really hard every day we're pushing it
  • just to give you all the best content
  • ever and to strive for bigger and better
  • projects like that Lambo it's one of our
  • main projects one of our biggest goals
  • one of our dreams honestly to buy one of
  • them so I mean eyes we finally got it
  • we're going in steps we're gonna steps
  • what you guys think
  • wotcher the process so guys I'm very
  • happy to be able to share all these
  • bills with you guys we have been pushing
  • every single day getting videos out for
  • you guys getting content but we're gonna
  • take a week off and just relax you guys
  • may not notice it but we are definitely
  • gonna fill it and then want to come back
  • even stronger and bring even some better
  • content so let's go ahead and clean this
  • place up
  • bring in the Mustang and do a quick oil
  • change I haven't heard a start in such a
  • long time it's been chilling in the in
  • the mud it's gonna need a paint
  • correction here soon though but I think
  • she cleans up all Maine that's not a
  • good sign yeah the battery's probably
  • super dead so you're gonna have my eat
  • in there let me show them how to open
  • this door when a Mustang battery is dead
  • right here as you know guys Mustang
  • battery dies there's no keyhole right
  • here it's a tricky one I couldn't figure
  • this out honestly when you were like
  • yeah it started a while back yeah
  • there's a key and then you pop it you
  • pop this cap open now you got your key
  • hole right here hey dude I gotta say
  • this Mustang sounds amazing probably one
  • of the best sounding cars so far and if
  • you guys if we had some smellivision you
  • guys have to smell what it smells good
  • in there like that black ice trees
  • Christmas trees there's one right there
  • - it's been it's been sitting here
  • baking in the Sun I mean not really kind
  • of got it under some shade but you don't
  • really want to call half car sitting
  • under the tree because you guys know all
  • that stuff gets on it but anyways we're
  • probably gonna need a jumper box let me
  • pop the hood there we go there she is
  • oh man water and the surf shout-out to
  • whoever since there's been a white
  • madness garage a white madness' garage
  • you hooked it up right there's another
  • little shout out for you gal Tina tuna
  • CJ Pony Party J Pony par-cooking it up
  • with the JLT tune and intake new this is
  • amazing
  • hey she sounds so good another
  • tire-pressure changeable 30 miles to
  • empty at all types of stuff let's get in
  • there do that old change let's do it
  • dang the front rotors are like locked up
  • man she's filthy
  • yes sir we're gonna finally use that
  • phone can somebody sent in that maxi
  • suds number two right there I mean you
  • guys you're awesome dude this is legit
  • we got another one too from when you
  • guys so we're gonna use once this one
  • probably breaks I don't know I don't
  • think so I think we're all take care we
  • take care of it but we do wash the lot
  • so let's go ahead set this thing up and
  • throw some suds on this Mustang
  • [Music]
  • alright so we just topped off the all
  • along that new oil filter so go ahead
  • let her rip hit her warm up we're gonna
  • probably go for a little test drive it's
  • low on fuel good good thing that we
  • stored it with no fuel in it yeah let's
  • get to the fuel ding go bad I mean for
  • months ain't even that long but we're
  • gonna go fill it up with some 93 octane
  • the best fuel of fuel possible I mean
  • that's what this is - yeah really
  • yeah how'd it feel itself up I don't
  • know I guess it wasn't working right or
  • something I better go get some anyway
  • love it it sounds so good ain't nothing
  • that sounds like a five oh dude sounds
  • so good I'm so glad to be back in this
  • car there's things that be
  • [Music]
  • alrighty guys so we did a little bit of
  • ripping and the Mustang and we finally
  • pulled in all these cars because we're
  • actually going on vacation so you know
  • how it goes it's gonna be the future
  • we're actually gonna be coming back when
  • you watch this video as we mentioned
  • before but we got em all crammed in here
  • really nice now the last thing that
  • we're gonna do is open some fan mail
  • we've got a big collection going up
  • there so let's go up there and open up
  • the love open up not all of it as much
  • as we can there's so much you own a few
  • of them so let's go up there and open
  • some up so this is all the mail that we
  • got all the love and support that you
  • guys send us now I'm sure all this is
  • gonna be awesome but I don't think we'll
  • be able to get to all of it so let's
  • start moving here start with this letter
  • here this one is from France around the
  • globe which is really pretty awesome
  • let's give it a quick read that's long
  • whoa he's got dizzy I might not be able
  • to read that on hello I'm sure but I'm
  • gonna read that on camera due to the
  • taking in an avid fan of youtuber series
  • I'm 69 years young American retired 30
  • year valor veteran police officer of
  • French descent
  • pause I can tell probably by my given
  • name which is pronounced Laurent ro-bear
  • very active after 10 years was elected
  • an officer and finally its chief dude
  • congratulations legit yeah I'm gonna put
  • this aside to read this later
  • bring it Thomas mmm-hmm
  • letter goon squad Oh ginger is actually
  • out here things of some food I think
  • it's food oh we got some intricate
  • Cody's
  • oh god oh I think I've heard of this I
  • read their emails for kit Cody Oh check
  • it out we just never I never replied to
  • him this is gonna be on the floor
  • artists every I replied but I just
  • didn't have the chance to dude that
  • thing I already liked that the little
  • Oreos right there this guy actually said
  • he would come out here and code our for
  • stopping that chick-fil-a donor bill so
  • next stop on us what the next stop is on
  • them are you serious dude we got
  • chick-fil-a dad is what's up we
  • appreciate that intricate coatings
  • that's pretty calm we are the only
  • veteran
  • operate epoxy installer in friends so
  • California dude I see from Fresno
  • California we have been in business for
  • 10 years our most recent project beside
  • residential garage was a 5,000
  • square-foot Cali fire engine bay dude I
  • really love to install your epoxy on
  • your shop floor if you are planning on
  • doing it yourself not using people epoxy
  • kids we're thinking about that but
  • definitely I think we're gonna do it
  • ourselves just because of how our
  • schedule is if we were to hire her if we
  • were to get if we were to schedule
  • somebody out you know check this now
  • that we may not what is this like
  • chemicals the epoxy ourselves that is
  • amazing I like that gray right there
  • that isn't legit but I really do love
  • like these little I'm like what plates
  • the place is that really good that looks
  • like camo that is awesome definitely
  • look through all this and I will keep in
  • touch with you guys and be sure to get
  • back with oh definitely we'll keep in
  • touch we're definitely looking forward
  • to upgrading the shop all the time so we
  • appreciate that you'll hear from us here
  • really soon here goes another one this
  • looks like it's from Sweden and already
  • say can already read candy right there
  • so oh oh the insulated package
  • insulation
  • oh hi goon-squad read that for them I'm
  • here are some Swedish candy Sweden's
  • most sold cars keep up the good work
  • with you rebuild you ha and Halina our
  • cats say hello to thomas where you at
  • Thomas Thomas hello you know we got some
  • candy crack one of these open and
  • trialing I'm kind of scared
  • wow I can't read the words there you go
  • taste test mmm
  • here we asking them
  • that's gonna be perfect for the road
  • trip dear Guinness caught don't feel
  • obligated to read this on youtube we
  • want to thank you as our support
  • obtaining my joy oh goodness what is
  • that this is perfect you see go ahead
  • and open it up this is perfect for what
  • I do right here no way you guys are
  • gonna help us bring you better quality
  • videos we really appreciate but what
  • this is gonna go a long way with us
  • we're gonna be able to produce better
  • and a lot more content for you guys this
  • is legit dude we appreciate that open it
  • up let me see the back of it yeah go
  • there I'm not gonna open it because this
  • is from Martin and Jordan Rudolph we
  • really appreciate it Martin and Jordan
  • this is deaf account we're definitely
  • we'll put that you definitely see that
  • in the videos this may take us over a
  • million subscribers here very soon just
  • don't wear just one little mic and stuff
  • you know you guys are making a huge
  • impact for the channel which relieves a
  • lot the Rudolph's this is amazing
  • [Music]
  • I don't know what kind of is let me read
  • it let me read it before you want me to
  • take a guess on what it is hi goons
  • called love your builds been around here
  • since the hellcat figures that's what it
  • is some sharp dressing amazing work
  • Eggman Matt be come on man you hooked it
  • up right that is legit now we can hang
  • up the GTR one in the Hellcat one is
  • this one is red this one's red and black
  • man that is so awesome
  • we are definitely needing some wall
  • decorations SRT that is straight fire
  • fire definitely gonna see this in some
  • of the clickbait right there
  • we're thinking about hanging them up on
  • the wall right there with the GTR now we
  • need a fiber one and that's awesome this
  • is gonna go perfect with our collection
  • all right this one is from Alberto
  • Garcia Alberto is that does that Adam L
  • Z's technician Oh Alberto from Adam L
  • Z's what's up guys I'm a huge fan of the
  • channel I've been watching you since the
  • Mustang party on channel inspired me to
  • start YouTube channel and it would be
  • amazing if you guys checked it out my
  • YouTube channels album I'll be the great
  • eight oh it says good oh my goodness
  • dude goon squad garage established in
  • 2015 that is legit that's just one of a
  • kind
  • I don't stuff like this this is amazing
  • makes me thank you guys for all the love
  • and support I just cannot thank you
  • enough so that's definitely gonna go
  • something in this very special spot
  • Triple A over there yeah that is legit
  • dude open seven days that's right that's
  • right
  • open seven days 24-hour no days off
  • we're gonna be on vacate we're gonna be
  • coming back from vacation but we're
  • still putting videos out so no days off
  • we appreciate that Bert oh is that what
  • it is yes sir Garcia dude that is legit
  • thank you all right so one more guys and
  • then we gotta hit the road we're already
  • running late let's go ahead and open
  • this one up lacking some chairs in the
  • shops there notice that
  • hi goose call from Fred I'm not good
  • with the last name see hope you like the
  • stool and the flag I also hope you shout
  • out my channel at Fred look him up man
  • he has turbo 2.2 Ecotec Sandra oh you're
  • definitely gonna see this in use in the
  • garage here real soon all right guys so
  • this is actually gonna be the very last
  • one and we're gonna hit the road and get
  • out of here but so far enjoying every
  • single package we can't thank you guys
  • enough and I'm glad I just didn't cut
  • this because whoa what's in there hey
  • that's your twin
  • hilarious dude nothing's is that I
  • love the humor man TT bro et space coop
  • like eat we're gonna have to have to put
  • them up like on the lift
  • looking down all the time you know he's
  • flying all the time but guys thank you
  • guys for all the love and support all
  • the humor it's really funny and you guys
  • are really supporting the channel so
  • we're just beyond blessed to have you
  • guys on board so with that being said
  • guys be sure to like and subscribe
  • turn on your post notifications so you
  • don't miss out on anything also be sure
  • to follow us on Instagram where you can
  • get an inside scoop there before YouTube
  • and if you have it be sure to visit goon
  • squad com to copy some merch and support
  • your voice with that being said be sure
  • to stay tuned and we'll catch you next
  • time peace
  • [Music]

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